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Jaunt CEO steps down as VR heavyweight hunts for growth-oriented replacementHas Jawbone stopped making its UP fitness trackers?SpaceX is getting really good at bringing its rockets backJaunt CEO Steps Down, VR Company Now Looking For A Growth-Oriented ReplacementSpaceX launch: Watch live and cross your fingers for a landingGawker vs. Hulk Hogan = Pierre Omidyar vs. Peter ThielOne Million Euro “Coins of Hope” Feature The Face Of A Missing ChildWatch Tony Hawk Show Off His Mad Skills in Zero GravityChef And TV Host Eden Grinshpan Of “Eden Eats” Shares How To Build Your Power TeamShould women have a “work uniform”?The Inside Story Of Donald Trump’s Only High-Tech VentureThere’s Little Energy In Congress For Making Encryption LawA new law just gave the French another excuse to work lessThe All-Electric Light Rider Is The World’s First 3-D Printed MotorcycleDynamic Dialogues With Majora Carter, Cofounder And Ceo Of Startup BoxDynamic Dialogues With Debbie Sterling, Founder And CEO Of GoldiebloxThese Harvard-Designed Robobees Can Perch For Days Using Static ElectricityThe Director And Showrunner of “Outcast” Talk Translating A Comic To ScreenInternet chokes up over Heimlich saving woman with HeimlichHenry Rollins And The Producers Of “Live At 9:30” On Resurrecting The TV Variety ShowShould you review your doctor on Yelp?TJ Miller’s Funniest Moment In “Silicon Valley” Has Four Minutes Of Awesome OuttakesInflatable space habitat experiment fails miserablyNendo Designed A Whole Department Store, And It’s BonkersSiri and other voice assistants are leaving disabled users behindTrump’s energy plan: More fossil fuels pleaseBruised And Bloodied Female Athletes Never Give Up In This Taboo-Busting AdWomen are more outspoken on Facebook than in… most other placesLeast Creative Ad Of The Day: Chinese Detergent Brand Goes Full RacistThis Tube Map Shows The Greatest London Buildings That Never Came To BeTwilio CEO references Star Trek in filing for $100 million IPOAsian-American rapper fights for visibility in films—by inserting himself into all of themThe Facebook news machine, by the numbersA Digital Game That Can Still Foster Open-Ended PlayYou Can Cook A Whole Meal On This Wired Kitchen TableWatch An Asian-American Rapper Replace White Leads In Every Movie In This Music VideoAntibiotics’ long goodbye just got shorterCan Rebranding Help A City Shake Its Seedy Reputation?NASA Looks To Gaming Tech For Next-Gen Space ExplorationWatch Steven Spielberg’s Harvard commencement speech hereIn Off-Grid Regions, Cheap Solar Kits Could Spread As Quickly As Mobile PhonesWhy Environmental And Health Groups Are So Torn About Toxic Chemical ReformWhy Designing In A Vacuum Isn’t Always A Bad ThingMorning intelligenceMapping How Terrorists Are Destroying The World’s Cultural SitesHonest Teen Marketing And Netflix Adultery: The Top 5 Ads Of The WeekHow The Go-To Guy For Writing Fictional Music Ended Up Producing The New Monkees AlbumGary Numan Thinks The Music Industry’s Collapse Is A Beautiful ThingApple shares soar after Warren Buffet buys a stakeVietnam shut off Facebook during Obama’s visitHow Airbnb Made Its Payments System More Accessible To Brazilians For The Rio OlympicsA major government study has found a link between cellphones and cancerThis Startup Is Renaming Every Place On EarthDon’t Be Surprised If Google’s New Animated Short Wins An OscarHow Two Industrial Design Titans Are Helping Brands Simplify TechThe “Internet Of Things Bank” Gives You An Electric Shock When You OverspendThis Beautifully Illustrated Book Shows Kids A Sustainable Urban FutureFacebook and Microsoft are building the Atlantic’s fastest undersea cableWhy We Are Better At Making Decisions For Other PeopleInside A Growing Movement Of Coworking Spaces For Atypical EntrepreneursUnexpected Lessons About Innovation From Formula One TeamsYou’re Using Business Jargon To Avoid Solving Problems–Here’s How To StopFrom Training Your Brain To Giving Up Meat: May’s Top Leadership StoriesHow I’ve Made Smart Hires As My Company Quadrupled In 10 MonthsSix Ways The Most Productive People Send EmailsIs America’s Strongest Biometric Privacy Law About To Be Gutted?America’s strongest biometric privacy law is in perilGawker owner asks Peter Thiel: “Is your goal to bankrupt, buy or wound” us?NYT editor blames Trump for not condemning his supporters’ anti-Semitic tweetsThese Silicon Valley VCs jumped to Peter Thiel’s defenseSpaceX scraps launch due to “tiny glitch”Don’t hold your breath waiting for Facebook to penalize Peter ThielHere’s proof that the media was more obsessed with Trump than readers wereWatch SpaceX’s latest launch and ocean landing attemptHow Outcast’s Patrick Fugit Decides Which Roles To Turn DownJust how bad is Twitter’s harassment problem? Well . . .