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DoorDash reveals how much it relies on customer tips to pay its workersBusiness is goodWearing your tech on your sleeveTed Cruz wants to build Trump’s wall with El Chapo’s drug moneyBill and Melinda Gates want to surprise youWomen are suing to join Yale fraternities and solve their sexual harassment problemSoak the rich to your heart’s content with this interactive wealth tax calculatorBumble will let you pay your way to the top of the love pilePeople are not happy about 4 Oscars to be handed out during commercial breaksAmazon buying Eero is sobering proof of big tech’s utter dominanceEntrepreneurs share how they survived their bootstrapping daysThe packaging on this Japanese sunblock is printed backwards for Instagram selfiesThe world’s longest 3D-printed bridge was inspired by ancient engineeringBarneys opens a high-end cannabis shop for luxe bongs, vape pensI tried to build a billion-dollar company. Here’s why I’m glad I failed miserablyStudy: 2018 proves that, duh, diversity brings in bigger box officeWhy AI was the guest of honor at Rag and Bone’s Fashion Week dinnerWho needs Kanye? Amazon wants to be the biggest thing at Coachella 20197 problems with Trump’s “American AI” InitiativeWhole Foods is becoming “Whole Paycheck” once againSorry, cereal! Oatmeal is the Instagram-worthy breakfast of choice right nowHow to become a less biased version of yourselfThe secret history of midcentury modern design–as Cold War propagandaCubicles are back, and we have open plan offices to thankThis is how you keep your most ambitious employees from leavingWatch as a BBC cameraman is assaulted at Trump’s rallyAlmost 40% of hetero and 60% of same-sex couples now meet online for the first timeI tried the shower funded by Tim Cook and Eric SchmidtYou can buy the house where Jeff Bezos started Amazon in its garageThese apps try to make reporting sexual harassment less of a nightmare. Do they work?This mini-neighborhood for the homeless could be built in 90 daysHow to manage these 5 common workplace personalitiesThe number of solar jobs declined in 2018–but it’s not all bad newsEero had grand smart home aspirations. Now Amazon owns them allGmail’s new right-click tricks let you reply without reading the whole thingGoogle Maps is testing an AR camera feature for easier navigationThis startup reverse engineered coffee in case climate change means we can’t get coffee beansKaty Perry is next in line to offend with “blackface” shoesBuzzFeed to laid-off writers: We have a new job opening!How to have a virtual meeting that’s not painful (and actually productive)Private equity investor Leo Hindery: Trump’s “economic miracle” is a mirageBryan Singer’s next movie officially on hold, following recent exposéThis map shows where an increased minimum wage would boost incomes the mostFDA supplement crackdown: These 12 companies warned over dubious claimsThis new water company’s biodegradable bottle melts away if it ends up in the oceanSinclair’s senior political analyst is arguing with a parody Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez accountHow Florence Knoll helped America sell the world on capitalismAll dogs go to LinkedIn: Are puppy profile pics the solution to hiring bias?Check out Dubai’s next major super tall skyscraperFox News host who doesn’t wash his hands because germs aren’t real sums up Fox NewsCan talking to a bot help you feel better?Google and Apple brought the emoji arms race to the GrammysHere’s why 10,000 cookware enthusiasts are on a wait list for Made InEpix joins the streaming wars, and it might be worth the price for 4K movies aloneWhy you should stop trying to have “the best” of everythingThis startup is Trader Joe’s meets Costco, with a splash of BrandlessForget glamping, these pop-up hotel rooms are the new rough luxuryJeff Bezos’s lover’s brother leaked private texts: reportTokyo’s Olympic medals are made from 47 tons of recycled electronicsDo these things to build the mindset that lets you focus on your goals all yearThis new IBM recycling tech makes brand new plastic from dirty bottlesJetSuite Inc. President Stephanie Chung is the world’s best packerFor these angel investors, diversity means more than just white womenThe anti-plastic movement is coming for your