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Sesame Street tackles iPhone addiction, and Cookie Monster can’t control himselfForget about “privacy”: Julia Angwin and Trevor Paglen on our data crisisWalgreens, publicly shamed by the FDA, raises the tobacco age to 21How Bird is working to make its scooters a truly sustainable transportation optionThanks to user bump, Snap stock is spiking after earnings beatThis macabre pig brain study tells us that “death” isn’t simply black and whiteMayhem at The Markup: Staffers resign en masse at highly anticipated tech news outletWe need to stop shaming women for wanting (or not wanting) to return to workIs my measles shot from childhood still working? 5 answers to questions about the outbreakFeeling anxious about that stack of books you haven’t read? This video wants to help youDisney+ subtracts the studio’s racist movie historyGoogle spinoff Wing earns first FAA approval for drone deliveryWhat happens when a big business tries to rebrand a neighborhoodDoing this one thing can speed up your recruitment processLuminary has launched. Is the latest “Netflix for podcasts” worth it?This iconic piece of 1960s tech is being re-released by MoMAThe whole Trump-Russia saga, summed up in a single Google search mistakeElon Musk thinks Tesla can build 1M “robotaxis” in the next yearThe single most important skill for successful business leadersApple denies using face recognition in its stores after teen sues over false arrestReport: 60% of employees would be more loyal to a company that covered abortion careMost people are focused on the wrong measure of successSee Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, and Jeff Bezos as classical sculptures“Machine teaching” is a thing, and Microsoft wants to own itThose in power need to stop using black women as propsThis clever office furniture helps you hack your open plan office hellThis is what it was like to go through multiple rounds of IVF while I was workingAmazon can leave packages in your garage nowThe cost of childcare is ridiculous. Here’s how some parents are making it workThe most important tech boom designers are ignoringTwitter Q1 earnings: revenue up 18%, daily active users up 11% to 134 millionThese eco-friendly weighted blankets won’t keep you awake with a guilty conscienceStartups are racing to commercialize DeepFakes’s powerful, internet-breaking AIAlexis Ohanian almost became a lawyer. Instead, he walked out of the LSAT and started RedditHow to get teens to give up junk food: Tell them they’re victims of corporate manipulationNew podcast digs into all 846 episodes of “Cops” and its distorted reality of crime cultureDrugmakers rush to manufacture a solution to the problem they createdCNN live stream: How to watch the presidential Town Halls without cableClimate change has made rich countries richer, and poor countries poorerCalifornia’s high-value crops, like fruits and nuts, are the ones most vulnerable to climate changeBalloons are actually badWhat the heck happened to SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Capsule?How watching kids play with Lego turned into a crash course in creative leadershipThe Supreme Court will finally weigh in on federal job protections for LGBTQ workersLike Instagram pros, these Gorillas posed for selfies with the man who rescued them from poachersReport: Samsung delays the Galaxy Fold as folding screens malfunction (Update: Confirmed)Here’s how Elizabeth Warren’s student loan debt forgiveness plan would workBeyond Meat warns it may never be profitable in IPO filing24 designers devise 24 different ways to depict climate catastropheHow to help Sri Lanka bombing victims: 3 things you can do right nowI took a step down the career ladder and I’ve never been happierThe latest giant to design its own font? The U.S. governmentHow to prepare yourself for the ups and downs of entrepreneurshipInside Apple’s plan to protect a 27,000-acre forest in ColombiaThis airplane seat makes flying with a baby less miserableYour employment engagement survey is destroying your company’s cultureThese street signs explain how you’re being watched by smart city techThe newest Silicon Valley perk: your own personal carbon offsetExclusive: Allbirds imposed a carbon tax on itself–and your brand should, tooThese women entrepreneurs are working to help each other succeedScientists just created machines that eat and evolve just like living organismsThe shockingly simple way to make packaging more sustainableWant to take your “super app” on the road? Visa has tools for thatWatch the video of a parked Tesla Model S exploding in ChinaThe Instagram trap: Social influence is helping women build brands—as long as they follow the rulesMove over TikTok: Bits is the new app that wants to launch comedy starsStop trying to treat nonprofits “like a business”Apple should unveil these 4 privacy upgrades at WWDCWhat we sacrifice for automationThe story behind the redesigned Game of Thrones title sequenceWhy transparency is much more than just disclosing informationHow to live-stream Kanye West’s Coachella Easter Sunday Service27 incredibly useful things you didn’t know Google Sheets could doHalf of Instacart’s drivers earn less than minimum wage, labor group claimsWelcome to the anti-Coachella: Luck Reunion is all about the music and almost impossible to get intoColumbine 20 years later: This map shows every school shooting since“The day innocence died”: How the media covered Columbine 20 years agoWhy haven’t we evolved a solution to aging?The Bauhaus of Blunts? Today’s most ambitious cannabis companies are high on designYou should take “you have too much time on your hands” as a complimentAs legalized cannabis spreads, its startup economy is boomingHow and when to watch the 2019 Lyrid meteor showersAn ex-Apple designer explains why Cupertino didn’t address screen addiction earlierDisney CEO Bob Iger’s compensation is “insane,” says Abigail DisneyThis skin care line was created by a rocket scientistVideo: The heavy hand of New York’s social media-powered policingTo fix the climate, we have to fix our soilMichelle Pfeiffer on why her new safe scents pass the smell testHere’s a horse doing ASMR so you’ll be inspired to visit Lexington, KentuckyThat tone-deaf Ancestry ad was playing on Canadian emotions about AmericansRunning a business helped me recover from