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Get arrestedThese are the 10 depressing truths about human natureThe 5 worst media fails of 2018Ask these four questions to conduct a career audit for the past yearIBM wants doctors to use this tiny fingernail sensor to track diseasesThe prison-reforming First Step Act has a critical software bugIs hiring for culture fit another form of unconscious bias?“Destroyer” director Karyn Kusama doesn’t care if you like female antiheroesUpdate: The government shutdown by the numbersFollow these 5 steps to future-proof your career5 things Apple got right–and 5 it got wrong–in 2018Join Veganuary and resolve to try a vegan month in JanuaryPeople love Instagramming billboards–and it’s great for advertisers10 CEOs make predictions about how business will change in 2019Exclusive: Serena Williams talks about her new tech-infused Gatorade adCanada Goose’s Cold Room was the best retail experience of the yearFacebook reportedly wants to bring cryptocurrencies to WhatsAppThis is the worst design of 2018A look back at Ariana Grande’s record-breaking (and heartbreaking) 2018How we can encourage innovative solutions to poverty and inequality16 smartphone apps to delete nowTwitter’s toxic misogyny just helped knock 11% off its stock valueNasdaq bear market watch: Why the historic stock drop matters nowBattle of the GoFundMe campaigns: Critics of Trump’s wall raise money for laddersDOJ: Chinese spies carried out an elaborate, global hacking attack for over a decadeWegmans cauliflower recall: 4 products to avoid over E. coli fearsJuul, your favorite e-cig company, is now part owned by the Marlboro ManThese smart intersections warn drivers when a pedestrian is about to crossStop giving people useless crap: A plea for functional gifts5 ways to keep your brain sharp during the holidaysAll the toys are free at this pop-up store for homeless kidsStop the stupid calls to stop the Tucker Carlson boycottThe Warby Parker of cowboy boots has a Texas-sized plan to win 21st-century retailCEO Insights: 5 Essential Bits of Advice for Every EntrepreneurFrom Big to Small: How Ex-Google SVP Laszlo Bock Aims for Big Growth with His Small Business, HumuHow to build a killer 100-day executive onboarding planRenzo Piano unveils gorgeous replacement for Genoa’s collapsed bridgeCreating a safe—and entertaining—super-information highwayShutting down London’s Gatwick Airport with drones turned out to be alarmingly easyAfter a season of hell, should California still allow development in fire zones?These are the 7 best business books of 2018Buying a tech gift for a kid? 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How wellness drinks took over InstagramThe 9 big design trends of 2019Facebook doesn’t care about youThe Wing just raised another $75M, for a total of $117.5M in two yearsNow even NASA has suffered a data breachStanford professor: “The workplace is killing people and nobody cares”This sleek electric car prototype charges in the sunAmazon Prime is getting worse, and it’s making me question the nature of realityAmazon’s three-pronged plan for taking over your homeHere is Amazon’s customer service phone numberWhat’s the most generous country on earth?How community activists are gearing up to fight Amazon’s new officesThis captivating photo of Penny Marshall and Carrie Fisher is going viral after Marshall’s deathHow the wireless industry and conservative dark money groups teamed up to fight net neutralityThis Hallmark Christmas movie script written by a bot is the Christmas movie we all need12 maps that tell the extraordinary story of 2018Conservative media can’t even handle Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez taking time off for self-careThe Black List revealed its 2018 top scripts with a short film made in just 24 hoursHey cord-cutters, Charter may owe you $75 or free HBO–find out hereThe Trump Foundation is closing, but it’s not off the hookThe “LinkedIn for soccer” just got $6.2M to find the next big starWhy you should buy your grandparents a 3D printer4 questions that employers should ask every job candidateFormer Wisconsin police sergeant sues Making a Murderer filmmakersNavigating the economy of trustHow Uber and Jump redesigned the electric bike from scratchHow you might unwittingly be making your bad boss even worseCynthia Nixon lost the election, but is still running New York’s 2019 agendaLil Jon drops epic (and bonkers) Xmas song with the Kool-Aid ManThese next-generation small businesses only exist on InstagramTurn your Christmas tree into a crazy animated light show with this appSocial media predictions for 2019: a return to personal authenticity7 of the year’s best books on techBadass marketing star Bozoma Saint John is getting her own docu-seriesCheck yourself for these five common grammatical mistakesThe hidden immigration battle that could keep 100,000 people out of workThis study abroad program is for professional designers, and it’s freeA woman on Twitter is abused every 30 secondsToday’s hero is the former NASA engineer who built a glitter bomb booby trap for Amazon package thievesHow to watch the four rocket launches today, including SpaceX and Blue OriginThe creative ways foreign aid groups are boosting rural economiesMinistry of Supply will tailor this sweater to your body while you waitBlue Origin launch live stream: How to watch the NASA-sponsored New Shepard blastoffAugmented reality startup Blippar has laid off its entire staffWill brands without social purpose thrive?