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Young Chicagoans Are Camping On The City’s Most Dangerous Blocks To Protest ViolenceThese Are The LinkedIn InMails That Get The Highest Response Rates“Hulk smash”: Marvel teaming with Oculus on new VR adventureWhy This Tech CEO Keeps Hiring Humanities MajorsDonald Trump, Reebok made you a handy chart to determine when it is appropriate to comment on women’s bodiesStop Right Now And Watch “Chasing Coral” To Understand What We’ve Done To The OceanThis Is Where Hillary Clinton’s Unused Election Night Confetti Went10 Of Prince’s Music Videos Are Now On VevoThis Accelerator Is Helping A Social Purpose For Each Of The Sustainable Development GoalsThe head of Alexa and Echo is leaving Amazon after two decadesDriverless Cars Could Turn N.Y.C. Into A City Of Tiny ParksThis Company Encourages Female Employees To Brag About Each OtherEvan Spiegel is probably glad it’s FridayCan These Innovative Journalism Projects Find The Future Of News?After humanity is toast, this critter could be the last creature standing on EarthUber’s Southeast Asia rival Grab gets a big cash infusionAmazon’s Alexa Has A Data Dilemma: Be More Like Apple Or Google?Wait, Netflix spends how much on content now?Betsey Johnson just opened a hotel in Mexico that looks like the inside of her brainRoku may go public after a decade of streaming TV successDocumenting The Unseen Forces Of Tectonic Plates10 “Game of Thrones” Loose Ends We Need Answered In Season 7These are the most beloved tech CEOs according to a pollHere’s How To Stop An Annoying Chatterbox From Rambling OnThe Insanity Of The Trump Age, Illustrated In One Brilliant ImageWhere do Ivanka Trump products come from? This WaPo graphic has some answersThese Classical Artworks Come To Life To Make Fun Of Your Museum SelfieFrom LinkedIn Mentors To Follow-Up Emails: This Week’s Top Leadership StoriesGoldman Sachs is literally about to get less buttoned upElon Musk just launched his mystery websiteDoes Your City Literally Stink? There’s An App For ThatWhy Your Summer Schedule Should Be A Blueprint For Your LifeLessons On Branding From A Company That Has No BrandAI Is Inventing Languages Humans Can’t Understand. Should We Stop It?These Are The Places In The U.S. That Will Be Soaked By Climate Change FirstThe Australian government wants to force tech companies to decrypt messages5 Startups Changing How Americans Buy Their First HomePizza chain backed by LeBron James sells big stake to private equity firmJailed For A Facebook Poem: The Fight Against Myanmar’s Draconian Defamation LawsAnnouncing The 2017 Fast Company Innovation Festival In New York CityThe DraftKings-FanDuel merger is officially a no-goDC Comics’ New Genderfluid Superhero Draws On Endless InspirationTo End Mass Incarceration, We Need To End Long Prison SentencesGet ready for the LinkedIn video pivotBuying stuff with Amazon Echo? You have company but also lots of doubtersThis Viral Tweet Sparked A Crucial Conversation About Mental Health At WorkHow Audible’s CEO Is Working To Lift Up The City Around The Company’s OfficePrime Membership Growth Is Slowing—But By How Much?Goop Goes On The Defensive In A Doctors’ Note To HatersThis Ingenious Game Reveals Everything That’s Wrong With Gender-Centric BrandingThis embarrassing tweet proves the Wall Street Journal isn’t taking diversity concerns seriouslyHow To Ask About Promotions In A Job Interview Without Sounding ArrogantOculus said to be aiming to release its standalone VR headset for $200 in 2018How big is the Larsen C iceberg compared to your town? This tool will show youYou Can Speak More Powerfully Without Ever Raising Your VoiceThis 11-Year-Old Invented A Cheap Test Kit For Lead In Drinking WaterRedesigning New York’s Most Notorious JailWatch The Animated History Of How Beyoncé’s “Formation” Came To BeThese Are The Six Red Flags That You’re Getting Bad AdviceWesteros’s Top Design Agency Offers Case Studies On “Game Of Thrones” HousesHow Amazon strong-arms fashion brands into becoming wholesale partnersRepublicans are more likely to cry “fake news,” but they’re paying for it as much as DemocratsOur Political Climate Is So Stressful, There’s An App For ThatAn Airbnb host who banned an Asian-American guest now has to take a course in Asian-American studiesHere’s What Needs To Happen For VR To Go MainstreamAn Exoskeleton Designed To Help Stroke Patients WalkCan A Maternity Concierge Service Help Keep Women On The Leadership Track?This App Generates Emoji Raves. You’re WelcomeHere Are Some More Productive Ways To Zone Out In Boring MeetingsNow business travelers can book an Airbnb right on ConcurThe EU wants to make it illegal for employers to snoop on your social media feedsGoogle’s Next Design Project? Artificial IntelligenceHere’s A Peek At The iPhone’s Next Big TrickWhy Did Spotify Hire This Expert In Music-Making AI?Uber and Yandex are merging their ride-hailing businesses in RussiaThis New Site Sells Food And Household Essentials–All For $3 Or LessThe Afghan girls’ robotics team has finally been granted visas to come to the U.S.Microsoft is shutting its U.S.