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The “Fire And Fury” Cover Is Hilariously Bad. Here’s A Better OneMichael Wolff’s Cattiness Undercuts The Impact Of “Fire And Fury”Even One Of The iPhone’s Co-Creators Thinks Apple Should Own Up To Teen Cell Phone AddictionTo End A Food Desert, These Community Members Opened Their Own GroceryH&M’s Apology For Its Racist Catalog Pic Isn’t Enough For The WeekndFacebook’s “M” AI concierge is dead, long live MFacebook says its AI work is alive and well, even after closing MLana Del Rey And Radiohead Are Not Alone: 5 Times Soundalike Songs Ended Up In CourtFired Googler James Damore files a lawsuit claiming “hostility for conservative thought”Facebook just signed another music licensing deal–this time with Sony/ATVIf You Find Yourself Automated Out Of A Job, Blame The New Tax PlanHere’s why GoPro finally pulled the plug on its disastrous droneGoogle unifies its payment apps under “Google Pay”Nine #MeToo Moments That Defined The Golden GlobesCoke’s New Font Is Design At Its WorstAfter Iceland and Germany, now France declares war on the gender wage gapNBC wants you to know it hasn’t endorsed Oprah for presidentThese Cannabis Industry Innovators Are Growing A Billion Dollar Industry10 Questions This Former Apple Recruiter Asks Before Hiring LeadersTwitter has quietly started verifying users againHere’s What VCs Look For The First Time They Meet A FounderGraphic design startup Canva just turned into a unicornHere’s What To Do When Common Career Advice Doesn’t Work For YouThese Enchanting Fireflies Are Actually A Robot SwarmGoogle Street View Now Has A Soundtrack, Thanks To AIKohler Releases The Most Romantic Toilet Commercial Ever MadeWhy A Small Minneapolis Fashion Brand Is Making Climate Change Part Of Its BusinessNeed A Creative Idea In 10 Minutes? Play With The Stuff On Your DeskI Slept With A Sleep Robot (And I Liked It)First Look: Muji’s Debut Hotel (And Restaurant!)Designers Finally Have A Seat At The Table. Now What?SpaceX just successfully launched a classified U.S. government spacecraftThe Growing Movement To Create City-Run Public BanksTwo activist Apple shareholders want the company to research the impact of iPhones on childrenGoogle used ads to make millions from vulnerable addicts seeking treatmentUber teams up with Nvidia to power the AI in its self-driving carsOprah Winfrey 2020? Read Oprah’s full Golden Globes speech and decide for yourselfL’Oreal’s Ingenious Nail Art Detects Harmful UV Rays3 Bad Habits CEOs Picked Up In 2017 And How They Plan To Break ThemEveryone that’s cashed out since Uber’s SoftBank deal (so far)Starting A Side Project In 2018? Here’s How To Make It SuccessfulLife is a living nightmare. This comedy telethon wants to make it betterSouthwest Airlines will pay $15 million in price-collusion settlementTwitter tries to articulate why it won’t ban Donald TrumpThis New Blockchain Protocol Wants To Create Accountability For Social ImpactPolitical Statements, Black Dresses, And Surprise Wins: What To Expect At The Golden Globes This SundayWhy Jimmy Iovine’s Departure From Apple Should Surprise No OneChrissy Teigen rethinks her stance on Logan Paul after new video footage surfacesNASA sees direct proof that the hole in the ozone layer is slowly shrinkingReport: The media is bad at covering climate change and worse at covering solutionsHow I Landed A Job At Dropbox Without A Technical DegreeBarnes & Noble’s stock just dropped to the lowest it’s been in this centurySpotify’s top content executive is leaving right before its IPOHow To Land A Cybersecurity Job Even If You’re Not A Data ScientistHere’s How People Say Google Home And Alexa Impact Their LivesThe New York Times takes on sexual harassment in a new ad for the Golden GlobesHow To Deliver Your