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The president of Uber exits as bad PR piles upI Work At HipChat, But These Are Four Times I Stick With Email (For Now)Is the Pope subtweeting Trump again?Beyond The 80/20 Rule: This Formula Might Make You Rethink Time ManagementiPads In Every Hospital: Apple’s Plan To Crack The $3 Trillion Health Care SectorIs your J.C. Penney closing? Here’s the full list of all 138 locations that will shutter this yearThinx’s PR Nightmare Is A Harsh Reminder Of Why HR Still MattersTrump’s Justice Department is now challenging the CFPB’s right to existFast-Growing, Entrepreneurial Christianity Is About A Lot More Than Church AttendanceWould you land on a circular runway? This man thinks it’s safer and more efficientWhy A “New” Orson Welles Movie Coming To Netflix Is A Big DealThe FBI has arrested a man over a seizure-inducing tweetThis Is Horrifying: Spiders Eat Twice As Much Flesh As Humans Every YearThe VR race heats up: Intel could be first with a self-contained, positionally tracked systemLemonade Is Using Behavioral Science To Onboard Customers And Keep Them HonestA Billion-Dollar Idea Is In Flux As ClassPass’s CEO Steps AsideGoogle patent suggests phone packaging that doubles as a VR headsetKeys To The Kingdom: “Iron Fist” Art Director Toni Barton Crafts The Look Of Marvel TVThis Kenyan Startup Uses Mobile Phones To Build Credit For FarmersHere’s What Happens When Real People Enter Those Commercials With “Real People”Monopoly is jazzing things up with new playing pieces that still make no senseLook, James Gunn Just Had To Explode Some Heads Before The Next “Guardians of the Galaxy”The Guardian says it yanked its ads from Google after they appeared next to extremist YouTube videosIf ratings are all that matter, then Rachel Maddow’s Trump tax stunt was a successEU: Facebook, Google, and Twitter need to change their ways—or elseNoël Wells: From “Master Of None” To Master Of Her Own Feature Film CareerA Healthy French Love Story, Amazon’s Resistance Radio: The Top 5 Ads Of The WeekGoogle may have just found the perfect way to deliver ads through virtual assistantsWhat If We Could Deal With Landfills By Turning Them Into Clean Energy?Apple is building two more R&D centers in ChinaThe 10 Most Innovative Companies In AI/Machine Learning 2017Use The Power Of Your Wallet To Drive Change In The Business WorldHow Samsung’s Simband Tried To Preempt The Apple Watch (And Why It Didn’t Work)Buzz Aldrin Wants To Take You To Mars–And Other Stories You Might’ve MissedFrom Googlers’ Habits To Giving Up Gluten: This Week’s Top Leadership StoriesHow To Avoid Getting Taken Advantage Of In The Hiring ProcessAre People More Creative Alone Or Together? Trick Question6 Ways To Become A Better ListenerNetflix Is Abandoning Star Ratings In Favor Of Facebook-Like ThumbsNow (Almost) Any Restaurant Can Offer Mobile OrderingThis Coffee Shop Is Staffed Entirely By New Refugees, To Help Them Get On Their FeetNo, Really: Congress Is About To Hand Over Your Personal Browsing Data To AdvertisersSwatch says it’s building a battery-friendly smartwatch system—for real, this timeThat time Michael Flynn got paid $45,000 to hang out with Vladimir PutinBeauty And The Beast Has Had Some Wonderful (And Weird) AdaptationsHow GiveWell Is Creating More Effective Altruism, By Taking Funding RisksIf Trump Cuts This Little-Known Federal Program, It Will Gut Low-Income CommunitiesGet ready for chatbots that talk amongst themselvesNo Echo required: Alexa is coming to Amazon’s iPhone appIf you doubt the power of slow-mo, watch the Amtrak avalanche video in real timeHoly Quotables, This Video Ranks The Best Movie Dialogue Of All TimeMcDonald’s beefs up Twitter security measures after anti-Trump tweetComputerized Composers Are Coming To Adobe To Score Your Life’s SoundtrackHow This Bedsheets Startup Figured Out The Right Way To Disrupt Sleep Patterns20 million people are facing starvation and famine right now—here’s how you can helpHow To Make Sense Of Tech Policy In The Trump EraAmazing “Lego tape” turns your home into a true Lego WorldHow “Most Beautiful Island” Went From Blank Page To A SXSW WinnerThese AI-Powered Robot Spiders Utilize Your iPhone’s Incredible ProcessorThe Dutch say “nee” to populist anti-Islam party in electionPinterest appears to have been blocked in ChinaReport: Google’s DeepMind made “inexcusable” transparency and oversight errors with U.K. health dataHow The CEO Of Big Data Firm Splunk Is Using Data To Boost Social Purpose58 companies–including Airbnb and Lyft–filed an amicus brief against Trump’s revised travel banA Farewell To Truckers: Automation Will Make Driving Jobs All But ObsoleteWhat Happened When