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Netflix keeps growing bigger and faster than anyone expectedWaymo will test out self-driving cars in congested AtlantaWhat Marketers Need To Know About The New “Year Of The Woman”Hate gerrymandering? You’ll love thisThis Week, SNL Supported Women–While Also Undermining ThemThat Time A U.S. Bomber Crashed On Greenland With 4 Nukes AboardThinx’s new CEO is trying really hard to rehabilitate the company’s imageWill Seeing Both Sides Of The Issue Help End Police Brutality?U.S. officials are going to be late to Davos because of the shutdownSorry, Facebook, people around the world think you’re a media company nowChristopher Walken’s Hipster Coffee Shop Is An Absurd DisasterDetails of DJI’s new drone, the Mavic Air, leak before its revealHere’s why Uber Eats just acquired David Chang’s Ando delivery serviceSergei Eisenstein only had to reinvent cinema to earn his Google Doodle tributeThis Activist Is Helping Low-Income People Lower Their Energy BillsCord-cutting blues: Hulu and YouTube are behind in the race to replace cable TVThe Financial Times is giving away free subscriptions to teensThis Natural Toothpaste Comes In Charcoal And Coconut Flavors. Can It Take On Colgate?Millennials might be perfectionists, but don’t (just) blame social mediaThis map shows which states are most affected by the government shutdownHow To Talk To Your Boss About Your Career GoalsNetflix stock jumps ahead of earnings, and we can probably thank “Stranger Things”SNL Breaks Fourth Wall To Explain That, Under Trump, Nothing Matters AnymoreThe Best Women’s March Signs Were By KidsSpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket is grounded by the government shutdownAn Iranian Publisher Ripped Off My Satirical Nonfiction BookI Used A “Career Map” To Get My Dream Job–Here’s How38% Of Films At Sundance This Year Were Directed By WomenJohn Malkovich Got CBS NFL Viewers Hyped For Playoffs DramaReport: SoFi offers CEO job to Twitter exec with IPO experienceThese Nighttime Photos Of Tokyo Look Straight Out Of “Blade Runner”How Your Personality Type Affects Your Negotiation StyleThe Summer I Worked On The Original Apple EmojiThis Is The Real Reason Your Emails Are Infuriating Your CoworkersThis Human Heart-On-A-Chip Lets Us Test Drugs On Actual Human Tissue–Not AnimalsFacebook says it has a “moral duty” to understand how it affects democracyThe Fraught History Of America’s Most Pervasive Brand“Wonder Woman 2” will be the first film to adopt anti-sexual harassment guidelinesIs Architecture Ashamed Of Postmodernism?See How The Telecom Industry Is Quietly Changing The Shape Of Our Cities82% of all the wealth in the world went to just 1% of its people last yearFacebook will open three new digital training centers in EuropeApple teams up with the Malala Fund to support girls’ educationHow To Design Performance Reviews That Don’t Fail WomenChecking Out Amazon Go, The First No-Checkout Convenience StoreGetting Called Out For A Slur Taught Me How To Take CriticismHere’s What It Was Like The First Time I Stood Up To Sexual HarassmentGoogle says it feels responsible for protecting “facts and objective truth”Can we trust Facebook’s users to decide what news we should trust?“I don’t regret it at all”: Top Google execs on firing James DamoreGoogle CEO: AI is a bigger deal than fire or electricityGoogle execs: Silicon Valley shouldn’t make immigration an us-versus-them issueWant To Topple Telecom Oligopolies? Support Locally Owned BroadbandIs hot yoga full of hot air? Study suggests little benefit to heatDespite Story Studio’s Demise, Oculus Has A Big Presence At SundanceThis Time-Lapse Mural Shows How Artists Can Help Communities HealEaze has a plan to diversify the Bay Area’s way-too-white weed industryA dangerous fake news story about flu shots spread like a virus on FacebookNo Fewer Than 4 Films At Sundance Deal With Donald TrumpPlayboy is going the Quentin Tarantino route with a lawsuit over linkingAmazon Cancels Two Female-Centric Shows To Find Its “Game Of Thrones”Can These Robot-Run Warehouses Change The Landscape Of Urban Grocery Delivery?Here’s How To Not Let Your Career Resolutions SlideYelp Lawsuit Claims CEO Jeremy Stoppelman Made Millions On Artificially Inflated StockThis Is The Best Design Job Listing We’ve Ever SeenCoca-Cola plans to go green by 2030, but not everyone’s buying itThis Survey Lets You Help Design An Activist Agenda For 2018Three Reasons Your Presentation Is Literally Putting People To SleepOne Year Later: The Women’s March Moves From Outrage To ActionDesigner diapers are now a thing, thanks to Aden and AnaisSnap threatened leakers in an internal memo, so of course the memo was leakedSundance Festival: 25 Films You’ll Definitely Be Hearing About This Year25 million people are totally cool with giving Foursquare “always on” location dataAmazon price hikes are coming for Prime members who pay monthlyFlu symptoms? Walgreens is using 2018 prescription data