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Is Jeff Bezos trying to be more transparent about his space aspirations?Why The Internet Is In Love With Hamburger Helper’s MixtapeWhy Steve Jobs Turned Down The Idea Of A Big 30th-Anniversary PartyIn the midst of a talent exodus, Yahoo loses its talent scoutWhat would Elon Musk call it?Apple’s sales grew 150x between 1977-1980Here’s how Americans spend their time onlineHere’s how this banker coped with his “colossal” error in not buying Alibaba shares in 2003The least annoying April Fools’ pranks of 2016Connecting The Dots Between Childhood Struggles And Future SuccessDJI files first major drone industry patent lawsuitPop quiz!Think You Know The News? Take The Fast Company Quiz!Explosions In The Sky Animate Photographs Their Guitarist Took To Make A Visual AlbumThe Surprising Meaning Behind The Most Popular Flag ColorsThese Short Films Show Inspiring Solutions To HomelessnessCalifornia Has Plenty Of Water To Keep Lawns Green–If It Starts Recycling MoreThese Dizzying Animated GIFs Trace The Evolution Of Your Favorite ActorsToday’s Only Good Prank: “Gilmore Guys” Podcast Now “The Entourage Entourage”Unicorn watch: Slack adds another $200 million to its coffersFor the first time, we’re buying more clothes than computers onlineWhen it comes to unicorns, “there is a worry that the tail may wag the horn”This Oculus Rift Engineer Taught A Neural Network To Create ’80s BBS Graffiti Art3 Brilliant Pieces From America’s First Major Light Art FestivalRemember when Kanye West said his album was Tidal-exclusive?A page out of marketing legend Regis McKenna’s 1976 Apple diaryAncient Church Resurrected In Ghostly Wire MeshVisit A Shopping Mall Through The Eyes Of An Autistic ChildNYC’s minimum wage will inch up to $15 by 2018HBD, AppleThis Cuban Artist Is Opening An Institute For Free Speech In Her Living RoomNecropsy Shows German Whales Died With Stomachs Full of Plastic JunkTaylor Swift Hates Cardio, Somewhat Expertly Raps Drake For Apple MusicThis patent application suggests that sign language could be supported by the Apple WatchCalifornia’s $15 Minimum Wage Wouldn’t Destroy The EconomyROI: Beyond A Simple MetricThis Entrepreneur Developed A Test That Diagnosed His Dad With CancerFrog nixes chief creative officer roleWhat If We Got Rid Of The Gas Tax And Charged You For How Far You Drive?The Renaissance Men Of Our Time? Dudes Moshing At Punk ShowsJapan’s Newest Train Design Will Be Practically InvisibleTake A Look At Four Decades Of Apple Artifacts20 Reasons To Attend Our Creativity Counter-ConferenceEgypt reportedly blocked Facebook’s Free Basics Internet service because it wasn’t allowed to spy on usersTesla’s $35,000 Model 3 Will Arrive In 2017Your Creative Calendar: 99 Things To Do, See, And Hear In AprilScientists have created a refrigerator-sized machine that could transform how drugs are manufacturedResearchers believe they’ve discovered “anti-memories”Google’s “Mic Drop” April Fools’ prank backfiresIn case you missed itVirgin America Does April Fools’ RightThis Skyscraper For Delivery Drones Is An Eerily Plausible Vision For AmazonHey America, Religious Muslims Are Model U.S. CitizensSomewhere Between Granny Panties And Thongs, New Underwear Brands Find Fans OnlineThis New Office Will Have Hundreds Of Spaces For Bikes–But None For Gas CarsTake An Early Peek At Marvel Comics’ “Black Panther #1” With Artist Brian StelfreezeHow To Satisfy Demand For The Biggest Job Of The 21st CenturyHow The San Francisco Chronicle’s Editor Is Trying To Innovate Old MediaFrom The Highest Paying Jobs To Productive Habits: March’s Top Leadership StoriesThe Three Habits Of The Most Trustworthy Person In Your OfficeHow I Learned (The Hard Way) When To Be Humble As A Startup FounderFive Questions You Should Ask Before Accepting A Management Position“Uber for birth control” expands to HIV-prevention medsThe new Tesla Model 3 was just unveiled by Elon MuskRegis McKenna’s 1976 