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These are the deceptive design tricks and dark patterns that steer your clicks each dayWayfair employees to walk out in protest of sales to migrant detention campsIt’s 2019, and your boss can still fire you for being gay in these statesPeople are suing Betsy DeVos over student loans they say should have been forgivenMedia cared more about Biden’s creepiness than rape accusations against the president3 things new parents need to return to work successfullyA Facebook designer creates the most delightfully absurd way to tell timeThese are the 6 essential things you need to do to land your first jobThese majors are most likely to make you regret your college choicesFashion startups are already proving a Green New Deal could workThis ‘Stranger Things’ trailer made from stock video is appropriately creepy5 lies you’ve been told about rich people and moneyBotox boom: Allergan stock skyrockets on news of AbbVie acquisitionStained glass gets a sleek, 21st-century updateHow many hours do you really need to work each week to be productive?Native Americans invented lacrosse—and now the modern league is embracing it5 negotiation mistakes you didn’t know you were makingStar Wars furniture is here, and you probably can’t afford itGold hoses and diamond-shaped bird feeders: Luxury fashion is coming for your gardenOK Go is helping these kids make art in outer spaceMillennial booze startup Haus wants you to ditch the Aperol SpritzThis is the perfect app for quitting Chrome (without actually quitting it)Hugh Jackman was fired from his job at 7-ElevenAmazon Prime “Day” will be two days this yearThese easy-to-build shelters are helping cities quickly provide cover to the homelessPizza Hut resurrects its classic logo because it’s awesomeThe dramatic scene of Apollo 13’s return to Earth that you won’t see in the Tom Hanks movieSpaceX caught the nose cone of its Falcon Heavy rocket in a net, on a boat, in the middle of the ocean“Massive-scale” espionage campaign sees hackers infiltrate cellular networks around the worldA quick shift to electric vehicles could drive the Green New Deal forwardWatch live: SpaceX’s first-ever Falcon Heavy night launchPutting a price on your personal data sounds like a good idea but raises plenty of questionsComedy Central’s Clusterfest tackled mental health this year—here are 5 wellness tips from the panelSidewalk Labs reveals the key to its smart city plans: An $80M building factoryBye, bye, beauty supply stores. Amazon is here to steal your lunchGo ahead and register that vulgar trademark—it’s legal againHere’s how to download iOS 13 and iPadOS beta versions to your deviceSamuel L. Jackson hilariously calls out a glaring error on ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ postersYour company doesn’t need a social purpose to succeed. Here’s WhyThese small businesses use marketing technology to do a lot with a littleFrustrated by the job hunt? These surprising numbers show it’s not you, it’s the systemAt the Ben & Jerry’s factory: Come for the ice cream, stay for the criminal justice reformWomen want to work for these 10 CEOsHow to be happy at work when you hate your jobBruce Lee Elementary? Twitter weighs in on plan to rename Robert E. Lee schoolsYou can live-stream a stage adaptation of the Mueller Report tonightNeed a quick salad? These new vending machines have you coveredWant your kids to put their screens down? Here’s how AI could helpIf you’re going to work on vacation, here’s how you should do itGoogle doubles down on its project to teach kids how to spot fake newsThis is a non-obnoxious way to follow up on a cold emailHow to be mentally tough without sacrificing emotional intelligenceBitcoin’s comeback: At $11,000, the cryptocurrency is up 170% this yearSomeone made a choose-your-own adventure Twitter game where you play Beyoncé’s assistant—and it’s amazingTesla’s ‘Autopilot’ mode shows how branding can become a UX riskFacebook is expanding its tools to make content moderation less toxicThe art of selling scent in the internet ageThe wild, improbable history of the phrase ‘If we can put a man on the Moon . . .’Ravelry, a popular social network for knitters, places ban on Trump supportersThe ingestible beauty boom: How Vital Proteins made collagen coolThe Green New Deal could change the way America builds—here’s howThis is Bill Gates’s “greatest mistake ever”How to design a Green New Deal that really works, for every industry in the U.S.How to watch the 2019 BET Awards and red carpet live online without cableHow the people who built Slack use it without going bonkersLost to history: The convergence of the first Moon landing and ChappaquiddickThis is what optimists can teach you about dealing with stressWhy focus group man from Tim Robinson’s Netflix show is the meme of 2019Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were lost on the Moon. ReallyMilan is embarking on a bold plan to plant 3 million treesHere’s how to get your free Krispy Kreme Moon-landing tribute donutThis is the checklist to follow before you go on parental leave5 free apps to supercharge your memoryAirbnb’s sale of an around-the-world trip has left some customers angryToys ‘R’ Us is back, and it’s smaller than everKFC unleashing Cheetos chicken sandwich on humanity on July 1Donald Trump accused of rape by famed advice columnistColombia wants to be known for its creative economy even more than its coffeeThe Philadelphia oil refinery explosion was so big, it could be seen from spaceThis is one of the simplest and best climate change graphics we’ve ever seenDisney licensed Toy Story 4’s Forky for a $30 talking doll—I made one for $12Productivity Confidential: Artificial Intelligence – Friend or Foe? (podcast)How a podcast helped get Curtis Flowers’s conviction overturned by the U.S. Supreme CourtWhy companies should stop trying so hard to make their employees happyMacBook Pro