to track activity with this mapAdvice On Living The Dream From Digital Nomads Who Make Over Six FiguresChina Has Its Own Alexa, But It’s No Mere KnockoffThese Sticky Note Pads Reveal Tiny Hidden Sculptures As You Use ThemThis Is The Scientific Way To Win Any Argument (And Not Make Enemies)KFC’s Comfort Zone, Bud Light’s Olde Pep Talk: Top 5 Ads Of The WeekInstagram’s Latest “Feature” Proves It’s Not Listening10 Small Luxuries That Will Upgrade Women’s Business Trips in 2018How Widely Do Companies Share User Data? Here’s A Chilling GlimpseNASA has successfully tested a nuclear power system for Mars surface missionsThese Decaying Social Media Logos Are The Perfect Metaphor For 2018Companies Say They Want To Support Sustainable Development, But Do They Know How?WhatsApp launches its new Business messenger appGoogle and China’s Tencent agree to share patentsPanera petitions the U.S. to finally define “egg”“Right to Repair” legislation has now been introduced in 17 statesHow To Design Non-Addictive UX (It’s Really Not Hard)Apple Will Make iPhone Throttling Optional. Lawsuit Plaintiffs Say “Too Late”Trump thinks Tim Cook is a “great guy” for investing billions in the United StatesSnap layoffs hit dozens of employees amid reports of lackluster engagementCES Could (And Should) Go Virtual Within The Next DecadeFacebook finally appoints a non-white board member: AmEx CEO Kenneth ChenaultThese 2 loopholes in the new spying bill help the U.S. spy on AmericansUber and Softbank just sealed the dealWhat 100 Cities Are Learning From Each Other By Sharing Their DataThe definitive account of Travis Kalanick’s Uber downfall is hereFacebook touts small biz benefits as News Feed changes spark fearThe United States was less popular with tourists in 2017. (Can you guess why?)Zapier’s $10,000 “de-location” offer sparks job applicants but (still) no de-locationSoon your doctor might be able to refuse care for “moral” reasonsA New Wave Of Bad Ads Is Hijacking Even Top-Tier WebsitesGlobal warming is real, according to NASA, which actually knows this stuffCities Are Killing The Future Of Work (And The American Dream)Save “One Mississippi”: Amazon’s cancellation spree has fans and critics aghastNow You Can Help Bail People Out Of Jail Every Time You Buy SomethingHow To Find A Job That Keeps You Happy In The Long TermNew Suicide Prevention PSAs Say An Awkward Moment Can Help Save A LifeThat guy who attacked a self-driving car? Expect a lot more of that in years to comeGoogle’s art selfie app not working in Texas or Illinois? Thank tricky biometric lawsThe Ad Industry Keeps Selling An American Dream That Most Aren’t LivingThe FBI wants to know if Russia funneled money to Donald Trump via the NRAWant To Be A More Confident Speaker? Tell A StoryMiki Agrawal is promoting her new startup with these awful DIY anal beads (NSFW)Here’s Exactly What To Put On Your Resume To Land An InterviewThe World’s Biggest Octocopter Drone Is Basically A Flying TruckHatch just launched a beauty line for the trickiest pregnancy problemsDo This In Your First Hour, Day, Week, And Month Of Your New JobCreepy Short Film Narrated By A Phone Will Make You Want To Throw Away Your PhoneMark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson, and Ellen Pao stop by Freakonomics’ new CEO seriesNintendo’s New Must-Have Toy Is Just CardboardWhat happens during a government shutdown? 5 things to know as GOP scrambles for votesAmazon names 20 finalists for its second headquartersThe Fastest Way To Stimulate The U.S. Economy? Get More Women Into The WorkforceSeven Steps To Becoming Your Own Boss By The End Of The YearPlanting Trees To Save The Planet Is Turning Into Big BusinessA Dutch Bridge Designed To Flood As Water Levels RiseWhich Firms Pay Design InternsWhere Will 2018 Take The #MeToo Movement?HuffPost is shuttering its unpaid blogger platformYou Can Now Take A Class On How To Make AI That Isn’t EvilThis Is What A Designer-Led Social Network Looks LikeMark Zuckerberg wants you to call your member of Congress to support DreamersAmazon Studios is pivoting from indie films to blockbustersChina is using facial recognition to track people in Muslim-majority areasThe Biggest Electric Vehicle Company You’ve Never Heard OfThese cities don’t want you to know what they bid to be Amazon’s HQ2 homeEvian Will Make All Its Water Bottles Out Of 100% Recycled PlasticWhether You’re Acquiring or Exiting, Do Your DiligenceIn Honor Of The Fake News Awards, 10 Times Trump Spread Fake News Since Taking OfficeApple’s U.S. Jobs Announcement Comes At An Opportune TimeLet the “Black Mirror” references fly: Britain has a Minister for LonelinessFinancial giants dominate blockchain patents—for nowApple says it will pay $38 billion in repatriation taxes on offshore profitsMichael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury” is heading for TV because this is the world we live inHey, “Tide Pod challenge” people, YouTube has had it with youMartha Stewart Wants To Take You On A Trip To Prevent DoomsdayGoogle’s warning to mobile publishers: Slow-loading pages will see reduced rankThis Photographer Flips Gender Roles In Sexist “Mad Men” Era AdsThis Startup Could Help Protect Against Drone Attacks On Stadiums Or CompaniesTwitter may soon tell you personally if you saw Russian propaganda tweetsOwning An Electric Car Is Twice As Cheap As Owning A Gas Vehicle“I Knew I Was F—ed”: The Best Parts Of Ellen Pompeo’s Delightfully Candid New InterviewWhat is the Bayeux Tapestry? 