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This Google Expert’s Top SEO Tips For Job Seekers In 2017The politics of crowd counting have never been more striking“Valley Of The Gods” Recounts The Wild Ride Of Peter Thiel’s FellowsFive Ways To Say “No” So You Can Finally Reclaim Your FocusAdoptly, the probably fake “Tinder for adoption,” just got kicked out by KickstarterThis 750-Mile Trail Could Create A Bike Path Across New York State75% Of Americans Think Self-Driving Cars Aren’t SafeThis VR Filmmaker Started Out Selling Avocados And Helping Friends With Record LabelsIt’s Day One of Trump and net neutrality is already in trouble“House Of Cards” Captures The Mood Of Large Parts Of America In A Creepy New PromoWatch the government’s position on protecting LGBT rights vanish before your eyesAnti-Trump protesters have chained themselves to the front doors of Uber HQThe first POTUS Twitter handoff in history is a dizzying spectacleJohn Oliver Returns, Steve Jobs Pitches Government Work: The Top 5 Ads Of The WeekLinkedIn says these will be the most promising jobs in 2017A New York Agency Is Streaming Puppies On Facebook Live Instead Of The InaugurationThe Science And Politics Of Counting The Crowds At The Inauguration And Women’s MarchUltimately, Michael Keaton’s “The Founder” Makes Sense For Trump’s AmericaPG-13 Movies Contain More Gun Violence Than R-Rated MoviesCan This Mobile Recording Studio Ease Police-Community Tensions With Music?Eating Hot Chili Peppers Makes You Live Longer, Says ScienceThis Gorgeous New VR Film From Oculus Lets You Explore Lucid Dreamlike Memories7 Tech CEOs And Execs On Why Obama Was Innovator In ChiefHow not to watch Trump’s inaugurationNew is already pushing Melania Trump’s QVC line of jewelryShould Twitter dump Trump? Ellen Pao makes a compelling argumentWhy is the Doomsday Clock still at 3 minutes to midnight?India’s Demonetization Is Having A Domino Effect On Credit, E-CommerceData Proves It: Trump Has The Emotional Maturity Of A Toddler“The Founder” Director Voices Concern About The “McDonaldization” Of MoviesHow One Man Made McDonald’s America’s Most Well-Known Fast Food Chain In “The Founder”These Self-Driving Cars Assemble Into Moving TownsWith Nintendo’s Switch Game Console, New Ideas Create New ExperiencesHow This CEO Got Caught Up In the Clinton Email ScandalHold The Storefront: How Delivery-Only “Ghost” Restaurants Are Changing TakeoutFor A Film About Multiple Identities, M. Night Shyamalan’s “Split” Can’t Find Its OwnThis Author Uses Ruminative Writing Processes To Enter The Minds Of His SubjectsIndiegogo Wants To Reclaim Its Momentum With A Renewed Focus On Entrepreneurs“Irregularly sized” batteries are reportedly what caused Galaxy Note 7 smartphones to explodeA Designer’s Guide To Surviving Four Years Of TrumpA Designer’s Guide To Surviving Four Years Of TrumpGoogle Is Quietly Turning VR Into A Real Creative ToolMozilla Just Proved That It’s Possible To Open-Source Good DesignA Futuristic Office Is Less Important Than An Office That’s Good For WorkersIdeo Says The Future Of Design Is CircularCan GoFundMe Be The Future Of Philanthropy If The Alt-Right Uses It To Raise Funds?Apple is on the verge making iPhones in IndiaTake Solace In These Stunning Images Of The World’s Most Awe-Inspiring SightsDonald Trump has given up his Android phoneThis Is How You Future-Proof Your Brain Against Increasing DistractionsWhy Alliances With Nonprofits Are Important To CorporationsThe Creators Of The Pussyhat Project Explain How Craft Projects Are ProtestWhy Slack, Chatbots, And Freelance Workers Have Your IT Department Freaking OutHow I Trained Myself To Wake Up On Time Without An AlarmYour 90-Day Plan To Becoming An EntrepreneurFrom PowerPoint Tips To Rethinking Good Habits: This Week’s Top Leadership StoriesHow Well Can You Trust Your Boss? Here’s How To TellOne Nation, Divided By A Common LanguageIf you drive for Uber in one of these cities, the FTC says you were