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Apple stock is spiking after a decisive earnings beatYoung TV viewers turn to antennae to escape cable’s insane pricesFacebook’s “FB5” is cleaner and Groups-centric (but not much more private)Cheddar, the so-called millennial CNBC, scooped up by Altice for $200MThe Green New Deal’s supporters hope to harness power of narrative with Federal Writers’ ProjectI heard groans when Facebook announced its new Dating featuresThe newest hot coworking space costs just $2.25 an hour, because it is a parking spotNetflix vows to look into research linking 13 Reasons Why and suicideThe Obamas announce their Netflix slate of film and TV projectsMark Zuckerberg vows to stop moving fast and breaking thingsDevice searches at U.S. borders are “unconstitutionally broad,” rights groups sayFacebook’s Oculus Quest and Rift S will ship May 21 for $399Want new affordable housing quickly? Try splitting up existing homesInstagram will soon let creators tag products in posts for saleIntroducing Compass, a new newsletter from Fast CompanyWhy do so many Spotify users fall asleep to Ed Sheeran?When to ditch your work-life boundary and say yes to opportunitiesThis gorgeous museum is made from old jet fuel tanksHalima Aden is Sports Illustrated’s first model to wear a burkini and hijab in the Swimsuit IssueHow can you engage your workforce? Set them freeHow Tech Can Help a Remote Workforce Stay ProductiveThis airline satisfaction report contains a surprising detail about travelThis is progress? A new report finds 88% of showrunners are whiteIs Amazon’s Ring doorbell starting a true crime news website?This is how envy, anger, and regret affect your decisions at workThese 7 social entrepreneurs are working to strengthen civic engagementAfter several stumbles, Luminary swears it wants to do right by podcastersHere’s why Alphabet stock just fell off a cliffWhy flattery in the workplace is risky behaviorIn new ad campaign, Spotify says it wants to be a bigger part of your lifeMark Zuckerberg is moonlighting as an industrial designerHow to spot the realistic fake people creeping into your timelinesChase Bank’s poor-shaming tweet is brand thirstiness at its worstScientists find “biodegradable” bags perfectly usable after three years in dirtThe right way to network at each stage of your careerTWA’s long-lost typeface embodied the golden age of flying. Now it’s being rebornWhy we don’t take our own career adviceThe biggest opportunity to help animals is ending the suffering of wildlifeThe $70 billion quest for a good night’s sleepHow to watch Mark Zuckerberg’s F8 keynote todayVodafone Italy found “hidden backdoors” in Huawei equipment years agoPSAs like this helped curb drunk driving–can they do the same for driving while high?Girl Boss editor-in-chief Neha Gandhi shares the soundtrack for her lifeHow to tell when you’re being lied toHow gender bias impacts what we think of products made by women11 infuriating Apple glitches, and the best ways to cope with themWhat failed startup Anki did for roboticsTwitter troll tricks Uber’s support account into tweeting the n-wordDHS: We didn’t ask for lists of family separation protests provided by a cybersecurity firmSerious question: Is this whale a Russian spy?Oscar-nominated director John Singleton has diedCrocs just got more absurdNonprofits struggle to be inclusive to workers with disabilitiesAlphabet sees stock fall 7% after reporting slowing growthWeWork parent The We Company files confidential paperwork for IPOBeto O’Rourke has his own Green New Deal, but is it aggressive enough?How railroads are keeping trains safe from hackersInstagram hashtags feed a thriving black market of illegal counterfeits: reportWill Avengers: Endgame dethrone Avatar as the highest-grossing film of all time?European cooperative Fairbnb wants to make the short-term rental market more just5 productivity hacks for CEOs who have to work remotelyThis design-centric fitness platform is Jane Fonda meets TronThis is the conversation companies (and parents) can’t afford to avoidPluto TV is getting old shows from Nick, MTV, Comedy Central as Viacom raids its catalog2019 measles cases are highest since 1994 … and