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Fighting climate change is going to require massive changes in our shopping habitsAirbnb brings LGBTQ+ generations together to celebrate Stonewall’s 50th anniversaryThis is the single most important stat in Mary Meeker’s 333-page reportHere’s why Extinction Rebellion is Radiohead’s charity of choiceMisfits Market wants to cut down on $1 trillion in food waste through ugly produceWidespread WordPress outage takes down Quartz, TechCrunch, Rolling Stone, and othersObama staffers deleted speeches about the immigration crisis hours before Trump’s inaugurationCentral Park 5 prosecutor Linda Fairstein melts down over ‘When They See Us’ backlashHow Dropbox is finally breaking free of the folderNo, zombie snakes are not a thingShould you change jobs when you’re pregnant? This recruiter didFirefox’s bold new branding is a glimpse into Mozilla’s grand planI’ve been running an ice cream company for 10 years. Here’s what I’ve learned about life and businessShould Uber Copter be banned after the NYC helicopter crash? Not so fastTo stop the tragic rise in LGBT suicide, the Trevor Project is fighting against conversion therapyIt’s okay to say “no.” Here’s how to do it wellTampons are not “luxury” items: Why this campaign says the period tax must endYou should be setting fewer goals–and doing this insteadAfter 137 years of illegal work, La Sagrada Familia just got a building permitLyft is rebranding the Bay Area’s bike share–and bringing back its e-bikesThe secret to rebuilding trust in tech: More emotionally intelligent humansThis is likely the No. 1 thing affecting your job performanceI’ve been studying logos for decades. Here’s what changed this yearBeyond Meat CEO on “meatier” patty: Fans will absolutely taste the differenceLeonardo DiCaprio’s new HBO documentary explains climate science and solutionsHow 5 black executives at Netflix, Facebook, and other companies navigate motherhood, careers, happiness, and healthEven more evidence that Firefox wants to be the anti-ChromeUber air taxi maker Embraer floats a “simple” new design for its flying SUVHow the Russians gleefully trolled the United States when they ruled the heavensOne of tech’s most prolific design studios just reinvented the coffee makerAmazon is closing its Amazon Restaurants takeaway delivery serviceA database containing photos of travelers entering and leaving the U.S. has been hackedInstagram is making its gender selection options more inclusiveWe have the tech to suck CO2 from the air–but can it suck enough to make a difference?Driverless cars are coming for the airlinesTyson Foods recall: Here’s what to know after plastic was found in chicken frittersKamala Harris blasts Chase CEO Jamie Dimon over sneaky forced arbitration clauseCanada plans to ban single-use plastics by 2021Abortion bans are bad for business, according to 180 CEOsThis is how Tesla can improve its company cultureExclusive: American Eagle is now letting teenagers literally run the companyOf course, opioid drugmaker Insys wants bankruptcy protectionThis startup is going to put one of the world’s largest sustainable greenhouses in coal countryAmazon’s new credit card helps you get into debt with your own moneyThis interactive graphic answers all your questions about the Avengers: Endgame timelineMailchimp launches new entertainment division to inspire entrepreneurs that they’re not alone6 easy ways to set and achieve goals this summerUnder fire by U.S. regulators, Chinese telecom lobbying skyrocketed in 2018Starbucks is testing reusable coffee cups at London’s Gatwick airportSalesforce is acquiring data viz company Tableau for $15.7 billion2 perks your employees actually want this summer (and 2 they don’t)This startup wants to sell you chic home design for less than $2KThese researchers invented an entirely new way of building with woodHere are all the basic rights America denied to your mother and grandmotherNatural News calls tech CEOs “lawless evil war criminals” after vanishing from FacebookI’m a successful CEO and mother of 6. Here’s how parenting made me a better leaderToyota’s bold new electric cars look nothing like your friendly PriusIf only experienced cyclists feel safe in a bike lane, then is it a bike lane at all?Five creativity tips from the costume designer of The Handmaid’s TaleHow the race to the Moon–with an assist from pop culture–changed the meaning