over-promised on payZuckerberg on Hawaiian estate privacy controversy: It’s “complicated”Tesla’s Autopilot feature is not the problem after allSave The Alien, Save Your Soul: This VR Film Turns Empathy Into ActionFake news is now an entire beat at CNNYou Can Travel With This Tiny Folding Bike As Your Carry-on LuggageBefore Trump Could Stop It, Obama Spent $500 Million To Fight Climate ChangeDespite financial woes, Birchbox plans to open a Paris store this springHTC’s Vive is investing $10M in VR that aims to improve actual realityIs Adoptly the latest hoax from the people who brought us Pooper?Helping Philanthropy Be More Realistic About The Risks Inherent In Its MissionHow We Can Predict The Climate When We Can’t Predict The WeatherHere’s How The FCC’s Net Neutrality Rules Might Be Throttled Under TrumpThe first project from Fox’s new VR venture is a “Planet of the Apes” experienceTwitter’s latest diversity report shows gains for women in leadership roles#ThrowbackThursday To Vin Diesel’s Indie Days Before “XXX: Return Of Xander Cage”“I Wish We’d Made ‘La La Land’ Instead”: Josh Thomas On “Please Like Me” Season 4Black Designers Are Claiming Their Space In The Fashion WorldWaiting For The Right Partnership Is Key To Being AcquiredThis Simple Design Could Keep Streetcar Tracks From Destroying BikersA Magazine Designed By Bureaucracy“Hidden Figures” Inspires A Scholarship Contest For Minority STEM AspirantsHere’s Exactly How You Tell A Joke Like Louis CKScientists Have Found A Way For Cavities To Repair Themselves–But Don’t Stop Flossing YetIn Its Final Tease, “Logan” Puts The Spotlight On The X-Man’s Mysterious New ChargeHow The NBA Created The Hindenburg Of Sports UniformsHow The NBA Created The Hindenburg Of Sports UniformsThe Pixar Shared Universe Theory Just Got a Big Boost . . . From PixarIt takes a staff of 12 to delete all the negative comments from Zuck’s Facebook pageData Can Lie–Here’s A Guide To Calling Out B.S.The Silver Lining Of Anti-Globalism Might Be The Creation Of A True Digital EconomyData Can Lie–Here’s A Guide To Calling Out B.S.Child prodigy Isabella Rose Taylor gets into home design with PBteenThe National Endowment for the Arts would be eliminated under Trump team’s proposal: reportBlack Lives Matter App Enables Americans To Mark Themselves “Unsafe”LinkedIn’s Major Makeover Is Designed To Make You Want To Actually Use LinkedInGoogle Is Showing Off Its Commitment To Six-Second Ads With A Sundance ActivationHow Designers And Developers Can Work With A President Who Doesn’t Trust TechnologyThe Collaboration Software That’s Rejuvenating The Young Global Leaders Of DavosGoogle just bought Twitter’s Fabric mobile development platformAre Voice-Controlled Homes The Future, Or A Gimmick?How To Make The Perfect Protest SignAre Voice-Controlled Homes The Future, Or A Gimmick?This Jacket Designed For Homeless People Takes Wireless Donations ElectronicallyBeware of the fake fake news checkerThe Case For Eliminating Countries And Instituting A Global DemocracyBet You Didn’t See This Coming: 10 Jobs That Will Be Replaced By RobotsFacebook tells Germany it won’t be easy stopping fake news on the siteTwo Easy Ways To Rewire Your Brain To Be More ProductiveHow Technology Has Significantly Influenced The BLM MovementHow Employee Burnout Became An Epidemic And What It Might Take To Fix It12 Facebook Groups To Join Before Quitting Your Day Job To Work For YourselfWhy Your “Career Path” Probably Won’t Lead You To Your Dream JobFour Tips For Communicating Well In Nerve-Wracking Situations9 Lessons From Around The World To Create The Perfect CityOculus’s controversial founder, Palmer Luckey, emerges from shadows at ZeniMax trialObama’s visiting tech fellow program could become law, if he signs the bill in timeTrump wants to trademark “Keep America Great” for his 2020 campaign… but it’s already takenZuckerberg still struggling with privacy settings on Hawaiian estateA decade into streaming, Netflix is still