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Lagging On Your New Year’s Resolutions? Here’s How To Decide What To DitchGoogle cofounder Sergey Brin, who emigrated from Russia as a boy, is at the protests at SFO AirportMore And More Tech Leaders Are Denouncing Trump’s Muslim BanMassive protests at JFK Airport keep growing after Trump’s executive order led to the detention of some refugeesHere’s a list of tech leaders denouncing Trump’s Muslim banFoxconn Is Having Ongoing Talks With Pennsylvania About A New FactoryHow To Enlist Your College Professors In Your Job Search Before You GraduateMeet The Startups Helping Broke-Ass Millennials Invest Their Couch PenniesLet us now praise MacroMind DirectorSnap’s IPO could be coming next weekZuckerberg treads carefully with a defense of immigrationApple patents handheld gadget to help hearing- and sight-impaired people get aroundElizabeth Warren wants to know why a website for Wells Fargo complaints has disappearedZuckerberg backs off from controversial legal action over his Hawaiian propertySeagate is releasing 14TB and 16TB hard drives over the next year and a halfBreaking The Glass Ceiling In An Industry Dominated By MenWhy Waste Plastic On Produce Stickers When We Could Use Lasers?Good News: The Super Wealthy Are Being More Bold In The Causes They’re SupportingAirbnb may be profitable, but it continues to face hurdlesMicrosoft parties like it’s 2000Why It’s Impossible To Declare A Sundance Film Festival “Winner”These Microfluidic Lego Are Like Building Blocks For Complex ScienceThese Microfluidic Lego Are Like Building Blocks For Complex ScienceYour Introduction To AR Will Most Likely Be In Your CarA New Competition Tackles Climate Change In The Bay Area (Since The White House Won’t)How a Google Doc grew into an anti-Trump political movementMike Mills’s Uses Passion, Tech, And Buzzcocks To Market “20th Century Women”New Tech Takes BBC America’s “Planet Earth II” Even Deeper Into Our WorldWelcome To Grope Mountain: An Extremely NSFW Climbing WallHow A Smart University Design Can Help Revitalize A CityWe Salute Their Best “This Is SportsCenter” Work As ESPN And Wieden+Kennedy Part WaysMissy Elliott Is Back And “Better” And We Couldn’t Need Her MoreDo we need an “unbiased” cable news network?How Trump’s First Week In Office Proves He’s Bad For BusinessMobile orders at Starbucks are creating grande headaches for baristasSee What Became Of Some Of New York’s Most Important Shuttered Music VenuesYou’d Never Know The Coen Brothers Directed This Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl AdMexican Designers Have Some Polite Suggestions For TrumpMexican Designers Have Some Polite Suggestions For TrumpThis Redesigned Airplane Row Will Make You Want The Middle SeatThe Anti-iPhone Of The FutureHere’s How We Know 440,000 People Attended The Women’s March In D.C.Barbie Reaches Out To Dads, John Malkovich Gets Pissed Off: The Top 5 Ads Of The WeekHow To Avoid A Rebranding Disaster: Lessons From The Sports WorldHow To Avoid A Rebranding Disaster: Lessons From The Sports WorldMore Places To Buy Booze Means More Violent Neighborhoods (In Every Part Of Town)The Secret To A Perfectly Tailored Suit? For The Black Tux, It’s Machine LearningThe Founder: A Game About The Dark Side Of Silicon ValleyPatagonia Wants To Refurbish Your Old Clothes And Sell Them To Someone ElseKremlin: Putin and Trump will talk on SaturdayAmazon has completely sold out of “1984”Sheryl Sandberg lashes out against Trump abortion policiesWhy Ben And Jerry’s CEO Pushes His Company To Merge Ice Cream And Social JusticeTesla is suing a former employee for allegedly stealing company secretsGoogle Maps now tells you how hard it is to park in