bathroomRussia is going to disconnect itself from the global internet–temporarilyTrump to announce “American AI Initiative” todayCan plant-based burger startups reframe the masculinity of meat?How to stop overthinking your decisionsGrammy Awards 2019 highlights: Cardi B makes history, Drake gets cut off, #GrammysNotSoMaleIs SNL parodying how we tweet about women in Congress? Or perpetuating it?How to watch the 2019 BAFTA awards on BBC America without cableHow to watch 2019 Grammy Awards live without cableDo these things to make yourself feel at home in your new jobWorried about smaller tax returns in 2019? These 6 tools will help you calculateIn the age of Alexa and Siri, how come most customer-service voice assistants still suck?Why 800 numbers are getting their own robocallsTiny houses have a dark secretThis origami screen turns your windows into solar panels5 things I’ve learned working with a women-dominated engineering teamNo, Amazon probably isn’t walking away from NYC, and here’s whyThe Green New Deal highlights the stealth connections between trade policy and carbon emissionsWhat can we do to stop the damage of fast fashion?The continuing adventures of Jeff Bezos, David Pecker, AMI, and TrumpThese 5 public art projects just won $1 million each to spark discussion about social issuesSpotify’s warning: Use an ad blocker and face immediate terminationWashington could be the first state to rein in automated decision-makingThanks, Samsung, but ads predicting the future should be a thing of the pastReport: Amazon may cancel its New York HQ2Cryptocurrency fans are just loving the Wells Fargo banking outageTesla, BMW, VW, Mercedes, Ferrari airbag recalls: How to tell if your vehicle is affectedTest your UI design skills with this addicting gameSay hello to the world’s biggest 3D-printed rocket engineThis AI dreams about cats–and they’ll haunt your nightmares3 simple habits that can protect your brain from cognitive declineRead National Enquirer’s response to Jeff Bezos’s bombshell Medium postPaul Feig wants to “Break the Room” with more diverse TV writersDigisexuality is stepping out of the closet. Keep an open mindThis is why you can’t seem to tackle your admin tasks list5 career mishaps you probably didn’t realize you were makingAT&T’s fake “5G” service sparks deceptive advertising lawsuit from SprintThese designers are crowdsourcing menstrual products for homeless womenEarly Facebook designer: “Sometimes you don’t know something’s wrong until it’s too late”7 ways to gauge emotional intelligence through body language10 questions to ask your company before you take a standAI predicts an historic Grammy win for Childish Gambino’s “This Is America”Apple gives developers 24 hours to remove screen recording code from their appsDieter Rams’s 10 Principles of Design, illustrated by his ingenious productsWhy watching weird YouTube videos helps me fall asleep when nothing else worksThis new clothing line is designed for life after apocalyptic climate changeThe problem the Grammys needs to fix if it wants more people to watchHere’s how to wrangle your passwords without going crazySeven weeks after NSFW ban, Tumblr still bulges with pornWhen refugees need emergency help with a language barrier, this app connects them to a translatorIn shocker post, Jeff Bezos releases email extortion attemptThe Green New Deal is a people-first approach to solving climate changeHelping big brands be more digital is the future of the advertising businessThis Nascar car was turned into beer cans to make a point about recyclingHere’s how to update your iPhone to fix Apple’s FaceTime privacy bugWoody Allen sues Amazon Studios over terminating his movie dealFoot Locker pours $100M into sneaker resale startup GOATImages of Delta’s new A220 planes show bathroom windows and bigger binsNo beans about it: Chipotle just had its best day in yearsHow right-wing meme slingers weaponize a toxic patriotismPixar’s new short “Purl” takes on toxic workplace bro cultureWas Nancy Pelosi’s ironic clap actually just a clap? An investigationWells Fargo banking outage enrages customers, ruins morningsGametime’s LastCall lets fans save big by procrastinating on ticket salesAOC’s Green New Deal is a wake-up call for the building industryThese probiotics for plants help farms suck