breaking records for new subscribers“Don’t Stop in Hell…” and Other Entrepreneurial Lessons From the Founder of PelotonWe’re already bored with your “First-in-VR” announcementsThis Mens Film Festival From “Portlandia” Probably Already ExistsCan These Tech Veterans Make A Fringe Health Care Model Scale?This Swedish Billboard Coughs When A Smoker Walks ByNetflix’s “The Discovery” Suggests The Afterlife Is Real And Creepier Than You ThoughtBig Dairy Wants Plant-Based Milk To Stop Calling Itself “Milk”Food delivery service Deliveroo is adding 300 jobs to its U.K. officeYet again, a Cabinet nominee is in trouble for not paying taxes for a household employeeJapan Unveils A Universal UI Language . . . For ToiletsHow Chromebooks Aim To (Finally) Crack The Consumer Market In 2017The Unexpected Design Challenge Behind Slack’s New Threaded ConversationsA German Politician Proposes A Program For Sex Workers To Service Senior CitizensWix Super Bowl Ad Pits Jason Statham, Gal Gadot Against An Overused Action Film TropeBaracksdubs Made His Name Putting Words In Obama’s Mouth. Now He Prepares For Trump.Meryl Streep, Mindy Kaling, And More Narrate The History Of Planned ParenthoodWatch a century’s worth of global warming in less time than it takes to microwave your lunchPhilippe Cousteau On How Risk Taking Has Molded His Career And Outlook On LifeThis Is What You Look Like To Ford’s Driverless CarsEverything Is Awful So Let’s All Escape To This Treehouse For Grown-UpsLooking for lakefront property? Get a time machine and try MarsGet To Know The Mother Of The Modern Environmentalist Movement In This PBS DocWhy You Should Be Designing For Your 73-Year-Old SelfThis generation spends the most time on social media and it’s not the millennialsHere’s what will happen if you use your drone to spy on the global eliteMasterCard Thinks Small With New Microcommerce Platform In AfricaAward-Winning Ad Exec Produces New Documentary On The “Other Boston Busing Story”Maybe it was the Snapchat election, after allWatch “Cameraperson” To See What It’s Like To Shoot DocumentariesWilliam Gibson’s “Neuromancer” Gets A Cover Made With–What Else?–CodeIf You Talk To This Story, The Characters Will ListenYahoo Japan is refusing to stop the sale of ivory on its auction siteIkea Is Now In The Bike BusinessGoogle is bringing its Android One program to the U.S. this yearWhat Apple, Google, And Tesla Get WrongThis Invisible Joint Is Making Ikea’s Furniture Stronger And Easier To BuildWe Destroyed Their Habitat, So Brazilian Vampire Bats Have Started Drinking Our BloodAmazon is working on self-driving carsWatch These Activists Explain How Technology Helped Them Fight Oppressive GovernmentsFollow The Life Of Plastic In Photos, From The Factory To The OceanTheranos’s last blood-testing lab failed its inspection“We Don’t Have To Explain That Tech Is Not Diverse”: Lessons From A Two-Decade BattleQualcomm allegedly bribed Apple to not make a WiMAX iPhoneCan Entrepreneurship Revive The Troubled PhD?Can Artificial Intelligence Wipe Unconscious Bias From Your Workday?Sorry, But Your Brain Only Knows One Way To Multitask EffectivelyUse This Formula To Dial Up The Soft Skills On Your ResumeWhen To Risk Your Career For Ethical ReasonsHow AI Can Help Keep Ocean Fisheries Sustainable5 Steps For Creating The Perfect TeamMakerBot’s next job: print a new CEOMattel doubles down on tech toys, naming Google exec Margaret Georgiadis CEONow that Chelsea Manning is going free, will WikiLeaks keep this promise?This 20-Cent Paper Centrifuge Uses The Physics Of A Child’s Toy To Lower Lab CostsThis Is How A Finnish Education Platform Will Scale Innovation For The Next 100 YearsGoogle slashes price of Daydream View VR headset nearly 40% to $49Looking To Regain Its Reputation, Theranos Appoints Advisory Board Of Biotech ExpertsFacebook is on trial, and journalists were just told to stop live-tweeting from the courtroomTheranos appoints advisory board of biotech experts in move to