some citiesHow To Use Moral Reframing To Persuade Conservatives To Support ImmigrationWhy A CEO’s Success Might Depend On Their Experience Of Board DiversityHow To Stop Busywork From Holding Your Career Progress BackMy Company Gives This Guide To Managers For Supporting Team Members On LeaveFrom Pussyhats To Boosting Your Job-Search SEO: This Week’s Top Leadership StoriesWhy Other People Wreck Brainstorms (And How To Stop Them)How Sesame Street Explains The Toughest Parts Of LifeOculus’s new boss appears to be a newcomer to VR industryGoodRx And Iodine Quietly Merge To Help Consumers Find The Right DrugsThe AR Helmet That Pinpoints Danger With Heat MapsNuclear Power Is Growing In The Gulf As The Middle East Tries To Find A Future After OilHow The Women’s March Could Become A Political Movement For The LeftAlphabet destroys Q4 revenue predictions with mobile search and YouTube adsThese 20 freelance skills are in demand right nowThis Amazing Kellyanne Cosplay Has Other Protesters ShookVerily expands its footprint in Asia with $800 million investment from TemasekHere are the 5 scariest revelations from Pew’s new cybersecurity surveyNow MailChimp Is Helping Small Businesses Buy Facebook AdsCrushing Student Debt Is Forcing Black College Graduates To Move Back HomeElon Musk personally pitched Trump on the idea of a carbon taxUber’s General Manager On Their Evolving Customer Service PoliciesHollywood mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg raises almost $600 million for his WndrCo new-media ventureSo This Lady Totally Wants To Have Sex With Mr. CleanHow The Brewmaster At The Brooklyn Brewery Leads His TeamWhy Scientists Just Reset The Doomsday Clock Closer To MidnightHow Did Denmark Spark Its Miraculous Food-Waste Reduction?A British Comedian Surviving Brexit Teaches Us How To Stay Creative During TrumpMarvel’s Much-Hyped Announcement Today Turns Out To Be An Avengers Video GameScientists just reset the Doomsday Clock: It’s now the closest it’s been to midnight since  the 1950sThis Short History Of Comic Sans Will Make You Love Comic SansThis Short History Of Comic Sans Will Make You Love Comic SansGuess who wants to merge now?Who Knew A Volvo Ad Could Make You Re-Examine Your Life Priorities?#TheFirst100Days: Your daily guide to all the changesNew York’s New Design For Public Housing Guidelines Point It Toward The FutureNew York’s New Design For Public Housing Guidelines Point It Toward The Future7 Legendary Artists Who Also Designed Album CoversAfter Trump’s Executive Order, What’s Next In The Dakota Access Pipeline Fight?50 years ago, America had its first space disaster#ThrowbackThursday To The Milla Jovovich Music Video Directed By Lisa BonetWhat cord cutting? Pay-TV customers are flocking back to ComcastSpaceX Faces Challenge Over Astronaut SafetyCount Down Until Trump Leaves Office With This Brilliant Tear-Off CalendarDefunding The NEA Would Be Incredibly Stupid–Here’s WhyThe Monotony Of Globalism: 32 Cities, 32 Identical Hotel RoomsDefunding The NEA Would Be Incredibly Stupid–Here’s WhyThinking Beyond The InterfaceEach Dot On This Map Is A Place Where A Person Of Color Was LynchedTo Fix Employment, Fix Automation–The Real Job Killer Of Our AgeHere’s how Elon Musk thinks the world should handle Donald TrumpThis Smartphone Is The Latest Attempt To Let Us Scan Our Food For Nutrition InformationDropcam’s founder just took a job at AppleWant Fitter, Healthier, And More Productive Kids? Just Start School LaterRecommit To The Resolutions You Already DitchedXiaomi’s Hugo Barra is now leading Facebook’s VR effortsWhat Trump’s Messy Office Reveals About His Leadership StyleFitting In Or Standing Out: Which One Gets You Ahead Faster?Forget The “Praise Sandwich”: Five Better Ways To Give Good Feedback3 Times It’s Okay To Change Your Mind About A Job Offer (Or Your Whole Career)Bot Or Not: How HipChat Uses Automation For Team ProductivityThree Steps To Take If You’re Worried Your Work Performance Is SlippingThis startup is breaking e-commerce out of the shopping cartSnickers Bold Super Bowl Ad Claim Gets Blitzed By SchlitzDesigners, Here Is Your Chance To Stop Trump’s WallA California City Councilman Brought Captain America’s Shield To His Swearing InFacebook says Trending changes won’t incorporate a publisher blacklistCome sail aboard the S.S. AmazonAlphabet Earnings preview: How did Google’s new Pixel and Home do in Q4?Trump Is A Terrible Architecture CriticWhy Consistent Communication Is Vital For A Company Of Any SizeThese big Facebook changes could really affect what you seeDetroit’s New LED Streetlight Network Is Illuminating The City While Cutting Its EmissionsA Third Of The U.S. Population Won’t Be Able To Afford Water Bills In Just 5 YearsA Third Of The U.S. Population Won’t Be Able To Afford Water Bills In Just 5 YearsAn AI poker player is bluffing some pros and winning a tonHang Out With Archie And The Gang In This Customizable “Riverdale” Promo ComicHTC giving 1,000 Vive trackers to VR developers to seed creation of motion-tracked accessoriesGoogle says it’s cracking down on bad adsWatch Greenpeace protesters unfurl a giant “Resist” banner in front of the White HouseThis Chilling Animated Short Predicts The Future Of Marketing And AddictionIf This Plastic Bag Ends Up In The Ocean, Don’t Worry–Animals Can Safely Eat It“20th Century Women” Begs The Question, How Would You Make A Movie About Your Mom?These Restaurants Are Creating A Career Path For People Just Out Of Prison“Good Design Is A Basic Civil Right:” A Housing Project For Homeless VetsPentagram Visualizes Planned Parenthood’s 100-Year Fight For Reproductive RightsCould a WikiLeaks-style info dump save climate data from Trump’s deleting fingers?When Your Business Doesn’t Match Your Values, What Then?Get ready for a lot more electric car charging stationsTostitos Made A Bag That Tells You If You’re Too Drunk To Drive After The Super BowlRelive The Glory Of The Women’s March With These Awesome IllustrationsRelive The Glory Of The Women’s March With These Awesome IllustrationsHere’s What Apple’s Ad Agency Learned At CES About Kids And The Future Of TechNo joke: Trump is going to order a “major investigation” into voter fraudTechnology Forces Us To Do Things We’re Bad At. Time To Change How Design Is DoneHow Design Can Help Eliminate The “Tampon Tax”Redesigning The Mind-Numbing Employee Code Of Conduct–With GIFsBy 2045, You May Not Be Able To Drive A Gas Car In HawaiiTechnology Forces Us To Do Things We’re Bad At. Time To Change How Design Is DoneSitting All Day Makes Your Body Age FasterMark Zuckerberg might not sue families into selling their ancestral lands to him after allGoogle hid clues to the dates of I/O 2017 in a GitHub repositoryThese Maybe-NSFW, 3D-Printed Sex Organs Are Designed To Help Blind Students In Sex EdNow scientists are marching on WashingtonRead Uber’s CTO’s powerful email about Donald Trump: “I will not even utter the name of this deplorable person”Working From Home Usually Means Longer Hours For Less MoneyGeorge Orwell’s “1984” is the No. 1 book on AmazonThe Fastest Way To Turn Around Career BurnoutWhat You Should Do After Getting FiredHow Sesame Street Taught Kids About Emotions Long Before Schools Caught OnIs The Talent Shortage A Myth? Just Ask These Thousands Of Women CodersHow To Turn Your Accent Into A Public-Speaking AssetFive Tips For More Productive Monotasking When You Work AloneHow to Evaluate