I Wore The Same Pair Of Cellulite-Reducing Jeans For A MonthCould Robots Actually Create More Jobs?What It’s Like To Be A Therapist For Minority Tech WorkersHow This Company Could Allow You To See The World–While JuicingWhy This CEO Thinks Millennials Are Socially Conscious And Good For Businesses5 Questions To Avoid Asking On A Job Interview—Unless You Rephrase Them Like ThisThe Emotionally Intelligent Person’s Guide To Being PersuasiveExactly What (Not) To Say When Negotiating Your SalaryFederal judge in Hawaii puts the brakes on Trump’s revised Muslim banTrump’s first attempt at a federal budget includes drastic cuts to the EPAMore layoffs are coming to GoProWatch two Texas congressmen take a bipartisan road trip and answer your policy questionsMillennials at SXSW overwhelmingly value convenience over safety, survey foundsWhy 2017 Will Be A Huge Year For Telecom And Media MergersHow Scrappy, 3-Person Creative Agency Tripleclix Earned The Trust Of XboxIf American robots had their own economy, it’d be bigger than SwitzerlandSilicon Valley Tries To Turn Its Newfound Political Awareness Into ActionVR users find games less satisfying than just watching videosLucid Air’s packed Tesla killer might just kill your walletHere’s why the women’s U.S. hockey team is refusing to play the world championshipAnthony Bourdain’s Terrifying Financial Past Makes For Compelling Brand ContentRussian spies and hackers breached Yahoo emails and manipulated searches, prosecutors chargeTwitter snags another sports partnershipWhy Would President Trump Leak His Own Tax Return?Wall Be Damned, Pixar Celebrates The Magic Of Mexico In “Coco”The ad-supported internet’s contribution to the U.S. economy has more than doubled in just four yearsSpaceX will launch a national security satellite for the U.S. Air ForceSpotify and Google are teaming up to save you from distracted driving. Why didn’t Apple think of this?The “Ides Of Trump” Will Have People Putting Their POTUS Protests In WritingBuilding Brand Legacy In The Age Of Now: Girls Who CodeDon’t Be Surprised That Yahoo’s New Male CEO Is Making Double Marissa Mayer’s SalaryThe Business Of FastingApple found guilty of price-fixing in Russia33.7 million employees in the U.S.—including military personnel—just had their data hackedThese Short Films Give A Devastating Glimpse Of The Stories Of Syria’s Child RefugeesYou learn better writing with a pen than a keyboardHigh-profile Twitter accounts were hacked to tweet Nazi swastikas and pro-Erdogan messagesSoon You Will Be Able To Use An App To Summon A Water Taxi To Get Around ParisHow To Incorporate Humor Into Presentations In The Most Un-Cringeworthy Way PossibleThis New Technology Uses Your Phone To Track Your Heart HealthUse This Mini Thesaurus Of Action Verbs To Improve Your Lame ResumeThree Simple Steps That Helped Me Finally Beat Meeting OverloadIkea Released Its First Bike—And We Attempted To Build ItSorry, Bali: Seven Underrated Hubs For Digital NomadsIt took Rachel Maddow 23 minutes to report that Donald Trump has been rich for a long timeTonight we may finally see Donald Trump’s tax returnsHow This Japanese Robotics Master Is Building Better, More Human AndroidsThe Pope’s Social Media Guru Tells AllAmazon’s Drive-Up Grocery Store Experiment Gets A Fresh NameLet Buzz Aldrin take you to Mars in VRIt’s still Pi Day so we did a pie chart showing Google and Facebook’s mobile ad dominanceThese are the U.S. cities with the most solar potentialUber and Airbnb have a big data advantage—here’s how they use itLove Conquers All, Even Junk Food, In This Charming French Supermarket AdThe Oceans Are Warming 13% Faster Than Anyone ThoughtA member of the U.K. Parliament just chewed out Google, Facebook, and Twitter for not doing more to control hate speechSelina Meyer, Queen of Westeros? “Veep” And “Game Of Thrones” Collide At SXSWJames Blunt Honors His Deeply Embarrassed Fans In The Most Self-Deprecating Ad EverA “Call To Arms”: Inside NatGeo’s Deeply Troubling “Water & Power: A California Heist”The Ad Council Is Turning 75: Here’s A Look At Some Of Its Best CampaignsDesigning A More Efficient, Temperature-Proof VaccineNintendo Goes Deep Into The Creation Of “Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild”For National Pi Day, NASA wants people to solve these math problems faced by real rocket scientistsWhy are White House officials still using private email and encrypted apps, watchdog group asks SessionsThis game platform is “Minecraft” meets Lego—and now it’s $92 million richerMisogynistic Trump Quotes Look Right At Home Paired With Vintage Sexist AdsThe Songs That Made Edgar Wright Make “Baby Driver”Gen Z really disapproves of Donald Trump according