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Jessica Biel to star in Facebook Watch’s take on “Limetown” podcast“A Scary Time” is the #MeToo anthem for the midterm electionsNavigate the Allbirds and Caspers of the world with this list of digital-first brandsHousing assistance needs a basic-income approachHave you clicked on a Ford ad lately? Probably not, which is why Ford just unveiled a new creative teamCelebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day 2018 by learning endangered languagesGet hired at one of these 25 companies if you want to be happy at workGoogle admits to potential Google+ data leak after getting caughtBody camera maker will let cops live-stream their encountersWant electric vehicles to scale? Add chargers to gas stationsHow to watch the Draconid meteor showers tonightXbox without a game console? Microsoft starts testing a wayReport: People keep spending less and less time on Facebook5 questions these VCs think founders should ask3 resume tips to ignore right nowReport: 1 in 10 voters in Georgia were purged from voting rollsWhat does it mean to be “interesting”?Facebook swears its Portal video chat device won’t violate your privacyOlive oil gets a modernist makeoverThese 10 market trends turned wellness into a $4.2 trillion global industryThe future of the world is on the line, and our chance to fix it is nowThis is exactly how to position your passion project in your next job interviewHow To Create An Inspired Meeting SpaceThis nightmarish attachment gives your phone a finger of its ownThis is how to fix your 3 biggest problems with your coworkersHere’s when early 2018 midterm voting begins in your stateExclusive: The VC behind Warby Parker, Glossier, and has raised a new $360 million fundThis building’s giant sundial shows how much energy it’s makingMIT’s new tool erases anything (or anyone) from old photosGoogle won’t face legal action over Safari data breach claimsThese are the winners of the 2018 Nobel Prize in EconomicsDieter Rams wants Silicon Valley to stop5 things I’m telling my kids to prepare them for the futureSpaceX makes its first ground landing on the West CoastHow to know when your intuition is badWhy this restaurateur believes in “foolishly spending” 5% of their budgetSenate votes 50-48 to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme CourtSorry, but we can’t fantasize our way out of this messWith cheap new smart-home gear, Amazon wants to keep you in its worldJust got a new job? Make sure to ask HR these questionsAs Bush aide, Kavanaugh sent 227 emails about “surveillance,” raising questions about his roleBuckle up! Here’s a timeline of George Soros conspiracy theoriesWatch Lady Gaga’s passionate defense of Christine Blasey FordWho will challenge Susan Collins? Crowdfunding site to unseat senator crashes after Kavanaugh speechFor some reason, Ed Sheeran is all over Amazon’s list of most-requested Alexa albumsHeinz is playing ketchup in the food-tech startup spaceAfter Kaepernick ad, Nike store traffic was up in blue–and red–countiesGeorge Soros paying Kavanaugh protesters? That charge swings both waysPaul Feig launches an incubator program for women filmmakersEvery employee at this grilled cheese restaurant has a criminal recordThis tiny town in the Alps is turning itself into one big hotelIn the year of women’s rage, this “Give a Damn” tote bag is already selling outWhy you shouldn’t come to work sick, even if you have too much workVegans protesting Whole Foods may be the most Berkeley thing everOn #MeToo anniversary, White House still hasn’t approved Obama-era guidelines on sexual harassment at workOffices that blast you with cold air if you’re sleepy are comingMore and more Americans believe socialism will boost equityField Notes releases a notebook line inspired by Dieter RamsWarning: Madonna has a “secret weapon” beauty device, but the tutorial is NSFWNever, ever utter these phrases in a salary negotiationThe Internet Archive wants to help you play your favorite Commodore 64 gamesYes, the soundtrack to A Star is Born is out nowBrett Kavanaugh vote live: Watch the Senate decide controversial judge’s fateWhat you can do when your boss is going through a personal crisisIranian exiles use creativity and tech smarts to get real news past the regime’s censorsThe freelance retirement crisis no one is talking aboutThese portraits were painted to confuse facial recognition AIHow managers can help employees avoid burnoutMuji designed this minimalist apartment for coworkers to shareTop 5 Ads Of The Week: Wu-Tang in space, Serena’s touching tuneHow AI is helping Amazon become a trillion-dollar companyNow Instagram might let Facebook spy on your locationInside a penthouse designed just for Instagram influencersCalifornia is banning weak passwordsA Lego genius has built an 85,000-piece model of Apple’s spaceship campusUber and Lyft are offering free rides to the polls on election day2018 Nobel Peace Prize goes to duo for their work against sexual violenceThis photographer is capturing images of dying species before they disappearTim Berners-Lee endorses Ro Khanna’s Internet Bill of Rights–here’s all 10Twitter-fingered Elon Musk just took a shot at the SECApple hits back hard at Bloomberg over Chinese spying reportBaidu researchers are testing tech that can match job candidates with postingsBrands respond to soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo’s rape allegationsThe Wing may be exclusive, but its new incubator won’t beThis crowdsourced map helps people find the kind of bathroom they needThese 16 shows desperately want to be the next Game of Thrones“Cancel Kavanaugh” protesters hit the streets of D.C. after FBI reportWhat if paying rent on time boosted your credit score?Think you’re stressed? Try living in New JerseyThese smart glasses could be a game changer for hearing-impaired theatergoersIn the wake of VMLY&R merger, expect more ad agency brands to fallWhat 2001: A Space Odyssey can tell us about life in 2018Google and PRX are teaming up to make podcasting more diverseHow to use video to improve your leadership presencePeople who study emergency alerts have a big problem with FEMA’s presidential textsFortnite cheaters