turn around its reputationIs Netflix’s global expansion paying off? We’ll know more tomorrowThe Oil-Rich Middle East Is Also Sun Rich, And Now It’s Pushing Solar HardFacebook paid 50% more for Oculus than everyone thoughtWhat Did Obama Do As POTUS? This Interactive Tests Your AssumptionsWhat Did Obama Do As POTUS? This Interactive Tests Your AssumptionsEight Men Are As Rich As Half The World–And Other Depressing Inequality StatsUnder oath, Mark Zuckerberg swears his love for VRCancer survivor who confronted Paul Ryan about repealing Obamacare is not satisfied with his responseSnapchat is so secretive that most employees found out about Spectacles just like you did—by reading the newsThose Obamacare penalties are really importantWith Its Updated iOS App, Evernote Is Going Back To Note-Taking’s BasicsLululemon expands its European presence with a London flagship storeDays Before The Inauguration, Nasty Women Stage Their Own ShowExposure To The Poor Makes People Less Likely To Support Taxes On The RichFender CEO Andy Mooney’s Secrets To Mastering The Art Of Made-To-OrderArtist Peter Blake Revisits “Sgt. Pepper” For The Mandarin Oriental In LondonAmerican Apparel shutters all 110 of its retail storesThis School’s Shape-Shifting Walls Let It Adapt Throughout The DayDriverless Cars Could Save The U.S. Over $300 Billion A YearMark Zuckerberg is in a mood—publishing industry braces for shiftWhy The Time Is Right For Jordan Spieth’s First-Ever Signature Under Armour Shoe“Something Special And Valuable”: Katie Holmes Gives All She Has To Directorial DebutWatch China’s president staunchly defend globalization at the world’s most elite business conferenceNew Glassdoor Data Suggests What You’re Paid Affects Your Work ValuesThis Company Is Challenging Apple’s Design Empire With A $129 ComputerYou Can Now Buy A Cargo Bike At IkeaMicrosoft just got a patent for those Westworld smartphones everyone lovesDesigning The World’s Most Secure Chat AppThe End Of User-Friendly DesignThis Old Industrial District In Finland Is Transforming Into A Sustainable VillageWe Should Be Preserving The Oceans Like They Were National ParksApple raises U.K. App Store prices by 25% due to BrexitSee Just How Much Sugar Is Hiding In The Food You EatMicrosoft’s former Office head has been appointed the new COO of BaiduThe Hyperloop probably won’t debut in the U.S.Investors won’t get any voting power in Snap IPOWhy Your Good Habits Might Actually Be Holding You BackIt’s The Most Popular Month To Look For A Job: Here’s How To Stand OutWhat Happened When I Stopped Saying “Sorry” At Work For A WeekThree Essential Rules For Desperate Freelancers To Avoid Getting ScrewedHow (And Why) To Master The Habit Of Delaying GratificationWhy You Might Do Your Best Work When You Don’t Have A BossRichard Branson’s Next Big Idea: Sports FestivalsThis Anti-Censorship Company Combats Digital Attacks and Violent ExtremismACLU Launches #PeoplesOath Campaign To Build On Inauguration MomentumYou Know What A Meal Kit Is, Now Blue Apron Wants You To Know Its Brand PurposeChevrolet And Lego Celebrated “The Lego Batman Movie” With A Life-Sized Lego BatmobileThis CEO’s Grandfather Taught Him To Cope With Work StressFacebook is testing three methods to combat fake news in GermanyThe Internet Of Things Could Finally Get The Common Language It NeedsTrump will keep tweeting from his personal Twitter account during his presidency7 Ways To Make Your Job Meaningful AgainWhy This Fashion Designer Is Teaching Girls To Have A Strong VoiceWhy Always Leaning In For Salary Negotiations Might Not Work For WomenEating Disorders Are Getting The Silicon Valley TreatmentHere’s What To Do Before The End Of January To Lock In That PromotionEight VCs’ Predictions On The Year Ahead In InnovationIs Worrying About Losing Your Memory Making You Lose Your Memory?The Eye In The Sky Gets A Brain That Knows What It’s SeeingHow Two Women Turned Their Teenage Anorexia Into A Fight Against Eating Disorders