-based Surface Hub manufacturing plantGoogle just got out of a $1.3 billion tax bill in FranceOakley And VSCO Introduce Eye-Opening Photo FiltersExclusive: Listen To MUTEMATH’s New Single “Stroll On”Apple Is Working Hard On An iPhone Rear-Facing 3D Laser For AR And Autofocus: SourceGlossier is making moves to Canada and EuropeWatch the mysterious hidden message on Radiohead’s “OK Computer” bonus tapeThe Electric Vehicle Takeover May Happen Sooner Than AnticipatedEven Amazon Didn’t Think You’d Waste So Much Money On Prime DayHow Machine-Learning AI Is Going To Make Your Phone Even SmarterThese Glue-Free Sneakers Are Designed To Be Healthier For Factory WorkersMicrosoft’s Calibri Font At Center Of Political ScandalThe first rule of meeting Zuck: You do not talk about meeting ZuckMoon Express reveals new details for how it plans to get to the moon and beyondNow You Can Broadcast Facebook Live Videos From Virtual RealityPapier Machine Is Like An Adult Coloring Book For MakersAmazon Prime Day sales: Echo Dot outsold everything else, says AmazonAirbnb denounces hotel-backed NYC sting operations as “second-rate KGB spy tactics”This Terrarium Filters Dirty Water By Mimicking The Amazon BiosphereThis Cover Letter Checklist Can Help You Show Off Your Personality Without Overdoing ItThe Apple Store really wants to sell you a smart home nowFarmers And Ranchers Are Planning To Install Solar In The Path Of The Keystone PipelineThis 21st-Century Lite-Brite Teaches People How To CodeNow you can tour Australia’s Great Barrier Reef without leaving TwitterHyperloop One says it completed its first test run in MayThis Women-Led VC Fund Wants To Show The Valley What Real Gender Equality Looks LikeWomen In Tech Need To UnionizeHow Nike Plans To Fight Off The Competition: “Knowing Female Athletes Better Than Anyone”Nike just launched a groundbreaking new sports braYou Can Now Text With An Art Museum (And It Understands Emoji)These Are The 5 Kinds Of Summer Horror Movies You’re Getting This YearHow Cuba’s Movie Posters Influenced Its Revolutionary ArtThis Is What To Do When Your Startup’s Customers Get Mad At YouHere are some before-and-after images of the Larsen C ice shelf that just broke off AntarcticaThis Snøhetta-Designed Restaurant May Be The Most Hygge Place EverI Tried Five High-Tech Solutions That Promised To Fix My Terrible Posture6 Radical Buildings Built From The Humble BrickAI Is Reshaping What We Know About CitiesIt’s time to stop asking about previous salaries once and for allApple is opening its first data center in China to comply with tough new Chinese cybersecurity lawsUgh. Facebook Messenger will soon start showing you ads with your messagesThis Vertical Farm Wants To Be An Agriculture Company, Not A Tech CompanyTrump is being sued for blocking people on TwitterTwitter’s former CEO says Silicon Valley’s “bro” culture is “probably way worse than we’ve seen so far”Hackers have stolen the credit card info of guests at 14 Trump hotelsFacebook is “in touch” with Congress about Russian election interferenceSource: A “Sense Of Panic” At Apple As The Next Flagship iPhone’s Software Problems PersistFactory Maintenance Jobs Are Getting Harder To Fill. Siemens Says AI Could Replace ThemImpeachment is on the minds of Citigroup analystsThe Tick’s Next Adventure? Saving One Amazon Viewer’s CityTwitter’s new CFO has tweeted a whopping 21 timesNet Neutrality Day: Here’s how some of the biggest tech companies are protesting the FCCWhat it’s like to be LGBT and work in commercial real estateToyota gears up against Google, Ford, and Tesla with $100 million AI venture fundSpotify is now one deal away from changing its free tier and going publicMeet The Woman Leading The Fight To Save Net NeutralityHow Coca-Cola’s Doomed “OK Soda” Can Lead To Your Next Great Ad IdeaStella & Dot’s KEEP Collective partners with Disney25 Fossil Fuel Companies Produced Half Of Global Emissions In The Last 30 YearsDrink up because your coffee habit just might keep you healthyThe “Stranger Things 2” Poster Draws On A Vast, Rich Legacy Of Horror Movie PostersNASA is studying the fungus among us before humans take it to a new planetGoogle’s New “Panic Mode” Should