it’s only AprilAlmost half of American workers have cried at workGame of memes: Here are our favorites from the Battle of WinterfellLos Angeles just announced its own Green New Deal to drastically slash emissionsThe father of electronic music’s lost instrument has finally been built5 questions to ask before starting a new business partnershipNetflix prices just went up again—here’s every rate hike everThe Notre-Dame fire’s ashes could be used to 3D-print its new gargoylesThis is when stepping outside your comfort zone is a bad ideaWalmart’s AI-powered store of the future is nothing like Amazon GoWhy your next vacation rental may look like a Wayfair catalogMarriott is getting into the home-rental biz to take on AirbnbIt just got cheaper for tourists in Europe to use their Visa and MastercardWhy men like Joe Biden find it so difficult to apologizeMozilla thinks cities can help save the internet from Big TechArtificial intelligence should get the same ethical protections as animalsAvengers: Endgame broke just about every record out there with $1.2 billion debutApple restricted Screen Time-like apps due to concerns over children privacyThis is what it’s like to be a working military spouseThese 6 activists just won a major award for protecting natural resources around the worldThis is the real cost of company perks and benefitsHow to watch Samantha Bee’s Not the WHCD live on TBS without cableWhat cities could learn from the slow food movementThis map helps bookworms find where to shop on Independent Bookstore DayWe lost a Belgium-size area of old-growth forests last yearFeedback isn’t the problem, but the way that we deliver it is brokenTrump gets standing ovation, thrown phone at NRA speech rejecting arms treatyUber reveals a billion-dollar Q1 loss ahead of its IPO roadshowA new breakthrough lowers the footprint of making both concrete and fresh waterBabybel cheese gets a stringy makeover to woo Gen Z snackersA look at Michelle Wolf’s most “controversial” WHCD jokes, one year later$1 billion or bust: Avengers: Endgame is the highest Thursday box office opening of all timeTurboTax may not want you or Google to see its free offeringThis silkworm-based coating is a replacement for the toxic chemicals on our clothesNew to remote working? Don’t make these mistakesThis lovely observation tower is everything NYC’s Vessel isn’tWhy are these Avengers: Endgame tickets so expensive, and are people actually paying it?Slack IPO: Only 15% of customers are paidCompanies are getting creative to recruit–as early as middle schoolThe Google Street View robot takes better selfies than youAudi, Google, Hertz, and the Avengers: Endgame brand tie-in marketing machineA 360-degree tour of Gatorade’s futuristic Sports Science InstitutePepsi is suing 4 Indian farmers for potato infringementHow to cure “sick buildings” with fresh airThe Wing is quietly building a design businessThese two trendy interview practices need to stopGoogle “Thanos” right nowHouston’s booming bike-share system is reshaping a car-centric cityExactly what to say in these five difficult work situations to diffuse tensionThe ultimate expression of workplace hell is in a Broadway showSAS pilot strike: What to know if you’re flying Scandinavian AirlinesDreams is the most important new game in a decadeEverything “Avengers: Endgame” gets right (and wrong) about time travelThese photos of the U.S.-Mexico border show that reality is very different from the rhetoric5 Things casual Marvel fans should know before “Avengers: Endgame”A deleted Wikipedia page speaks volumes about its biggest problemAmazon will spend $800M to bring free one-day shipping to PrimeAmazon stock jumps on earnings beat, but its ad business laggedWork at one of these 5 companies if you want better work-life balanceEven Philip Morris is pivoting to the blockchainNorwegian Air may not be profitable this year, thanks to Boeing 737 Max 8 groundingCanada’s government vows to take Facebook to court over privacyTurns out, people really miss e-bikes when they’re taken awayPatagonia’s fight to save the planet continues with new film on wild fish, launching at TribecaWhat happens to NBC shows on Hulu if Comcast sells its stake to Disney?Joe