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With iPadOS, Apple is issuing a challenge to itselfKik’s $100 million ICO for Kin cryptocurrency was “illegal,” says SEC#KuToo: Women in Japan are fighting for the right to wear flatsHow 3D printing is making prosthetics cheap and accessible, even in remote placesI’m a VP at Lyft and here’s how we approach recruiting and team buildingThis is the most majestic bookstore I’ve ever seenStonewall 50 years later: Google’s digital monument marks LGBT history3 reasons you should stop hiring for “culture fit”The guy behind the pogo-stick startup Cangoroo also runs an ad agency with a curious history of media stuntsHow to plog your way to a spot in the NYC marathonUnlike social media, Fortnite actually makes you feel betterThe “ridiculous loophole” that promises to improve low-income areas while benefiting the wealthyWith the death of iTunes, here’s what happens to your carefully curated music libraryWhen 3Com met HuaweiI took a 30-day meditation challenge. Here’s what it taught me about managing anxietyThis elegant glass is just for drinking Japan’s unofficial national beverageThis business credit card for nonprofits helps charities reward themselvesWhy aren’t more workers taking parental leave?Lonely Whale and Vita Coco have a solution to the world’s plastic water bottle problemTo improve air safety, let pilots nap in the cockpitThese are 3 times when you need a financial therapistFancy gyms aren’t just overpriced. They make you feel worse, tooBird is getting into the e-bike biz with a new cruiserAfter Tumblr’s NSFW ban, these adult communities have come out on topAnheuser-Busch will hit its 100% clean electricity goal 4 years early. Here’s howDressers keep killing kids. So Ikea is finally redesigning them“Is it unethical to not tell my employer I’ve automated my job?”Twitter buys AI startup to help it fight fake newsHow 13 of the Most Creative People in Business stay creative in their workRussian Doll has a killer soundtrack. Here’s what the show’s creator listens to for inspirationHow the first U.S. satellite launch became something of an international jokeApple is designing for a post-Facebook worldWatch Apple’s trailer for “For All Mankind” alternate history space dramaTime for your teeth cleaning? This startup simplifies dental care–through designIkea’s experimental new collection looks like no Ikea furniture you’ve seenHow these all-American blue jeans are going green“Sign in with Apple” is a great new privacy feature—and a weaponEverything Apple announced at WWDC 2019Productivity Confidential: The Future Of Remote Work (podcast)These are the best–and worst–countries for gender equityArtists in museums are 85% white and 87% male–to the surprise of no oneThis California bill could force Uber and Lyft to treat their workers betterIn Russia, Tinder’s user data must be given to intelligence agenciesMacOS Catalina will track down your lost MacBook with other people’s iPhonesApple teases a new Mac Pro with insane computing chops and upgradeable partsApple’s Catalyst tools will let iPad apps port to MacsJay Z is now a billionaire: Here’s how he got thereEverything Apple just announced to protect your privacyThe iPad continues its march toward PC replacement with iPadOSAll the Apple iOS updates announced at WWDC, from dark mode to the Health upgradeApple Watch gets its own app store and new apps with watchOS 6Here’s how London is (hilariously) trolling Trump during his state visitWhat leaders can learn about customer loyalty from the Boeing debacleInsects might be the key to making lab-grown meat take offApple TV could gain a major edge over Roku and Amazon’s Fire TV this fallA medical collections agency got hacked, and now your personal data might be exposedHow to summon motivation when you feel like you don’t have anyHere’s why all of Sephora’s U.S. stores will be briefly closed on Wednesday [updated]Drones could spray your next house out of a hoseRethinking the cost of college educationThese dummy breasts are designed to save women’s livesThis healthcare company is using pharmacy claims data to identify opioid abuse in the workplaceIkea recreated the sets from The Simpsons and Friends, and they’re perfectThis handbag can call you an Uber and find your phoneLenovo’s Google-powered Smart Clock won’t save you from your phone—yet6 ways to stop being so mean to yourself, alreadyThe