to this studyWhy Pinterest Believes It’s The Best Social Platform For Branded VideoImportant News Regarding This AppHow Sherpaa Survived Venture Capital’s Unrealistic ExpectationsGermany may impose $53 million fines on social media sites that don’t remove hate speechGame Platform Roblox Raises $92 Million To Build “Ultimate” Virtual PlaygroundThe maker of a smart vibrator has agreed to destroy sensitive user dataIvanka Trump is ending her high-end jewelry line for one that appeals to the massesResearchers have created a biomimetic underwater glue modeled after shellfishCovering These Apartments In “Parasitic” Additions Saves Energy And Makes Extra SpaceHow Rising R&B Star Jovanie Used Instagram To Get on Atlantic Records’ RadarThe South Korean Artist Who Smuggles Internet Culture Across The DMZLos Angeles Clippers’ Chris Paul Shares How He Got To 6 Million Instagram FollowersWhy Remote Workers Are More Stressed (And What To Do About It)Boaty McBoatface is about to go on its maiden voyageHere’s When You Should Use Email Instead Of SlackYou’ll Never Guess What The Most-Shared Story Was On Facebook In FebruaryReddit Is On A Mission To Dispute Fake NewsWolfgang Puck Impressed His First Boss — And Built A Career From ItSeven Bad Habits Every New Manager Needs To ShakeWhy This CEO Appointed An Employee To Change Dumb Company RulesSharing Economy Giants Are Using Data To Build “The Taking Economy,” Study WarnsWhy A Happy Career Can Still Feel UnfulfillingHow Going Blind Taught Me To See Beyond FearFor millennials, Amazon is the top online destination for clothes shoppingSpaceX attempts to launch a communications satellite tonightHow YouTube Is Making Virtual Reality Look BetterSpotify’s aversion to exclusive content deals apparently doesn’t extend to podcastsAmazon is devouring its hometownYou Can Now Get 3D-Printed Designer Furniture That Won’t Break The BankIs Ivanka trolling us?Budweiser Is Totally Serious About Bringing Beer To SpaceDid you forget about Pandora? Because it remembers youHow The Twitterer-In-Chief Changed Digital Campaign RhetoricGet ready, bike commuters: Levi’s smart jacket is about to hit storesAirbnb wants to convince the masses that it’s a public good—and a job creatorSpotify And The North Face Collaborate To Make A Song Only Available In The RainNow you can work out with Steph Curry, in VRThis New Stationless Bike Share System Lets You Lock The Bike AnywhereNo, your microwave oven can’t turn into a spy cameraSorry, Paleo Bros: Your Diet Is Not As Caveman-Like As You ThinkThis simple Google quiz makes your Android phone more palatableThis Weekend, Trump-Era “SNL” Figured Out How To Hit Its Target From Every lets you shop from your screenshotsThese three problems are hampering the World Wide Web, according to its architectWhy Scientists Are Shipping Ice From A Bolivian Glacier To AntarcticaWelcome to the world of luxury cannabisGenderswapping The Debates To Find Out If A Male Version Of Clinton Would Have WonHere’s more about Yahoo’s leadership changes post-VerizonFor a fee, Trump’s former campaign manager will protect you from “tweet risk”Inside AMD’s Partnership With “Alien: Covenant,” And The Dark Dichotomy of AIDon’t get any ideas about using Facebook and Instagram for surveillanceUber is asking drivers to listen to anti-union propagandaHow Iowa Became A New Hub For Innovation In Tech & RenewablesPandora Just Released Its Spotify Killer, And It’s Surprisingly ImpressiveIntel is buying autonomous-vehicle tech maker MobilEye for $15.3 billionFasten and RideAustin suffer major outages at SXSWHow Sonos’s Design Chief Stays Creative And Inspired Despite The NoiseThe World Changing Ideas Of 2017The 10 Most Innovative Companies In Architecture 2017Cleaning Urban Air Requires Radical SolutionsReplacing Farms With Fish Farms: The Odd Solution To Both Hunger And Climate ChangeThe Robot That Can Fold Your Laundry In Less Than Three MinutesWhy Isn’t Wind As Sexy As Solar?Our Aging Population Can Be An Economic Powerhouse–If We Let ItHow Will The Rise Of Crowdfunding Reshape How We Give To Charity?How Netflix-ication Can Deliver A Waste-Free Circular EconomyCan Technology Save Democracy?To Save The American Dream, We Have To Change How We Think About WorkThe 100 Things We Need To Do To Reverse Global WarmingWhy Employees At Apple And Google Are More ProductiveHow One Modeling Agency Is Diversifying The RunwayPresident Donald Trump In A MinuteInside Huge, Brooklyn’s Ever-Expanding Digital Design AgencyHow I Finally Learned To Compete With Much More Experienced FreelancersNine Reasons Why That High-Paying Job Is Making You MiserableHow To Answer 8 Interview Questions You Should Never Be Asked In The First Place