Biden’s logo has a problem I can’t unseeFeel like your life is a hamster wheel? Here’s how to get off itReport: NSA decides mass phone surveillance just isn’t worth the hassleWith Avengers: Endgame, can we now declare game over for tedious post-credits scenes?Cyclone Kenneth satellite images reveal the terrifying scale of a historic stormE. coli outbreak: What the CDC says you should know about the 10-state ground beef recallT-shirt recycling is here, and it could transform fashionThis is how to stay fulfilled at your job, even as the years go byTech brings out the worst in us. What if it was designed to bring out the best?This reinvented screwdriver is the tool to end all toolsAmy Schumer (sort of) embraces clean living in new Beautycounter adThe male leaders committed to sponsoring womenHow Big Tech is trying to shape California’s landmark privacy lawHow Rafael Lozano-Hemmer uses your biometric data to create artWinter is coming, but good news: We can now harvest energy from snowHow pessimists can tap into their hidden optimistic sideBeer or wine? Magic Hat hopes that millennials say bothComcast earnings: Jordan Peele’s Us offers bright spot for NBCU3 reasons why AI will never match human creativity9 women executives on what they hope to teach their daughtersFeeling steamed? You’re not alone: Americans hit record levels of stress, worry, and angerThe former lead designer of Gmail just fixed Gmail on his ownThis book saved Backstage Capital founder Arlan Hamilton’s lifeThese home security startups aren’t afraid of Amazon and GoogleFacebook’s FTC fine will be a wrist slap, and investors are thrilledTesla earnings: OofYour favorite reruns may soon be pulled from NetflixAirbnb goes Hollywood: Ahead of IPO, travel app to develop streaming showsFacebook earnings stained by possible $5 billion FTC fine; stock skyrockets anywayInstead of killing email, Slack is embracing itIf you think car companies are slow to embrace the EV revolution, look at oil companiesAmazon lets some Alexa workers see exactly where you areThere’s a giant potato for rent on Airbnb and it’s surprisingly chic“Killed them all, of course.” What the transcript of Robert Durst’s “The Jinx” “confession” means for his defense5 signs that you need to leave your current job nowMcDonald’s wants to fill 250,000 jobs with older workersStudy confirms: Twitter is not real lifeThis U.K. PSA about domestic violence is an incredibly tragic game of hide-and-seekAmazon gets in a Twitter spat with Elizabeth Warren and doesn’t do itself any favorsHow to increase productivity without giving up your free timeNancy Pelosi on her newfound leadership swagger: “It’s for the women”Here’s how much James Holzhauer has to win to beat Jeopardy’s biggest winnerHow Disney is preparing for the epic crush of visitors to Star Wars: Galaxy’s EdgeThe hot new amenity in NYC’s latest park? MusselsNewly revealed reports show that energy and utility giants poured $60 million into campaignsBurrow now delivers $3,000 leather couches by mail to your doorstepIs quality time the next killer app?Trying too hard to get everyone to like you? Here’s exactly when (and how) you need toTreat yourself to this video of Hasan Minhaj embarrassing Jared KushnerSnoop Dogg unveils the Chanel perfume bottle of bongsBumble’s new tool will automatically spot and block lewd imagesAfter 737 Max crashes, Boeing profits drop more than 20%The future of flying? AI that shames you into being a better passengerHow this training helped male executives confront their privilege and biasWhat will it take for more men to wear skirts?These are your legal rights in cases of workplace sexual harassmentNetflix wins Oscar battle to win Oscars in the futureHow Google saved over 6 million pounds of food waste in its cafésThe phones of the future are here–growing pains and allTim Cook: “If you’re looking at a phone more than someone’s eyes, you’re doing the wrong thing”Trump met with Jack Dorsey to discuss his number of Twitter followersThe world’s largest drone delivery network is launching in GhanaHand-crafted pottery from the grandson of Henri MatisseHow to train your brain to be resilient to failureThese Lego bricks have bumps that teach Braille