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This healthcare giant invests millions in affordable housing to keep people healthyAttorney general nominee wants to examine the power of tech’s “behemoths”This city is using a “Goat Fund Me” to pay for goats to make it safe from wildfiresHungry fliers, this app will deliver food right to your boarding gateGoogle’s new employee perk: paid sabbaticals to work for nonprofitsYes, it’s been 10 years since Sully’s Miracle on the Hudson plane landingHere’s the Robert Mueller action figure you’ve been waiting forThe government wants you…to help it build a better lie detectorPresident Trump can’t spell and Burger King is clowning on him for itCops can’t force you to unlock your phone with your face or fingerIkea to release a hackable bed that could last a lifetimeIn a win for casinos, a new DOJ opinion makes all online gambling illegalHow the era of the remote worker complicates management8 robots racing to win the delivery wars of 2019Gillette targets toxic masculinity in a new campaign–but still advertises on Fox NewsThese are the 3 components of a great storyThis doggie wellness startup raised $49M to help your pup eat, feel, and smell betterYou know you want to watch the Tappan Zee Bridge explodeYour Netflix subscription is getting a price hike–the biggest one in 12 yearsHow to get over fear of the blank pageThis bot judges how much you smile during your job interviewRetail is dead. Long live retail!Nike’s big bet on the future of connected shoesWhat happened when I followed Ben Franklin’s schedule for a monthThis new private network for women execs looks to replicate the old boys’ clubThe world’s largest roofing company just launched a new solar startupDelta’s CEO says the government shutdown is costing the airline $25 million a monthJames Turrell’s most ambitious work is set to open after 45 yearsThe radical future of hospitals is being built in a Norwegian forestSeason 2 of Comedy Central’s Corporate will make you hate your job just a little bit lessEveryone hates open offices. Here’s why they still existHow Food52 tapped 13 million readers to develop its first product lineUnited Airlines in damage control after revealing Apple spends $150 million on its flights every yearCrypto-exchange Cryptopia just admitted it was hacked and halted tradingThe racial wealth gap is worse than it was 35 years agoFacebook is investing $300 million to support local newsWith grilling from employees at Skydance, animation czar John Lasseter’s comeback hits turbulenceHere’s how to help the U.S. National Parks during the government shutdown7 ways the U.S. government shutdown is impacting the tech sectorStop & Shop gets 500 googly eyed robots so humans will know where to clean upSchool communication app Remind blasts Verizon over SMS spam feePrivacy advocates: Dems’ “technological wall” proposal could do “even more harm” than Trump’s wallThese startups are trying to reduce the massive carbon footprint of concreteBig Boi faces backlash for joining Maroon 5 and Travis Scott at Super Bowl 2019Hillary Clinton reminds the world that she warned usWatch China’s rover drive around on the dark side of the moonThese 5 travel destinations are fighting back against the “Instagram Effect”Here’s why we need way more women in healthcare leadershipTrain yourself to adopt these habits in 2019Is Netflix’s “Sunderland Til I Die” the future of sports documentaries?How many goals should you have at once?The perfect pepper grinder for food and design snobsThe smartwatch Tony Fadell helped design will cost $48,800How to feel more accomplished at the end of the dayHow America’s dying rust belt town can transform into “smart cities” of the futureWest Elm snaps up prestigious independent design brandPentagram promotes civil disobedience with “Acid Brexit”How parents talk about money differently to their sons and daughtersCathay Pacific mistakenly sold insanely cheap first-class seats . . . againInside Netflix’s all-out blitz to win a Best Picture Oscar for RomaThis is the first truly great Amazon Alexa and Google Home hackThe most powerful person in Silicon ValleyHours after rocket launch, SpaceX announces huge layoffsApple buys $150 million worth of plane tickets a year from UnitedAn egg has dethroned Kylie Jenner for most Instagram likesThere are so many Facebook scandals, Aaron Sorkin knows “The Social Network 2” is neededPump up the volume: Podcast apps keep pushing toward the moneyThese future-proof parking garages can easily morph into offices or housingHow to watch the Critics’ Choice Awards online without cableTravel to these 13 places if you want more than just a vacationHow to watch the NFL divisional playoffs online without cableUnpaid government workers turn to gig platforms like Fiverr for helpWhat to do when your new company name is shared by a gang of criminal fraudsters4 reasons leaders should be able to do any job at the company (even the entry level ones)California has a new plan to give a monthly check to low-income residentsYou don’t have to be the top boss to be a purpose champion9 clever tech ideas from CES 2019Report: Slack is planning a direct IPO in 2019, like Spotify did last yearThese posters designed by Utah teens demand action on clean airHow rising Democratic stars are using Instagram to try to trump Trump’s Twitter feedThe Air Force is launching its first Pitch Day to attract tech startupsTo make