“Twilight Zone” Mastermind On Why Your Lying Child Is Destined For Genius (Or Jail)Schrödinger’s cat now has to live or die in two boxes, thanks to Yale scientistsTomorrow, NASA makes second attempt to inflate habitat in spaceDespite privacy pushes, it’s hard to keep Internet traffic from passing through USFCLA 2016 In Photos: Meditation, Innovation, And Inspired CreationA return to preppy basics fails to revive J. Crew salesYou Will See The Blood Dress Again In Your Dreams TonightGitHub reveals its diversity numbersA Shape-Shifting Desk That Hides Your Chair Until It’s NeededOur inside look at why Verizon is bidding on YahooThe Extreme Couture Of London’s Underground Club SceneThe Least Expensive, Most Job-Friendly Cities For New GraduatesAll-glass iPhone coming in 2017, confirms Apple supplierShoppable videos soon coming to FacebookPortugal Just Ran For 4 Days Straight On Sun, Wind, And Water Power AloneTrump scores delegate count needed for nominationJoin A Syrian Child Refugee On An Interactive Journey To FreedomShould Parents Be Forced To Take A Science Class Before They Refuse To Vaccinate Kids?This Short Film Tells A Complete Story With One Continuously Zooming ShotVerizon’s Multi-Billion-Dollar Play To Take On Netflix, Amazon, Google & FacebookJapan will regulate bitcoin and other virtual currenciesIf Tony Stark were real, would he be in therapy?Geena Davis On Why Hollywood Is At A Turning Point In Gender EqualityA Universal Interface That You Control By DoodlingCelebrate Miles Davis With This Interactive Website Mapping HIs Creative UniverseMorning intelligenceThese U.K. Researchers Will Use Big Data To Predict When You Will DieResearchers Are Using Stem-Cell Science To Save These Last Rhinos From ExtinctionTribe Mixes The Best Of Text And Video ChatBrilliant! This Zipper Warns You When Your Fly Is DownArtist Corrects Inaccuracies At The George W. Bush Library With Augmented RealityRihanna Designs Star Trek-Inspired Glasses For Dior, And They Are AwesomeMore Exxon Shareholders Are Worried About Climate Change–But The Company Still Isn’tUnity Welcomes More Women To Gaming With Global WorkshopsNow You Can Sign A Virtual Yearbook For Teens Killed By Gun ViolenceApple is interested in building the gas stations of the futureIs The $1 Billion Project To Plant A Wall Of Trees Across Africa A Good Idea?Snapchat raises another $1.81 billion as revenue forecasts leakThis San Francisco Apartment Developer Is Paying Tenants $100 A Month Not To DriveThe Star Horticulturist Behind Silicon Valley’s Living Wall TrendHere’s how many ad networks publishers should be working with to maximize revenueRepublicans hope to kill the FCC’s set-top box plan and net neutrality in one goHow Restaurateur Michael Chernow’s Varied Passions Led To Hosting “Food Porn”Three Weeks With Apple’s iPhone SE, A Mostly Excellent Starter iPhoneThis Startup Promises To Make Paperwork Less Of A Nightmare For FreelancersHow To Use Snapchat To Get A JobHow To Turn A Work Friend Into A Real FriendFour Lessons On Work Culture That I Learned At GoogleDismantling The Myth Of The Self-Reliant CEO3 Rules For Creative Workers To Keep Their Business In OrderHow To Find A First Job That Doesn’t Make You “Pay Your Dues”Trump and Ryan talked on phone Wednesday night, but still no endorsementHillary ignored and didn’t report suspected hack attempts on her personal email serverPeter Thiel explains why he spent about $10 million on a secret war against GawkerWWE Superstar John Cena Lays Out The True Meaning of “Authenticity”WSJ: Walgreens didn’t validate Theranos’ techAllstate will sell insurance for Airbnb hostsTwitter’s 2016 plan: Make its core product betterIt Is Time To Get Excited About “BoJack Horseman” Season 3The average doctor spends 10% of their time dealing with lawsuitsStudy: Most Americans wouldn’t enroll in a clinical trialBuy button death knell: Twitter reportedly