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Bob Taylor, who helped bring us the internet and so much more, has diedFive Things I’ve Learned As A New Manager At GoogleApril the Giraffe is the biggest YouTube star of the moment—but Toys “R” Us is pretty savvy tooThe Only Five Recruiter Emails Your Job Search Will Ever NeedApple Car Software Or Apple Car? The Company’s DMV Permit Provides No ClueUber is shifting restaurants away from UberRush and onto UberEats platformNow Facebook is going after fake likesDarren Aronofsky directed a new Sierra Club PSA to raise awareness for People’s Climate MarchThis Low-Cost Greenhouse Is Designed To Help The Poorest Farmers“I’m Really A Rock ‘N Roller”: Movie Maestro Hans Zimmer Takes CoachellaWhat crisis? Uber continues to push ahead despite bad PRVisualizing The Electric Grid In Real Time, And Other World Changing Ideas In EnergyRide-hailing service Grab just opened its traffic data to urban planners in MalaysiaApple gets thumbs-up from California DMV to test self-driving carsThe first teaser for “The Last Jedi” is here to put “Star Wars”  fans into hyperdriveThe future’s so bright: A new survey shows consumers are not that freaked out by techThe Man Who Wants To Send Us To The Bottom Of The OceanBuying Weed Can Be A Drag. Maybe This “Shopify For Cannabis” Can Help.Jason Chaffetz May Go Down In 2018 Thanks To This Crowdfunding Utah DoctorGlossier is helping to make New York’s job report look prettyHow I Overcame My Biggest Freelancer FearsStarbucks may be introducing a Unicorn Frappuccino for your RDA of edible glitterFrom More Productive Slack Habits To Nailing Job Interviews: This Week’s Top Leadership StoriesLove Is The Color: How Paisley Park Fostered Prince’s CreativityHere’s why horseshoe crab blood costs $14,000 a quartDoes this make me look fat? Google wants to give you style tipsThese Easter egg toys probably look a little too deliciousHow Taking Five Months Off To Hike The Pacific Crest Trail Made Me Better At My JobBirchbox finally turned a profitChipotle Gets Real, Burger King Gets Googled: Top 5 Ads Of The WeekSix Job Interview Questions You Should Have Asked (Much Earlier)Can Finhabits Narrow The Wealth Gap Between Whites And Latinos?Kendrick Lamar Dropped “DAMN.” These 3 Tracks Should Be Heard ASAPWhile You’re Paying Your Taxes, Big Companies Are Expertly Avoiding Paying TheirsHow Liberia’s New Generation Of Female Entrepreneurs Is Revitalizing The EconomyIs this a Square debit card?Facebook shut down 30,000 accounts in France to combat fake newsWhy Uber Shouldn’t Fire Its Bad Boy CEOElon Musk promises Tesla semi and pickup trucksComing up: our live coverage of Facebook F8Don’t judge a hedge fund by its name—even if you really want toClean Drinking Water Standards Are Much Harder To Enforce Than They Should BeThis is the massive high-tech bomb that the U.S. just dropped in AfghanistanSorry brokesters: CEO says Snapchat is “only for rich people”This Ancient Building Technique Could House Millions Of People In AfricaThis fitness tracker may be more useful for coaches than athletesMore “Star Trek” Tech In Real Life: The Qualcomm Tricorder XPrizeQuit Trying To Make Yourself “Smarter” And Do These Three Things InsteadThese stuffed animals are spilling their guts to save the oceansEniac Ventures just closed a new $100 million round for robots (and some other stuff)The NBA Playoffs Are Here And Here’s How Stephen Curry Trains His MindWhy Google’s So-Called “Pay Gap” Is Really A Diversity Problem In DisguiseInstagram Stories is mixing stickers with selfies and ARCalifornia regulators want $1.1M from Uber for failing to handle drunk driversNew survey finds one in four women in tech have been sexually harassedMicrosoft is testing instant refunds for Xbox and PC gamesHow To Figure Out If You’ll Be Happy Moving To