Presentation In Half The Time You’d AllottedYou Can Now Relax To The Soothing Sounds Of Quantum ComputingHot New Cryptocurrency Trend: Mining Malware That Could Fry Your PhoneInside The Furniture Startup Beloved By Instagram, Pinterest, Casper, And EverlaneFour Reasons Resumes No Longer WorkAn AI Learned To Make Fireworks, And They’re MesmerizingSix Steps To Get Promoted This YearApple’s App Store–and iOS developers–had a great 2017Trippy Stickers Trick Computers Into Thinking A Banana Is A ToasterWhy CES Might Not Be So Boring This YearElon Musk tried to get Trump interested in colonizing MarsThese Poverty-Fighting Startups Are Slaying Silicon Valley’s Sacred CowsHappy “Black Mirror” New Year, KFC Trolls Trump: The Top 5 Ads Of The WeekSelf-Driving Car Companies Are Going To Shake Up This Year’s CESIs Genetic Testing Part Of The Solution To The Opioid Crisis?Travis Kalanick is going to sell 29% of his stake in Uber to SoftbankGoogle’s Tough Choice On How To Warn The World About Massive Security FlawsApple confirms iOS and macOS are vulnerable to “Meltdown” and “Spectre” exploitsHow The Top 10 Philanthropists Of 2017 Are Reshaping GivingThese winter storm satellite images prove a “bomb cyclone” looks even scarier from spaceAs Charles Harder Threatens Michael Wolff,’s Kickstarter Looks BleakFormica (Yes, It Still Exists!) Enters The 21st CenturyPhilip Morris is trying to quit cigarettesThese Vending Machines Give The Homeless Free FoodMicrosoft and Adaptive Biotechnologies are using AI to decode the immune systemMark Zuckerberg’s 2018 personal challenge is to do his job as CEOHow To Expand Your Job Description Without Annoying Your BossiPhone Users Suing Apple Over The Battery Issue Have A Tough Case To ProvePixar Just Revealed Scrapped Ideas From Their Movies. This Changes EverythingCalifornia’s first stab at net neutrality law is more like a pinprick6 Ways To Do More With Less This Year (Without Breaking A Sweat)Ad buyers prefer Instagram to Snapchat—and Snap’s stock is taking a nosedive“Spectre” And “Meltdown” Chip Flaws Touch “Almost Every System,” Say ResearchersReport: Jeff Sessions may be trying to effectively end legal potSpotify Files For IPO: Here’s What That Means For Its RivalsThis Is How To Change Careers Without Spiraling Into The UnknownThe Absolutely Massive Future Of Offshore Wind FarmsPaycheck changes in 2018: Will yours be different with the new tax law?The Racist Roots Of “Urban Renewal” And How It Made Cities Less EqualHow to Really Accomplish Your Goals in 2018Can This App That Lets You Sell Your Health Data Cut Your Health Costs?Introducing Hit The Ground Running: A Weekly Guide To Starting Your CareerExplore The Largest Early Map Of The WorldExactly How To Decide Which Skills To Put On Your ResumeGraphic: Trump’s Tweets Can Be Reduced To 4 Rhetorical StrategiesBitcoin Fever Turned Me Into A Cat PimpThe Tesla Model 3 production target has been delayed againThe White House is banning personal mobile phones for staffersEight Trends That Will Define The Digital Assistant Wars In 2018Six Artifacts From The Future Of Food2018 Fashion: We Drop “Plus Size” And Evolve Past The Retail ApocalypseAT&T will begin rolling out a true 5G network by the end of the yearChina’s Walmart partner just opened supermarkets that the Jetsons would shop atIntel’s CEO sold a ton of stock “unrelated” to knowledge of major chip flawFormer NSA contractor will plead guilty to massive heist of U.S. government secretsQuartet Health just raised $40 million to expand its healthcare platformsThis fake Uber app hijacks your password and covers its tracksTime Inc. just sold Essence magazine to Richelieu DennisEven women who earn more money still do most of the work at homeUsers: Apple Watch is getting sick at the hospitalThis video tour of