halts commerce teamBookings at Trump Hotels down almost 60% since last yearThis map shows you which questions each state tends to Google more than the restHow can universities make money? Massive deals with shoe companiesThe Most Revealing Interview Question You Can Ask, According To Mollie RuskinHow Artificial Intelligence Is Helping Brands Create Ads Just For YouSlack has 3M users and it’s probably only the beginningEmployers, stop referring to employees as “millennials”How “The Walking Dead” Helped Robert Kirkman & David Alpert Make “Outcast”Senate Intelligence committee votes to let FBI access email with no court involvementBeatie Wolfe Turns Her Music Into A Fashion Experience You Can Actually WearAziz Ansari, Constance Wu, and others speak out for Asian-American visibility in HollywoodTinder CEO Sean Rad Wants Discovery, Not Just HookupsInstagram cuts off third-party apps which do what Instagram won’tUber will use Foursquare’s location data to map your ridesJudge rules against Gawker, declines to reduce $140 million judgmentAmericans sent at least 260 million sexts last yearThe inglorious (and incomplete) history of business tycoons bullying the mediaSamsung Is Working Hard To Humanize Its ImageReport: AT&T is in the running to acquire YahooLook Closer! This Spider Bot Is Actually A Person WalkingQueen guitarist Brian May launches a Google Cardboard competitorChildren need more free play (not more sports and music lessons)Early Richard Dawkins Books Get An Algorithmically Generated RedesignThis Underwater Camera System Will Help Fishermen Stop Their Indiscriminate KillingA Handy Reference Guide For Winning Every Anti-Cycling Argument EverLionel Messi opens up in new Sports Illustrated short filmThis Typeface Turns “Refugees” Into Real People AgainThese Are The Weird Questions Each State Googles More Than Every Other StateThe Brands That Do The Most And Least Good For The World–Ranked By ConsumersGet A Closer Look At Lionel Messi In Sports Illustrated’s New Short FilmLet’s all LOL at this 2008 quote from Peter Thiel about the need for free speechToyota makes a strategic investment in UberSpotify’s Discover Weekly Has 40 Million Listeners–More Than Apple Music And TidalJohnsonville Hits The Factory Floor To Find Quirky New Ad CampaignBernie wants to go to MarsOf course Eric Schmidt owns an iPhoneAt What Age Do People Get Married Around The World?Alibaba is being investigated by the SEC over Singles’ Day shopping extravaganzaDrive with Dale Earnhardt Jr. In Mountain Dew’s New NASCAR VR ExperienceStudy questions accuracy of Fitbit heart-rate trackersJay Z has Beyonce on his mind in first post-“Lemonade” song appearanceSocialism: The board gameWhat Architects Make When They Play With LegoSpotify’s Discover Weekly tops Apple Music and Tidal combinedControlling A Smart Home Can Be As Easy As Tossing Keys In A BowlThe Controversial Keurig For Juice Was Designed By Yves BéharMorning intelligenceAdidas brings shoe manufacturing back to Germany–but most of the jobs are going to robotsPeter Thiel’s support of Gawker lawsuit protected by confidentiality agreementEbay buys Spain’s Ticketbis to bolster StubHub’s business abroadDue To Fuzzy Rules, Sharing-Economy Workers Often Underpay Or Overpay Their TaxesThese Vacant Lots In Detroit Are Turning Into An Eco-VillageChewbacca mask mom tours Facebook campus…with ChewbaccaJack Dorsey says Twitter will take time to fixThe Internet’s 10 “Ugliest” WebsitesChina’s Star Design Studio: Consumerism Is Hurting The IndustryThis Robot Points Out Your Mistakes, Like The World’s Most Annoying RoommateCan This Airbnb For Seniors Help Keep The Elderly Connected?How To Make Chatbots That Are Actually Worth Talking ToThis New Neighborhood Will Grow Its Own Food, Power Itself, And Handle Its Own WasteHow You Should Answer The 10 Most Common Interview QuestionsHow To Do Facebook Live WellCameras At The Water Cooler: Inside The Company That’s Always Watching EmployeesThis One Thing Gives Women The Edge In CrowdfundingThree Ways Your Workspace Is Quietly Hurting Your ProductivityGut Check: These Are Four Things You Don’t Owe Your Boss3 Reasons You’re Feeling Unmotivated At Work (And How To Beat Them)Why We Secretly Want Leaders Who’ll Be Unethical On Our BehalfNew Mexico police rumble with Trump rally protestersOn the urban legend that Marissa Mayer is a cupcake