Risk in Modern IndustryEquity Based Compensation: Balancing Finances and TalentBadlands National Park has deleted tweets on climate change that flouted Trump gag orderWhy You Should Never Be Satisfied With The Status Quo In BusinessEnergous stock dives 14% after analyst report throws cold water on long-range charging in iPhone 8Facts just lost another battle in the war of informationUber more than tripled its spending on lobbyists in 2016Under fire from Big Pharma, Martin Shkreli employs the “everybody does it” defenseIn Buffalo, A New Zoning Code Prioritizes People, Not CarsThe Future Of Photography Is About ComputationIn Buffalo, A New Zoning Code Prioritizes People, Not CarsThere Are Big Opportunities In The World’s Big ChallengesBandcamp proves people are still willing to pay for music in the streaming ageHow BET’s Ambitious New Miniseries About New Edition Found Its Version Of The TruthA New Label Lets Farmers Get Credit For Converting To Organic Before The Process Is CompleteThese Fashion Startups Offer The Prestige Of “Made In Italy” Without Inflated PricesClive Owen Stars In “Killer In Red,” A Stylish Noir Film–That’s Also A Campari AdCo.Design Is HiringCo.Design Is HiringCisco’s Affordable Spark Board Wants To Change How You Conduct MeetingsThe Friar’s Habit Gets A Streetwear-Inspired OverhaulWhat If Regulation Is Actually Good For Innovation?Simon & Schuster CEO defends signing Milo Yiannopoulos book. Also, publishing is 88% white.Amazon is disrupting Hollywood by playing Hollywood’s gameAlex Winter’s Five-Minute Doc Looks At The Last 10 Weeks In The Lobby Of Trump Tower3 Challenges Google Tackled To Bring Android Apps To Classroom ChromebooksDan Harmon tweeted a job offer to the SNL writer suspended for Barron Trump jokeCountdown To The Next Election With This Perpetual CalendarDan Harmon Tweets Serious Job Offer To SNL Writer Suspended Over Barron Trump JokeThe Radical–And Fun!–Way Two Sundance Filmmakers Are Changing The Movie BusinessPants on fire! The media gets more comfortable with the L-wordThe Girl Behind The Sparkle-Shooting Prosthetic Arm Is Just Getting StartedApp Store Design Is Fundamentally FlawedChicago is getting its own NYC-style Wi-Fi stations—but don’t try to use them for pornNow We Know Why All Those Galaxy Note 7s ExplodedWhat Jay Z’s Tidal Gains By Selling A Stake To SprintApp Store Design Is Fundamentally FlawedAlibaba just had an incredible quarterKuri, Ozlo, Cujo: Why Do So Many Robot Names Sound Alike?Kuri, Ozlo, Cujo: Why Do So Many Robot Names Sound Alike?How DonorsChoose Founder Charles Best Keeps His Organization NimbleHow Some Architects Are Protesting The AIA–By Leaving ItGoogle rival DuckDuckGo hits 10 billion anonymous searchesBarcelona’s Superblocks Are Drawing Protests From Car-Loving ResidentsBarcelona’s Superblocks Are Drawing Protests From Car-Loving ResidentsThis Eerie Landscape Art Is Actually Hacked Surveillance FootageQualcomm’s Wearable Boss On Why There’s No Moore’s Law For Smartwatches9 Bipartisan Ways To Rebuild The Social Contract Between Businesses And WorkersIs This Sewing Robot The Future Of Fashion?Be Inspired By These Creative Leaders Who Are Changing The WorldHow To Avoid Being Professionally GhostedFast Company Is Hiring An Editorial AssistantThese Are The Top Jobs In America For 2017Four Habits To Break Once You Finally Get A Good BossHow I’ve Learned To Poacher-Proof My Company’s WorkforceThree Strategies For Persuading Your Boss And When To Use ThemWhy Google, Twitter, And LinkedIn Employees Are Kicking These Seven Work HabitsHow Your Brain Makes You Hold Contradictory BeliefsFacebook’s Creative Shop: What Can It Do For Small Businesses (And Itself)?Samsung’s thriving chip business