P in IHOP doesn’t stand for what you think it stands forForget the farmer’s market. Atlanta built a 7-acre edible forestWe need more humble leaders. Here’s how to get themWhy we trust our maps even when we shouldn’tHow to stop feeling so overwhelmed at workYour conference is too damn bigBike lanes make you less likely to die on the street–even if you’re driving or walkingFred Armisen shares two pieces of advice for creative-minded new grads (and one of them is actually serious)How to watch Apple’s 2019 WWDC keynote live todayHow NASA selected the first astronauts (and why no convicts have walked on the Moon)We asked two of our female editors to wear the same thing every day. Here’s what happenedThat major Google outage meant some Nest users couldn’t unlock doors or use the ACNestle’s new plant-based Awesome Burger wants in on the fake-meat marketToronto doesn’t want to be Silicon Valley. It’s building something betterHow to watch the 2019 NBA Finals live on ABC or TSN without cableThis 46-minute John F. Kennedy speech reshaped the history of space exploration (and it almost didn’t happen)This is how CEOs can achieve work-life balanceHow to watch the UEFA Champions League final live on TNT without cableYour brain works in space. But when President Kennedy said we’d go to the Moon, we didn’t know thatWhy the Moon landing matters, 50 years laterInside the secret laboratory where Marriott is cooking up the hotel of the future6 lessons I learned by doing a paid newsletter for a yearLuxury cinemas are fighting Netflix with steak tartare, expensive booze, and gourmet popcornThere’s a rare condition that makes people age rapidly–but it could help us slow agingIt’s time to stop talking about politicians’ charismaCreative Calendar: 113 new movies, TV shows, albums, and books to check out in JuneNike’s new Women’s World Cup ad is a heart-pumping ode to empowermentGoogle could be targeted in the first antitrust probe of Big Tech under TrumpWhy Apple needs to announce a native Apple Watch app store nowPeople are willing to pay a fortune to have lunch with Warren Buffett (for charity)Opting out of black trauma: Why I couldn’t finish When They See UsIf you want Ben & Jerry’s CBD ice cream to become a reality, do this right nowTechnology isn’t going to save your company cultureNew Zealand’s new budget prioritizes well-being over economic growthJPMorgan Chase settles “anti-dad” bias case and agrees to extend paternity leaveVisa’s new deal with U.S. Soccer could be a game changer for women’s sportsProcrastination is an emotional problemHere’s why Kirsten Gillibrand’s “baby bundle” program is important‘Always Be My Maybe’ star Ali Wong says her biggest career risk was getting pregnantAsk yourself these questions to love your (boring) job a little bit moreWould you live on a bridge? This elegant home hovers over a riverThis is why data is now more essential than ever in HRLeading the Renewable Resource RevolutionIkea is getting into fashion againIf you want to change Facebook, you have to change ZuckerbergThis magical unicorn horn is actually a wearable device for kids with ADHDHere’s how to give feedback to someone who’s defensiveSocial media pages for Dominican Republic resort vanish after woman claims violent attackWhatever happened to the hottest iPhone apps of 2009?Convincing people to live greener lives makes them less likely to support real climate policyYes, the government is capable of creating great design–here’s howUsing this method could cut your email time in halfIs caring about data privacy the new conspicuous consumption?Target recall: Retail giant’s iPhone Lightning cables can catch firePrivacy-killing behavioral ad targeting isn’t worth it for publishers, study saysReport: Amazon is interested in buying Boost Mobile from Sprint and T-MobileThis reusable mug is made from recycled coffee cupsVirgil Abloh’s new Nike store is a peek at the future of retailKnotel launches a furniture subscription service for officesUber shows few signs of future profitability with its first post-IPO earnings reportHey startup founders, try one of these 15 innovative citiesSmall but mighty: how to use apps to improve your marketingInfographic: What Every Parent Should Know About Childhood Mental HealthChase bank is quietly adding a forced arbitration clause to some credit cardsHow Ma director Tate Taylor helped Octavia Spencer unleash