of the word ‘technology’Blight is eating American cities. Here’s how Mobile, Alabama, stopped itHere are the best ways to protect your privacy on an iPhoneWhat are “soft skills,” and how can employers identify them?Inside the growing climate rebellion at AmazonHow YouTube is trying to fix its Kids app without ruining itHow to watch the 2019 Tony Awards and red carpet on CBS without cableMy country went to the Moon and all I got was Tang and VelcroYou’ll probably benefit from a weekly self-evaluation. Here’s how to do it effectivelyHow to watch the 2019 Belmont Stakes on NBC without cableOur environmental problem is also a mental problemThe birth of the electronic beep, the most ubiquitous sound design in the worldOur viral app made less than $1,000. We’d still do it againTonys 2019: Why women set designers ruled on Broadway this yearThese adorable koala drinking fountains will help them hydrate as Australia heats upHow the tech industry created a teaching corps for rural schoolsWhy we should stop feeling guilty about giving up on resolutionsUber’s COO and CMO are stepping down a month after its IPOUnstoppable Beyond Meat stock skyrockets again, a day after earnings beatWatching their community get destroyed by a flood helps convince people about climate changeRussia planning its own Chernobyl series, where America is to blameGlock celebrates National Donut Day with the worst possible brand tweetThe International Space Station is now open for business and touristsThe IoT FactorNike’s plan to expand childcare massively backfires10 IRL solutions to the toxic workplace in Mindy Kaling’s ‘Late Night’Hey Harry Potter fans, the magical Vans sneakers you’ve been waiting for are hereSee this terrifying concept for a 360-degree infinity pool atop a skyscraper4 superhero storytelling lessons from Simon Kinberg, the architect of the X-Men moviesI trained myself to be creative by doing these 9 thingsApple will soon let iPhone apps use both cameras at the same timeMuseum of Plastic is an Instagramable pop-up on a mission to save the world through selfiesMore than 10% of pesticides used in the U.S. are banned elsewhere: reportMexico’s heirloom corn is dying out–but this designer has a plan to stop itHere’s what we know so far about the secretive Facebook coinCaterpillar Inc. is trying to stop a tiny café from using the word catYou really need to stop hitting the snooze button. Here’s whyThese hilarious plastic grocery bags will teach you to never forget your toteSo you think you’re smart? Radiolab’s new podcast may make you think againWhy employers should be optimizing job ads for mobileIkea taps a world-famous artist to bring solar power to the massesThis just might be the world’s most beautiful refrigeratorHow to stop candidates from ghosting you after accepting the job offerIf Google’s Stadia streaming service changes gaming, it’ll take a whileWe found one simple trick to boost employee happiness: Give them ownershipHow my chronic illness inspired me to start my first business at 22The code that powers our lives has a hidden environmental tollUber concedes that helicopters are the real flying cars, for nowYou can get $1,000 if you’ll ditch your smartphone for a flip phone for a weekWhy you can’t talk about the Moon landing without mentioning cigarettesHow “The Last Black Man in San Francisco” depicts gentrification in a whole new wayThe next big thing in fashion? Not washing your clothesRIMOWA and artist Alex Israel made the suitcase of the summerFacebook bans Huawei from preinstalling its apps on phonesHow to watch the 2019 Women’s World Cup live without cableThis bathing suit fights ocean plastic–because it’s made of wool (yes, wool)Here’s what you can get for free on National Doughnut DayHere’s how much Women’s World Cup soccer players are paid compared to menMonopsony gives tech giants enormous power—but could be their undoingReport: AT&T’s HBO-centric streaming service will cost more than HBOSome Instagram users no longer have the Close Friends optionJeff Bezos at re:MARS: 5 standout business tips from the Amazon CEOWe need to stop stigmatizing part-time workersAutomatic robocall blocking: Here’s how cell phone carriers are responding to the FCC’s rulingGoogle’s latest search algorithm change hurts web traffic for Daily Mail and othersHulu promotes new Handmaid’s Tale season by calling out NYC for having only 5 statues honoring women–out