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Here’s a glimpse of the social games played by Amazon warehouse workers7 companies took out a full-page NYT ad against abortion bansUrban Outfitters tries to stay relevant with an $88 monthly rental serviceNYT editor predicts almost all newspapers will die in 5 yearsAirbnb and 23andMe want you to take a “heritage vacation”New Coke returns with Stranger Things: Here’s how to get your limited-edition canCheck out these gorgeous rare amphibians, because they might soon be extinctThis is how Sesame Street is tackling the rising number of kids in foster careJamie Oliver’s restaurants are bankrupt—1,000 employees let goSnoop Dogg’s weed media company launches new ad agency with ex-Vice execsTexas legislature votes to “save Chick-fil-A” from perceived religious discriminationJustin Bieber is launching a “self-care” deodorant with Schmidt’sNSO Group faces new heat from Facebook, lawsuits after WhatsApp hackAlibaba’s colossal influence, visualized in 9 art projectsSee the first photos of Zaha Hadid’s controversial World Cup stadium hereHere’s why Dressbarn is shuttering all 650 of its storesThis alternate ending finally gives Game of Thrones fans what they want (no petition required)Stop the Bans: How to find a protest and protect abortion rights todayPandora thinks Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran will be the kings of summer 2019 radioThis gorgeous office is like working in a forestWe need a new language to discuss diversity and inclusion7 ways to keep your goals on trackBP’s investors are pushing it to act on climate change, but can they push hard enough?MIT’s bold plan to save the Maldives–and the world5 common communication mistakes (and how to fix them)The utter joy of watching 50 designers try to reinvent the chairThe cashless retail revolution has been overestimatedThis “UX nerd” is running hackathons to tackle the POC maternal mortality crisisI talk too much about money and you should, tooIf anyone can give us a real Facebook alternative, it’s AppleSeattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson talks secrets to success—and listening to Jeff BezosHow this bacteria-crawling skincare line became a fast-growing wellness brandThis fashion house is spinning off a cannabis brand, and its first collection is wildHow work became the millennial religion of choiceThe iPod of VR is here, and you should try itThe U.S. Post Office is testing self-driving trucks this monthLook out, Apple and Spotify: TikTok’s owner is getting into the streaming music bizThis clothing brand’s new repair program shows that the future of fashion can be circularThe best and worst countries for business: Global upheaval editionSome Facebook users can’t turn off face recognition, study suggests (updated)How to cultivate a healthy culture of innovationWhy Pepsi’s advertising is re-embracing its challenger brand statusWhole Foods is finally going to stop suckingExclusive: Watchdog group sues Walmart for selling “nonsense” homeopathic remediesKamala Harris wants to fine companies that pay men more than womenHere are Oprah’s best words of wisdom from her Colorado College commencement speechBill Gates says to read these 5 books to change your perspective on a world in crisisDo these things to stay sane if you work in a high-stress jobFord is laying off 7,000 people, 10% of its total workforceIn commencement speech, Jennifer Garner gives 8 tips for living your best lifeElizabeth Warren really does have a plan for everything—even one voter’s love lifeStop trying to ‘find’ meaningful work (and create it instead)Google says the new Google Glass gives workers ‘superpowers’Jim Carrey is the latest progressive to self-own, as anti-choicers endorse his new paintingThis structural toy is the perfect gift for young engineers (and old ones, too)Amid abortion debates, Laverne Cox hits on something no one is talking aboutThe T-Mobile-Sprint merger just got FCC approval10 inspirational newsletters that will help you live a better lifeThe world’s 50 most valuable brands—rankedSurprise! Debt collectors don’t love the FCC’s plan to kill robocallsThe Remarkable Power of Location IntelligenceMy BA in French made me the tech CEO I am todayCan dudes be Gooped? Gwyneth goes after the guysThe TWA hotel at JFK is open, and it looks amazingWhoops—someone left a water bottle onscreen in the Game of Thrones finaleNow Facebook is using robots to advance its work in artificial intelligenceResy will now give a small group of elite diners exclusive access to top restaurants in NY and L.A.6 pieces of common financial advice you shouldn’t followData viz is the new branding. Just ask Pentagram’s latest hireMIT just cracked open an historic time capsule–here’s what was insideStedman Graham doesn’t want to be defined by his relationship with OprahWant to make $50,000 an hour? Become a video game live streamerOur education system is so underfunded that the classroom donation industry is boomingI applied for a design job at Google–and turned my interview task into a startupThe director of the Air Jordans doc wants to obliterate the line between brands and entertainmentMorehouse College commencement speaker says he’ll pay off class of 2019’s student loansGoogle, Qualcomm, Intel, and Broadcom all cut ties with HuaweiWatch Pete Buttigieg slam Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham at a Fox News Town HallGame of Thrones is over: the three scenes you’ll be arguing about Monday morning–and foreverHow to give an elevator story that people actually listen toWhy a U.S. federal privacy law could be worse than no law at allEurovision Song Contest 2019: Where to live-stream it and where the YouTube is blockedOur coming DNA nightmare, as outlined by a dystopian graphic novelFinally, child data privacy could get much-needed reform in new billHow to watch the 2019 PGA Championship on CBS and TNT live without cableHave you tried plogging, the Instagram trend that might be the sustainable sport of the future?I’ve changed careers multiple times. Here’s my advice for anyone who wants to do the same“Zombies” who use their cellphones at crosswalks could be fined under proposed NY lawAtlanta, Boston, Denver, Minneapolis, and Philadelphia are about to jump-start their bike infrastructureHigh-end fitness brand Life Time wants you to live at the gymSpotify is testing a voice-controlled “Car