eased the pain of the Note 7 debacle, earnings report showsChan Zuckerberg Initiative buys an AI bot to surf scientific researchThe Sesame Street Muppets Spread Kindness: The OuttakesOracle sued for paying white guys more than its other workersYahoo just beat on Q4 earnings, but Verizon deal sees delaysThis Fintech Giant Wants To Recreate The Bell Labs Experience In NYCBoom moving toward testing of its supersonic plane after successful wind tunnel testWas Hillary Clinton supposed to be on the cover of the upcoming Vogue?What Will It Take For The Women’s March To Become A Movement?Gently Break Out Of Your Bubble With This App That Acclimates You To Different ViewsDelhi Just Banned All Disposable PlasticsGoogle PR wins the prize for best email of the dayLil Buck Hypnotizes Throwing Shapes To Sia In New Lexus Super Bowl AdThe Women’s March And The Art Of Creative ResistanceThe Inauguration Protests Should Be Remembered For Creativity, Not Broken WindowsMapping The Collective Experience Of A CityReid Hoffman: More than 50 percent of Silicon Valley billionaires have “apocalypse insurance”The massive Aetna-Humana merger was just blocked on antitrust groundsThis Is How The Girl From “The Ring” Scares You Into Buying A TVThe ACA Makes Cancer Screenings Available To Millions Who Could Never Afford ItThese stunning hi-res images of planet Earth will make you temporarily forget Earth’s problemsAn Ode To The Signs Left Behind After The Women’s March On WashingtonAmerica Finally Has A New “Hope” PosterAmerica Finally Has A New “Hope” PosterWhy Are Dutch Kids So Much Happier Than American Kids?“Sesame Street” Took Over Our Office To Remind Everyone That “K” Is For KindnessElmo & Abby Want You To Stop Being A Grouch At WorkGet ready for more music streaming has scrubbed the site of pages dedicated to net neutrality and open governmentMVMT tests out Snapchat’s sponsored geofilters as an advertising toolThe SEC wants to know why it took Yahoo two years to disclose a massive data breach: reportRediscovering The Lost Skyscrapers Of New YorkHow CW’s Television Superheroes Get Their PowersWhy Barbie’s New Campaign Talked To Dads During The NFL PlayoffsThe 8 Design Books We’re Most Excited About This WinterThe Galaxy Note 7 Explosion Findings Could Change How Samsung Makes SmartphonesThe 8 Design Books We’re Most Excited About This WinterCult watch startup Kapten & Son taps Bang & Olufsen’s design studio for new lineMoving the Needle: Your Guide To The Future Of FashionDesign Is Political. Pledge Now To Do Your PartHoloLamp Puts 3D Objects On Your Desk, No Headset NecessaryDesign Is Political. Pledge Now To Do Your PartCan Politics Be Debugged?Using A Computer In The Classroom Makes You Do Worse On TestsHere’s the latest on how China’s population is using apps and the internetFor The Next 100 Days, These Artists Will Release Art About What Makes America GreatXiaomi’s global operations VP is leaving the companyCan This Radical Form Of Affordable Housing Development Make Cities More Livable?Can This Radical Form Of Affordable Housing Development Make Cities More Livable?Another computer glitch has grounded United flightsAfter Two Years Of Trying 6-Hour Workdays, These Companies Say It WorkedJack Dorsey apologizes for forcing Twitter users to follow TrumpThis Chrome extension lets you get anyone’s email from LinkedInSix Items That Should Never Be On Your To-Do ListHow These Top Companies Are Getting Inclusion RightHow The Most Successful People Turn Down Extra WorkHow Much Should Independent Workers Bend To Their Clients’ Cultures?Six Tips For Improving Your Digital Job Search While You’re UnemployedSamsung says battery design and manufacturing problems led to Note 7 explosions