her inner sociopathRecords reveal theft and lies by the head of an elite California drug task forceRussia! Russia! Russia! explains Trump’s palilogyKids on tech addiction: “I learned it from you, Dad!”Here’s how you can stop deadlines from stressing you outThis is how you train your brain to be more creativeHow Donna Zuckerberg is helping resist the racists who exploit ancient historyLawsuit: Women FBI agents claim systemic sexual harassment and racial discriminationWhy The North Face manipulating Wikipedia confirms our darkest fears of advertisingWhen companies say they’re using “100% renewable energy,” take it with a grain of saltLa Croix sales plummet as it becomes another failed experiment in hipster designRocketman settles it. Hollywood needs to burn down the traditional rock biopicMicrosoft just rebooted its entire PC gaming strategyFrench politicians demand that Notre-Dame be restored as an exact replicaAs our lives become more automated, these are the skills you’ll needWhy I think Facebook investors should vote no on ZuckerbergNYC’s Shakespeare in the Park stages an all-black “Much Ado About Nothing”How to recover from a negative first impressionThe next big step for the Apple Watch: liberation from the iPhoneRediscovering the Bauhaus’s lost dorm room blankets (and the woman who designed them)Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes has a $2.5 trillion plan to lift up the working classExclusive photos go inside the home of one of the century’s most important designersHow introvert bosses can manage extroverts without stressing outThe 30-second trick that can make anyone more creativeHow to land a job you’re not qualified for3 reasons why Tesla’s dashboard touch screens suckI watched the NBA Playoffs in VR, and it’s going to change how you watch sportsHow an old veggie dog company is learning new tricksDashlane raises $110M, nets new CMO in password management pushSome Facebook shareholders want Mark Zuckerberg to step downFacebook is investing hundreds of millions in a gigantic new solar farm“Terrifying potential”: Claims of a face-ID system for porn actresses spark privacy fearsWe’re still waiting for flying cars. This startup says hydrogen power is the answerThis neat Excel trick uses your phone to import paper spreadsheetsDehydration makes these snacks a food-waste solution of the futureRegulate Big Tech? That’s not a top priority for most votersThis tornado activity map shows every NOAA report from 2019 so farThe secret life of a JPEGThis $150 console could shake up the $135 billion video game industryWe need to change the conversation around motherhood and workReport: Google is running a “white-collar sweatshop,” according to Assistant contractorsFlying with CBD: Here’s what to know about new TSA rules for air travelThe simplest whiteboard redesign is also the bestYou don’t have to work long hours to be a workaholicHilton launches a global foundation to prove that travel can still change the worldWatch live: Robert Mueller gives first public statement about Russian InterferenceHere’s a kids’ podcast that tells native stories with native voicesI was recruited for a new job while 9 months pregnantThis street mural was inspired by overworked designersLyft has spent enough money to offset more than 2 million tons of CO2. Is it enough?I want to build a customer roster but clients are taking advantage of meThe world’s leading euthanasia advocate designs a “death pod”Amazon introduces $90 “mini” Echo Show with HD and new privacy shutterThe problems with these 5 dumb (but common) hiring practicesThese 5 apps can help you find your next big idea, fasterNew York City’s most chaotic design system is its most successfulI’m a former elite athlete and I call BS on tech’s obsession with working long hoursMicrosoft seems to be planning to revamp Windows with “a modern OS”Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business share advice for new gradsAre investors willing to pay a “greenium” for sustainable stocks?Ikea is launching a new, superpowered shopping app this yearYou can use Apple Pay on NYC subways and buses starting FridayHere’s everything you need to know about the new Pokémon Sleep gameThese are the 10 big companies that treat their employees the bestThe unlikely origins of USB, the port that changed everythingI create presentations at Microsoft. Here’s how I avoid “Death by PowerPoint”