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Dear Art School Grads, Do What You Love—But Never For FreeCan This Detroit Twentysomething Change The Democratic Party Before Politics Changes Him?How Intel Is Using VR To Try To Change Sports Viewing Now And Into The FutureHow Far Can California Go It Alone After Trump Withdraws From Climate Accord?Felix Wants To Help Frustrated Freelancers Get PaidFive crucial things Trump got wrong in his Paris accord farewell speechIf These Giant Companies Can Switch To The Circular Economy, So Can AnyoneNobody in the White House can say what Trump really thinks about climate scienceThe End Is Here: An Exit Interview With “The Leftovers” Creator Damon LindelofMary Meeker’s “Internet Trends” report, now with Mary MeekerTrump moves to keep CIA torture report secret foreverStudio Ghibli, Lionel Messi, and Eataly are getting their own amusement parks, because of courseThis Joystick Floats In Midair (And Controls Your Whole Life)“Fear And Loathing” In The Perfect Pint Video: This Week In MusicWhat will Apple announce at Monday’s WWDC keynote?Demetri Martin Made This Movie To Tell a Story The Way He Couldn’t OnstageTrump’s Climate Decision Reeks Of Steve Bannon’s InfluenceYou Can Still Be A Great Boss When You’re Younger Than Most Of Your TeamThis is What Climate Progress Looks Like Without TrumpLululemon’s website goes down for 20 hours, CEO blames IBMDream job alert: M.Gemi is taking a truck full of shoes and gelato around the country and needs staffersThese are the most photo-worthy donut shops in America, according to YelpReport: Walmart allegedly broke the law by penalizing sick workersFrom IBM’s Remote Work Reversal To How Facebook Hires: May’s Top Leadership StoriesWWDC 2017: The Ultimate Test Of Voice InterfacesThe Honeywell Tech That Could Make Flying Cheaper, Faster, Less Bumpy, And More Netflix-yScientists may have just cracked the secret to crowdfunding successPutin expertly trolls Trump on climate change and ParisHidden in the code of Facebook’s app are clues that it seems to be working on Talk, a chat app for teensMicrosoft just gave Skype a major makeover, with instant messaging, better group chat, and emojisThe Freelancer’s Guide To (Finally) Tapping Into YouTubeThe Ambitious Project To Study Disasters From SpaceThe Gentrifier’s Aesthetic: 23 Totally Over-The-Top Industrial LoftsWhat Happens To Your Brain When You Work On VacationUber X-odus: All The Execs Who Have Left The Company In 2017The Ultimate Productivity Tool: A Robotic Third ArmHow A Degree In Scandinavian Mythology Can Land You A Job At One Of The Biggest Tech CompaniesThe IRS has new tools to uncover that secret overseas account where you stash your moneyThis Startup Uses Machine Learning To Turn UI Designs Into Raw CodeYour Creative Calendar: 77 Things To See, Hear, And Read This JuneNatGeo Goes Genius, Danny McBride Wants More: The Top 5 Ads Of The WeekNot Sure If You Want To Have A Baby? Try Procreating In VR FirstSnapchat Spectacles go on sale in EuropeRadio static? Spotify reassures investors it still might go public after cofounder says reports are falseWWDC Preview: Four Platform Upgrades, AI Everywhere, And Maybe A Siri SpeakerDoes The History Of The Doomsday Clock Make You Feel Better Or Worse About Right Now?Cities lit up in green as mayors pledge to uphold Paris accord anywayTim Cook emails Apple employees after failing to change Donald Trump’s mind about the Paris climate dealBy Pulling Out Of The Paris Agreement, Trump Just Threw Away America’s Biggest Business OpportunityThe rebel alliance begins: Governors of New York, California, Washington form a coalition to fight climate changeBlue Apron Files To Go Public While Amazon And Walmart Prepare To Eat Its LunchBlue Apron files to go publicElon Musk and Bob Iger leave Trump’s advisory council over Paris agreement exitThe tech world reacts to Trump’s decision to withdraw from Paris climate agreementTrump is pulling the U.S. out of the Paris accord; here’s what happens in the next five yearsFacebook says they don’t need a report to prove that they don’t have a gender pay gapClinton deems DNC data “poor”; ex-DNC staffer calls “bullshit”We’ve Pulled Out Of The Paris Agreement. What’s Next: A Damaged Economy, Country, And PlanetDespite being “woke,” Lyft is just as white as every other Silicon Valley tech companyPutin says “patriotic” Russian hackers, not sanctioned spies, might be behind election hacksSitting in autonomous cars could create a $7 trillion economy, says IntelMTV is bringing “Cribs” to SnapchatWealthsimple Unveils The Supreme Retirement Plan To NYC Streetwear FanaticsDanny McBride Goes Full Danny McBride In This New Xbox AdVR documentary to chronicle unprecedented third straight Warriors versus Cavaliers NBA FinalsThree Signs Impostor Syndrome Might Be Silently Hurting Your CareerThis Circular Park Bench Is The Most Scandinavian Thing EverA new AI can tell if a sheep is in physical pain, emotional discomfort still a mysteryInside FX’s “Fearless” Rise To TV DominationIs This The Golden Age Of Entrepreneurialism? The Statistics Say NoHow to watch Trump’s big speech on the Paris climate agreementAn Airline Pilot Designed This Aerospace-Inspired LampApple’s App Store developer earnings top $70 billionRobots, Drones, And Lego Creations Invade Apple’s iPad Coding Environment For KidsThe Only 4 Speaking Tips You Need When You’re The Youngest One In The RoomThe Smart City Already Exists–Under Our StreetsAs part of tougher visa vetting procedures, feds will now track years of social media activityThe Best Way To Make New Friends According To ScienceThese are the top cities for corporate innovationOreo O’s cereal is coming back so you can eat your childhood memories for breakfast2,000 Mirrors Transform This Noguchi Plaza Into A Glittering WonderlandHow These Remote Workers Convinced Their Bosses And Clients They Can Work From AnywhereConfused By All Of Facebook’s Changes To News Feed And Trending? Here’s A TimelineComedy Central’s “Handy” Series Might Be The Perfect Branded Content StorylineObama Perfected Political Branding, And Now Trump Is Ruining ItForget Focus—Here’s When Task Switching Makes You More ProductiveHow Apple’s Echo-Style Speaker Could Be A Winner — Or A Complete FlopVia Nuance, Alexa could soon let you do banking and book flightsNow you can watch live Major League Baseball games in VRMozilla’s former CEO just raised $35M by issuing virtual currency instead of sharesThese Young Chinese Architects Are Helping Save Old BeijingUnraveling The Controversy Over The CRISPR Mutations StudyHow The DNC (And RNC) Are Preparing For The Inevitable Next CyberattackDefiant U.S. Mayors Vow To Uphold Paris Climate AccordThe Web Is Basically One Giant Targeted Ad NowSocial media companies are removing hate speech more quickly in the EUThe Supplement Industry Is Devastating The Environment–Can Algae Fix It?Thanks To Telepresence Robots, Kids Can Attend School From HomeIBM says Watson Health’s AI is getting really good at diagnosing cancerAnother executive to exit UberClinton says “covfefe” reflects Trump’s “authoritarian” use of social mediaSarah Silverman: “If You Don’t Look At Your Old Sh*t and Cringe, You’re Not Growing”14 More Billionaires Just Signed Up For The Giving PledgeHillary Clinton: “Jeff Bezos saved the Washington Post”Spicer weighs in on “covfefe,” deepening mysteryAmazon’s video deal suggests a new model for investigative journalismInternet growth is slowing everywhere—except in IndiaAudi is the first automaker to be approved to test self-driving cars in New YorkEthiopia shut down its internet to prevent exam cheatingHow to read Mary Meeker’s 2017 Internet Trends ReportElon Musk threatens to stop advising White House if Trump pulls out of Paris climate accordsThese Are The Best (And Worst) Places Around The World For Kids To Grow UpWhy Is Access To Public Records Still So Frustratingly Complicated?These smart pants nudge you to do the right yoga poseOver 60% of America’s most highly valued tech firms were founded by 1st and 2nd-generation immigrantsBellabeat, maker of a popular women’s bio-tracker, can now see if you’re drinking enough waterA mom goes to great lengths to make longer shorts for her daughterHere is Mary Meeker’s 2017 Internet Trends report, with some of its most interesting findingsRide-sharing drivers union calls for investigation into Lyft’s billing practicesGoogle and Facebook now own 85% of internet ad growthWhat Facebook, Google, And Tinder Would Look Like With A Brutalist MakeoverWould You Pay $1,500 For A More Meaningful Career?United Airlines faces a six-figure fine for flying planes not in ‘airworthy condition’NASA is headed to the sunActivist investors are forcing Facebook and Google