freakBellgray brings the department store work-clothes shopping experience to the webSiri-ously? Apple to join Amazon and Google in AI smart speaker battleZenefits rival Gusto sets its sights on being the ‘Kayak for benefits’What’s with Yahoo’s cryptic response to Variety’s Marissa Mayer crucifixion cover?How to get a unicorn to tell you a secret: Try these magic wordsHow Pat LaFrieda Has Grown New York’s Meat Empire In Its Third GenerationCan this smartwatch save your life?What The Military Taught Chef Robert Irvine About Running A RestaurantSee The Entire Story Of “Star Wars IV” In One 403-Foot-Long InfographicA third of U.S. corporate cash is held by 5 tech companies–nearly 90% of it overseasDon’t get too excited about Netflix’s VR “video store”Volkswagen invests $300 million In GettAct fast, Silicon Valley elite: Private slices of public park available through July!Pebble is back with new products, once again on Kickstarter71% of Americans would let refugees into the countryEnd Netflix Adultery With Cornetto’s “Commitment Rings”New Google Maps ads will hopefully not distract driversVideo shows Tesla driver unconscious as car drives itselfT-Pain Is Morrissey In This Shot-For-Shot Smiths Video RemakeThis “Game Of Thrones” Mashup Trailer Predicts An Unlikely GuestJoseph Aigboboh, Playq Cofounder And CeoAmy Jain And Daniella Yacobovsky, Cofounders Of BaublebarMore young Americans eschewing marriage and living with parentsAsian-American orgs allege “racial quotas” at Ivy League schoolsLondon’s Bad Air Has The City Investing In An Electric Package Delivery ServiceEmotional Empathy Gets Harder Once You’ve Frozen Your Face With Botox“The Simpsons” Hank Azaria Gave The Best. Commencement Speech. Ever.Why culture fit may be the most important job skillIn Quest To Organize Gig Economy Workers, Unions Sometimes ClashDurex Took Couple’s Phones Away So They’d Have More Sex On VacationA Brief History Of Twitter’s 140-Character LimitTwitter’s New Tweaks Make The 140-Character Limit Less LimitingDesign Your Own Chocolate With The Willy Wonka Of 3-D PrintersWarner Bros. And DC Tease “Suicide Squad” With Costumes And Props In A New Tour ExhibitThe Simpsons Burn Ikea In Epic Couch GagAll You Need To Build An Instrument With This App? Sticky NotesYour Old Smartphone May Finally Be Recycled In A Smarter WayThe Devil Wears (Rented) Prada: Condé Nast Adds Rent The Runway To Its Employee PerksSpace Wars: Obama wants Mars, but cheapskate Congress wants to settle for the MoonWhy Colorado is the best state to buy an electric carMorning intelligenceWhy GoPro Just Signed A New Exclusive Content Partnership With Red BullGoogle’s Project Ara Is Challenging The Very Notion Of What A Smartphone Can BeThese Six-Pack Rings Are Edible, So They Won’t Kill WildlifeExtreme Poverty Is Declining, But We’re Aiming Too LowGoogle wants to replace passwords with a “trust score”Netflix and Disney’s mega deal will finally come into effect in SeptemberWhy The Sound Of A Brand Name MattersThe Lost Drawings Of An Artist Who Spent His Life In A Lunatic AsylumNotifications Are Broken. Here’s How Google Plans To Fix ThemThis Sleek Air Purifier Breaks Down Pollutants At The Molecular LevelThis Running Shoe Inspired By Kenya’s Elite Runners Is Actually Made In KenyaChicago police are using big data to predict gun violence, Minority Report styleDid a Best Buy Geek Squad employee illegally search customer PCs for the FBI?Most Americans Think The U.S. Should Do More To Accept RefugeesMake Networking Events Less Awkward With This AdviceHow To Give Feedback At Work That Doesn’t Jeopardize Your CareerOne Of The Biggest Challenges Of Getting Funding For Minority-Owned BusinessHow Trump And Sanders Can Translate Rage Into Political Strategy3 Steps To Convince Your Boss To Let You Work From Home MoreWhat Your Company Needs To Know To Get Started On SnapchatHow Your Low Tolerance For Boredom Might Be Making You Less CreativeHow Much Does Working At A Name-Brand Company Really Boost Your Career?The Career Limitations Of Emotional IntelligenceThese are the changes Facebook is making to how it selects “Trending Topics”Dear Variety: Marissa Mayer would NEVER wear that suitThis TV show plot sums up what the world thinks Silicon Valley will do for health careThis digital stethoscope can now add heart, lung sounds to your medical recordSurprise! The