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Fitbit wants to get in your bedInterstate 95 is finally finished—and so is our era of ambitious infrastructure projectsWhy “Crazy Rich Asians” is a wake-up call to studiosAn adult film company wants to put users into deepfake pornNo, this Asia Argento mess is not the end of the #MeToo movementAsk these 4 questions before hiring a remote workerSeriously, stop flushing your single-use contact lenses down the toiletMTV VMAs 2018 live-stream: How to watch the video music awards online without cableGoFundMe is making it easy to help DreamersA woman used Tinder to trick dozens of men into going on the same dateThis $1885 connected rowing machine puts you on the Charles RiverThis crazy concrete ceiling could revolutionize how we buildWhy this restaurateur believes that people are the key to successLondon’s Gatwick Airport suffered a display-board outage, so airport workers went old schoolFor some crazy reason, people are less concerned about identity theftJohn Oliver explains trade to Trump with a disaster movie trailerReally want that job? Don’t make these six mistakesFacebook and NYU believe AI can make MRIs way, way fasterParis redesigned the urinal, but the real problem is the urinators4 famous failures that became massive successesBehold! The first popsicle that won’t meltGoogle is getting ready to open its first retail storeThis “city” for people with dementia is the future of memory careThis town will get its heat from an unlikely source: a data centerHow to deal with a panic attack at workZippin is the first Amazon Go rival to open an automated checkout storePepsi is buying SodaStream for $3.2 billionHow the director behind Seth Rogen and Melissa McCarthy unlocks comedic brillianceThe $29 billion battle to own how America sleeps is heating upCareer pioneersThe EU may fine tech companies that don’t remove terrorist content within an hour4 takeaways from Jack Dorsey’s CNN interviewWalmart completes its $16 billion acquisition of India’s FlipkartApple pulls 25,000 illegal apps from the Chinese App StoreThis new park is designed for a future of flooded citiesBurnt out at work or need a new job? Here’s how to tellWhat Netflix needs to do to make a successful late-night showThe shelf company, one weird trick Paul Manafort allegedly usedYou haven’t seen this 1990 Steve Jobs video, but shouldThe government is demanding Facebook let it access Messenger callsAmazon is working on a recorder for live TVYour low-carb diet could be shortening your lifeSome baseball fans want robot umpires, and they make a pretty compelling caseHeart-stopping security news: Hackers can now get into pacemakersShould you really be scared about weed killer in your cereal?How the money donated to Hurricane Harvey relief was spentNBA star Andre Iguodala is turning more players into tech investors“Crazy Rich Asians” is, indeed, Asian enough for usAndroid’s Back button is great, but makes gesture navigation worseThe ultimate “Thanksgiving in the Trump era” movie is coming soonAnalyst warns Facebook investors: “systemic mismanagement” poses big risksWhat CEOs are doing to increase gender diversity in leadershipWhen will tech worker wages start growing again?This perfume smells good–and does goodHasan Minhaj exits “The Daily Show” with this important career lessonNo, there’s not a measles outbreak3 professionals share their biggest career regretsWhat it’s like to design for Sesame WorkshopSingapore Airlines has a plan to keep your kids occupied on super-long flightsNo room for raises this year? You can still reward high performersIkea debuts its least Ikea-like collection yetYour jeans are sexistThis is how you should end your four most common work conversationsThe real reason your company switched to an open plan officeThe secret to getting work done in an open officeA street artist is using Facebook’s ads against itselfWhat we can learn from 10 audacious talent factoriesSick of Facebook’s creepy ad targeting? Try this new toolElon Musk says past year “the most difficult and painful year of my career”Google is said to be looking to launch a smart displayThis company hired anyone who applied. Now it’s starting a movementThe wide–and sometimes wacky–world of smartphone addiction curesAspiring doctors can now go to NYU for free–if they can get inBill Gates offers a simple explanation for why the economy works differently nowHackers beware: These stealthy cybersecurity hunters speak your slangU.S. foundations are spending more and more on international aidAmazon may have even more to offer filmmakers: a movie chainReport: Facebook & Google’s free campaign embeds help boost their profits11 reasons why Aretha Franklin truly is the Queen600 Chipotle customers got sick in Ohio, and now we know whyCelebrate the Queen of Soul with our Aretha Franklin playlistSacramento has been tracking license plates to monitor welfare recipientsSilicon Valley is dismantling a priceless piece of its historyWatch: Your iPhone is definitely not spying on you, Jimmy Kimmel claimsWhile your salary stays the same, CEOs keep getting raisesHow to create a training process that actually worksThis $2,995 home gym is like Peloton for weight-lifting13 Asian-American projects set to follow “Crazy Rich Asians”Monsanto fallout: How Cheerios and Quaker Oats responded to glyphosate in cereal reportsNow you can scan your glasses and instantly learn your prescriptionWhy making a strong decision is the first step to overcoming fearTim Cook, Diana Ross, Michelle Obama, and others mourn Aretha Franklin’s deathWhy do men kill their families? After Colorado husband’s arrest, a look at 4 categoriesMike Huckabee live tweeted his American Airlines flight and left his heart in LAHallelujah! You can now replace lost socks