Thing,” but don’t get too excited yetRoe v. Wade is under threat, and only one of the leading 2020 Democrats seems to really get itMinecraft Earth is coming: Here’s how to apply for the beta from MicrosoftCan cities design policies to shrink the racial wealth gap?Sad survey: 60% of male managers are “uncomfortable” working around womenHow to decide whether to email, text, call, or talk in personWalmart’s new headquarters ditches cubicles for running trailsOne year in, GDPR seems to have helped Google & FacebookLearning from late architect I. M. Pei: “Architecture is not fashion”Taiwan just legalized same-sex marriage, a historic first for AsiaHow to find out why you didn’t get the jobSpectrum cable begs for more cord cutting with new intrusive channel guide adsSchools are using software to help pick who gets in. What could go wrong?4 techniques that can help you stick with a good habitHow glass skyscrapers took over the world–and why we need to stop building themGender inequity costs the United States $2 trillion in lost GDPSocial media is an assault on our senses. Now it’s a literal gun, tooA 360-degree tour of Specialized Bicycles’ innovation labThe Cersei Effect: How businesses turn colleagues into backstabbersWhat’s an algorithm? Let an avocado explainWhat the Iron Throne reveals about the hidden history of user-friendly designHow growing cities are making it hard for makersNow this is something to be grumpy about: Meme superstar Grumpy Cat has diedAmazon is investing millions in Uber Eats food delivery rival DeliverooInside Levi’s stand against gun violence7 Google privacy settings you should revisit right nowPinterest stock plummets after its first earnings report comes up shortThe business of the future is ethical, sustainable, and employee-ownedInstagram really, really wants you to shop and watch IGTVHow to watch The Big Bang Theory finale on CBS without cableTaco Bell is opening a hotel and resort in Palm Springs because this is the world we live in nowThis is what I learned about building a cohesive team in a fast-growing companyTesla’s autopilot was engaged prior to fatal Florida crash: NTSB reportThe Big Bang Theory by the numbers: 18 facts about the ratings monster critics hatedThe first-ever virtual reality Doctor Who episode is now availableSamantha Bee debunks GOP lies about abortion in scathing Sex Ed for Senators segmentAirbnb adds former Apple exec Angela Ahrendts to its boardMore than 500K people have signed an idiotic petition to remake Game of Thrones’ final seasonTry not to be creeped out by these eerily human portraits of robots6 phrases that will help you sell your ideasWatch this device translate silent thoughts into speechWill Smith and Michael Eisner want to literally get inside your headWe salute the hero who matched AC/DC with this Game of Thrones sceneThe future in the trash: China’s William Gibson on the power of sci-fiThis caregiving crisis is costing your companyHere’s how RadioShack sold its breakthrough laptop circa 1983Nike is launching a guide to sustainability for brands–get it hereThe unique, puzzling antidepressant effects of an illicit party drugTwo and a half years later, DHS still hasn’t performed audits to see if votes were hacked in 2016Every American should visit the new Statue of Liberty Museum6 business leaders on their favorite lucky charms and ritualsThis startup provides health insurance against online harassmentDo NYC mayors ever become president? Why Bill de Blasio has his work cut out for himBeing creative matters less than you think it doesApple and Google should steal these ingenious smartphone conceptsThe outside of this new office building will be a giant butterfly sanctuaryNYC’s brilliant plan to capitalize on land no one else wantsHow The Shade Room turned Instagram gossip into a media empireTrump releases tool for the public to submit suspicions of “political bias” on social mediaHuawei responds to Trump’s national emergency ban on foreign telecoms makersRent is so high people are turning their living rooms into coworking spacesThe 5 things a perplexed executive needs to know about AIMobility 2030People on the internet have no idea how bad they are at online securityAmazon says Fire TV is bigger than Roku, but there are caveatsThe We Company wants to cash in on “the WeWork effect,” tooThis World Cup ad for Germany’s women’s soccer team brilliantly addresses gender inequality in sportsFCC robocall rule would finally give you a nuclear option for blocking phone spamCongress moves to protect pregnant women at workThis fully biodegradable “leather” is welded together from wasteWatch the trailer for Game of Thrones series finale behind-the-scenes docThis map of abortion ban proposals and laws shows where rights are under fire in 2019Want to be happy and successful? Don’t be an a**holeMcDonald’s locations to double as U.S. embassies in the most American thing that ever happenedHow Amazon feeds its bottomless appetiteDecay by design: These 3D-printed organic plastics naturally decomposeCorporations are holding off activist investors–but for how long?CEOs share their best advice for college graduatesAlabama abortion ban: 5 things you can do to help right nowAway, now worth $1.4 billion, may soon be a fashion brandBeyoncé helped Netflix achieve an impressive audience milestoneThe fascinating design behind Björk’s otherworldly reverb chamber, on tour nowThese are the common work-life myths that you need to stop believingA casual fan’s guide to jumping right in for John Wick 3My company is growing. How can I scale my presence as a leader?My boss gave me flextime when I became a mom, and it became harder to advance my careerThe perfect little black dress now comes in 99 different sizesHow to stop the phone scam that leaves your most critical data exposedAmerican Express has acquired reservation platform ResyThe mouse of the future? Your eyeballsWe built a $17 million business in less than 5 years: Here’s how we spent our moneyThe hardware trend Google and Apple are throwing their weight behindChina has now blocked Wikipedia in all languagesThese gorgeous tiny houses can operate entirely off the gridCVS will now require third-party testing of supplements. Is it enough?Facebook announces “one strike” policy to fight live-streaming abusesUber’s new “Quiet Mode” lets you silence chatty driversOn social media, sell your brand, not your stuffInnovating at speed