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Watch 2 Chainz and Awkwafina list all the dope things Google’s new Pixel phone can doYou may be surprised at who got the biggest Instagram bumps from their Met Gala outfitsLyft stock goes nuclear as it beats on revenue but reports over $1B in lossesOh great, a new rule would let debt collectors slide into your DMsJoanne Bradford is out as SoFi CMOKids are the most effective spokespeople for shifting conservative views on climate changeDisney reveals depressing slate of vaguely described event moviesGoogle’s $399 Pixel 3a attacks Apple’s iPhone on the headphone jack . . . and priceFocus Mode might be Android’s best new featureMTV hires HBO alum Sheila Nevins to lead new documentary divisionGoogle’s smart-home strategy: Doubling down on the Nest brandGoogle’s Sundar Pichai pitches privacy for folks who can’t afford AppleElizabeth Warren wants real consequences for the next Equifax-level data breachThese 20 social enterprises and nonprofits just won Google’s AI Impact ChallengeGoogle’s vision for phones: more camera, more voice, less tappingExclusive: Google releases 53 gender fluid emojiGoogle’s augmented reality search results are a true magic leap for ARGoogle just added closed captioning to everything on your phoneWatch HBO’s Big Little Lies season 2 premiere at a Wing location near youWalmart is getting into the veterinary businessWhy Uber and Lyft drivers are striking to protest Uber’s upcoming IPOHow to tell if a problem is complex or merely complicatedThat Game of Thrones coffee cup was the most preventable self-own in TV historyVideo shows Sandra Bland’s arrest from her cell phoneThe major missing piece in EA’s Netflix for gamesThese vases were made with immortal human cellsHow a kid from the Netherlands and a startup called BeatStars led to Old Town RoadSorry Lady Gaga, but this pigeon won the Met GalaNetflix documentary Knock Down the House isn’t just the Ocasio-Cortez story. It’s a call to actionHey HBO, Adobe fixed the Starbucks cup in Game of Thrones for youManagers, it’s time to give up on the annual review once and for allThe creeping threat of facial recognitionThis is how to use your college career services long after graduationThese are NYC’s worst landlordsThe chaos wrought by climate change is already here–just look at MiamiYou don’t need to wait for authority to be a leader at your companyAmazon opens its first Go store in NYC–and the first that accepts cash75% of staff at this successful IT company are on the autism spectrumOne of the world’s largest retailers just debuted its own shape-shifting typeface“I refuse to have a terrible death”: the rise of the death wellness movementWhen it comes to power in the workplace, 30 is the new 50This new tool will help brands make advertising more inclusiveTwitter now lets you add photos, videos, or GIFs to retweetsApple just released a game inspired by Warren Buffett’s childhoodCould social security be the foundation for a growing basic income system?A new bike helmet offers a novel way to stop concussionsEveryone hates passwords. Good news: They’re about to dieToms made buy-one, give-one famous. Now it’s updating the modelThe ultimate guide to Android productivityMet Gala: Here’s all the campiest, most outrageous fashionSiri and Alexa struggle with your questions about detergent and cheeseTwitter runs wild with a cryptic clue about the royal baby’s nameEmbattled Boeing plans to replace human inspectors with technologyGoogle may be about to kill affiliate marketing linksThese are the top 20 cities for biking in the U.S.Microsoft is getting serious about this holographic meetings thingMet Gala live stream 2019: How to watch the red carpet coverage onlineHow to use your existing skills and experiences to change careersPrince Harry’s paternity leave shines spotlight on changing U.K. gender normsMicrosoft rebuilds its Edge browser on Chromium. Nice moveApple iOS 13: New report should make third-party app developers nervousA popular Barron Trump Facebook page operates out of Pakistan and shares anti-AOC memesMicrosoft’s Nadella shows off a chattier, craftier Cortana at BuildThe new Miss USA’s comments about #MeToo might irritate the pageant’s former ownerPrince Harry and Meghan Markle just gave Instagram birth announcements the royal seal of approvalWhat’s that coffee cup on