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Alphabet tops this new list of companies leading in cleantechCalling your bank? Be prepared to have your voice biometrics collectedThis shopping app will help food allergy sufferers avoid triggers in grocery storesI manage 10 companies and 3 nonprofits, this is how I stay sane and productive6 food trends that are blowing up right now, from Zhoug to SpamHow my productivity improved when I stopped using a to-do listElizabeth Warren has a plan to bring universal childcare to the U.S.Amazon Studios head Jennifer Salke on how Amazon is zigging where Netflix is zagging5 tips to help you convert your company to a four-day workweekTrump is signing Space Force into reality. The cost is still TBDThis grantmaker wants to break white men’s stranglehold on philanthropic donationsWhy the Trolley Dilemma is a terrible model for trying to make self-driving cars saferThe Fyre Festival’s terrible pitch deck is now lorem ipsumThis new bank account pays you for shopping at responsible businessesSuper-sized Ikea tub toys are cleaning up London’s river trashNature’s Path cereal recall: 4 “gluten-free” EnviroKidz products to avoid right nowThese six pieces of traditional resume advice are totally wrongSad men are already trying to Last Jedi the audience score for Captain MarvelTrying to quit plastic? This startup sells soap in milk cartons“Sweatpants are a sign of defeat”: 22 controversial Karl Lagerfeld quotes5 successful women give advice they wish they would have taken in their 20sAfter a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad 2017, SoundCloud is on the mend with more featuresRefresh this crazy website to create new people who don’t exist4 reasons to enter Fast Company’s Best Workplaces for InnovatorsGig economy platform Thumbtack is helping its users get benefitsHere’s what happened when I interviewed for a new job while heavily pregnantRecycled design is more beautiful than it’s ever beenHow to recognize if you’re overreactingAmerican Airlines will let super-rich passengers take private helicopters to avoid long linesSpotted CEO Janet Comenos has great business tips from a book by a hostage negotiatorThe interior design of the future will seem like magicHow to design a system for ethical innovation in techHow to watch CNN’s Amy Klobuchar town hall online for freeRumor: Sorry, but Apple won’t answer your iPhone SE 2 prayers in 2019No, students can’t be forced to say the Pledge of Allegiance, and here’s whyCashmere sheets are Brooklinen’s new secret weapon in the sleep warsThis revolutionary fabric could make flying economy less terribleThis post-breakup concierge service handles all your moving-out needs–and moreCeleb fave Taryn Toomey further expands into booming wellness tourismSex robots are raising hard questionsU.K. says Facebook’s leaders are “digital gangsters”Southwest Airlines declares “operational emergency” after skyrocketing numbers of out-of-service planesHow to ask effective questionsIn Berlin, there’s now one app to access every mode of transportationThe quest for affordable childcare is crippling U.S. workersHow to watch NBC’s “Elvis All-Star Tribute” online without cableThe major source of plastic pollution you’ve probably never heard of5 reasons why you’re still sleeping terriblyTaxed out: Here’s why your refund may be smaller or nonexistent in 2019Can architecture help you live forever?Will there be a market for the coming explosion of electric cars?We need to stop striving for work-life balance. Here’s whyHow to watch the NBA All-Star game live online without cablePayless is closing all 2,100 stores in yet another sign of the death of fast fashionGifts from the 50 biggest donors dropped by half in 2018Report: Twitter is considering a clarification feature to help you explain errant tweetsPoor scheduling costs hourly workers sleep and happinessTrump admits “I didn’t need to do this” during national emergency speechFinally! Doritos makes a chip bag that cleans your dusty fingersRachel Johnson strips naked for BrexitCarry your kid’s diapers, but make it fashion with this fanny packFacebook’s Portal learned its video skills from some of Hollywood’s best cameramenThe fallout from NYT’s Ryan Adams exposé has already arrivedWant to cut your work hours in half? Create an A/B scheduleWatch the NBA’s smart jersey of the future magically transform for fickle fansWhy opting out of your family group text can improve your mental healthThis magic fabric ensures you’re never too hot and never too coldHome Page is being rereleased, like a time capsule from the internet’s early daysHere’s how teens edit their selfies for social media likesElon Musk-funded AI text generator was too dangerous for the publicWant to hire a refugee? This program can match you with someone with the right skillsThe Favourite is an Oscar-nominated design masterpieceFacebook may remove anti-vax information from its recommendationsCDC “zombie deer” warning: 6 steps to prevent chronic wasting disease exposureThese four books keep UX designer and engineer Imran Chaudhri inspiredThese 8 mistakes on your LinkedIn profile are killing your job searchThe Netflix lockdown ended safely and without incidentThe war against Amazon was a war for cities–and cities wonYour desk job is harder than it looks–and that’s why a robot couldn’t do itWomen CFOs may be in style–but what about the rest of the