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Want to fix big tech? Change what classes are required for a computer science degreeThanks to anti-vaxxers, a measles travel ban may be comingNetflix vows to fight Georgia’s abortion ban in courtApple revives the iPod Touch–here’s what it comes withThe fight against hunger in the U.S. has flatlinedAmazon hits back at Bloomberg report about small suppliers purgeHedge fund guru Ray Dalio: Invest in idea meritocracyWhy presence and unitasking are underrated tools of successMacKenzie Bezos joins the Giving Pledge. Still no sign of JeffHere’s what to expect at Apple’s WWDC next weekHow reporting sexual harassment impacts a woman’s careerThe surprisingly simple feature that helps this wireless charger do what Apple couldn’tAxios is now begging you to finish reading its newslettersHow to make more time for your side hustleThis otherworldly home has a motorized porch that moves with the sunDramatic videos show Dallas landmark Ambassador Hotel destroyed by fireLiving machines: MIT’s former president on the next technology revolutionThe world’s most beautiful headphones are here, and they’re made of fungusHow to cope with a long job searchLeaked doc: Google has more temporary and contract workers than full-time staff, raising concerns about its growing reliance on them8 female executives on the habits they gave upThe Salvador Dalí Museum just Deepfaked Dalí–see the video hereIHOP is changing its name…again.Social clubs died out in America. Now, venture capital is bringing them backNow AI easily erases the Tiananmen Square massacre from online memoryWatch AI turn bad sketches into photorealistic drawings in secondsDoes your company live up to why it exists?How to set goals that don’t make you miserableYou don’t need to be successful to be happyWill robots ever be better caretakers than humans?TikTok’s owner might be launching a smartphoneWhy we can’t leave climate change to philanthropistsThis veteran population map shows VA healthcare access is wildly unequal throughout the U.S.How to watch the Indy 500 live on NBC without cable7 things this tech company does to improve mental health in the workplaceThese black women gamers teamed up to take on the worst online trollsIn this rhino internet of things, rhinos wear GPS trackers in their hornsThe best meat-free choices for your Memorial Day barbecueHow to prevent potential employees from ghosting youTop title insurer exposed huge trove of financial data at websiteThese 3 spots are 2019’s best ads for goodThis magical metamaterial could revolutionize car safety and save lives“Drunk” Nancy Pelosi video provokes starkly different reactions from Facebook and YouTubeHey Google, bring me a chalupa! Hangry people can now order food without a separate app3 ways for stay-at-home parents to return to work smoothlyHow the city of Baltimore has been crippled by a ransomware attack—and it could take months to recoverMemorial Day weekend traffic: These are the most dangerous U.S. cities for drivingThe Aladdin remake still can’t get Arab culture right4 popular, innovative ideas to help fix America’s housing crisisNo, you shouldn’t disqualify a candidate because they didn’t send a thank-you noteThe cult classic Little Printer is backSummer is here! These extreme weather events could ruin it6 ways to strike the right tone in your job interviewThese Navy SEAL tricks will help you perform better under pressureOh no, Samsung’s AI lab can create a video of you from a single still photoNetflix’s thriller ‘The Perfection’ is a plot-twist master class—but is it exploitative?Working from home is now more prison-like than ever!This is how to have more epiphaniesWho will replace Theresa May? 11 possible prime minster candidates, including Boris JohnsonReport: Facebook will launch “GlobalCoin” cryptocurrency in 2020Yes, Ford’s new deliverybot is creepy–but that may be a good thingWould you let Amazon 3D-scan your body for a $25 gift card?Scooter on over! Lime cofounders swap roles as CEOEndeavor’s IPO prospectus for dummies: Why the Hollywood player wants you to think it’s a tech companyThese 15 urban design projects are reinventing cities for a zero-carbon futureExclusive: GameClub will counter Apple Arcade with classic iPhone gamesMichelle Pfeiffer is fighting to make your beauty products saferRead the new charges against WikiLeaks founder Julian AssangeIkea will soon have a meatless version of its iconic meatballSnapchat employees spied on users with an internal tool called SnapLion: reportWhy Coca-Cola chose to relive the New Coke disaster for Netflix’s “Stranger Things”This desalination device delivers cheap, clean water with just solar powerFacebook catches 3 billion fake accounts, but the ones it misses are the real problemQantas Airways is hiding $20 first-class seats in Airbnb listingsReport: Mario Batali will face criminal assault charges in BostonTrolls will now need to prove they watched a movie before trashing it on Rotten TomatoesHere’s how to win the Australian Uber submarine ride of your deep-sea dreamsHow to deal with a bad bossParis is about to get even more beautifulWatch a plastic water bottle decompose over 450 years in the longest live stream everHarry Potter’s magical moving portraits could become a reality thanks to Samsung’s AIThe dramatic moment when an Amazon worker asked Jeff Bezos to protect planet Earth4 hiring practices that create workplace dramaHere’s footage from the brilliant alt-universe where Lena Waithe has Jimmy Kimmel’s jobRed Nose Day has become a cross-platform, donation-minting, pop cultural holidayTesla’s market cap plummeted by over $30B in 9 months: Here’s what’s happeningHere’s a first look at Ikea’s