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Six Words And Phrases That Make Everyone Hate Working With YouHere Are The Trailers You’ve Missed From San Diego Comic-Con So FarFour Work-Life Questions To Ponder On Vacation This SummerThe record sums tech giants just spent to influence U.S. law in the Trump era, in a handy chartIs Your Country Ready For A Catastrophe?Why Telling John McCain To Beat Cancer Feeds A Dangerous GOP NarrativeHere are the most head-scratching quotes from Anthony Scaramucci’s first press conferenceOpen Letter To SNL: Please Let Melissa McCarthy Do Spicey On TV Right NowThe Philanthropy World Is Frightened That Trump’s Tax Plan Is Going To Slow DonationsVice Media just laid off 2% of its staff in a mad dash for video and global expansionKicking These Three Habits Made Me A Better CEO4 Life Insurance Startups Asking Millennials To Face Their MortalityReport: Sean Spicer says bye-bye to the White HouseThe 30-Minute Master Plan For Giving Your Personal Brand A Makeover“Fairy Lives Don’t Matter”: Will Smith’s Fantasy Cop Movie On Netflix Is a Racial AllegoryThe Costume Designer For “Game Of Thrones” Explains Euron Greyjoy’s New SwaggerCould Hawaii Be The First State To Offer A Basic Income?Facebook tells us how great video is after forcing everyone to pivot to itExcited about Disney’s immersive “Star Wars” hotel? Thank a cord-cutterFrom Work Uniforms To Hearing Back On LinkedIn: This Week’s Top Leadership StoriesIt’s official: Sean Hannity is no William F. BuckleyGo inside Sephora’s first-ever boutique shop on Boston’s classiest streetGo Inside The ISS, The Most Expensive Structure Ever BuiltThis Rotary Phone Is A Delightfully Analog Way To Read The WebSprint is trolling Verizon with a fake store where you can’t actually buy thingsSomeday You Could Swallow This Wireless Robot Like A PillFound: Comfortable Sandals That Are Appropriate To Wear To WorkAirports Have Gotten Insanely ComplicatedBigger Than Booger: Curtis Armstrong On Thriving Through Four Decades In HollywoodThis Site Hopes To Be The First Troll-Free Sex Ed Oasis On The InternetAdobe Just Built The Prettiest UI EverYouTube now redirects terrorism-related searches to anti-extremist contentAn experiment in blowing up a plane prompted the U.S.’s laptop fearsHow To Steal Design Ideas (And Not Feel Like A Schmuck)Look out, Facebook, Snap just bought a startup that makes it harder to copy softwareWhy This Van In Fresno Is Releasing A Million Bacteria-Infected Mosquitoes Every WeekDelta now lets you use your fingerprints as your boarding passJeff Bezos’s first Instagram post is the humblebrag to beat all humblebragsThis Ad Starkly Depicts Black Parents Having “The Talk” With Their KidsIn Its War With Apple, Qualcomm Tries To Save Its Business ModelThe Amazon-Whole Foods merger is raising concerns about pricing and grocery accessSephora Is Experimenting With A Boutique Format To Prepare For The Retail ApocalypseWhy did the Trump administration yank climate experts from Zuckerberg’s national park tour?Not Everyone Has A Garage, But What If The Streetlights Were Electric Car Charging Stations?Breathless coverage of Elon Musk is exactly how fake news beginsThese Projects Are Using Art To Fight The Prison Industrial ComplexHow a Hotmail address gave away the web’s largest drug marketNew moms rejoice: Thirdlove created a nursing bra that actually fits and isn’t super scratchySee What America Hates Most, State By StateThe 2018 Pirelli Calendar Is Here With An All-Black “Alice In Wonderland” CastGood Luck Getting Elected To Congress If You Are A Moderate WomanShyp, Which Wanted To Transform Shipping, Is Scaling Back To San FranciscoCitymapper doesn’t just want to give you directions—it wants to drive you thereElon Musk’s latest Boring Company tweet is a doozy“We Had The Wrong Goal Initially”: Pinterest’s Diversity Chief Adjusts CourseYou’ll never want to go outside again thanks to PBS’s space TV lineupIntel, still seeking life beyond PCs, abandons wearables for ARAir France doesn’t want you to call its new millennial-focused airline “low cost”See Just How Much Of A City’s Land Is Used For Parking SpacesThis California Ghost City Is A Monument To Bad PlanningThe ACLU is suing the Trump administration over its secret “religious liberty” planThis Donald Trump Jr. Headline Had All Of Twitter Making The Exact “Same” JokeDoing This One Thing Can Hurt Your Job Interview ChancesCortana’s next gig is on a slick thermostatTwitter says its new