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These custom T-shirts are raking in millions for important causesHari Mari, inventor of the smart flip-flop, tries on proper shoesSEC is accused of mishandling a whistleblower tip about financial crisis-era misconductWhat happened to Black Panther’s Oscar momentum?J.Crew unravels further, losing its longtime leader Mickey Drexler9 Oscar-nominated movies you can stream from your couch right nowVagisil’s owner takes a majority stake in hip sexual wellness startup SustainYou’re about to see a lot more Netflix-related posts on your Instagram StoriesCambridge University’s brain-training app works like Ritalin without the side effects11 burning questions from today’s Oscar nominationsSupreme Court allows U.S. military transgender ban to go into effectA Facebook star known as “Bikini Climber” dies after falling into ravineThese tactile blocks teach blind kids to codeHow to help furloughed U.S. federal workers: 6 things you can do right nowCopenhagen wants to build its own Silicon Valley from scratchWhat not to do if you get laid off or firedMy wife and I run a business together; here’s how we make it workPinna wants to be the Netflix for kids’ podcastsUPS and Latch bring their Amazon Key delivery competitor to 10 new citiesWhy your Nike redesign is badThis is exactly when and how to tell someone they are wrongThese cute little robots now deliver late-night snacks to world’s luckiest college kidsWhy everyone else seems to have more money than youFender’s new Acoustasonic guitars let you easily switch from Dylan to HendrixMark Zuckerberg’s mentor handed the feds an argument that could be used to break up FacebookIkea’s next big play for smart homes is here5 women entrepreneurs on the business pivot that changed everythingTwitter suspends the account that made the MAGA students vs. Native-American elder confrontation go viralRoma is surging toward an Oscar, but Netflix’s road here has been rockyHow Wall-E inspired the delivery robot coming to your city soonMastercard hit with $648 million fine by EU for artificially raising the costs of card paymentsGoogle has been fined $56.8 million for breaking the EU’s GDPR rulesTo fix the web, give it back to the usersPeople get even more miserable online when it’s smoggyMichael C. Hall is taking Skittles to Broadway for the Super BowlWhy MLK’s vision of love as a moral imperative still mattersWhy it’s good for you to be wrongWhatsApp is limiting how many people you can forward a message toWhy the airport of the future still doesn’t existLessons in creative problem solving from MLKPublic schools seldom bring rich and poor together–and MLK would disapproveSNL drinks the Kool-Aid for that controversial Gillette adHow to watch the NFL Conference Championship games without cableThe definitive MLK Day playlist: songs of respect, justice, and equalityThe color gold can change the way you spend moneyHow to see the only super blood wolf moon eclipse of 2019You can’t be productive without routines and rituals. Here’s whyGene therapies can be a miracle cure–except when our immune systems won’t let themWant to improve your career this year? Try these 5 thingsFTC may nail Facebook with record fine for privacy abusesTop 5 ads of the week: AeroMexico airline hilariously trolls AmericaDon’t give Gillette credit unless it does a lot more than making an adCozy Bear returns? DNC says it faced targeted Russian phishing attack after 2018 midtermsNobody wants anything to do with R. Kelly–including his label, SonyBill Gates offers Trump free lessons about foreign aidHow to watch Dateline NBC’s The R. Kelly Story online without cableWhy everyone is suddenly interested in the definition of suborning perjuryChevrolet is the latest brand to underestimate people’s appetite for truthCar dealerships put in a lot of work to not sell you an electric carThe government shutdown could be a gift for corporate headhuntersAdopt these habits to achieve work-life balance this yearA Garmin smartwatch helped nab a hitmanNetflix refuses to remove real Canadian disaster footage from “Bird Box,” despite outcryTwitter oops! Your protected tweets may actually have been publicThe simplest and most useful advice I’ve ever gotten in businessThe legendary bike designed by Jean Prouvé in 1941 is being reproducedYou can now install a new designer kitchen with a few clicksWhy every ski trail map looks the sameHow I went from a couch potato to a fitness fanatic (and lost 40 pounds)It’s weird, but $140 house slippers are now big businessThis Ikea kitchen is incubating the robots of the future7 ways to test if your idea is badGet ready for the electric Ford F-150A lawsuit would reveal how the Trump administration spies on social mediaThe secret history of Cleatus, Fox Sports’s bizarre football robotThis is when you should help a coworker and when it can backfireThis $350 mini-smartphone helped cure my digital distractionFramebridge CEO Susan Tynan gets book recommendations from people she interviewsEverybody, listen up: 