Game of Thrones worth to Starbucks?FCC robocall warning: What to do if a “one ring” scammer calls your phoneWas there a Starbucks-style cup on Game of Thrones last night? VerilyThis credit card won’t let you buy anything else after you’ve hit your annual carbon limitThese are the upsides to having impostor syndromeThe best (and easiest) thing your city can do for itself? Plant more treesInfographic: How our jobs change as we ageWomen founders: We want to hear from youThe hot new product Amazon and Target are obsessing over? BoxesHow to fix a bad reputationPerennial classic Microsoft Solitaire has been inducted into the World Video Game Hall of FameFrance is banning electric scooters from sidewalksJust buy the f***ing latteIt’s time to pay attention to the $15 trillion business of growing oldThe future of housing looks nothing like today’sWhy marketing to seniors is so terrible“We make $325,000 a year and feel like we live paycheck to paycheck”1 million species are at risk for extinction–and humans are screwedThe EU will investigate Spotify’s antitrust complaint about Apple3 steps to take if you want to change careers into a role that makes a differenceHer amazing nonprofit is helping children worldwide to walk—and runMoney worries? Help is on the wayHow to watch the 2019 Daytime Emmys and red carpet onlineAdam Sandler brought Opera Man back to SNL for a 2019 encoreHere’s everything you can get for free on Cinco de MayoTrixie Mattel is doing things no drag queen has ever done . . . including RuPaulFirst look: Dramatic video shows Arctic wolves hunt musk oxen in Earth’s most frigid habitatWarren Buffett makes surprise appearance at “way overdue” conference on women and investingWatch Country House win the Kentucky Derby after Maximum Security’s historic disqualificationYoga class while waiting for refills? CVS tests new “health hubs”Meet the big-thinking space startups that want to transform the universe with tiny satellitesThe four leadership styles still left standing on “Game of Thrones”How a wooden bench in Zimbabwe is starting a revolution in mental healthHow a small amount of sleep deprivation can ruin your concentrationThree years in, Google’s hardware honcho is just getting startedThe circular economy could create an enormous jobs boomNow Dunkin’ is thinking beyond meat, tooIan Spalter steps down as Instagram’s head of designMinnie Mouse is the captain of all Disney cruises nowAlexandria Ocasio-Cortez voices support for Elizabeth Warren’s Big Tech breakup planHow to survive—and succeed—in the gig economyThese horse names chosen by artificial intelligence beat the ones in the Kentucky DerbyThese giant robots are death machines for weedsLyft’s response to ADA lawsuit: Sorry, we’re “not in the transportation business”Pay TV is now losing 12,000 cord-cutters every dayThis popular kids’ toy doubles as a robot that holds 24,000 times its own massBeyond Meat stock is still surging after historic IPO popThese beautifully designed toys are good for kids’ brain developmentIn honor of Space Day, here are 14 out-of-this-world events to look forward to through 2019How Facebook is designing for an incoming avalanche of dead usersHow to use your brain to change your physical stateIs solar geoengineering crazy, or just crazy enough to work?Nas’s Mass Appeal will shape NYC’s hip-hop museum in a major way4 steps to reclaim your weekend for fun instead of choresWe studied what 10,000 people love online. The results would make Freud blushSonic is getting the makeover fans have been demandingYour sneakers are polluting the planet. Here are 7 greener alternativesHow to get people to listen to your ideasGoogle Maps will now show you photos of a restaurant’s most popular dishesReport: Verizon wants to sell Tumblr ASAPGen Z think they’re better at online security than they actually areSix bold team-building activitiesThis minimal furniture is durable and lightweight–so you don’t trash it when you moveThere are 3 kinds of office “social brokers”—which one are you?How the team behind “Long Shot” made a unicorn: a woke political rom-com for 2019Why it took UglyDolls nearly 20 years to journey from specialty toy shops to the big screenYouTube tears down its paywall for its original programmingWhy Western fears of Huawei could backfireLadies, Allbirds just created a ballet flat for youVirtually violated: