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The Legal Issues You Need To Know If You’re Launching A Startup In 2017Scrub These Words And Phrases From Your Resume Right NowWhat The Travel Ban Would Mean For Victims Of Human TraffickingHere’s Your Brain’s New User Manual For Uncertain TimesAmerica’s self-image is the worst it’s been since the Iraq war“John Wick 2” Star Common: “It’s Important For Entertainers To Educate Themselves”The Week’s Top Stories–In Case You Missed ThemTake two: Trump won’t appeal hold on travel ban to the Supreme Court, will re-work the executive orderInterest In Birth Control Startups Surges In The Trump EraBoobs Are Everywhere Right Now, This Is WhyLive from Snapchat, it’s Saturday NightFord Is Investing $1 Billion In An AI Startup To Make Self-Driving CarsThe ACLU has hired Bernie Sanders organizers to build a grassroots platform to mobilize citizensEven If You Don’t Tweet, Your “Anonymous” Web Behavior Can Be Linked To Your TwitterThis Smart Jacket Helps Doctors Diagnose Pneumonia In ToddlersScotland Is Taking Over The Country’s Ferries And Creating A National Ferry ServiceVimeo’s mostly white, male diversity report does have a spot of parityNow Obama Can Dunk On The Haters In “NBA 2K17”Inside The Design Firm Putting AI In Your HomeAround the World In 80 Architecture OfficesThe First Public Benefit Corporation Is . . . A For-Profit College?How The Film “Menashe” Went From Blank Page To Finished MovieChild Zombies Are Begrudgingly Hungry In This Clip From “The Girl With All The Gifts”Intimacy In The Age Of Everything All At OnceAnother Reason To Let Kids Play Outside: Staying Indoors Could Cause Bad VisionJeff Bezos rules out a run for presidentI Was Skeptical Of Android Apps On Chromebooks, But Now I’m All-InHow Oreo Got Shaq To Dunk (Cookies) With His MindAs Ringling Bros. Dies, “Circus 1903” Reinterprets An Old ArtformWho’s going to buy a $10 Amazon-branded bra?Susan Orlean Joins The #Resistance With My Sign My Story On InstagramGE’s Push For Celebrity Scientist, The Legend Of Tom Brady: The Top 5 Ads Of The WeekFox News Just Made The Head Of ISIS Look Like A Pretty Decent GuyA Dash Button For ACLU Donations Is Perfect UX For Internet ActivistsWhy Symbols MatterTake An Exclusive Peek Inside One Of The Nation’s Top Design FirmsWhatsApp adds 2-step verificationHere’s what Samsung’s Galaxy S8 will likely be likeSony has patented a contact lens that records video at the blink of an eyeI Tried Razer’s Freakshow 3-Screen Laptop, And I Liked ItThis Laptop Is So Impressive, Two Got Stolen At CES (And We Tested The Last One)Snapchat inks deal with A&E for its first reality TV showPrices For Solar Panels Keep Falling, So Why Isn’t It Cheaper To Get Solar?Republican Lawmakers Are Trying To Make Protests Illegal And ExpensiveElon Musk fires back at Tesla employee who alleges horrible working conditionsProtesters Explain The Personal Stories Behind Their Poignant Protest SignsShow Up. Dive In. Stay At It: How PopVox Can Help You Be More Politically EffectiveThis Job Platform Designed By A 26-Year-Old Informs Managers Of Their BiasThe 5 Things That Are Causing Employees To Burn OutHow My Parents Inadvertently Raised Me To Be An EntrepreneurHow To Avoid Fumbling These Four Common Work ConversationsFrom 5 A.M. Wake-Ups To Testing For Narcissism: This Week’s Top Leadership StoriesReport: National security adviser Flynn discussed sanctions with Russian envoyRosie O’Donnell says SNL still hasn’t called her about playing Steve BannonThe Ninth Circuit just refused to reinstate Trump’s immigration banThis top Democrat wants to force a GOP vote on Trump’s business conflicts—read the resolution hereWhy Lending Startups Like Float Want To Ditch The FICO ScoreZuck offers first look at the VR/AR tools of the future at “secret” Oculus Research labFormer Vine Star Will Sasso Deconstructs Social Media Celebrity In Funny-Sad ShortBlack Tech Week is getting too big to fit into just one weekThe Rock And Steph Curry Disagree With CEO On Trump, But Sticking With Under ArmourAgeism in tech? This chart says it allInterest in Ivanka products on Nordstrom’s website has indeed been on the declineIn Oslo, The Government Is Giving Citizens Grants To Buy Electric Cargo BikesAirbnb wants you, one-percentersWhere We Sing The Praise of Michael Bolton, Comedy IconParis Has Some Bad News For People Who Keep A Second Home In The CityWhat It Was Really Like To Work At Labor Nominee Puzder’s Fast Food EmpireGary Clark Jr. Slips Into The Matthew McConaughey Seat For Lincoln’s Grammys SpotAn updated S-1 shows Snap’s only female board member now has more shares“Hyper-Reality” startup The Void grabs former Jaunt, Lucasfilm exec as CEOHow One Female Fintech Founder Beat The Odds—And Raised Millions For Child Support AppHow Montreal Became A Quiet Capital Of ModernismEven more layoffs loom for ZenefitsTim Cook explains Apple’s opposition to ban: “Steve [Jobs] was the son of an immigrant.”Republican Statesmen Make The Case For A Carbon Tax (Don’t Hold Your Breath)#ThrowbackThursday To Keanu Reeves Teaching Us All How To Spell “Cincinnati”NYC Mayor Defends Police Body Camera Buy, Decrying A Competitor’s “Smear” CampaignKellyanne Conway accused of violating government ethics by shilling for Ivanka Trump’s brandSorry, Breitbart: Kellogg’s beat earnings despite boycottUsing Design Principles To Reshape Local GovernmentDisney’s Bob Iger is in “denial” about ESPN, analyst saysLegal experts say the Nordstrom tweet was a misuse of government resourcesEven Mad Magazine Is Sick Of Spoofing TrumpCongressman John Lewis Once Again Rises To The Forefront In New PBS DocTrump’s tweeting won’t save Twitter, earnings showThis Company Is Using Technology From Sci-Fi Movies To Help People Walk AgainW.E.B. Du Bois Was A Master Of The Hand-Drawn InfographicThis Robot Cooks Your Pizza En Route To Your HouseThis Robo Pizza Company Bakes Your Pie As It Drives To Your HouseTaser acquires a computer vision startup to bring AI to police body camerasThese Hats Are A Very Stylish Answer To The Fashion Industry’s Waste ProblemThe Only Time Alternative Facts Are Acceptable: This Card GameFree Architecture School? It’s Not As Crazy As It SoundsIf You’re Not Quite Sure About A Standing Desk, This One Lets You Go HalfsiesHit This Hacked Amazon Dash Button To Give To The ACLU Every Time Trump Pisses You OffTesla is shutting down production at its plant to prepare for the Model 3This Infamous Amsterdam Prison Is Now A Creative Hub For RefugeesMTV’s head of scripted development just left to join FacebookPittsburgh’s mayor is sick of the city’s “one-way” relationship with UberThese Beautiful Landscapes Show The Infrastructure Protecting Us From Climate DisasterIs It Time For Investors To Tie Executive Compensation To Diversity Goals?How Amsterdam Transformed One Of Its Most Infamous PrisonsHow Technology And Social Media Have Changed The Conversation Around Criminal JusticeHow To Survive (And Nail) A Job Interview Over LunchFive Tough Lessons These Solopreneurs Learned In Their First 12 MonthsNegotiating Lessons From A Former NFL CEOWhat It Takes To Start Your Career At Facebook, BuzzFeed, Nike, And Refinery29The One Email Every Founder Should Know How To Write To InvestorsWhy Fashion Brands Should Think More Like Tech CompaniesLevi’s Is Radically Redefining SustainabilityThe Build-Your-Own-Handbag Startup That’s Perfected Mass CustomizationCan Fast Fashion Be Ethical? Reformation Is Rewriting The RulesWhy Trump’s Nordstrom Tweet May Have Crossed An Ethical LineTesla Model S Mistaken For Kidnapper Van Thanks To “Weird” DesignSofia Coppola Turns To The Dark Side With “The Beguiled”Here are three changes Facebook just made to prevent discriminatory adsThis data from Jigsaw and Wikimedia can help train AI algorithms to detect online abuseFacebook’s Safety Check will now let you offer and receive food and shelter in an emergencyCoworkers Can’t Pronounce Your Name? The Outtakes!Coworkers Can’t Pronounce Your Name? Follow These Rules To Stay SaneBest Buy dropping poor-performing Oculus demo stations at hundreds of stores“Catastophe,” The Best Relationship Comedy You’re Not Watching, Has A Season 3 TeaserFeel The Wrath Of “Dear White People: The Series”Prince is coming back to Spotify—he would’ve hated thatCan Square tackle big retail?Here’s Why Apple’s 10th Anniversary iPhone Will Likely Cost More Than $1,000Will Twitter’s Q4 2016 Earnings Benefit From A Trump Bump?Are Tiny Homes The Solution To Disaster Relief?Yep, Eggo Was Officially Involved In That “Stranger Things 2” Super Bowl AdNeed Something To Smash? This Marble Sink Is Meant To Be BrokenAmerica’s Most Generous Donors Are Giving Less But Betting BiggerPinterest adds more tools to help you discover the perfect pinGoogle announces two new Android Wear smartwatches to take on Apple WatchEveryone Know Teens Are Reckless, Now We Can Explain WhyThe President of the United States just slammed Nordstrom for dropping his daughter’s businessPamela Anderson Has A Sexy Valentine’s Day Tryst With Herself For Coco de MerPainting Is Alive And Well In ArchitectureFast Company Is Hiring News WritersThis Hilarious Video Absolutely Nails “What It’s Felt Like Since The Election”In A Post-Truth Society, “Bill Nye Saves The World” Is Exactly What We All NeedElizabeth Warren got the best revenge after being silenced in the Senate last nightWhat’s Still Missing From The AI RevolutionWelcome to America. What’s your Facebook password?Netflix likes to do things its own way—including new show announcementsHBO is winning over more cord-cuttersGE Wants 20,000 Women Working In Company Tech Roles By 2020Flipboard’s Quest To Save Online Publishing—And ItselfMore retailers dump Ivanka Trump products and jewelry collection may be overBuilding Brand Legacy For The Age Of Now: Taylor GuitarsMoët & Chandon woos millennials with a new emoji-keyboardWhat It’s Like To Peer Inside Mona Lisa’s WorldA Dead Simple Tool To Find Out What Facebook Knows About YouThese tech giants donated to Trump’s inaugurationWildly popular Australian build-your-own-handbag company lands in the U.S.The toilets in Apple’s new spaceship campus are reportedly inspired by the iPhoneAll Your Wasted Time On The Internet Could Be Heating Up People’s HousesThe Breast Design Trend Of 2017? Boobs!This Paper Backpack Makes A Fashion And Sustainability StatementWhy These 100-Year-Old Meat Slicers Are Still Beloved By ChefsThe Breast Design Trend Of 2017? Boobs!Apple just hired Amazon’s Fire TV head for its Apple TV divisionThis House Takes The Promise Of “Refugees Are Welcome Here” LiterallyLinkedIn Just Rolled Out A Redesign—Here’s How To Clean Up Your ProfileThis Is The State Of Gender Diversity On Boards Around The WorldThe Tech Geek’s Guide To Talking To Other People At Work7 Late-Breaking Signs You Should Rethink Taking That Job OfferCould The Way Unemployment Is Reported Change Under Trump?This Is How Planned Parenthood Is Gearing Up For Its Hardest Fight YetThe City Of Seattle Has Voted To Stop Using Wells Fargo As Its BankYou can now get a Daydream VR-ready phone for under $400Sheryl Sandberg announces improvements to Facebook’s paid leave policyMerriam-Webster just added these words to the dictionaryDisney’s earnings show more trouble for ESPN and the cable bundle as we know itHere’s what happens to the retail ecosystem when a Kmart or Macy’s closesWhy