Notebook And The Invention Of Apple Computer, Inc.Frog Will Have No More Chief Creative OfficersFind Out If Someone Has A Startup Mentality By Asking This Interview QuestionWhy The Consumer Should Be The Thing Keeping You Up At NightWhy The Consumer Should Be The Thing Keeping You Up At NightTwo Teslas per customer, please“I’m so sick of the stereotype that all women are shopping-obsessed”This Is One Reason To Be Grateful To Be Alive Right NowGeorge R.R. Martin On Why He Had To Kill Jon Snow (And So Many Others)Apple begins collecting ResearchKit data as it plots more direct moves into health careIf Only All Of America’s Crumbling Bridges Could Be Repaired This FastThis is just how much Snapchat dominates with millennial usersLegendary investor John Doerr gets a new titleOne way to think about SoylentLocal delivery service Postmates launches Amazon Prime-like subscriptionFrom the CIA to Gotham: Meet The Real Life Spy Who’s Now Writing “Batman”You can send the gift of Starbucks in an emailWhy Design And Authenticity Are So Important In The Restaurant IndustryApple files patent for smart watch bandsFlorence + The Machine Drop An Unexpected Cover In An Epic “Final Fantasy XV” TrailerYour City’s Architecture As Adorable Animated GIFsThe list of new Amazon Dash buttons is a window into American lifeGet Election Insurance From Esurance If You Can’t Handle The Idea Of A New PresidentBMW’s IoT platform wants to run your life from the carThis Woman Is Fighting To Preserve San Francisco’s Chinatown By Giving It A Sustainable MakeoverArchitect Zaha Hadid dies at 65The Apple Watch Was My Guide Through The Oscar de la Renta Gown Exhibit In SFWorld Famous Architect Zaha Hadid Has Died At 65The Most Popular Magazine In Finland Is … Donald Duck?Airbnb wants you to know that women over 60 love AirbnbGhostly Wire-Mesh Reproduction Of An Ancient BasilicaThis Genetically Modified Sugarcane Could Pump Out Cheaper BiodieselWhy Google Maps Shows You Different Borders, Depending On Where You AreTonight, Tesla unwraps its smaller, cheaper electric carThis Pendant Made From Sea Algae Glows In The DarkA startup that aims to be a “Keurig for juice” just launched“Game Of Thrones” Cast Gets Stumped In A Game Of “Sword Or Metal Band”?All-electric cars by 2030?How Gordon Parks Documented Racism In AmericaThis Architect Is Trying To Build Houses That Can LevitateU.S. women’s soccer players allege wage discriminationA Massive Aquaponic Lettuce And Fish Farm Will Grow In A Brooklyn WarehouseThe first airline bot is now available for Facebook MessengerMeet The Architect Who Is Radically Rethinking How We AgeHow Buckminster Fuller Made A Dome Over Manhattan Sound SensibleExploring This Huge Virtual Heart Showed Me The Future Of MedicineThis Land Art Is Helping Physicists Study The UniverseAT&T might make its own version of AndroidJay Z preparing “giant lawsuit” against Tidal’s former owners (Updated)The FBI will help Arkansas prosecutor unlock iPhone in murder caseIn case you missed itBuckminster Fuller’s Ideas Are More Important Now Than EverThis Women’s Clothing Brand Is Made For Professional Women Who Hate To ShopAs WeWork Rises, So Does The “Airbnb Of Office Space”Are We On The Verge Of Eliminating Jet Lag?Why Salary Transparency Didn’t Eliminate The Gender Wage Gap At This StartupThese Will Be The Top Jobs In 2025 (And The Skills You’ll Need To Get Them)Relax, You Actually Procrastinate Much Less Than You ThinkHow My Cofounder And I Review Each Other’s PerformanceWhen To Make Exceptions To Your Own HR PoliciesHow Planning To Fail Can Help You SucceedHow To Land A Summer Job Before Classes EndSee How Clean (Or Toxic) Your Home’s Air Is With Dyson’s New App-Connected PurifierJust imagine taking this out for a spinMicrosoft’s Nadella: The future is bots, not appsMicrosoft’s Cortana doesn’t want to be an expert on everythingUber CEO Travis Kalanick: IPO will happen “as late as possible”ACLU says feds asked Apple and Google to crack 