A New City For A JobLooking for artisanal wine? This wine club does the legwork for youAs Uber and Waymo argue, a new self-driving entrant emergesEverybody is writing think pieces about why Hillary Clinton is wearing Katy Perry shoesAmazon’s path to AI domination just got a little smoother with this Alexa development kitReady To Scrap Your Annual Performance Reviews? Try These AlternativesLinkedIn’s New Instant Conversations Are A Major Messaging UpgradeDocumentary Activism In The Age Of Alternative FactsThis 22-Year-Old CEO Wants To Help Make Self-Driving Cars AffordableHow To Train Your Brain To Be More InnovativeHere’s Rey: Disney launches girl-focused “Forces of Destiny” digital shorts, productsNextio Gives You An Incentive To Respond To Unsolicited Email: Cold, Hard CashThis Driverless Electric Pod Is The Delivery Guy Of The FutureTransferWise’s CEO wouldn’t pick London to base his company because of BrexitUber sees Lyft drivers in HellThis Startup Will Make It Easier To Brag You Own A PicassoHow Entrepreneurs Can Harness The Science Of Intuition To Make Smarter DecisionsApple wants to make it easier for diabetics to track their blood sugarFitbit Is Entering New, Dangerous Waters As Consumers Turn To SmartwatchesAdyen joins an elite group: companies that make more than $1 million per employeeNot lovin’ it—Los Angeles schools may end McDonald’s-branded fundraisersTrump Campaign And Super PAC May Have Violated Election Rules, Says Watchdog GroupJeff Bezos’s letter to investors philosophizes on corporate stasisThese Blockchain-Enabled Kiosks Make Coffee Farmers More Money–And Let You Verify Your BeansNBA art, iPad styleGoogle Home wants to help you research your next flightThe Pope Opened A Free Laundromat For The Homeless In RomeWatch the Burger King commercial that’s annoying the hell out of Google Home usersLessons From Inside Cole Haan’s Results-Driven Innovation LabNow you can kill your Tamagotchi all over againNYC mayor tells “Fearless Girl” critic to cut the bullGoogle Hangouts chats have new Easter eggs—and they are actually Easter eggsStitcher just launched a podcast network, and  “Star Trek” fans might want to pay attentionThe Sounds That Trigger War Trauma May Not Be What You ThinkTake These Steps Right Now To Avoid Answering Work Emails (Again) TonightPC sales rebound for the first time since 2012Artificial intelligence may be even smarter and more deeply unsettling than we thoughtThis Pharrell-Assisted Video’s Use of Split-Screen Will Blow Your MindHow Etsy Built The Greenest Office Space In TechPlease Stop Trying To “Empower” Women With Cutesy TitlesRead the Daily Mail’s apology to first lady Melania TrumpThis Japanese bakery has a food-recognition system that would make RoboCop cry then rustUnited’s new promise: no more dragging passengers off overbooked flightsHow Being Super Prepared For Your Interview Can Still Cost You The JobWhy Kickstarter Decided To Radically Transform Its Business ModelAmazon’s FreeTime gives parents new ways to be involved in their kids’ screen timeCall the robots—Yelp Eat24 is teaming up with Marble for automated food delivery in San FranciscoIt’s Come To This: Procrastination Nannies Are Now A ThingWhy Ad Agencies Shouldn’t Fear Facebook’s Creative ShopAt This Bike Shop, You Can Trade Your Old Car For An Electric BicycleUber’s head of communications just quitIs The Regular Airing Of Grievances The Key To Your Company’s Success?3D Printing Living Organs, And Other World-Changing Ideas In HealthU.K. lawmakers say Russian hackers may have tried to influence BrexitGoogle robots are here to help you drawLyft raises $600M as it pushes to catch up to UberHere’s why journalists shouldn’t recklessly report on victims’ pastsBill Gates Wants To Play Hide And Seek With YouWhy the Dallas siren hack was just the beginningLeast