YouTube Is Taking Its Time On Mobile Live-StreamingHow to listen to the Ninth Circuit’s Trump immigration live-stream without your head explodingJeff Bezos slams NY Post report on “robot-run supermarkets”Companies That Stay Silent On Political Issues Can Pay A Hefty PriceThe World Could Reach Peak Coal And Oil In Three Years, Thanks To Cheap RenewablesTwo execs leaving Twitter, including its head of diversityGentrification Hurts Renters, But Not HomeownersGentrification Hurts Renters, But Not HomeownersDisney earnings preview: Here’s what we’re watching for and whyDropbox Lands One Of Google’s Top DesignersBetsy DeVos confirmed as Education Secretary with Pence breaking tie vote in the SenateMarvel References Beyoncé, “Hamilton” To Celebrate Its New Vision For “America”ThirdLove takes inclusivity beyond size, offers five shades to complement a wider range of skin tonesIn Honor Of Hans Rosling, Watch Some Of His Best VideosWith Autodesk flourishing, CEO leaves, but not to spend time with familyWhy Fashion Is More Than What You See On The RunwayADAY reinvents women’s staple garments with technical fabricsNetflix’s Scruffy Final Defender Revealed: Our First Look At “Iron Fist”Quip Gets A Redesign To Focus On Project ManagementThese Comic Books Bring The Story Of Segregation In St. Louis To LifeDensity Is The Best Way To Reduce A City’s Carbon FootprintWith Logitech’s ZeroTouch, You Can Now Use Amazon’s Alexa In Any VehicleInside M83 & Microsoft’s 8-Bit ExperienceDensity Is The Best Way To Reduce A City’s Carbon FootprintMeet the first Airbnb hosts to get fined over NYC’s new housing rulesExplore 3-D Floor Plans For The Unlikely Spaces In “Mad Men,” “Parks & Rec,” And MoreA Public Library That’s Nicer Than The Fanciest Tech OfficesWell, This Might Be The Most Artistic Climate Change Ad You’ve Ever SeenThis MIT Spin-Off Turns Pollution Into Super-Black Paint“I Felt Like I Was Drawing A Tumor”: “Legion” Artist On Sketching Steve BannonToo little, too late? Amid TV spying scandal, Vizio releases “best practices” on data collectionManoush Zomorodi Challenges Us To Stick Up For Our Internet RightsChance The Rapper Sings A Muppet-y Duet In New Video For “Same Drugs”Rebecca Minkoff skips NYFW, opts for Instagram-shoppable show in L.A.Iconic Artist Bill Sienkiewicz On The Creative Risks That Inspired FX’s “Legion”Twitter will start using an algorithm to hide abusive tweetsThe Gender Pay Gap On Snap’s Board Is The Norm At Major Tech CompaniesHow HotelTonight’s Logo Boosts Revenue By More Than 10% A YearThe Artificially Intelligent, Body-Hacking Branding Of 2022Apple Ad Legend Lee Clow Says It Was A Weak Year For Super Bowl SpotsThis Star-Shaped Pill Bounces Around Your Stomach For WeeksSouth Pacific Islands Say “No Thanks” To Western Junk FoodThe Artificially Intelligent, Body-Hacking Branding Of 2022This Wonderfully Warm Biodome Will Let Icelanders Escape Their Cold, Bleak WintersLaw enforcement officials are seeking social media info for Trump’s inauguration protestersHere’s The First Glow-In-The-Dark Bike Lane In The U.S.These Vertical Forest buildings will fight pollution in ChinaAnother 31 companies have joined the amicus brief against Trump’s immigration banAI For Matching Images With Spoken Word Gets A Boost From MITBosses: Keep Up With Your Employees’ Progressive Values, Or They’ll LeaveWhy Setting Goals Can Actually Make You Less SuccessfulThe Top Three Nonprofit Jobs Of The FutureThis Toothbrush Will Make You Rethink The Way You BrushHow To Keep Your Company Focused While Maintaining GrowthFour Immigrants Affected By The Ban Share What It’s Like To Work In America Right NowFive Subtle Signs Your Boss Is Hoping You’ll QuitForget Coding–Here’s The Skill You Need Most When You Start Your CareerHow Constraints Force Your Brain To Be More