Washington Post’s best-paid reporters are white menIs An LTE-Connected Apple Watch Coming This Fall? I’m Betting Yes.Peter Thiel: Getting turned down for a Supreme Court clerkship changed my lifeFacebook Live videos may lose that pesky element of suspenseGoogle Enlists Artists To Make Bots Feel Like FriendsSpotify’s 2015 losses are its highest everVice Media Names Ciel Hunter New Head Of ContentMindfulness Migrates From The Corporate Office To The ClassroomWhat Keeps The United States Digital Service’s Cathryn Posey Up At NightA Massachusetts Liquor Store Is Waging Witty Sign War With A Neighboring McDonald’sLego toys “are not as innocent as they used to be,” study findsWhy does traffic to the CIA’s homepage peak in the spring?Now you can book Lyft in advanceWhy the Tinder for threesomes is angrily tweeting #TinderSuckMySocks“Nude” underwear is mostly designed for white peopleNow you can share your DJI drone’s flight with friends through Facebook Live videoFacebook dives deeper into virtual reality with latest acquisitionInside The Design Of Google’s First Smart JacketWhite House’s Precision Medicine Initiative alarms some privacy advocatesHow Snapchat can boost your brandAndroid may bid adieu to passwords this yearEx-Google Engineers Are Working On Making All Trucks That Drive ThemselvesGet Fast Company’s Daily NewsletterThe Cost Of Solar Power Keeps Falling–But It’s Not All About PriceReport: The algorithms used to predict crime are racist and inaccurateEverything You Ever Wanted To Know About Trans People But Were Too Afraid To AskReport: Flying Is Still Awful Despite Customer Satisfaction At A 10-Year HighA Reality Check That Explains San Francisco’s Housing “Crisis”EXCLUSIVE: Get A Look At Pharrell’s New Website, Powered By His FansGoogle asks: Can robots create their own art and music?Computer Glitches Turned Into Sculptural FurnitureWhy the Angry Birds Movie is a box-office champ despite . . . everythingSNL Really Went For It With This Must-See “Dead Poets Society” SketchHow Getty Images Will Process 1.5 Million Photos During The 2016 Rio OlympicsLyft price slash: Enjoy VC-subsidized transportation while it lasts!In the market for a private jet? You’ll get a bargainPsychologist explains why Bernie backers are so furiousScientists Can Now “Paint” Designs Onto Animal Fur Using GeneticsWhen was the last time Mars was this close to Earth?Uber CEO wants to “turn every car into a shared car”Morning intelligenceBad news for people who feel smug about eating breakfastThe Airbnb For Historic Landmarks Lets You Sleep In A CastleThe Real Story Behind BrutalismFall Into The Many, Many Layers Of Adele In Her Trippy New Music VideoHow Adult Swim’s 2016 Singles Program Got Vince Staples, Flying Lotus, And 23 OthersCan This Weird, Crowdfunded Gadget Make Music-Making Less Intimidating?Where The 2016 Candidates Stand On Cybersecurity And Civil LibertiesRovio’s Angry Birds movie slingshots to $151 million worldwideChromebooks have outsold Macs for the first time everHow Designing For Disabled People Is Giving Google An EdgeWhat is Google’s “Area 120” incubator?Proactive Strategies For Cities To Embrace And Amplify UrbanpreneursBarcelona’s New, Huge “Superblocks” Are Designed To Stop Traffic, Fight PollutionMapping America’s Shrinking Middle ClassReinventing The Vending Machine With Healthy, Local FoodThese 5 Startups Used Snapchat To Boost Their Brand (And So Can You)Which Of These Five Types Of Procrastinator Are You?Experts divided over whether cell phones should have warning labelsIndia has just entered the space race against Elon MuskHow Google, Pinterest, And Others Use Internships To Push Their Diversity InitiativesFor Women In Tech, Clinton Campaign Events Double As Networking OpportunitiesHow Fairness At Work Affects Your HealthTwo Creative Advantages Small Companies Have Over Big OnesThe Scientific Reason Why Sanders Supporters Are So Angry4 Steps To Landing A Job Referral Without Any Insider ConnectionsBiology Is Key To Unlocking The Future Of DesignIBM Looks To Watson To Fight Online Criminals And Filter The Flood Of Security DataRem Koolhaas: “Architecture Has A Serious Problem Today”You Oughta Be In Pictures: Hardware, Apps, And Advice For Making Your First MovieHow Living Without Clocks Helped Me Sleep Better At NightThese Are The Best Times Of Day To Tackle Each Part Of Your To-Do List