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Jeff Bezos talks about his plans to colonize the moonHow to train yourself to become a speed readerWhy Instagram is the best window into Trump-era corruptionPost-#MeToo, this lingerie startup finds customers prefer images of real womenStop believing these 4 common misconceptions about successGas prices expected to be 31% higher this Memorial Day than in 2017These popular sites are dark in the EU thanks to GDPRMortgage interest rates have hit a 7-year highFiat Chrysler recalls 4.8 million vehicles because they can get stuck in cruise controlThis robot could help pollinate crops if we kill all the beesMeghan Markle’s coat of arms is the biggest design crime of 2018Study: 82% of MoviePass users go to movies they’d otherwise skipYou probably aren’t going to ditch your phone during summer breakHow to nail the question, “What did you learn in your last job?”This startup made a Meghan-inspired wedding gown in size 24Cult bedding brand Brooklinen makes incursions into your bathroomThe NBA and NFL offer opposite versions of American brand imageVermont wants to pay companies to let employees work remotelyClass ring brand Jostens gets a stylish update in time for graduationHere’s why Elon Musk isn’t “exactly wrong” when it comes to A.I.Follow this 2-part plan before you go on parental leaveChris Christie blocks release of his office’s emails with Jared Kushner’s companySamsung ordered to pay Apple millions in that huge patent disputeThe ancient world’s top political consultants were all womenThis startup wants to disrupt vacation homeownershipGoogle Doodle shines spotlight on cinematographer James Wong HoweWhy opportunity youth are more reliable than most millennials in the workforceThe fine art of spying on your neighborsHow you can get people to take you seriously as a young entrepreneurWhat Amazon would’ve looked like in the 1980sHarvey Weinstein just surrendered to New York policeThe best, worst, and most repetitive emails of the GDPRTop 5 ads of the week: Teachers want to teach, not carry a gunCollege kids want to save the world, just don’t ask them to volunteerGoogle and Facebook are already accused of breaking GDPR lawsFacebook and Twitter launching new political ad regulationsUber’s semi-autonomous car detected pedestrian seconds before fatal crashHere’s how to see the data that tech giants have about youThis encyclopedia is a “fake news” buster for the ages11 women executives on the greatest risk they ever tookNo one wanted the Essential phone. Will anyone want Essential?Scientists are building a detector for conversations likely to go badWe analyzed Trump’s Kim Jong-un letter: It’s a bad breakup noteReports: Harvey Weinstein will face abuse charges in New York and plans to surrenderTinder and Foursquare—a match made in stalker heaven?Publicis unveils long-awaited details on new AI platform MarcelApple knew the iPhone 6 would bend easier than predecessors, court docs showHow a family’s Amazon Echo recorded and sent out their private conversationJimmy Kimmel scoop: Donald Trump “hates baby bears”Let Yelp’s robots tell you where to eatGood news: more people are getting paid leave. Bad news: not enoughArizona crash report reveals troubling flaws in Uber’s self-driving carsEight women have accused Morgan Freeman of inappropriate behaviorRIP StumbleUpon. You’ll be missed for the simpler internet you once representedTwitter chews up, spits out Lean Cuisine’s latest campaignIrish abortion referendum: pro or con, citizens are flying #HomeToVoteSamsung’s three new AI research centers are just the beginningReport: Demand for these skills will rise dramatically by 2030What to do with Jason Bateman’s apology for that “Arrested” interviewStar Wars meets natural history in this oddly satisfying mashupWhy the gender wage gap is persistent for freelancers, tooRead Donald Trump’s letter to Kim Jong-un canceling Singapore summitFlopstarter is Kickstarter for really, really, really bad ideasAdyen, payments processor for Spotify and Uber, plans to IPO in JuneThis criminal justice reformer’s secrets to tough conversationsLet this brain scientist optimize your morning routinePhilip Roth’s other legacy: a revolution in cover designThe 3 types of work friends you need early in your careerSummer hiring gets competitive with higher wages and benefitsThe best American homes of 2018 (some are even affordable!)These are the 4 different work styles and how to work with eachHow the U.S. would look if immigrants “went back where they came from”Amazon’s package map tracker is now available to everyone in the U.S.The U.S. is investigating bitcoin price manipulationUber is opening a flying taxi research center in ParisTwenty times we got a good look at Silicon Valley’s dark sideIt’s clear to everyone that Silicon Valley has to change—except the people who live thereFacebook is about to ask every user a few big privacy questionsHow my son’s condition made me rethink UXFlying drones legally gets easier in much of the U.S. todayBitcoin Gold loses millions as it is hit by a double spend attackA worker severely burned in Tesla factory explosion is suing the companyApple and VW ink deal for self-driving shuttlesGoodbye polygraph? New tech uses AI to tell if you’re lyingUber’s latest quarter by the numbersInstapaper is blocking European users because of GDPRThis tech offsets the carbon footprint of each item you buyWhat Elon Musk and Donald Trump don’t get about journalismRead Roger Goodell’s full policy statement on the NFL national anthem protestsThis bootcamp turns kids into plastic-fighting superheroesAll this time, Trump was building an unconstitutional wall on TwitterBloomberg Philanthropies bets $42 million on the power of citiesFeel like you’re living in a Wes Anderson movie with Pandora’s new playlistsReport: Google just beat Amazon in the smart speaker wars for the first timeDrag queen Bianca Del Rio on how she built a business out of hate5 last-minute GDPR resources to help bring businesses into complianceAt last, there’s a plan to fix NYC’s broken subwayThe 6 biggest myths about technology addictionExperiencing these 5 things? You might be in the wrong professionWeed-wacking robots are a threat to plants and the pesticide industryCould this “UBI for social enterprise” help fund business for good?