utopian urban gardening projectAvon, struggling in the Glossier era, sells to a Brazilian beauty conglomerateSurprise! The Lonely Island just dropped an unannounced visual album on NetflixThis method can help you figure out if you have the right jobThe problem with aspirational design (and what designers should do instead)How we unraveled the mystery of a global spike in an ozone-eating gasThe $95 “Dad Hoodie” has hidden pockets for diapersThese are the 4 ways that I cope with anxiety in the workplaceYelp fights to combat an anti-Yelp documentary with Google ads and a domain nameThis hot new Kickstarter project promises you nothing–literally, nothingFacebook stops paying employees commissions for political ad salesFive ways to find out if someone is smarter than you (and why you need to know)What is our plan for zero-occupancy vehicles?How synthesizer pioneer Bob Moog brought electronic music to the massesLin-Manuel Miranda’s 7 pieces of advice for new graduatesThis is the one book that Elaine Welteroth rereads every time she has a big life changeThese are the kitchen trends you’re about to see all over the placeElon Musk’s The Boring Company will build a Las Vegas transport tunnelAmazon is working on a device that can read your emotionsA shorter workweek should be a key part of the Green New DealThe U.S. is less religious now. Are we richer for it?How the House of Velour is disrupting the business of dragHere’s AOC calling out the vicious circle of white men building biased face AINow’s your chance to tell ICANN how you feel about Amazon’s domain battle with the rain forestThis company wants to help you lower your medical bills (some catches may apply)Gen Z’s 20 most-loved brands, rankedLeading by examplePrada is finally going fur-freeACLU to Congress: It’s time to hit the pause button on face recognition tech76 major companies are in D.C. today asking Congress for a price on carbonThis NYC theater set ticket prices at $35 and sold a million of themDowDuPont giving generously to lawmakers sitting out a ban on controversial pesticideHow to be more confident in conversationOh good, here’s another reason to hate credit cardsBill Hader’s Al Pacino impression gets even more real (and creepy) with the help of deepfakesHere’s what the worst case sea level rise might look like in your cityThese are the dangers of using humor in the workplaceWhat 7 CEOs learned from hiring their husbandsI’m a black engineer and these are three ways I’ve learned to overcome career oddsHow I.M. Pei mastered the big ideaWhy every business leader should care about childhood mental healthThis AI shows what climate change could do to your house by 2050Startups need to know these truths about resellers and integratorsGoldman Sachs: Trump’s trade war means Apple’s earnings could fall by 29%See which Democratic candidate has the best (and worst) typographyThis is how Planned Parenthood is fighting Georgia’s and Alabama’s abortion bansA massive CBD emporium just opened in NYC–and it may be the future of wellnessMore than 2,000 Baltimore residents now have access to affordable, healthy food, because of this Salvation Army area commanderHow a UX designer created a Capital One chatbot so good, some people want to marry itArchitect Jonathan Marvel is redesigning Puerto Rico’s power grids (and communities) to make them hurricane-proofHow the cofounder of Breaker created a podcast app that (finally) serves listenersAlfonso Cobo’s Unfold app is bringing curated, beautiful Instagram stories to more than 16 million usersHow this CVS Health executive is compelling beauty companies to use unaltered images in their ad campaignsBangkok has a flooding problem, so this architect designs parks that covertly hold millions of gallons of waterHow this entrepreneur found a way to take on the AI giants–with synthetic dataHow the Diet Prada cofounders became the fashion industry’s most influential watchdogsHow the founder of DuckDuckGo created the ultimate privacy-oriented search engineHow Adobe designer Khoi Vinh is bringing voice controls to app developmentWhat do Seth Meyers, an investment banker, and a former nun have in common?How “returning citizen” Desmond Meade helped restore voting rights to Florida’s ex-felonsMeet the woman raising cannabis to a higher medical standardHow the National Theatre’s executive director is opening up theater to the hard of hearingHer AI-driven software helps farmers save water and make better decisions. No wonder Coca-Cola is using itIs your favorite fashion brand greenwashing? Use this checklist to find outHow this South African comedian and filmmaker is telling stories that resonate worldwideHow this firefighter won a fight with Verizon to improve the lives of first responders everywhereHow Levi’s supply chain chief found a cleaner, faster way to produce denimWhy Christine McConnell’s morbidly funny desserts are delighting fans on multiple platformsHow one neuroscientist is encouraging collaboration to spur development of innovative treatmentsHow do you get Cardi B, Travis Scott, and Demi Lovato to ride with Lyft? It’s her job to figure it outHow the stylist behind Justin Bieber’s signature white tees works with brands like Levi’s, Hanes, and MirrorHow one Italian scientist spent 10 years establishing an oasis on MarsHow the No.1 most creative person in business this year led the FBI to its biggest ad-fraud bust everHow one website created a clear window into North KoreaHow one woman is helping former prisoners acclimate to a digital worldHow Google’s head of hardware design, Ivy Ross, makes gadgets feel approachableHow Nike’s retail head reimagined the shopping experience in the company’s House of Innovation storesHow this