C-suite?BrainRap could change how we see hip-hop–and neuroscienceHere’s how U.S. Congress could stop President Trump’s national emergencyU.S. fund sells Israeli hacking firm NSO Group amid spy mysteryHow plastic bottles that get turned into textiles are transforming the fashion industryTrump is ready to declare a national emergency to get his wall: McConnellDespite recent crackdown, YouTube still promotes plenty of conspiraciesMaybe don’t ask your coworkers what they’re doing for Valentine’s DayMy partner’s search for a therapist led me to start my own companyWhy is a prison company storing the voice prints of even innocent people?These ultra-strong bags were made from truck tarps and soda bottles51 musicians to listen to instead of Ryan AdamsThe fight for $15 (per hour) comes to the gig economyIn an abrupt retreat, Amazon cancels plans for NYC headquartersDespite outrage, local jails are still charging exorbitant rates for phone callsPeople are paying more attention to Kamala Harris than her 2020 rivals, and that mattersKilling Eve wishes you a happy Valentine’s Day with this creepy season 2 trailerHigh school reporters tell stories of 1,200 kids slain since Parkland“Ivanka Vacuuming” is art for our timeHere’s one more reason to work at LululemonThe two words that make Ryan Adams’ apology pointlessCheck out the new TWA Hotel’s gloriously retro roomsPeter Thiel’s Founders Fund just invested in a women’s fashion brand5 factors that help build talents from an early ageA year after Parkland, this grim map of school shootings since 1999 is a reminder of violent trendsHow “Tinder Live” creator Lane Moore channels heartache into creativityLego is betting on the wrong futureWe’re all being manipulated by A/B testing all the time7 expressions to avoid if you want to sound emotionally intelligentThis startup is tracking microbes to figure out where your shoes were really madeCompanies are mining us for these intimate traits and moreWhy A-list director Peter Berg started a new branded content companyMost millennials would take a pay cut to work at a environmentally responsible companyParkland shooting, one year later: Where are the survivors now?8 predictions for the state of women entrepreneurship this yearAspiration CEO Andrei Cherny thinks this breakfast sandwich maker is one of the greatest inventions of all timeHow Match Group CEO Mandy Ginsberg helps people find their personApple advertising legend Lee Clow, one of the last larger-than-life creative titans, is retiringIkea’s killer dressers and America’s hidden recall crisisTesla introduces “Dog Mode” so Fido remains safe and comfortable in a locked carHere’s a list of gun control laws passed since the Parkland shootingThis is what running a business with your spouse can do to your relationship“Completely unacceptable”: NJ officials condemn National Enquirer backer over Bezos conductFor every $1 they invest in cutting food waste, restaurants save $7Ford’s smart bed could save you from bed hogs, bad sleep, and possibly divorceDelivery workers: Tip us in cash so companies have to pay us moreAnti-vaxxers are sneaking flyers into diapers at Target storesThis map shows you how hot your city will be in 60 yearsThis app interprets movies into American Sign Language in real timeBeyond CSI: How big data is reshaping the world of forensics50 organizations tell Amazon: You can leave New York, but you can’t come hereIBM is putting up $25 million to help disaster response startups scaleCable and satellite TV companies need a miracle to save them from cord-cuttingThe “Frozen 2” trailer is here and the internet is looking for Elsa’s girlfriendThese 4 charts illustrate how valuable nonprofits are to the U.S. economyWelcome, LEVI: Denim giant Levi Strauss readies NYSE debutYour Wes Anderson fantasy room is just a few clicks awayThis is the dark side of creativity that we don’t talk aboutThe future of AI art goes up for auction at Sotheby’s for $50,000Fascinating video celebrates Alfonso Cuarón’s famous one-shots that the Oscars have dumped to commercial breaksWhy is Facebook suggesting I look at photos of my female friends in bikinis?Leave it to Virgil Abloh to make reusable water bottles fashionableThis is Microsoft’s AI pipeline, from research to reality8 cringeworthy social media mistakes that cost candidates the job“Let’s break this music”: Inside composer Nicholas Britell’s experimental creative processIsraeli spy firm reportedly targeted researchers probing hacks of dissidentsBrooklinen and Parachute have a formidable new competitor in the luxury bedsheet warsMastercard just launched a sonic logo. Here’s what it sounds likeNew study shows what your community needs to do to survive the impact of automationI sold my company but have qualms about my new bossAlexa can now read your WordPress blogs out loudIntroducing Eight Sleep’s new biometric-monitoring smart bedRediscovering Patrick Kelly, the designer who made blackface his brandThe freshest writer on design was born 200 years agoThis is how to decide between two seemingly equally good optionsInstagram users spiral into existential crisis after losing followers500px reveals major breach that compromised user dataHow to find motivation based on your individual work styleIt’s time to awaken the humanity in businessIs digital minimalism the answer to our distracted lives?Taxing empty apartments could ease the housing crisis