of 150Microsoft, Duke, and Stanford quietly delete databases with millions of facesIn the AI era, your voice could give away your face3 simple ways businesses can boost cultural intelligence in the workplace (and why it’s important)Why wealthy business leaders are joining the call to end high CEO payHere’s how the U.S. would look if we renamed cities after their most famous residentBarack and Michelle Obama’s podcast company signs exclusive deal with SpotifyWhat you need to know before outsourcing parts of your work5 things casual X-Men fans should know before seeing Dark PhoenixYou can order McDonald’s with foreign currency today, but you have to hurry!Police misconduct records are often secret. Citizens are changing thatThese public toilets are prettier than your houseShould you strive for work-life balance or work-life integration? It depends on your personalityMichelin’s ingenious new tires ensure you’ll never get a flat againAsk these 6 questions before collaborating with another business“We can’t be the reason they go extinct”: Behati Prinsloo is the new face of rhino conservationI left the ad industry because our use of data tracking terrified meApple just released a long-lost font from the original Mac–for freeThese are the 4 things that make you successful in the gig economyYou’re probably answering these 5 common interview questions wrongThe design decision that almost ruined the Moon landingThe latest amenity at Apple, Nike, and Goldman Sachs? Luxury lockersApple snuck an awesome privacy feature into iOS 13 and no one noticedGoogle Maps will now show you where natural disasters strikeWhy Craigslist’s founder is funding a new online data privacy initiativeFive apps to help you master the art of making small talkUber is hiring in NYC to build out its “air operations center”Do men care about eco-friendly fashion? This brand is betting on itThis hilarious parody of the notorious #Resistance anti-Trump Krassenstein brothers is brutally accurateGet ready for longer, multi-subject chats with AlexaYouTube reverses course on homophobic videos but stays consistently inconsistentThe Netflix app may soon get even more InstagrammyCarnival’s cruise ships pollute more than all of Europe’s cars: StudyGoop just dropped six fancy sweaters for menAOC challenges NYC on Paul Manafort’s expected Rikers Island jail conditionsFudgie the Whale beer is back—here’s how to get itAs climate change makes disasters worse, philanthropy needs to think long termLinkedIn VP of product says that we need to talk about psychological safety at workIceland has a challenge for visitors: Drink the tap waterStartup that aims to dominate new space race raises funds from Sumitomo and Perot JainSee the classic Eames Shell Chair redesigned 13 different waysThese are 4 key signs someone isn’t trustworthyWhy VW decided to reference its scandal in its new electric-car ad campaignWork at one of these 5 companies if you want a pet-friendly environmentAnyone can turn a wall into a touchscreen with this easy, DIY kitHow to (successfully) change careers at your current companyLondoners call bollocks on Trump’s claim that the U.K. loves himThe world’s biggest companies could lose over $1 trillion to climate changeExclusive: Vaughn Wallace is taking podcast listeners inside National GeographicThis one person will have the most important career advice for youAir France-KLM’s radical new plane design could change the way the world fliesAfghanistan beats the world in depression, and it can barely copeJust graduated? Here are 5 things you need to know about money managementMy board doesn’t support my vision. Should I find new members?This plugin fixes one of the most annoying things about Google SearchVolkswagen aims for feel-good redemption in new major ad campaignIkea is quietly debuting robotic furnitureI’ve trained 5,000 retail employees. Here’s why Sephora’s one-hour diversity workshop is far from enoughYouTube: Homophobic abuse against Vox’s Carlos Maza doesn’t violate our harassment rulesTrump’s Cuba ban puts travelers and cruise ship companies in limboApple created the privacy dystopia it wants to save you fromDo you want to fly to the Moon? Here’s why you’re probably like the vast majority of the country, according to GallupForget Iron Man: Robert Downey Jr. wants to save the planet via AI and roboticsThis United flight from Chicago to L.A. pilots the future of green air travel