CEO transformed a small architectural shop into a cutting-edge, international megafirmHow the cofounder of the Quit Genius app is helping thousands of smokers kick the habitHow this Square executive helps small business owners compete onlineHow The Met’s new music director is reintroducing opera to New York and beyondHow this Army veteran and convicted bank robber wrote the instant classic novel about the opioid epidemicHow Ampere’s Renee James is vying for a chunk of the $500 billion global microchip marketHow Michelle Pfeiffer created a perfume line that’s safe and environmentally soundMeet the woman rebuilding Abbey Road Studios for a new musical eraHow a 77-year-old former nun is turning veterans into teachersPorsche recently acquired 10% of his electric hypercar company. Meet 31-year-old Mate RimacHere’s how Mayor Jeff Lehman got a struggling Rust Belt city to thriveHay design is creating affordable furniture and housewares through innovative manufacturingHow one technologist is protecting women from online harassmentHow this Burger King marketing whiz gleefully trolls McDonald’sThanks to General Counsel Dev Stahlkopf, contractors at Microsoft will now get 12 weeks of paid parental leaveHow Twitch is expanding beyond video games–and helping streamers make moneyThis former pharmaceutical exec figured out a brand-new way to finance treatments for global diseases. And he’s already doing itHow the AutoCamp founder is building the world’s first Airstream hotel chainTim Brooks is removing oil-based plastics from Lego, one brick at a timeHow this Chinese founder is reimagining social commerce and outdoing Instagram and Pinterest for more than 220 million usersHow we selected the 100 Most Creative People in Business for 2019How this environmental consultant is getting Apple, Etsy, and others to jointly fund renewable energy sitesHow the Jeff Bezos of Korea is beating Amazon at its own gameHow Dev Hynes (aka Blood Orange) is defying musical boundaries for Solange, FKA Twigs, A$AP Rocky, and himselfYour Amazon Echo didn’t build itself. This researcher is tracking AI’s social and environmental consequencesWhy NBA athletes are using this device to enhance their trainingWhy Apple VP Lisa Jackson invested in 27,000 acres of Colombian forest in 2018How this optics research scientist is finding real humor in artificial intelligenceHow one frustrated Danish camper invented a biodegradable grillHow two lawyers earned equal rights protections for LGBTQ citizens of the world’s largest democracyMeet the three women giving brands like HBO and Etsy a tactile appealHow comedian and Insecure star Amanda Seales keeps it a buckSeth Meyers has remade late-night comedy for the Trump era, while also being a really good bossHow one former traveling salesman is delivering fresh healthful salads to road warriorsMeet the Ethiopia-born Morgan Stanley vet who’s using AI and data to revolutionize agricultural tradingThis year, Google Street View cars will start carrying her air-pollution-monitoring technologyHow Rockstar Games art director Aaron Garbut created the epic world of Red Dead Redemption 2This industrial designer spent three years revamping Jump Bikes’ electric cyclesWhy this animation exec took a chance on Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and won an Oscar and $375 million at the box officeDeforestation leaves dozens of baby orangutans orphaned each year. She built a school to raise them just like their mothers wouldHow the casting director behind Pose assembled the largest transgender cast on televisionHow this NASA veteran got the world to tune into the space agency’s groundbreaking mission to SaturnHow this Alibaba executive has wired up more than one million Chinese mom-and-pop storesMore than 180,000 Starbucks employees now get subsidized backup childcare, thanks to this VPHow this VC is helping black cultural power brokers like Shonda Rhimes and Chance the Rapper invest in techHow this renowned climbing photographer shot Free Solo–and took home an OscarHow this former media executive created a powerful network for black gay professionalsHow this marine biologist is saving coastlines around the worldThis nanoscience researcher is building DNA origami to fight cancerous tumorsWhy the filmmakers behind Chicken Run, Wallace and Gromit, and Shaun the Sheep sold their company to their employeesHow a 14-year-old became Hollywood’s youngest executive producerHis company started as “Uber for trucks.” Now he’s building brick-and-mortar truck stops and financial platforms to fix trucking’s most difficult problemsWhy this entrepreneur was determined to launch West Africa’s first international arts fairThis pharma exec is using AI differently–and spotting effective treatments others missThis creative director imbues everyday gadgets with Blade Runner-style graphicsHow Pyer Moss designer Kerby Jean-Raymond became one of fashion’s boldest voicesHow this Ideo veteran elevated design at the world’s largest retailerHow the 3 co-captains of the U.S. women’s national soccer team are fighting for women athletes everywhereHow one UBS banker became a top Wall Street matchmakerOK Go is linking with Google, Jeff Bezos, and Morton Salt to teach kids math and scienceHow “What the Constitution Means to Me” represents an innovation in theaterHow this roboticist is advancing the art of human-robot interactionHey Siri, a UN report finds digital assistants with female voices reinforce harmful gender biasesLoop, the revolutionary new reusable packaging delivery service, is now open for businessHow one man is drawing big pharma’s attention to neglected diseasesThese are the best (and worst) cities to live in if you like living near a park