recall: How to find out if your 15-inch Apple laptop is a fire hazardThe world relies on charity work—it just doesn’t totally trust who’s doing itFAA bans flights over Iran airspace: Here’s what air travelers need to knowWhy having too many choices makes us miserableWhen AI learns to make art, will humans even understand it?Exclusive: Airbus will challenge Uber Copter for U.S. air-taxi business in 2019What cities would look like if kids designed them4 résumé ‘tricks’ that are actually trapsHow and where to watch all the ‘Toy Story’ movies before seeing ‘Toy Story 4’Building a personal brand isn’t always about making yourself look goodSorry, ads are coming to TikTokThis kit lets anyone build one of L.A.’s most famous modern masterpiecesFacebook’s currency could threaten democracy. Let’s not rush itSome of your talents and skills can cause burnout. Here’s how to identify themHow I bounced back after filing for bankruptcyThis is the most dog-friendly office everWeWork is being sued for age and gender discriminationPlants are the oldest sensors in the world. Could they be the future of computers?When Apollo space capsules splashed down, they were so accurate, it scared NASAPhotographer and entrepreneur Joshua Kissi says you must follow this Instagram accountThe logos of Apple, Nike, Amazon, and Coca-Cola like you’ve never seen them beforeThis giant vacuum is designed to suck up plastic from the beachNetflix price hikes hit 59 markets since last year, and analysts were expecting even moreThe Jeff Goldblum guide to getting someone’s attentionFacebook’s recent logo drama is a problem on multiple levelsHow scientists are fighting back against the coming deepfake sh*t-showPresident Trump and senators were briefed by the Pentagon on UFO sightingsNYSE floor dispatch: Slack’s non-IPO is off to an impressive startThis new biodegradable plastic is made from cactusInsane summer childcare costs put 33% of Americans in debtI used to believe in hustle porn, and now I think it’s the antithesis of the American DreamA brief timeline of how Slack took over the modern workplace in 8 yearsUpdate: You can unfollow me on Twitter nowGoogle is giving businesses new ways to promote themselvesThese are the top reasons why people quit their jobsCalifornia and New York top the list of states with the most data breachesHere’s how you should prep before leaving for summer vacationThis construction company designed its own trailer for job sites, and it’s gorgeousThree reasons your presentations suckIkea is now the world’s 6th largest food chain, and it’s testing delivery to your doorThese are the 5 books that got me to save 20% of my salaryBlind reverence for the U.S. Constitution—on the left and right—is tearing us apart5 things casual Pixar fans should know before seeing ‘Toy Story 4’Your used Nest camera could be spying on youMan Repeller’s website is the most fun I’ve ever had online shoppingWhat ultramarathon running can teach us about persistence at workLots of caregiving work is unpaid labor. These new policies could change thatAt Cannes, Amazon’s Twitch makes its pitch to advertisersSlack’s direct listing reference price set at $26 todayThe new ‘Child’s Play’ tries (and fails) to be the ‘Black Mirror’ of slasher flicksThe story of how NASA created the first worldwide high-speed data network—in 1968This startup is building a new kind of cemetery, and it already has thousands of customersThis robot fish has synthetic blood and a circulatory systemThe U.S. will store biometric data on over 250 million people on Amazon CloudRobots are already farming crops inside this Silicon Valley warehouseReport: YouTube is under FTC investigation for child privacy concernsCongrats to Bill de Blasio, the most searched 2020 Democrat in Luce County, MichiganWhy pot legalization just failed again in one of the U.S.’s most liberal statesThis painting at the Met is hidden to remind us of what refugees have done for usWhat is going on with the poster for Kumail Nanjiani’s new movie?New York just passed a hugely ambitious climate law“Alexa, am I having a heart attack?” Scientists create cardiac monitoring smart speaker systemFive New York anchorwomen sue for age and gender discriminationAdvertisers still love Facebook’s Sheryl SandbergWe have some questions about Netflix’s massive ‘Murder Mystery’ viewership numbersHere’s a short history of Facebook flopsI’m a Latinx female founder, and this is how much rejection it took to get to $27 millionWhoopi Goldberg blames Bella Thorne for her own nude photo hackThis high-tech soccer jersey changes colors so fans of rival teams don’t beat you upHow an designer created a Yelp for refugeesThis skill makes you more employable, no matter the roleThis is the most poetic way to block your phone’s distracting notificationsIs it better to be happy, excited, or satisfied at work?Must Hear TV? NBCUniversal uses “commercial innovations” to cut through the attention economyAdvice for startup newbies: Think big (but keep the lights on)Scientists are studying the dust inside homes. Here’s what they’re discoveringWant to learn to play piano? This innovative keyboard will teach youNeed to break bad news to your investors? Here’s how to do itShould zoos exist?The hologram concert revolution is here, whether you like it or not: Meet the company touring Whitney Houston and Buddy HollyAdult performers and models will protest over account removals at Instagram’s HQ todayThis prominent MIT scientist wanted to bet his life by flying to the MoonThese 4 designers wear the same thing every day. Here’s how to copy their lookTwitter disables precise location tagging in tweetsEverything you need to know about the booming business of fighting food wasteThis Gmail pro tip will change how you think about your inboxThese are the top 100 CEOs in 2019, according to actual employeesNew bill makes Section 230 protections contingent on tech platforms’ “political neutrality”