How Facebook is trying to fix abuse on social VR before it goes mainstreamThese are the best airlines if you’re flying with a petInstagram just made it much easier for influencers to help drive charitable givingFacebook gave Milo and Laura Loomer plenty of time to prepare for their Instagram bansSamsung is gaining on Apple in the smartwatch warsChinese billionaire family allegedly paid $6.5 million to get their kid into StanfordHow to AI-proof your resumeScientists just took the next step on the quest to 3D-print new human organsOne step BYND: Investors feast on Beyond Meat as stock skyrockets in Nasdaq debut“Mayochella” memes: How Beyoncé fans took on Taylor Swift for her Billboard Awards performanceListening to music at work can make you more productiveHow to be assertive without being called a bitchUgly produce company Imperfect Produce is expanding to other ugly foodsEven with health insurance, people are literally sacrificing food to pay for healthcareSkip the insecticide this summer. Fight mosquitos with bat homesHave we finally outgrown HR?Starbucks recalls coffee makers over injury fears, but at least there are new summer drinksHow AI could be used to record our life storiesIs this Ford Bronco the most beautiful electric car yet? Probably.How successful CEOs start their morningsMeet the women investors setting up next to Warren Buffett’s annual meetingHow to watch Blue Origin’s New Shepard launch todayType in the digital era is a messThe science of why you hate your open office6 Women entrepreneurs on how they handled the worst day of their careersAirbnb now allows hosts to donate their profits to help displaced people find housingWhat if every air conditioner was stopping climate change as it kept you cool?Verizon workers to confront execs over warehouse “abuses” at shareholder meetingHouse of Highlights founder Omar Raja shares his essential websites, podcasts, and TV showsWatch: A Stanford professor on how to keep your workers motivatedFinally, there’s an actual Sesame Street in NYC—here’s how to get thereYour Google data is getting the auto-delete tool it always neededThis tech ad parody is so spot-on, we almost refuse to believe it’s not realU.K. defense secretary Gavin Williamson fired over Huawei leakEmmy-winning actress Laura Dern adds her voice to Girls in Coding movementFor our DNA and social data privacy, our model of consent is totally broken107 new movies, TV shows, albums, and books you must check out in MayHulu’s new ad strategy targets all your binge-watching and pausing behaviorFacebook’s CTO: AI is already screening out bad stuff, with more to comeWhy do people strike on May Day?Netflix is improving its audio quality for surround-sound usersHamilton got a few things wrong. This traveling museum corrects the recordNo joke: Jon Stewart leaving The Daily Show may have helped elect TrumpHere’s how Oprah Winfrey negotiates raisesWhat I wish I’d known before I sold a major stake in my businessFine, I want this insufferable TV for millennialsChucky is out for Woody’s blood in this cheeky “Child’s Play” posterHow the “Ikea effect” explains today’s startupsThis is why no one responds to your emailI want to land a big customer. How do I get ready?Slack’s head of workplace design thinks open floor plans “suuuck”Facebook’s privacy push puts Messenger in the spotlight—but pitfalls aboundWilliam Barr testimony: How to watch the Senate hearing live onlineA controversial design strategy is helping sixth graders do better in schoolThese “biosolar panels” suck CO2 from the air to grow edible algaeWalgreens wants its pharmacists trained for mental health crisesBurger King is trolling McDonald’s with “Real Meals” because no one’s happy all the timeFacebook’s redesign is pretty, airy, and more reason to ditch FacebookThese are 6 questions investors never ask male foundersMarc Benioff hopes to dent America’s homeless crisis with $30M research projectAmazon is rebranding Souq, the Middle Eastern retailer it bought in 2017Your smartphone’s wireless signal can be used to forecast the weatherThis is what you should do if a potential client ghosts youAre robots really coming for your job?Will this wild-style street artist inspire you to drink wine?The Bulbing Bankers Lamp is an intricately designed visual trickThis new civil rights accelerator wants to train you to pass your first law