up extra carbon dioxideThe real problem with posting about your kids onlineAirbnb just hired Virgin America’s former CEO as chief transportation officerStanford has 99 problems and the Chinese CRISPR baby might be oneCongratulations to IHOP, which figured out a way to ruin both pizza and pancakesWhen podcast met newsletter: Substack puts two hot media trends togetherOoooh, here’s a map of all the weird sounds humans makeWhat to do when your passion is stressing you outBehold the most complete map of American breweries everHow to take breaks when you’ve got too much to doMoMA is closing down for four months–here’s whyThis new study challenges what we know about color and typeStanford researchers dismantle Mark Zuckerberg’s “meaningful interactions” argumentExclusive: With 2U, WeWork is becoming a global campus for adult learnersJill Abramson went on Fox News to hit back at plagiarism claims5 ways to improve your bad luckTwitter’s Q4 earnings by the numbersThese incredible Canada Goose parkas were created by Inuit designersFacebook ordered to stop combining WhatsApp and Instagram user data in GermanyCan this startup do for male foot odor what it did for manscaping?iPhone interface designer Imran Chaudhri’s most important tool is an old-school notebookAsk yourself these four questions when your mind starts to wanderThis politician is fighting Amazon’s HQ2 with DIY designSome iPhone apps are secretly recording your screenUnited CEO Oscar Munoz: Learn to listen, improve your emotional intelligenceHow to not be boringThere are now 5 generations in the workforce–can they work together?English Premier League fans, rejoice! Intel is bringing 360-degree replay to the gameWireless carriers sold location data used by 250 bounty huntersBrand strategist Ana Andjelic has the best travel tipsWhy this miniature speaker is worth the $999 price tag73 blockchain projects that could actually have social impactVirginia line of succession: What happens if 3 scandal-plagued officials resign?Instacart is raising minimum pay–againMeasles outbreak: Here’s what the CDC says to do if you live in NY or WA2020 already? What the U.S. can learn from election cycles in these 6 countriesI bet on Facebook—and helped Soros write the speech that incensed its execsMicrosoft really wants you to stop buying Office as boxed software“I am not here to educate idiots”: Amanda Seales on her HBO stand-up special and approach to creativityTo delegate effectively, follow these 6 stepsNASA’s Exoplanet program lets you tour 10 alien worlds—and take home souvenirsSpotify and Apple get competition with the new $100M podcasting network HimalayaThese are the 4 essential components to becoming more courageous2018 was the fourth hottest year on recordHow to use emotional intelligence to find a job that’s right for youThis ingenious ruler doubles as a fountain penNancy Pelosi’s ironic clap wins the State of the Union addressHere’s why Snap stock is still soaring todayCalm just became the first meditation unicorn with its $88M Series BHow to answer 5 of the craziest job interview questionsExclusive: New York Public Radio gets a new chief content officer, Vox’s Andrew GolisThe Power and the GloryThe subtle sexism of hackathonsHow to work at peak productivity–and know when to take a breakHow does a far-flung founder find global investors?Lyft’s new Green Mode lets you request an electric vehicleAn exclusive first look at WeWork’s design for Arianna Huffington’s new officeTumblr’s NSFW ban is arousing a surge of sex-based social networksIt’s not just Google or Facebook: The freezer aisle is ad targeting you nowThese companies are making sure more women get promoted to managementWomen finally get a menstruation emojiSpotify is embracing podcasting with the purchase of two podcast giantsWith items starting at $2, here’s everything to buy at Ikea in February7 not-so-great gift ideasOver 1,500 e-scooter crash injuries have happened since 2017This clothing factory cuts waste by machine-knitting sweaters on demandTech expert: Why business leaders shouldn’t have blind faith in AIA brilliant breakthrough in email productivity is going away foreverAndy Rubin’s company gave my favorite email app a scary privacy policyNo words: These reaction shots to Trump’s State of the Union speech say it all