Be Part Of Every UI5 Signs Your Boss And Coworkers Don’t Trust YouThis Netflix Doc Has Everything You Need To Know About Trump-Era Threats To Free PressWhy Costume Designers Are the Secret Heroes of StorytellingDonald Trump Jr. just tweeted this seemingly incriminating email about his meeting with Russian attorneySexism In Tech Won’t Be Solved In An Hour—Or An Ashton Kutcher Live ChatWhat It Would Feel Like To Walk On MarsThe Developing World Is Turning Its Poop Problem Into A ResourceThe Real Reasons Most Digital Transformations FailThis Is How Some Black Women Are Skirting Racism And Sexism To Find FundingChina “teleported” a photon from the Earth to outer spaceLouis Vuitton is now selling a $2,500 Android Wear smartwatchThis Year’s Must-See Architecture Is A Mountain Of Paper TubesMorgan Stanley downgrades Snap Inc. after helping it to go publicHow Illustrating Coloring Books (Sort Of) Fixed My Anxious MindCan You Map Out Literary Genius?There Are More Women In Award-Winning Ads, But Still Not Nearly EnoughI Tasted The Microwave Dinner Of The Future, And It Was DeliciousThis Is Why Your Brain Sucks At Time ManagementWhat is Amazon up to with this patent for an underwater lair?Don’t drive in these 10 cities—they’re the worstThe Frank Lloyd Wright Project History Conveniently ForgotLinkedIn Is Testing A New Feature That Matches You With A MentorThis is why America’s economic engine is losing steam7 Leading Designers Describe The First Time They Got RejectedThe head of failed bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox just pleaded not guilty to embezzlement chargesGoogle’s Rules For Designers Working With AIFaraday Future’s huge cash crunch puts the brakes on its electric car plans for nowBlue Origin is letting you live out your astronaut fantasy—for a few minutes at leastAre You Ready To Consider That Capitalism Is The Real Problem?The Next iPhone May Not Start At $1,200, But It Will Be Very ExpensiveHere’s Why Newspapers Are Banding Together To Fight Google And FacebookLeast Creative Thing Of The Day: Famous Musicians Defend Sexist Harassment From A Punk Rock IconThis is why you shouldn’t write emails when you’re angryAlmost one-third of millennials have used Venmo to pay for drugsThis Is How Hot Your City Could Be By The End Of The CenturyA judge said Uber can depose Larry PageThese 25 companies and countries produce more than 50% of global greenhouse gas emissionsThe Trump administration just blocked an Obama-era rule for foreign “startup visas”This Young Palestinian Engineer Is Helping Rebuild Gaza With WasteHollywood’s on-screen smoking policy needs a rebootAbbi Jacobson’s New Podcast Will Make You Feel Less Stupid About Modern ArtMicrosoft 365 bundles Windows and Office into one serviceBoss-Speak Decoded: From “I Like How You’re Thinking” To “I’m Working Late Tonight”Alert John Oliver: The public can now comment on the Sinclair-Tribune media mega-mergerCheddar just bought a stock-trading “game” that lets people play around with $100,000How Well Do You Know The Typography Of Rock ‘N’ Roll?Do You Really Need A LinkedIn Premium Account?This Music Video Has a Trump Cameo–And a Connection To Trump Jr’s Meeting With a Russian LawyerHere are the best Amazon Prime Day 2017 dealsWhy Adidas Is Going Beyond Fitness With Its New “All Day” Lifestyle AppThe Three-Step Process That’s Kept 3M Innovative For DecadesDesigners Of White House’s Website Cringe At How Trump Is Using ItUnderwood Made Canned Wine Look Chic. Next Up? Wine CoolersTarget Debuts An All-Gender Product Line For KidsWhat To Do When Your Boss Throws You Under The BusThis CDC map shows which areas have the highest rate of opioid painkiller prescriptionsThis Is How To Write A Follow-Up Email That’s Not AnnoyingInmates built hidden computers for porn and TorArtists’ And Architects’ Brains Work DifferentlyThe Dark Side Of “Friendly” DesignKeeping Track Of All These Voice Assistants Is Becoming A ProblemThe first production Model 3 has rolled off Tesla’s assembly lineAmazon continues to take over the world, chapter MCMDXVIILululemon has already conquered our wardrobes. It now has designs on our home décorTwo more Middle Eastern airlines are now exempt from the laptop banHere’s how people reacted to Trump’s proposed joint cybersecurity force with RussiaForget Starfleet Academy—Future Astronauts Will Be Trained By These CompaniesWhen It Comes To Sustainable Development, The U.S. Is Failing (By A Lot)Major papers want the right to collectively bargain with Google and FacebookAI is hilariously horrible at naming paint colorsIn Bid To Boost Popularity, Oculus Slashes Rift and Touch Price By $200 (Again)