for freeThe “Queen of Soul” Aretha Franklin has diedHow to prepare for the three most common types of negotiation at workDesigners are hilariously mocking Trump’s Space Force logosMeet the Kurdish asylum seeker who won math’s biggest prizeMicrosoft’s sassy teenage bot is popping up on podcast talk showsThe frustratingly familiar history of workplace sexual harassmentHow houseplants could save us from toxic buildingsOur first look at Alphabet’s smart cityCreate this list of questions to help you shut down interruptionsMeet the renegade who’s teaching the world to fix totaled TeslasDealing with creative failure? Here’s what to do nextThis carbon-sucking mineral could help slow down climate changeMoneyball for business: How AI is changing talent managementA top recruiter shares how you can future-proof your careerAmazon is looking to acquire a brick-and-mortar movie theater chainAmazon is considering launching an insurance comparison website in the U.K.Former Tesla employee alleges flawed batteries are being usedWhy this hospital treats its local neighborhood like a patientWhy Samsung’s big round smartwatch will be roundly dismissedPentagon’s artificial intelligence programs get huge boost in defense budgetHere’s an insanely huge library of every political ad on GooglePRX and PRI are merging to make one giant podcasting powerhouseThe inside story of how McDonald’s innovated the Quarter PounderGlorified vending machine startup Bodega finally kills off its offensive nameAT&T gets sued over two-factor security flaws and $23M cryptocurrency theftWe have an ethical obligation to end individual animal sufferingThe best airline loyalty programs–ranked!Giving new life to vacant buildings can boost struggling townsReport: Elon Musk’s “taking Tesla private” tweets attract SEC subpoenaIt appears as though Pearl Jam might not be fans of Donald TrumpDollar Shave Club’s men’s magazine “Mel” grows upHey advertisers, Adblock Plus says it won’t block these types of mobile ads“Generation Wealth” examines the new (and depressing) American DreamAmazing: After 40 years, Aerosmith’s tour bus turns up in the woodsIt took a year, but officials claim Puerto Rico’s power is finally back onClassPass wants a piece of the wellness tourism boom with “Getaways”For Disney Theatrical, video fuels the Broadway starThese 4 things kept me sane as I bootstrapped my companyThis AI can identify 50 eye diseases with superb accuracy–and explain its diagnosesThis Google manager shares his secrets for building an effective teamBuilding Burning Man looks way more fun than attendingAs companies become purpose-led, where does that leave charities?6 things to know about Vermont’s history-making openly transgender candidateThis foot surgeon invented killer heels that won’t kill your feetThis comic found a way for you to enjoy problematic male art againJohn Legend and Wyclef Jean dive into their DNA on 23andMe’s new podcastDesign is never neutralReaching the SummitHow sales became a STEM jobAfter a long delay, Amazon’s and Microsoft’s bots are finally talking“Our own Marvel Universe”: Creators of “My Favorite Murder” launch a podcast networkWhat American inequality looks like from aboveHow to nail an interview with a chatbotIngredient from Monsanto’s cancer-causing weed killer found in children’s cerealsAn architect’s defense of open plan officesHow White Castle slid into vegan territoryThe Apple car will launch between 2023 and 2025QAnon’s “codes” are probably just random typing, says researcherTwitter finally suspends Alex Jones–but only for one weekBird’s plan to pay for bike lanes: good for cities or just good PR?This angel network wants to mobilize 100,000 women investorsWatch Evernote’s founder, age 14, share his unlikely dreamDemocrats to FCC chair Ajit Pai: Why did you lie to us?A famous fake photo from the great 2003 Northeast Blackout is still claiming victimsOmarosa claims Betsy DeVos mocked the intellect of black students who booed herAirbnb regulation pain hits Chicago as city threatens to reject 1,200 hostsRosé payola: The dirty industry secret behind your favorite restaurant’s crappy wineHow gambling distorts reality and hooks your brainWhy Bill Gates is reading “Capitalism Without Capital”Why your first impression of others is often wrongWhy Spotify could be bigger than Pandora in the U.S. in less than 5 yearsGoogle tracks unsuspecting users, and now lawmakers are demanding actionConsidering a career switch? Here’s how to write your résuméAll the ways you’re making bad data viz choicesVitamix recall: Your $500 blender might hurt you—here’s what you need to knowThe state of black women getting funding in 2018Thousands of Silicon Valley security guards get first union contractTesla is putting together a special team to discuss Elon Musk’s proposal to go privateGirl Scouts unveil yet another new cookie even though all anyone wants is Thin MintsSurveyMonkey’s board is now 50% womenTumblr is killing off its dotSix “positive” expressions you say that can actually be offensiveTrulia is building the Netflix for neighborhoodsThis new laboratory will explore how people can truly flourish at workThe Wing will now give hourly workers benefits and higher wagesMotherhood is changing. Why isn’t the fertility process, too?Erdogan: Turkey will boycott Apple’s iPhoneThe first graphene jacket is here, and it’s magicalDoris Kearns Goodwin knows what presidential leadership looks likeInside Evernote’s brainThis Toronto skyscraper is covered with 450 treesBitcoin price keeps falling and just dipped below $6,000Facebook wins rights to show top-flight Spanish league soccer in IndiaThis app makes you a personalized nutrition label for any foodHow to be busy without feeling overwhelmedTrump bans ZTE and Huawei gear from use by the U.S. government