5 things to know about the historic “first comic strip”Trader Joe’s is making its paper receipts healthier, but don’t eat themThese careers don’t draw in a lot of moms, report saysDo These 3 Things When You Receive Conflicting Career AdviceGoogle expands its artificial intelligence services to non-expertsThis CEO’s Top 3 Secrets To Scaling His Startup’s Work CultureIs Twitter set for a comeback in 2018?No one tell Trump, but North and South Korea are marching together at the OlympicsBitcoin’s price is now half of what it was at the end of 2017, stoking bubble fearsOld School Mechanical Displays Are Making A ComebackApple Throttling Woes: Blame Small Batteries, Not Planned Obsolescence4 Ways To Trick Your Brain Into Keeping Your New Year’s ResolutionsDoorDash Is Now Using Its Algorithm To Deliver Extra Food From Restaurants To Food BanksThis Map Shows Commuting Times Across The Entire PlanetCould Paying Top Dollar For Staff Be Worse For The Labor Market?An Ingenious Approach To Designing AI That Doctors TrustKevin Durant will assist other athletes questing for YouTube stardomThese Hilarious Sweaters Are Urban CamouflageWhy January Is Your Least Productive Month And What To Do About ItMost Patreon creators make less than $100 a monthThe Starbucks Logo Has A Secret You’ve Never NoticedSo a meteor exploded over Michigan and caused an earthquakeThe Two-Week Race To Design The Biggest Protest In U.S. HistoryKnow what else is a “sh**hole”? Trump’s hotels, says Yelp reviewersSee Inside The Hellish E-Waste Dumps Where Old Electronics Go To DieYouTube just made it harder for small video producers to make moneyMicrosoft takes first place on Thomson Reuters inaugural Top 100 Global Tech Leaders listHow Amazon And Google’s AI Assistant War Made CES Relevant AgainPresident Trump Got A Normal Score On This 10-Minute Mental ExamNY’s Schneiderman leads 22 state AGs in suit to block FCC’S repeal of net neutralityThis interactive map shows just how bad the U.S. compares to other countries on paid leaveIf McDonald’s keeps its promise, your Happy Meal could be green within seven yearsUnprecedented Android spyware designed to listen in at selected placesThe Awl is shutting down, and it will be sorely missedThe Government Is Knocking On Amazon’s Door A Lot More OftenThis app wants to make a game out of taking your vitaminsMastercard’s New Platform Helps Kenyan Micromerchants Get Credit–And Restock FasterAziz Ansari Is A Different Conversation Than Weinstein, But It’s A Conversation We Should Be HavingiPhone “throttling” plaintiff asks court to halt Apple battery recycling programPay by fingerprint? Visa’s new card makes it possibleLevandowski faces more trade secret allegations—in lawsuit filed by nannyDonald Trump’s profanity seems to be tripping up Google autocompleteGoogle Wants To Help 10,000 People In Underserved Communities Get New IT JobsUsing an app for contraception? Well, you may be pregnantHow Facebook’s News Feed Shift Could Lead To A Big Spike In XenophobiaHow To Talk About The Gap In Your Work HistoryWar of the hotel empires: Trump’s Panama staff kicked out Marriott executivesThe Internet Is In Love With Google’s Fine Art Selfie-Matching AppWho was Katy Jurado? Here’s the story behind today’s stunning Google DoodleYouTube Is Shaping Your Child’s Career Ambitions More Than You AreDown goes the price of bitcoin and Ethereum in yet another cryptocurrency plungeSome Sad Men Made A Woman-Free Cut Of “The Last Jedi.” (It’s 46 Minutes Long)Airbnb has beautiful homes to rent in “sh*thole” countries5 Mistakes To Avoid When Asking For A RaiseGM is leading the self-driving car race while Tesla lags far behind, report saysThis 2018 flu map from the CDC shows the insane spread of the virus in every stateWhat Went Wrong In Hawaii, Human Error? Nope, Bad DesignGrieving Is Hard, Long Work. Could Technology Help?Four Slack And Email Mistakes To Avoid In Your First Month On The JobEven Experts Can’t Agree On Monuments–And That’s OkayCan We Create A New Kind Of Downtown In Abandoned Suburban Offices?On Second Thought, You Should Maybe Talk Less In MeetingsMeet The Preeminent Illustrator Of The Trump EraGoogle is going underwater to deliver cloud services in 2019Why Nike Sees Social Responsibility As An Opportunity To InnovateBitcoin is going to $100,000 in 2018, says analystU.S. officials want AT&T to cut ties with Huawei over Chinese spying fearsChina will block cryptocurrency platforms that allow centralized trading