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CrowdStrike, cybersecurity firm that investigated 2016 DNC hack, filed for IPOPixel phone owners: Google may owe you $500Buying clothes for your kids’ summer camp? This concierge service is here to helpPrince Harry and Meghan Markle criticized for promoting pricey “emotional workout”Athleisure sunglasses have arrivedIs this the generation that will trash tampons and pads for good?KFC has been name-checked in some rap bangers–and this KFC-curated Spotify playlist proves itTripAdvisor unveils new safety features after controversy over sexual assault reportsThe power of a personal touchGoogle’s new all-encompassing Google Travel features make you your own travel agentFox News viewers and Snapchat users are still feeling the BernThis “pocket neighborhood” has 8 houses on a lot, instead of one McMansionJohn Cleese has some good recommendations for how to deal with a**holesSpotify’s new Soundtrap for Storytellers makes it even easier to start that podcastWe should hold tech giants to these 5 rules if we want to stop manipulative designWhy you shouldn’t blame willpower for your lack of self-controlHulu keeps NBC shows even as Disney takes control from ComcastAmerica just had its wettest 12-month period on recordFive reasons to ignore resumesI tried a “sound bath” to feel less stressed and more productiveThis cookbook from the future teaches you to make bug burgers and algae chipsThe Google Assistant has finally come to Sonos speakersWhat it’s really like to be one of the ghost workers on Amazon’s Mechanical TurkThis Swiss bank found the key to employee satisfactionHow our definition of middle class has–and hasn’t–changed in 100 yearsYou’re probably being tricked by “health washing” at the grocery storeTarget now carries a non-toxic skincare line built on the insights of 16 million womenIn one giant leap for women, NASA will land a woman on the moon by 2024Google is opening a privacy engineering hub in EuropeThis isn’t the job I signed up for: What now?The epic, ever-evolving timeline of how Woodstock 50’s peace and love fest devolved into a financial and legal sagaThe two-year quest to rebrand Ikea for the digital ageAmazon’s Echo can now detect when someone is breaking into your homeI’m a podcast addict. Here’s what happened when I went cold turkey for two weeks9 things you need to know about the WhatsApp zero-click spyware attackHow cryptocurrency investors get swindled out of billionsForget the Anthropocene: We’ve entered the synthetic ageWalmart’s ambitious plan to beat Amazon on free one-day shipping is hereCan plant-based meat grow from a $1 billion industry to a $20 billion industry?Cancel Netflix for Disney? Only 7% say they wouldWhy TV networks’ comedy-first focus will help them win the streaming warsThe Wing says it will change non-disparagement language in its membership agreementNow that we’ve identified emotional labor as important, when will it start to be commoditized?Uber’s IPO was a failure by Uber’s own 2015 metric, says Susan FowlerApple TV’s “Channels” subscriptions and TV app overhaul are hereUndersea explorer goes deeper than any solo diver in history and finds plasticHow to make sure the U.S. government’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan doesn’t get wastedThe clueless parent’s guide to surviving Detective PikachuWhy is sanitation still a privilege, not a right?China tariffs list includes 194 pages of products as trade war escalatesFeeling overwhelmed by all the changes in your life? Here are 3 ways to ditch the stress and get back on trackiPhone owners can sue Apple over App Store prices, Supreme Court rulesExclusive: To Live and Die in LA podcast has 15 million downloads so farWireless phone chargers wrapped in Italian leather are coming to a luxury hotel near you1.1 million Americans lost health insurance coverage in 2018What the class of 2019 wants from employersMore than ever, Mailchimp is about way more than mailThis influential chair was too provocative in 1937, but it’s finally being releasedLast night on Game of Thrones: Fire and blood and a lack of levelheaded advisersEnter the 2019 Innovation by Design Awards!Forget green roofs–this apartment building has sand dunes on topThe Winklevoss twins want to take cryptocurrency mainstreamHow to talk about how much money you makeFast Company European Innovation Fest to feature Jared Leto, Alec Ross, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Jessica