“The Onion” expertly Twitter-trolled Michael Cohen for a full dayWhat you should know about being a specialist or generalistThis consumer survey shows trouble ahead for FacebookFormer Walmart employee sues using Time’s Up Legal Defense FundFacebook is digging deeper into the gig economyGoldman Sachs-backed Circle makes a play for crypto-trading noobsThis furniture subscription service could give you the hipster loft apartment look of your dreamsThe USPS is launching scratch-and-sniff stamps!Use this one-paragraph cover letter to land your next job interviewThese Democratic women just won primaries in red statesInstagram is reportedly testing a feature to stop “zombie scrolling”Sling TV has a secret weapon to win over cord-cutters–the humble TV antennaEmpathy doesn’t mean “be nice”Machine learning can now help craft the perfect breakup playlistVox’s new Netflix show is just the start of its video ambitionsLyft looks to drivers with $100 million investment to expand its service centersStanley Kubrick had a secret life as a teenage street photographerWhat to do when your job is going nowherePodcast episode: How UPS predicts the futureLilly Singh, UNICEF goodwill ambassador, made a YouTube PSA for the kidsConsumer groups want FTC to investigate Tesla’s “Autopilot” adsApple now lets users download everything the company has on themBreaking: Revlon just named its first woman CEOThis striking visualization shows 200 years of immigration to AmericaThe Trump/Kim Jong-un coin is terrible design–and worse politicsThis summer’s most inspiring design booksResearchers are DNA testing Loch Ness to identify the monsterFacebook’s AI can translate music from one style into anotherWhich brands inspire consumers the most with their missionsNovelist Philip Roth has died at age 85Hilton wants to reach these sustainability standards by 2030These are the 10 best U.S. cities for urban parksDodd-Frank: Congress just wound back Wall Street’s clock and throttled innovationSoftware is making it easier to cheat workersTech-Pentagon tension probably isn’t going away anytime soonInstagram’s mute button is fine. Here’s what would be betterBoycotting schools for better gun laws? A great idea that won’t workRead NYC lawyer Aaron Schlossberg’s apology for the racist rant heard around the worldThis must be how brands like Allbirds and Shake Shack get their kicksTom Wolfe elevated journalism into enduring literatureAmazon draws fire for selling face recognition to law enforcementChina’s creepy “social credit” system gets positive spin in a state-run tabloidThe internet’s finest get candid backstage at the Webby AwardsSpaceX live stream: How to watch the Earth-observing NASA satellites blast offIn America, corporations get to be people but workers don’tThis is where top NFL rookies go on their first business tripStudios fail with LGBTQ representation in 2017, GLAAD reportsThe Wi-Fi industry wants to bring you better, cheaper gear–maybePostmates removes an “edgy” new ad that people found ageistThis infamous communist-era pyramid is being reborn as a tech hubWhy “go with your gut” is terrible adviceStacey Cunningham: 4 things to know about the NYSE’s first woman presidentSeth Meyers shows why Twitter never should have given Trump 280This is what millennials and boomers can learn from gen-X managersWhat do women want in swimwear? Different levels of butt coverage5 times having low emotional intelligence can sabotage your career15 movie posters by legendary late designer Bill GoldThese are the top-rated companies for internsSomeone just redesigned jeans for tech brosCord-cutters are happier than cable TV customers for these reasonsThe Impossible Burger has new bragging rights–it’s kosherStar Wars-inspired flying robots joining space station crewWe asked 10 kids to “draw a leader”–here’s what they didMIT and BMW are building the stretchy, inflatable future of carsUber will pilot a taxi-hailing service in JapanSony to become world’s biggest music publisher with $2.3 billion EMI dealHow to watch Mark Zuckerberg testify before the European ParliamentAt these camps, refugees can give real-time customer feedback50% of people cheat at Monopoly, so Hasbro redesigned it for themEquinox says “sleep coaches” can improve your fitnessThe U.S. and China have a draft plan to settle the ZTE disputePeople fleeing the Bay Area are causing a U-Haul crisisEconomist: bitcoin has a ‘decent probability’ of going to zeroThe most popular mobile payments app is… Starbucks?8 things Mark Zuckerberg will tell the European Parliament todayWhat is AI anyway? The University of Helsinki’s free online course will explain itA Hello Kitty-themed bullet train is coming to Japan in JuneTrump has an iPhone dedicated to tweeting, and it poses a security risk