CreativeFeds: Vizio smart TVs illegally tracked what you were watching for yearsShadowy group files paperwork backing Peter Thiel for California governorSlideshow Test February 6Chan Zuckerberg Initiative donates $3.6M to legal aid group fighting evictions in Facebook’s backyardThis Food Startup Staffed By Refugees Doubled Its Sales After The Travel BanPokémon Stop! Milwaukee red tape requires park permit for “Go” game playAd Execs Declare National Geographic’s “Bad Romance” The Best Super Bowl Ad of 2017If You Argue That Lady Gaga Wasn’t Political Enough, You Missed Her Point EntirelyTurn Your Local Streets Into A Map That Reveals The Character Of Your NeighborhoodThese are the billionaires said to be sucked into the “Hamilton” tickets Ponzi schemePharma companies have a plan to alleviate fears over drug pricingThe Tiny House Fad Comes To Office DesignOnline Shopping Prices Are Actually Basically The Same As In-Store PricesThis Map Of What Each State Has Googled Most Since The Election Will Give You HopeFacebook lawyer says it doesn’t have a “wonder machine” to screen all posts for hate speechApple records first annual decline in iPhone shipments in China, while Oppo surgesPhilanthropy Turns Out To Be A Good Way To Get Sedentary Kids To ExerciseInjured U.S. War Vet Blasts President Trump On Immigration And Health Care In New AdAfter Locals Kept Covering Anti-Homeless Spikes With Cushions, This Building Just Gave UpUnder Armour Celebrates That Epic Super Bowl Win With “The Legend Of Tom Brady”Elon Musk defends his decision to stay on Trump’s business councilCoded Couture uses smartphone data to create bespoke dresses tailored to your lifestyleAn Intimate Look At The Couple Who Reluctantly Shaped Civil RightsGoogle’s Super Bowl commercial accidentally set off plenty of viewers’ devicesThe Year’s Best Super Bowl Commercial Actually Aired During “Saturday Night Live”R/GA Opens New London Venture Studio To Find Next Stars In Internet Of ThingsGoogle Maps redesign makes it easier to beat traffic or find a restaurantThis video shows you what it’s like to ride in a HyperloopNow Uber lets you rent a personal chauffeur tooThe Story Behind Kristen Schaal’s Fifty Shades Of Verizon Super Bowl Ad For T-MobileA Border Wall That Unites Instead Of DividesThe Creator Of “Resistance Kitchen” Explains Why Food Is Resonating In The Age Of TrumpThis bot makes money off Trump’s tweets and donates it to an animal charityThese are the 97 companies that filed an amicus brief against Trump’s immigration banVerizon and T-Mobile got into a bondage-themed feud on TwitterParis’s Classy New Public Urinals Use Your Pee To Grow FlowersParis Has An Ingenious Solution To Public Urination: Turn Pee Into CompostHow To Build A Space Suit That’s Actually (Sort Of) ComfortableGoogle’s Plan To Make Our Buildings Less PoisonousShould Nonprofits Have To Tell The Government Who Donated To Them?Wow, They’ve Really Figured Out How To Make Cars A Lot Safer In The Last 20 YearsFacebook just launched a fake news filter in FranceSea Levels Could Rise 8 Feet: See How That Will Drown Your CityAthleisure Makeup Has The Cosmetics Industry Breaking A SweatChina is now the world’s biggest producer of solar energy by capacityThe Scrappy Startups Using Text Messages To Fight TrumpHow Will Smith Changed DJ Jazzy Jeff’s Collaboration GameWhat Happened When I Forced Myself To Wake Up At 5 A.M. Every Day For A MonthFour Common Email Phrases That Make Recipients Reach For “Delete”How I Stopped Feeling Like A Fraud After Quitting My Job To Work For MyselfWhy Google, Ideo, And IBM Are Betting On AI To Make Us Better StorytellersThree (Cheap) Ways Every Company Can Innovate By The End Of This QuarterUber, Twitter, Netflix, and other top tech firms coordinate on legal action against immigration ban