surprising survey ever reveals teens want iPhonesCombining Crowdfunding And Place-Making To Help Communities Improve ThemselvesWhy No One Wants To Book You As A Speaker (And What To Do About It)“I’m too young to die,” tweets passenger on overbooked United flightThe B.C. government just put its foot down on high-heel rulesIf you must get a diamond engagement ring, Do Amore makes it as ethical as possibleUnited’s own rules on overbooking are pretty damn confusingAlton Brown Finally Gets The “Iron Chef” He’s Always Dreamed OfYour Performance Review Wasn’t Fair—Let Yourself Be Mad, Then Do ThisCan A Couch Grow With You? Incredibly, Yes.How This Novel Suitcase Makes You a Smarter (and Less Frustrated) TravelerThese Clothes Go from the Office to the Spin Studio. Really.Does Facebook profit from fake news? Zuck says no wayIkea should implement this brilliant relationship-saving idea immediatelyFive Lessons This Longtime Cyclist Learned As A First-Time Business OwnerNew SickKids Ad Spotlights The Unbelievable Strength Of MomInstagram just made it more tempting to send disappearing photos and videosSwimsuit shopping sucks: Andie is changing the modelHere’s why Hollywood writers are fed up with “peak TV”How I Managed A Male Staff Twice My Age As A Woman In My 20sVPN Downloads Spiked After Congress Rolled Back Privacy RulesInside My “Deadline Year” For Making My Dream Job A RealityUnited Airlines has a social media nightmare on its handsQualcomm says it’s basically responsible for Apple’s successSwatch’s “Tick Different” marketing campaign ticked Apple offMark Zuckerberg On Fake News, Free Speech, And What Drives FacebookAre You Proud Of Your Company?Facebook, Airbnb, Uber, And The Struggle To Do The Right ThingHow Founders Can Ensure Their Companies Are World-Positive From The StartHere’s What Facebook Discovered From Its Internal Research On Employee HappinessFacebook’s Motivation PlaybookThe Power Of Pride At FacebookA Designer Loved By Kanye Wears His Faith On His (Selvedge Denim) SleeveJay-Z’s Shortsighted Spotify Purge Won’t Help Tidal–Or His FansChipotle Hopes Laughter Is The Best Medicine For Food PoisoningPhone calls on flights? Don’t even think about itChipmaker AMD acquires Nitero to try to dominate wireless VRThis App Helps Refugees Get Bank Accounts By Giving Them A Digital IdentityA Solution For The Bay Area’s Traffic Woes, And Other World-Changing Transportation IdeasGoogle’s stance in Labor Dept feud shows why we need pay transparency nowTesla introduces new solar panels for eco-warriors with commitment issuesThis survey on post-college salaries is a revealing snapshot of young women in the workplaceThis Weekend, “SNL” Went After The Fashionably Woke Among UsThe “New York Times” thinks the gig economy is a lieMichel Gondry Gets Back Some Whimsical Magic For ChobaniMicrosoft is ready to cash in on Minecraft modsYup, people are furious with United Airlines againJay Z just pulled most of his music from Spotify, because Tidal“SNL” And John Oliver Pulled No Punches In Putting Bill O’Reilly On Blast“Thor: Ragnarok” looks insane, in the best way possibleGetting hired at McDonald’s is now a SnapDisney has huggable humanoid robots on its mindPanic, Fatigue, And Alt-Facts: How TV Showrunners Are Handling TrumpTwitter’s shareholders want to turn the company into a user-owned co-opThis Edible Water Bottle Is How You’ll Drink In The FutureCould Time-Blocking Replace Your To-Do List?Spain just nabbed the supposed “kingpin of computer spam”Google really wants OLED displaysA Spotify exec was killed in Stockholm’s terror attack on FridayThese Are Six Communication Styles That Every Single Person UsesFive New Rules My Company Set After A Hiring DisasterThese Millennials Took Harvard’s Bias Test–Here’s What They LearnedThree Habits Of The Best Job Candidates I’ve Ever Interviewed