Brillhart, and moreI was financially unfaithful to my partnerThe race to redesign Notre-Dame is heating up–here are 6 of the wildest ideasThe humble receipt gets a brilliant redesignFive ways to get better at thinking on your feetZuck: Don’t break up Facebook, because we can protect you from the threat our platform enablesBad news: The fashion industry is actually slowing down on sustainabilityMelinda Gates: “Our economies all over the world are built on the backs of women’s unpaid labor”Stanford study: There are better ways to design a soda taxApple is now deploying the first Apple Cards to employeesElon Musk shows off SpaceX’s Starlink internet satellites before launchWatch Game of Thrones stress melt away with these 5-minute meditations3 Big Tech CEOs, 3 ways of spinning privacyMaverick Carter’s USC commencement speech was a pretty great ad for his startup UninterruptedInside the blood, sweat, bureaucracy, and physics of “Pokémon: Detective Pikachu”It’s time to stop referring to maternity leave as “generous”11 ways to help moms in need right nowMother’s Day 2019: This map shows the best and worst states for working momsHow to conquer the Sunday scaries (and feel good on Monday)Tech workers organize protest against Palantir on the GitHub coding platformRobots are coming to a hospital near youAnchor is Spotify’s best bet to beat Apple for control of your earsThe Oculus Quest VR headset will make you sweat, and that’s greatThis electric road charges your car while you driveI built a successful tech company while maintaining work-life balance, by leaving Silicon ValleyEmbattled Victoria’s Secret is rethinking its ratings-challenged fashion showRihanna’s new brand will sit alongside Dior, Givenchy, and CelineEven Chick-fil-A is thinking about fake meatThe simple yet elusive key to fighting the climate crisis: More treesCops can’t force you unlock your phone with your fingerprint: judgeParty City is closing 45 stores amid a helium shortage, says the two are unconnectedElon Musk trolling Jeff Bezos is the ridiculous space race 2019 deservesReformation just dropped its first-ever shoe collection. See it hereUber went public, and a bunch of rich people got richerIkea turned a Paris subway station into a showroom, and it’s gloriousAmazon agrees to remove toxic school supplies after investigation by Washington StateThis common job advice is actually setting grads up for failureDuring Betsy DeVos’s first year in office, her family fund gifted millions to conservative groups“Cocaine” Mitch McConnell makes pathetic attempt to be badassMilitary spouse unemployment is startlingly high. Google wants to helpThe risks of oversharing at work are real. Here’s how to set better boundariesMillions of animals are going extinct–and the race to preserve their memory is already onUber and the doublespeak at the heart of Silicon ValleyThe awful, fast-growing tech scams fleecing the elderly out of millionsFired, quit, or laid off? Here’s how to explain the blipPushing into Asia, Match’s “love capitalism” tries to dodge cultural snagsHow the co-founder of Google Creative Lab turned it into a juggernautThis fan-made, nerd-approved edit of an iconic Star Wars scene took 2.5 years to makeHuawei is about to take on Oracle in the database marketThis supercut of Mark Zuckerberg promising Facebook growth is literal artSee inside a coworking space for seniorsI’ve been a freelancer for more than 15 years. Here’s what all clients should knowOne way to close the wealth gap: make employees part ownersThese are the questions you should ask instead of “do I have work-life balance?”Meet the woman leading a sex revolution for seniorsWhy brand purpose marketing isn’t working with young peopleHow Hollywood changed Uber and Uber changed HollywoodIt’s okay to quit: The surprising–and subversive–advice for “late bloomers”Can mindfulness training make young kids better students?Android Q’s new gestures are an iPhone rip-off–and a missed opportunityStart taking back your online privacy by making these 4 easy changesInstagram is cracking down on vaccine misinformationA distracted, divided U.S. is no match for China’s long-term plan for dominationJeff Bezos wants to save Earth by moving industry to spaceUber is expected to set its share price at $45Take a look at the vision for the world’s first 3D-printed neighborhoodDeleting Alexa recordings doesn’t wipe the transcriptsCommunity solar is an excellent