burnout. Here’s howHigh CO2 levels will wreck plants’ nutritional value, so don’t plan on surviving on vegetablesThis mobile cinema is helping women in Pakistan learn their rightsThe end of Likes? Instagram follows Twitter in mulling downgrade to influencer mentalityMental health concerns by state: This map shows the most googled termsThe real reason why luxury fashion brands love the art worldFive things every cover letter needs and one thing to deleteCalculate exactly how much plastic trash you generate in a yearFurniture made out of old jeans is way more beautiful than it sounds5 surprising lessons I learned when I stopped using social media for a monthTo really protect our privacy, let’s put some numbers on it20 years after Columbine, the long-term effects of gun violence lingerThis folding chair is more structurally complex than some buildingsThis MIT team is reinventing building by looking at the ancient worldHow to catch yourself before you go down a time-wasting rabbit holeThe competition to redesign Notre-Dame’s lost spire is already onUber’s self-driving car unit just raised another $1 billionIf you value your privacy, switch to Signal as your messaging app nowThe next Peloton? A look at the players in the digital fitness landscapeThese 17 Firefox tips make it easy to switch from ChromeGoogle’s advanced tech director wants everything to be a computer2020 presidential predictions? You’d be crazy to make them, says Harvard’s Nancy GibbsNetflix is opening a production hub in NYCHBO rebukes Trump for tweeting a Game of Thrones memeCalifornia is fighting over the future of freedom of information lawsCeliacs beware: Study found gluten in 32% of “gluten-free” foodDriving Innovation with DataWhy TPG’s James Coulter just said no to JuulMitsubishi’s new jet is exactly what Boeing doesn’t need right nowPinterest just IPO’d and its stock skyrocketed nearly 30%This new gene-editing method means scientists are closer to reshaping our DNA to cure diseaseThe (Virtual) Future of EntertainmentHere are some funny “Harm to Ongoing Matter” memes to ease your redaction painWatch HBO’s delightful new animated series, Backstories, for Game of Thrones, Insecure fansThis mayor thinks basic income is the road out of structural inequalityHow to replace executives without a company shake-upHulu’s terrific new series Ramy is the show I wish I’d had growing up as a Muslim AmericanRead Robert Mueller’s full report here, minus the redactions of courseThere’s a new use for America’s dying malls: co-workingThese gorgeous tiles are glazed in volcanic ash from Mount EtnaEtihad Airways flies without single-use plastic for Earth Day 2019Finally! Google-Amazon cold war thaws as YouTube comes to Fire TVIf your city doesn’t have a “bike mayor,” it could soonSidewalk Labs’s ambitious smart city plans now face a legal battleWhy you should always ask for more moneyBehind Wendy’s Epic Social StrategySilicon Valley Meets Our Nation’s HeartlandHackers to the RescueBarnes and Noble will put the Mueller report on your tablet for free“Create the jobs you want to be in”: Insecure’s Jean Elie on the art of the creative hustlePlaygrounds Get Better with BibaCorning Proves a Successful Past Can Drive a Bright FutureKiller InstinctHow to confront bias without alienating peopleMicrosoft’s sleek Surface Hub smart whiteboard goes unpluggedSee Everlane’s first sneaker. It’s green, cheap, and so normcore-chicThese single-ingredient dog treats make sure your pets are eating clean foodThe new digital divide is between people who opt out of algorithms and people who don’tReport: Bottled water made by Whole Foods and Dr. Pepper has unsafe amounts of arsenicCarl’s Jr. wants to quench your munchies on 4/20The quest to digitally preserve the built world, from Notre-Dame to Easter IslandFacebook uploaded millions of users’ contacts without their knowledgeThe stylish bag that takes Heyday’s CEO from work to vacationThe wild, 20-plus-year journey of the most snakebit movie in Hollywood: The Six Billion Dollar ManNew York City is about to pass its own Green New DealThe psychology behind how much money people give to charityThis $70 million fund aims to bring off-grid energy to Africa9 industries being disrupted by cannabis and CBDConverse’s plot to take back basketball–with help from NikeMaybe Notre Dame shouldn’t be rebuilt exactly as it wasNetflix announces its first animated series from AfricaSamsung’s futuristic new foldable phone keeps breakingUber’s IPO prospectus for dummies: This jargon-free translation says it allHulu’s price cut and Spotify tie-in suddenly make more senseStephen King sold another book to Hollywood this week. Are there any left that aren’t movies or TV series?This is the tech hack that I used to read books fasterReport: Apple may take on Tile with item-tracking tagsWatch NASA launch an Antares rocket and Cygnus cargo spacecraft into spaceThis new app lets you give to charity like you’re Venmoing a donationThis is the one thing prominent feminists do that sets other women backLyric Hospitality announces $160M Series B led by AirbnbExclusive: Adidas’s radical new shoe could change how the world buys sneakersHow to help rebuild historically black churches burned in Louisiana: 5 things you can doKids draw their dream bedrooms, and they’re wonderfulSurprise! Beyoncé dropped a secret live album the same day her Netflix doc became availableHow to negotiate your severance package—and when to reject it entirelyHere’s evidence that the glass ceiling and gender wage gap are realWatch epidemics as they spread in real time with this new disease mapI’m a founder with no personal life. Can I find balance?5 things you’re getting wrong in setting diversity goalsColumbine and other Denver schools closed due to mass shooting threatThe best work-life bags of 2019This new app manages your privacy for you, from Facebook to AlexaUber now allows female drivers in Saudi Arabia to choose to only drive other womenApple and Google pull TikTok from app stores in IndiaThe web pioneer taking on Google with a private browser and a loyalty clubChobani’s Hamdi Ulukaya wants an “anti-CEO” revolutionWant to sound emotionally intelligent in interviews? Avoid these 6 expressionsIn a major reversal, Netflix is about to reveal how many people watch its most popular showsTED just raised $280 million for 8 world-changing projects