2018 was the year podcasts went mainstreamOne of the biggest data brokers said it supports a GDPR for the U.S.Tesla is laying off 7% of its full-time employeesWashington, D.C., will run on 100% renewable electricity by 2032The seven best burns in Netflix’s latest shareholder letterApple’s inconvenient truth: It’s part of the data surveillance economyNuns and other Amazon investors pressure Jeff Bezos over face recognitionHow Microsoft’s new housing funds could undo tech’s damage to Seattle’s housingNetflix stock tanks despite record Q4 subscriber growthAre Facebook employees writing positive Portal reviews on Amazon?Stunning data dump leaks 773M email addresses and passwordsDHS separated thousands more children than previously reportedYour math about buying an electric car is probably wrongThis AI generates images of food just by reading the recipeNew New York Times ads show journalists in harm’s way–and that’s why you should payAsk these questions before every meetingSquare business owners get a debit cardYour definitive guide to Cardi B’s political awakeningMichael Cohen paid someone to make a fake Twitter account that called him sexyThe Tinder for coffee wants to hook you on specialty roasts with a subscription5 reasons your organization needs a strong “why”Hyundai and Kia recalls: What to do if you drive one of these 5 vehiclesCult bedsheet startup Parachute is getting into the mattress gameFeeling depressed and bored at work? Do these 5 things to spark inspirationExclusive: Female Founders Alliance partners with WeWork Labs to help entrepreneurs access resourcesExclusive: This app helps divorced parents stop fighting over custody and save moneyAn early glimpse at the computer of the futureFacebook just purged hundreds of fake accounts linked to a Russian news networkWhy Salesforce, Gap, Bloomberg, and others are teaming up to buy solarGillette responds to the backlash against its woke viral adHere’s how to get your team working together productively—and quicklyThe secrets of successful teamworkHow these parents raised millions to fight Trump’s immigration policies“Brand purpose” is a lieForerunner Ventures’s Kirsten Green on Starbucks, marriage, and “disruption”Border walls are big business–and not just in Trump’s AmericaM. Night Shyamalan’s unbreakable resolveMicrosoft is spending half a billion dollars to make Seattle housing more affordableSnap’s user growth still seems to be sputteringFacial recognition for chimps searches the internet for stolen baby apesBig Raisin is not going to let millennials kill it off without a fightGoogle won’t let other companies use the Home Hub’s best featureTim Cook: It’s time for the shadowy world of data brokers to endGoogle is finally raising G Suite’s priceWhy does Mark Zuckerberg need 2,263% more personal protection than Tim Cook?Ninth Circuit court: Domino’s pizza website is bound by ADASlack’s new logo ditches the beloved plaid hashtagReceipts are secretly really bad–why are we still using them?A test rocket for the world’s first artificial meteor shower in 2020 flew over Japan tonightThese are the 10 best freelance gigs and side hustles in 2019U.S. State of the Union spoiler: It’s not goodRihanna is suing her dad over their own last name: FentyCitigroup says men earn 29% more than women at the companyThis clever lamp uses surgeon’s tech to eliminate annoying shadowsDrink up, because dark-roast coffee protects your DNA from damageA man found cameras in his Airbnb rental. He says Airbnb was fine with itNext up for Amazon’s Fire TV: Smart TVs, cable boxes, maybe even cars7 reasons why you’re ruining conference calls for everyone elseThis typeface contains a terrifying warning about climate catastropheHarvard study: Workers are facing a caregiving crisis and companies refuse to acknowledge itIoT security is so bad, many companies can’t tell when they’re hackedWhy you should select one word to focus on all yearHelp! I want to pitch VCs but don’t want anyone stealing my ideaHow I made ends meet as an unpaid intern (and why it was worth it)Apple will likely tackle these three big healthcare challenges nextSee an eerie ghost town of castles, created by Turkey’s recessionWeWork CEO’s side hustle is being WeWork’s landlord: reportReport: Retailers have zero clue what shoppers really wantHow to dig yourself out of a creative rutAn ex-Victoria’s Secret executive thought 2019 was the right time to launch sexy lingerieNow’s your chance to sell a Big Mac counterfeit in Europe!Is the four-day workweek an impossible dream or plausible plan?Lil Wayne helps Cadre CEO and cofounder Ryan Williams get ready for big presentationsFast Company goes to DavosPortraits of 25 leading American business innovatorsInside the $3 billion race to kill plasticThe personal side of businessYouTube bans dangerous challenges and pranks after Bird Box challenges go viralLess than 24 hours after allowing it, Roku bans the Infowars channelWhich cities make it easiest to commute without a car?Kirsten Gillibrand launches her bid for the presidency