are being targeted with malwareAlphabet’s new domain name tool could limit malware, censorship, and spyingSnap stock just hit another all-time lowThis furniture looks like marble. It’s actually coalSquare takes on Affirm with point-of-sale installment loansHouston bans “evil and sleazy” sex-robot brothelA gorgeous visualization of commutes around the worldFour well-meaning pieces of career advice you want to ignoreExclusive: Equinox launches luxury travel retreats, starting with MoroccoCould a simple design tweak fix one of data viz’s big problems?Never, ever “wing it.” This is how to prepare to sound spontaneousQuantum computing comes out of the closetHow the California wildfire firefighters may have rescued net neutralityFirefox just launched a 2018 election survival kit to combat bad informationNetflix consumes 15% of the world’s global internet trafficThis long-lost Eames design is being produced for the first timeThis is why you can’t get anything done at the end of the workdayA hybrid-electric plane will get a boost from a French engine giantSick of midcentury modern? Here’s where to buy today’s best designBirchbox just gave the Walgreens beauty aisle a 21st-century makeoverBloomberg: China inserted chips in Amazon and Apple hardware to spyCadillac beats Tesla in Consumer Reports’ first semi-autonomous rankings“Curing” death: Inside the conference dedicated to reversing human agingThese 3D-printed body parts let surgeons practice on a model before they open you upToyota and SoftBank are teaming up to develop self-driving car servicesBringing teams togetherMeet the key to your team’s successAmazon’s wage hike could be a “let them eat cake” solutionSeventh Generation’s new detergent can wash as many loads, but weighs 75% lessPriyanka Chopra and Bumble want to give Indian women a dating app they’ll actually useThis robotic bear warns pedestrians about how much smog they’re inhalingRead Mark Judge’s “Wasted” Gen X book, courtesy of the Internet ArchiveBars and restaurants are too damn loud. Can SoundPrint cut through the noise?Wu-Tang Clan go to space for Impossible Foods and White CastleSurvey: 80% of women support California’s board diversity lawGoogle admits chatbots were a bad ideaWatch the social-good ad campaigns that just took home big awards for impactTravel-booking app Hopper just got a lot of money to spend on AISay these 3 things when you don’t want to do somethingMIT and Qatari scientists are training computers to detect fake news sitesKLM Airlines finally came up with a good reason to download its appOpt out of FEMA presidential alerts? You can’t, and here’s why that’s legalThe Infinity Film Festival aims to connect Hollywood and Silicon ValleyThis chic phone charger costs $175, but I want it anywayTim Cook: Don’t worry about a Facebook-style data breach at AppleHow to find out why you didn’t get the jobIHOP is trolling you–and it’s workingI was a guinea pig at Mount Sinai’s health lab of the futureDuPont, former maker of Teflon, debuts a “welcoming” rebrandTo get more diversity in politics, we need to change this rule about campaign fundsHow the generation wars are playing out in the Golden StateThis is the cost of women’s workplace emotional laborExclusive: Argodesign sells to a $22 billion IT companyInside Silicon Valley’s newest, most autonomous farm yetThis is how competition affects your brain, motivation, and productivity10 outrageous CEO stunts in history that changed businessDesign needs more feminism, less toxic masculinityThe 2018 Nobel Prize in chemistry goes to a trio of American and British scientistsFEMA will be texting you at 2:18 p.m. today with a “presidential alert”Chinese music streaming giant Tencent Music files for U.S. IPOElon Musk was offered a much better deal from the SECHere’s the key to building good habits (and breaking bad ones)What Amazon’s new $15 minimum wage signals for worker payMicrosoft retools its productivity vision for the era of tech distractionCheck out the best photos from RuPaul’s DragCon NYC 2018Facebook data breach: 4 simple steps to stay safer right nowA real history of civilization isn’t just a study of monumentsDon’t Google these 10 celebrities without reading this firstThis ad shows the true cost of world hungerThis startup is redesigning the products hidden under your sinkNYC plans cybersecurity industry push that could add 10,000 jobsTesla beat its Model 3 production goal, but will it hit profitability?You shouldn’t tolerate bullying in the workplace, even when it comes from your bossTrump admin now denying visas to same-sex partners of diplomatsFormer Google exec’s new novel depicts a tech dystopiaLego is re-releasing one of its most rare and beloved designsThe creepy sci-fi advertising in Netflix’s “Maniac” is closer to reality than we thinkWhy you need to make your team uncomfortable from time to timeWhy the prosperity gap in the U.S. is stuck–and how to fix itGhost of Louis CK continues to haunt comedy clubsHow free Lyft rides can dramatically improve life for senior citizensAmericans and Europeans have very different ideas on home designThis is how you can make remote employees feel appreciated“Political entertainment” is an oxymoron at this moment in the Trump eraThe inside story of Reddit’s struggle to deal with its most toxic pro-Trump usersHow Gillette designed a razor for men who can’t shave themselvesWomen have a lot to be angry about. Is the world finally ready to listen?Hollywood poohbah Peter Chernin reloads with stake in hunter-friendly MeatEaterThe U.S.’s global image has plummeted under Trump3 ways to stay sane when you have a workaholic bossMeet the robotic museum guide that will turn art into sound for the visually impairedMaking your kid’s Halloween costume? These experts want to helpThe Nobel Prize in physics goes to the first female laureate in 55 yearsA Google intern built the AI behind these shockingly good fake imagesRandom engineer spends six grand to block Waymo’s lidar patentsInstagram has a new head, former Facebook News Feed execAmazon just raised its minimum wage to $15 for all employeesTwitter issues new rules that will get accounts bannedSee how hot your city could be in 2100 (Spoiler: Really damn hot)