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Here’s why we need more diversity in AIRemembering Phil Freelon, a visionary architect who championed diversityGuess what WarnerMedia’s HBO Max announcement did to Netflix stockA brief eulogy for the 12″ MacBook, a machine of unfulfilled promiseHBO vows to leave HBO Now alone after its Max streaming service is launchedWhy are we wasting a third of the food we produce? (and how to stop)France is adding an ‘eco tax’ to flights out of its airports in 2020—and that’s a good thingThe newest plant-based meat brand comes from a 19-year-old founderTo thwart face recognition, maybe just wear Juggalo makeupHow Ross Perot befriended Steve Jobs and helped bring us the iPhoneAlexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders want the U.S. to declare a climate emergencyYou know someone crossed a line when people are defending Brand TwitterThese are the 3 types of stories that leaders need to masterRoss Perot helped set the stage for Donald Trump in one crucial wayEarthquake kit list: Here’s everything that should be in your disaster go bagAziz Ansari’s Netflix special is a snapshot of a comedian working through some stuffWhat to do when recruiters and potential employers ghost youOne startup’s secret weaponScientists built a car that drives like a human. Here’s how people reactedIt’s fine if you litter this container, because it just turns into a plantAmazon and Google are finally supporting each other’s streaming TV devicesHere’s why Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic is going publicHow to keep your work from creeping into your personal lifeWhy it’s important for brands to build physical communities in the digital ageThis is why you probably have a work wife or work husbandNetworking sucks. This app could turn it into the best conversation you’ve ever hadI loved email read receipts. Now I think they’re an invasion of privacyThis portable bidet is the iPod Nano of butts8 books Fast Company staff recommends for your summer reading listThis new app helps you talk to the vaccine skeptic in your lifeAs a Latina in tech I’m part of the 1%, just not the right 1%The laziest, cleverest UI hack of the summer helps you watch Netflix at workApple’s next AirPods could launch before the end of the yearYuval Noah Harari: Humans are on the verge of merging with machinesMeet Matt Mason, the Mattel toy that brought space to life for boomer kids—and then disappearedBillions of new trees could help stop climate change: Here’s how we get themHow to protect yourself from the Zoom flaw that lets sites hijack your Mac’s webcamA Tyler the Creator tweet? A Melania Trump statue? What is ‘Midsommar’ really about?It’s time to ban all government use of face recognition: digital rights groupWhat mapping every nonprofit in the U.S. tells us about the state of the industryThe ultimate focus secret: Turn your smartphone into a dumb phoneHey Instagram bully, you might want to rethink that hurtful commentApple’s 11-year-old Texas Hold’em iPhone game is back, and you can play it for freeThe U.S. women’s soccer team just smashed another myth about the gender pay gap in sportsThe USDA is lowering nutritional standards for school meals—and undermining the health of millions of kidsThese are the 5 things I wish I knew before becoming a managerExclusive: The Harvard professor behind Facebook’s oversight board defends its role5 money lessons you need to learn by the time you’re 30Read the full indictment against accused sex trafficker Jeffrey EpsteinThis bootleg Russian ‘Simpsons’ couch gag is too dark to ever air on TVThe world’s aging architecture is a $21 trillion riskAthletes are opening up about their mental health journeys. Here’s why that’s importantThe hidden way cabs could promote healthier citiesHow to recognize you’re being a judgmental jerk (and what to do about it)Celtics star Jaylen Brown wants to fix American schoolsI could afford to be a whistleblower—but not everyone canHow to handle your overflowing inbox when you get back from vacationA hospital introduced a robot to help nurses. They didn’t expect it to be so popularThis AI can tell a store you’re going to return those shoes before you even buy themI tried and failed to quit Facebook. Here’s what I did insteadBritish Airways just got hit with a massive $229 million GDPR fineWe design our life. Why not design our death?How do you explore the Moon without ruining it?Bill Gates thinks Steve Jobs was a wizardHow a basic income could deliver reparations for people of colorICE is using DMV databases to mine facial recognition dataWould you eat a burger made out of CO2 captured from the air?Want to break up Google and Facebook? Be careful what you wish forThe new Nat Geo and PBS Apollo Moon documentaries reach liftoff by unearthing surprises on the groundHow I learned to be better at active listening as a managerThis spray-on nanofiber ‘skin’ may revolutionize burn and wound carePlayboy Playmates went to the Moon—but almost no one knew it for 25 yearsHow these women entrepreneurs learned to battle impostor syndromeDue to weak oversight, we don’t really know how tech companies are using facial recognition dataThese 4 ‘harmless’ habits are sapping your brain powerAdidas by Stella McCartney is making new clothes by liquifying old onesThe celebrity cruise to celebrate the end of the Moon landings was a delightful train wreckHere’s the next big step Apple should take to protect our privacyHow Poppy Northcutt cracked NASA’s boys’ club and became a feminist iconHow to watch the Macy’s 4th of July fireworks live on NBC without cableHow my American Dream is different from my parents’The charming conspiracy that put the first American flag on the Moon5 LGBTQ issues that need the same energy you just gave Pride MonthThis app makes it easy to take seriously good Fourth of July firework photos on your iPhoneThe Bottle Cap Challenge now has an official champion, and it’s not John MayerWelcome to post-reality: Apple will now fake your eye contact in FaceTimeIt’s official: 2019 had the hottest June ever recordedTurns out Gloria Vanderbilt did leave Anderson Cooper an inheritanceBruce Linton, co-CEO of the world’s biggest cannabis company, says he was firedEmail is broken, but it’s not going to die anytime soonA casual fan’s guide to jumping right into ‘Stranger Things’ season 3‘I hire people brighter than me and then I get out of their way.’ Nine of Lee Iacocca’s best quotes on leadershipHP and Dell may sharply cut China production to dodge tariffsHow higher minimum wages help create more equal communitiesThe simple reason why men do less housework, on average, than womenCelebrate America’s independence by sitting in traffic. Yes, it’s worse than ever.How to manage a team when you’re younger than everyone elseThe Band-Aid of the future knows when you’re healedA founders guide to firing someone for the first timeI’m a VP at LinkedIn and here’s what I learned about hiring people for AI jobsHow Costco quietly became a $7-billion fast-fashion powerhouseThis is why your brain can’t understand your spending habitsApple just fixed the most annoying thing about video calls—by digitally manipulating your eyesJony Ive’s real legacy, according to Apple designers who worked with himActually, it’s good to be bored at workOn the Moon, the astronauts snacked on sweet Slim Jims right inside their helmetsApple pulled 634 apps from the App Store at the request of governmentsThese are the sneaky new ways that Android apps are tracking you