to vote on fake news disclosuresWe’re calling BS: There’s no CEO “gender pay gap reversal”Got A Micromanager Boss? Take These Four Steps NowPutting The Humanity Back Into TechnologySpending millions to subsidize Uber Pool is a case study in Uber’s failed strategy to make money (so far)A company that delivers ads to doctors’ offices just raised nearly $600 millionHallmark now has a card for the VR enthusiast in your lifeDrones might be able to provide cell service during emergenciesThe most in-demand job will surprise youThis Installation Puts The Sun In Your Hands (As A Giant Bouncy Ball)Is Ted Cruz the guy in the office who microwaves fish?5 Credibility-Busting Responses You Need To Stop UsingHere’s What Nest Has Been Working On: A Slicker, Smarter Security CameraGood News, Designers: The Robots Are Not Taking Your JobsIt’s Not Every Day You See A Suicide Bomber In A Telecom AdTotally Stumped By That Job Interview Question? Here’s What To DoThe Anti-Fyre FestivalThe Big, Hot, Expensive Problem Facing Cities NowA Status Chair For People Who Are Too Cool For Status ChairsWaze Carpool expands to compete with Uber and Lyft in CaliforniaDiary Of An Ex-Google InternTrump is pulling the U.S. out of Paris climate accord6 Designers Explain Why Craft Still Matters In A Digital WorldWatch The Movements Of Every Refugee On Earth Since The Year 2000We Studied Brands Around The World. What Consumers Want Isn’t What You ThinkA brief history of President Trump’s bad security choicesKushner Co-Ownership Clouds Leasing Of Brooklyn’s Iconic Watchtower BuildingThis Machine Just Started Sucking CO2 Out Of The Air To Save Us From Climate ChangeThe Pentagon can now blow ICBM missiles out of the skyAmazon literally wants to parachute deliveries to youAhead of WWDC, the latest iPad debuts . . . in North Korea?Robots, Pizza, And Sensory Overload: The Chuck E. Cheese Origin StoryChinese police detain activist probing an Ivanka Trump shoe factoryNow DJI drone pilots can play a real-time AR game in the sky while wearing smartglassesUber fired the engineer at the heart of its Google lawsuitWatch French president Macron slam Russian propaganda in front of PutinThese Shoes Help Clean Lakes–Because They’re Made Of Polluting AlgaeTrump’s new subscription service is not #FakeNewsAmazon shares hit $1,000, remain the one thing you can’t buy on AmazonPanama’s other notorious ex-president faces an international arrest warrant issued by InterpolThis Furniture Collection Elevates Brick From A Humble Building Material To A Work Of ArtHow To Give Constructive Feedback To Your Boss Without Getting FiredReddit is the latest to sign on with Foursquare for location taggingWatch Jessica Chastain Slam Female Representation In Films At CannesOgilvy CEO On How Restructuring One Of The World’s Largest Ad Agencies Is Going So FarLovely Vases Inspired By A Favorite Childhood CraftHow To Read The NewsThree Crucial Questions You Keep Forgetting To Ask On Job InterviewsThere’s new video of Kitty Hawk’s flying motorbike jetting through the airAndy Rubin’s Essential phone arrives with many unanswered questionsAs Climate Change Brings More Storms, One Artist Is Printing With RainNew ultra-strong antibiotic means we’re not all gonna die quite yet8 Things We Learned About “House Of Cards” Season 5 From Its New ShowrunnersThis CEO Doodled A Chart To Help Your Startup Balance Growth With ProfitHow David Chang’s Ando Is Redesigning DeliveryEric Holder to tell Uber what exactly is wrong with them on WednesdayHow To Advance Your Career In A Crappy Entry-Level JobBill Simmons’ The Ringer is leaving Medium and moving to VoxDesign History, Fossilized In Glittering CrystalThese Color-Changing Tattoos Monitor Your Health, No Wearable NeededWhy The Rudest Chatbot Is The Best ChatbotTrump’s communications director just resignedThe Rise Of Auto-Complete Culture–And Why We Should ResistHere’s How To Track The Smartphone Apps That Are Tracking YouA Trolley And A Dream: Texas Border City Aims To Boost Ties With MexicoIt Could Be 10 Times Cheaper To Take Electric Robo-Taxis Than To Own A Car By 2030Apple, Facebook, and Google urge Texas not to pass the “bathroom bill”Exactly What To Wear For Your First Job InterviewQualcomm’s New Wi-Fi Router Tech Will Boost Your Smart Home’s IQActivists Target Cloudflare For Enabling Hate SitesHere’s How To Find A Minute Of Mindfulness Anywhere