way to create energy equity–if it’s done rightReport: Jeff Bezos wants to take Blue Origin straight to the moonGreat-grandmother’s Disney World arrest underscores the utter insanity of CBD lawsWhat makes the It: Chapter 2 trailer so horrifying (even more than Chapter 1)Sears’s new logo makes it look like a tech companyNike’s new Snapchat Lens lets you (virtually) wear the U.S. women’s soccer kitThese ads are creative reminders that cash is the best way to help after a disasterThis is a visualization exercise that actually works, according to neuroscienceDelta tells nonunion workers they should just buy video games instead of joining a unionSee the bright, spacious habitat that Martian colonizers could call homeHow to the pull off the dreaded phone interviewIf you read one Mark Zuckerberg takedown today, read this oneShaving startup Harry’s bought by owner of Schick razors for $1.37 billionThis concrete box was a grocery store–now it’s a luxury boutique hotelThe internet’s YouTube habit has the carbon footprint of a small cityWhen you should (and shouldn’t) check your emailThe latest invention from Cronut mastermind Dominique Ansel: a croissant-inspired sneakerBro-ification of health? This “man cave” clinic gets men to go to the doctorHow to plan for two or three (or seven) different careers in your lifetimeOrganic diapers, stroller detailing, and no phones allowed: inside an exclusive $5K/year club for kidsGermany is testing an electric highway that charges hybrid vehicles as they driveAnonymous Q&A app YOLO is a hit with Snapchat teens, but bullying concerns lingerPut your phone down at the store. It’s costing you moneyThe unlikely way e-bikes could transform how we ageThe quest to extend women’s fertility to 50Black women are the key to victory in 2020. Stop ignoring themThat Russian spy whale returns lost iPhones tooFor the first time, this refugee organization is doing emergency work in the U.S.Google is embracing Nest to make homes helpful—not just “smart”More Marvel, please! Disney CEO Bob Iger sees new big money opportunities in his caped crusadersRedfin tells home buyers no agent, no problemWaiting for Avengers: Endgame, Disney has a Black Panther comedownBusy Philipps demonstrates how women have to push personal pain aside at work every dayThe Airbnb of camping has a new iOS app to get you outdoors this summerJob seekers, put these 5 skills on your resume if you want to boost your appealYes, Uber and Lyft make traffic worseGeorge Clooney releases PSA against climate change “dumbf**kery”How to fight 2020 election hacking: Here’s what cybersecurity experts sayDelta Air Lines now lets loyal travelers reclaim their elite status after certain life eventsBitcoin heist: Binance crypto exchange says $40 million in coin stolen by hackersFish farming could be the center of a future food system3 ways we can adapt to working in the digital ageSeth Meyers grilling Meghan McCain is a masterclass on not letting someone off the hookThese hip, healthy TV dinners just might win over the Sweetgreen generationThe calls to rein in Mark Zuckerberg have never been louder7 maps that tell the incredible story of aging in AmericaWant to hire the best team? Don’t hire the “best” peopleThis countertop machine lets you mix your own shampoo and cleaning products at homeBird wants you to buy a scooter for $1,300Microsoft Word is getting politically correctGoogle just nonchalantly rebranded its smart home armThis startup 3D prints the perfect glasses for your kid–and sends a new pair when they get lost5 things tech executives should know when talking to boardsWhat really happened after the Chernobyl nuclear plant explodedExploding Pam cooking spray cans prompt a storm of lawsuitsYour smartwatches may soon know way, way more about what you’re doingTake back control of your iPhone with these 14 fixesThis is how to know if an employee is thinking of quittingDon’t ban Huawei. Do this insteadAmericans can’t afford retirement. Here are 8 ways to fix itI wrote the book on user-friendly design. What I see today horrifies meMy kid is an Instagram Influencer. Here’s what I do with her moneyUber and Lyft global strike: Drivers say pay and transparency are central complaintsAI can now predict if a woman will get breast cancerHere’s why your laptop keyboard stinksWhy self-regulation can pay offIn this college class, the assignment is to solve a local problemWhat do the most successful people do in the morning?