anti-abuse efforts are working, but others aren’t convincedMIT Can See What You’re Eating For DinnerGood job, humans: The world is basically a pile of plastic garbage nowThis Is Where You’ll Find Your Next New EmployeeThis Glove Translates Sign Language Into SpeechThe Radio “Bubble” That Could Shield Soldiers From Terrorist DronesFunding for cultural orgs would be tied to diversity under NYC planSelf-Driving Cars Must Earn Our Trust, Says Intel’s Autonomous ChiefThis VC Explains How To Avoid Pitching Good Ideas BadlyCould Driverless Cars Turn Manhattan Into A Lush Pedestrian Paradise?Technology Will Soon Live Imperceptibly On Your SkinFormer Recruiters Reveal The Industry’s Dark Secrets That Cost You Job OffersDetroit 1967 social media accounts will live-tweet the events of the 1967 Detroit riot and unrestWhat Home Looks Like In The World’s Most Expensive Housing MarketHere’s everything Facebook says it’s doing to help journalists (and publishers)I Drank BuzzFeed Wine Because What Does It All Even Mean Anyway?The U.S. has lifted the laptop ban on flights from Saudi ArabiaThese Expandable Kids’ Clothes Are Designed To Grow Six SizesNASA just dumped hundreds of videos of aerospace history onlineHere are the 3 things the next Uber CEO needs, according to its SVP of strategyYour cloud data is off limits to border agents, but not your locked devicesThe Case Against Louise Mensch’s Blue Twitter CheckmarkThe Difficult Calculus Of Giving Guns To Non-State MilitiasRZA And Chipotle Are Bringing Beats (But Not Beets) To Your LunchThese Posters Explain How To Help Stop Islamophobic Attacks In PublicRefugee Camps Are Turning Into Permanent Cities–Can They Be Smart Cities?How Guillermo del Toro’s New Film Is And Isn’t Like M. Night Shyamalan’s “Lady in the Water”Away is going beyond suitcases to become a full-fledged media companyTheory is trying to win over hip millennial customers with Theory 2.0Amazon is sending a truck full of trending items around the countryThis Apple patent imagines an easier way to call 911 for helpReady or not, Samsung’s Bixby assistant is hereThis PSA Shows How Texting While Doing Other Things Is Funny Until It’s Really NotRedesigning the Design ProcessStudy: Japanese workers overwhelmingly support office romancesYour Promotion Should Help Your Career, Not Just Your Bank AccountGen Z are the cord-cutters of the future. Can the TV industry win them over before it’s too late?4 Charts That Illustrate The Bias Against LGBTQ Workers In The Nonprofit WorldTwo Photographers Shoot Two Radically Different Portraits Of “New” DetroitManagers, Here’s Why You Keep Promoting The Wrong PeopleApple has a new machine-learning journal that lets Apple scientists publicize their workStephen Colbert Brings Obama’s Anger Translator Out Of Retirement For TrumpThe Only Email Template You Need When You Want To Ask Your Boss For HelpUnited’s CEO seems to really regret the dawn of social mediaScore another win for dudes: BBC has a giant gender pay gapWe Went Inside Adidas’s Top Secret Design LabFacebook and Google are making people forget where they get their newsThe Bizarre Beauty Of Silicon Valley’s Salt PondsWelcome To “Alt Disney,” A Bleak New Reality For Your Favorite Disney CharactersThese 6 Women’s “Work Uniforms” Will Make Your Mornings EasierSlack Invests In A Part-Human AI For BusinessHow To Master The Secret Art Of Getting Inside Your Boss’s HeadTrump’s Branding Strategy Got Him Elected. Now It’s Failing Him. Sad!These Tesla Vets Are Taking On Tech Giants With Robo-Car Maps Made By The CrowdMicrosoft Is Quietly Building A Low-Tech Alternative To GPSNBC News is launching a twice-daily show on Snapchat to attract younger viewersSnap’s Spectacles are now available on AmazonHow Cheap Does Geothermal Need To Be Before It Becomes The Next Solar?Apple just named its first managing director for ChinaGoogle wants to be more like Facebook with its new news feedChina has reportedly blocked WhatsApp photo, voice, and video messagesBlippar’s new face profiles could make AR more accessible—and practicalCongress Should Decide Net Neutrality. Too Bad It Doesn’t Have The BandwidthPeter Rive, SolarCity Cofounder And Elon Musk’s Cousin, Is Leaving TeslaTo Get The World’s Attention, These African Farmers Turned A Field Into DataNow you can’t get fired for using medical marijuana in MassachusettsVR can improve your kid’s eyesight: studyWe just like picturing Jeff Bezos wandering around an airport unable to find an outletHow far will