CES in 1980 is an evocative piece of gadget historyIranian Women Flout Hijab Laws In Bold, Gorgeous PhotoshootAmazon Echo owners spend more on average than Prime membersWatch out, Congress: This neural network can predict public corruptionKFC Just Trolled President Trump In The Fast-Foodiest Way PossibleSpaceX just showed off its assets in a Falcon Heavy rocket videoLook Out For These Warning Signs Before You Take That New JobAds may be coming to Amazon’s Alexa in 2018: ReportI Was The Only Woman In My Company For Two Long YearsEric Trump thinks Ellen DeGeneres is part of the Deep StateFlight crews on Air New Zealand are testing out Google’s live-translation headphones“Black Mirror” Is Obsessed With Digital Hell Because We Are Living In ItCreating “A Service Economy That Actually Serves People, And A Justice System That Is Actually Just”Is “bomb cyclone” even a real thing? The origin of the scariest term in weatherThese Eight Phrases Are Killing Your Chance For A Promotion9 CEOs’ Top Priorities For 2018 In Tech, Business, And SocietyThese Beautiful Ergonomic Tools Are Like Sculptures For Your DeskMaking America Great Again In Space Won’t Just Be A Job For NASA10 Kids Designed The Car Of The Future, And They’re BrilliantWIll Facebook Watch Be Must-See TV In 2018?4 Stupidly Simple Habit Changes To Lower Your Work Stress This YearSamsung will introduce three new health tech products at CES10 New Principles Of Good DesignHow Branding Is Fueling The Cryptocurrency CrazeChina wants to be AI leader with new $2.1 billion research park“Alexa, Why Hasn’t Amazon Made Earbuds Yet?”Amazon patents a mirror that lets you try on clothes, virtuallySpotify is being sued for $1.6 billion for using thousands of songs without a licenseTwitter protesters say Jack Dorsey will be complicit in a Trump-launched nuclear warAmazon reveals Prime’s most popular products and media of 2017Here’s Why Apple Won’t Buy Netflix When It Repatriates Its BillionsTracking The Lives Of Veterans To Figure Out Where They Slip Through The CracksNobody Died In A Commercial Passenger Jet In 2017, But Not Because Of TrumpThere won’t be any women in top keynote slots at CES, after allYes, that Logan Paul suicide victim video violated YouTube’s policies. Here’s whySnubbing FCC, States Are Writing Their Own Net Neutrality LawsDisney World removed “Do Not Disturb” signs (probably for a disturbing reason)The ‘Shroom Boom: Will Trendy Medicinal Mushrooms Go Mainstream In 2018?Can The Private Sector Help Cities Stop Traffic Deaths?What You Should Know Before Asking For A Raise In 2018Dream job alert: This Florida state park is hiring mermaidsThese Three Phrases Are Killing Innovation At Your WorkplaceGoing to CES? Lyft and Aptiv want to give you a ride in a self-driving carIceland just made it illegal to pay men more than women for the same jobYour Creative Calendar: 71 Things To See, Hear, And Read This JanuaryThree Types Of Annoyingly Chatty Coworkers And How To Shut Them UpThese 8,000 Chopstick Wrapper Sculptures Were Left Behind By CustomersHow To Become Indispensable At Work This YearThe Fraught Future Of MonumentsIran blocks Telegram and Instagram amid widespread protests in the countryWhat Apple’s New Office Chairs Reveal About Work In 2018New drug approvals in the U.S. more than doubled in 2017The Most Important Tech Trends Of 2018, According To Top VCsThis Candidate For Congress Will Let His Constituents Decide How He VotesWhat do the top three grossing movies of 2017 have in common? They’re all led by womenMinimum wage increases just went into effect for these 18 statesHollywood power women start 2018 with a major plan to end sexual harassmentWhy 2018 Will Be The Year Of VR 2.011 Expert Tips To Make 2018 Your Most Productive Year EverHow You’ll Look For A Job In 2018