companies moral, make the employees the ownersFeminist group flies banner over Culver City demanding RCA-Sony drop R. KellyLady Gaga removes R. Kelly duet “Do What U Want” from all streaming servicesPublisher to Netflix: Choose your own trademarkTop 5 Ads Of The Week: HBO hilariously tweets out Sopranos nicknamesReminder: All those “smart” devices are a growing security threatThis maddening map shows everywhere T-Mobile and Sprint will dominate post-mergerStop using these words that lead to a “no”WeWork is investing in superfoods nowI’m a founder with OCD, here’s why I don’t hide it from my employeesThis gorgeous new material is made out of leftover luxury marbleWhy the Giving Pledge goes against this philanthropist’s philosophy12 books that CEOs think you should read in 2019Watch SpaceX launch Iridium satellites in its first mission of 2019Crafting takes a dark turn in the age of climate crisis8 signs you should quit your jobHow to go on a low-information dietFocusing on how individuals can stop climate change is very convenient for corporationsFacebook may be making you feel less healthyAmazon’s Dash buttons have been outlawed in GermanyAnother Huawei employee has been arrestedVisa’s CMO and CCO Lynne Biggar never, ever checks a bagThe 3 biggest trends at CES 2019iPhone 2019 lineup: Leaked details on 3 things you can expect from Apple this yearThese maps show you every tree in your cityIBM’s CES booth featured an experiment in crowdsourced debateHow dumb do you think your customers are, AT&T?These maps show how the decline in American birth rates will affect each stateThe “global commons” of outer space is turning into a battlefieldU.S. government workers are posting $0 pay stubs on social media–minus deductionsAir France, not millennials, may be killing Joon, its millennial-focused airlineAWS launches MongoDB competitor amid criticism over Amazon’s in-house productsThese security guards impacted by the shutdown may never get paid6 podcasts that Google and PRX will help bring to your earsToyota recall and deadly airbag risk: What to do if you drive one of these modelsParis will roll out free public transit (and bike share) for kidsVery relatable politician Beto O’Rourke is Instagramming his dental cleaningU.S. Chamber of Commerce head touts pro-immigration message for business in 2019Want people to listen to you? Stop saying these three thingsHow Microsoft has (so far) avoided tough scrutiny over privacy issuesHow to make a website for your creative workTake these 5 things into consideration when you’re trying to find your callingThis Disneyland ad will melt your heart with its ridiculously cute baby duckThe Louvre says Beyoncé and Jay-Z helped shatter visitor recordsGoodwill robots will now confirm if that secondhand Gucci bag is real5 ways Apple needs to up its game if it wants to be a services companyDefinitive proof that Trump’s steel wall doesn’t work7 social issues CEOs will prioritize in 2019They’re recreating this classic anti-gun-violence sculpture with metal from melted-down gunsThis device is an open rebellion against everything that smartphones have becomeWhy you want your boss to hold a warm cup of coffee when you ask for a raise3D-printing guns at home is dangerous–mostly for the person shooting itHow to become a better conversationalistThis mega calendar helps you plan the next 10 years of your lifeAvocados were so last yearYour sweet old grandma might be inadvertently spreading Russian propagandaAn EU official just gave Google a huge legal winHate social media but can’t let Instagram go? This app is for youYour Tesla will soon follow you around like a good puppy dogThe Cambridge Analytica revelations are only beginningThese serene photos of global basketball hoops take you on a trip around the worldPowerful trade group supersized its political contributions to boost tax reform billJohn Lasseter comes out of #MeToo hiding to run animation at SkydanceBusted on Bumble: Animal poacher lives to regret flirting with a game wardenFDA inspections have stopped, thanks to the government shutdownHilarious Little trailer showcases the brilliant Marsai Martin from Black-ishYour phone could soon automatically detect opioid overdoses and call for helpU.S. cell carriers are probably still selling your real-time phone location dataWhy brands need to make 2019 their most human year everDon’t tell Trump, but the Democrats’ rebuttal got higher ratings than his speechIt took almost a decade to design American Giant’s first blue jeansTrump threatens to stop FEMA funds to California, misspells “forest” in same tweetHow to redesign your workspace to be your most productive in 2019What will happen with #MeToo in 2019?The Warby Parker of tights has arrivedJeff Bezos tweeted that he and his wife, MacKenzie, are divorcingIt’s official: Ikea’s smart blinds are coming to the U.S. this springThese are the career mistakes you should stay away from this yearBendgate: Why some iPad Pros are bent, and what Apple is doing about itThe future of the $13B food delivery industry rests on a better shelf5 rules to help build a successful business with purposeThe Apple Store of weddings is hereWhy making New Year’s resolutions is a bad way to start the yearAP told Democrats: “It takes two to tango.” Twitter wasn’t thrilledApple hires prominent Facebook privacy critic whose privacy warnings were ignoredChobani has a new line of vegan yogurt, made from coconut