Snap stock fall? Here are two things that could hurt shares even moreAmnesty International Brings Aleppo Horrors To Copenhagen’s StreetsJames Franco’s Movie About The Worst Movie Ever May Have The Best Cast EverHow This Skateboarding Icon Built An Empire From Feeling Like “This Is The End”I’ve Been A Manager For Over 10 Years. These Are The Biggest Lessons I’ve LearnedChipotle’s stock is plummeting after a restaurant closed due to sick customersSweet nothings: Study says artificial sweeteners don’t help you lose weightThe Diary of An Ex-Amazon InternHere’s your chance to meet the man who is leading the ACLU’s fight against TrumpAl Gore says he got campaign opposition material tooFacebook just scooped up Uber’s former head of communicationsReplacing it didn’t work, so now the GOP might just vote on repealing Obamacare entirelyThese Trippy Prints Were Made From Old VHS TapesThese Five Tricks Will Help You Finally Complete Your To-Do ListHow A Bunch Of Data Geeks Charmed The Art World—And Modernized ItNetflix Q2 Earnings: How A Giant Mutant Pig Brought Home The Global BaconGoogle Glass is the comeback we didn’t expect in 2017Do These 5 Emotionally Intelligent Things Within 5 Minutes Of Meeting SomeoneBurning Man Has Become A Testing Ground For Extreme ArchitectureIt’s Time To Stop Using AI As A Marketing GimmickYour Brain’s Personal Trainer Would Give You This AdviceWater Will Be This Century’s Great Urban Design ChallengeInstagram Woos Entrepreneurs With A Day Of Startup Summer SchoolMyspace let anyone hack into your account just by knowing your birthdayWatch This Video Of Obama–It’s The Future Of Fake NewsHow To Steal A Phone Number (And Everything Linked To It)The Inventor Of Roomba Has A New Robot That Sucks Up Invasive FishShould Your Brand Lead With Its Values?This is the most adorable space drone you’ll ever seeThis is the most popular emoji on FacebookWhy SoundCloud’s Silence Would Be DeafeningHow Steve Jobs Set Apple On Course To Rule Consumer Augmented RealityNetflix rockets past 100 million subscribers and Wall Street couldn’t be happierReport: Hampton Creek loses its entire board except for the CEOThese Kid-Made Cartoons Tackle Periods, Bullying, And Coming OutMozilla is crowdsourcing a massive speech-recognition systemRap Duo Rae Sremmurd Adds Superheroes To Their Resumes With Valiant ComicsEurope Is Going After American Tech Giants The Way The U.S. Used ToWord up: A crossword puzzle a day might lead to a sharper brain later in lifeThese Internet Enabled Wells Are Helping Kenya Navigate Its Historic Water CrisisA driver claimed Tesla’s autopilot crashed his car and now Tesla’s stock has droppedSuperstar Athletes Recount Their Lowest Defeats For Gatorade’s New PodcastLeap Motion’s amazing hand-tracking tech for VR/AR coming to Asia thanks to giant funding roundEmployers, Your Employees’ Lack Of Productivity Might Be All On YouIf You’ve Wondered Where Ideas Come From, This Short Is A Good StartThis Westerosi Design Firm Branded The Houses Of “Game Of Thrones”A sushi-delivering robot may soon roam the streets of JapanFour reasons why Amazon entering the meal-kit game would spell doom for Blue ApronHow A Small Solar Light Is Saving Refugees’ LivesWhy You Should Apply To Become A World’s Most Innovative CompanyHow to Become A 2018 World’s Most Innovative CompanyLocal TV newscasts are in trouble as audiences disappearAtari’s retro game console has one major difference from the NES ClassicEveryone hates chip cards. What if companies could make them less annoying?The Scary Reason Companies Like Verizon Keep Blowing Your Digital PrivacyThese Are The Job Skills Of The Future That Robots Can’t MasterFrom Apple To Advocacy: Why Media Arts Lab Is Doubling Down On Social ImpactWe Need A Massive Remote-Worker Hiring Spree In The American HeartlandScience: Doodling Has Real Benefits For The BrainThis Office-In-A-Box Is A Cubicle You’ll Actually Want To UseSurveyMonkey’s Future Is Focused On One Word: CuriosityRecruiters Explain Which Types Of Messages They Actually Reply ToIs The Big Break A Myth? 10 Designers On How One Job Can Shape Your CareerThe Next Siri Might Be YouThis Candy Company Is Making Sure Its Chocolate Is “100% Slave-Free”Ashley Madison will offer $11.2 million to settle lawsuit from users whose personal details were exposedElon Musk warns that AI represents “a fundamental risk to the existence of civilization”Google wins a victory against the Labor Department’s investigation into its gender pay gap