63 phonesChipotle burgers, coming soon?The ISS is getting a new, inflatable room, delivered by SpaceXWhen a smiley face or a wink or a frown just won’t do. . .Our biggest threat in Afghanistan? CorruptionUber refunds sleeping rider taken on $150 trip around LondonIn new report, Apple claims its compliance with labor standards is “virtually unheard of”Microsoft’s final BUILD keynote video was a humdingerWhat It Looks Like When Your Social Media Presence Takes Physical FormGirls: Here’s a chance to study coding with Karlie Kloss and the Flatiron school — for freeToday in “male tech founder doesn’t understand women”Meet a smarter Skype with Cortana, bots, and HoloLensMicrosoft lays out the future of CortanaCase Western using HoloLens to teach future doctorsNow You Can Create A Personalized Font With The Sound Of Your VoiceWatch How Bronze Statues Were Cast 4,500 Years AgoMicrosoft’s HoloLens is shipping to developersThe Tube Map of London’s Long-Lost SecretsThe BBC Gives Computer Hacking Kits To 1 Million U.K. School KidsXbox, meet CortanaNew Microsoft Windows 10 version coming this summerOn These MIT-Designed Streets, There Are No Traffic Lights, Or Need To Stop At AllNest’s Tony Fadell and Dropcam founder Greg Duffy trade barbsWindows 10 has 270 million usersCNBC’s password security lesson backfired spectacularlySounds like Facebook is finally getting serious about Windows 10These Maps Show The Surprising Places A Straight Line Across The Ocean From YouThe Rarefied Art Of Fencing Explained With NFL-Style GraphicsEnterprise app Asana raises $50M from Mark Zuckerberg, Tony Hsieh and moreDespite opposition of privacy advocates, industry pushing ahead with guidelines on facial recognition technologyJezebel founder Anna Holmes is starting a new publication for creatorsDon’t hold your breath waiting for self-driving carsBye-Bye, Bullies: This School’s “Buddy Bench” Helps Lonely Kids Find PlaymatesVR making you queasy? Here’s a potential fixStay tuned: Live updates from Microsoft Build 2016Lyft Carpool offers affordable shared commutes in the Bay AreaIt’s not just Apple…Mayo Clinic Technology Said To Alleviate Nausea From VRChina’s Apple Killer Is Now Making Home AppliancesCameron Esposito On Her Social Experiment To Flood The Market With Female ComediansAndy Samberg Is Tripping Balls For New Inspirational Monster Strike AdWatch: This Documentary Shows The Shocking Randomness Of Gun Violence“I loved it at first, by day 7 the thought of it nauseated me”A drone will drop a swarm of mutant flies over EthiopiaThe Top 3 Web Browsers In China Leave Users Vulnerable, Report SaysBehind The Scenes At Karlie Kloss’s New Coding Camp For GirlsHybrid Blimps Could Soon Take To The SkiesEven Taking The Bus To Work Makes You Fitter And Thinner Than DrivingDon’t Expect The FBI To Tell Apple How It Broke Into That iPhoneHere’s what you missed overnightSpotify Raises $1 Billion In Convertible Debt: Now What?The Birth Of Midcentury Modernism, As Photographed By Its ArchitectsThe Best March Madness Bracket, According To A UX DesignerHow TurboTax Used Design To Win The Tax WarsMarvel Comics’ Brian Michael Bendis On Writing, Multitasking, And “Civil War II”The More We Empathize With Others, The More Generous We AreThe Weird Subculture Of Gourmet SoylentHow A $58 Million App-Making Startup Bootstrapped Its Way To SuccessThis Insane Skyscraper Shouldn’t Be Built Around Central Park–But It Should ExistSee How 6 Great Proof-Of-Concept Shorts Spawned Feature Film DealsBehind Rent The Runway’s New MovesWhy The Gender Leadership Gap Is So Much Worse For Women Of Color9 Surprisingly Simple Ways To Get People To Respond To Your EmailThe Nonconfrontational Person’s Guide To NegotiatingHere’s Why You’re More Helpful To Some Coworkers Than Others5 Flexible Work Strategies And The Companies That Use ThemWhy You Might Want To Rethink Making Those 401(k) ContributionsWhy Tech Professionals Now Share A Fate With The Working ClassResearchers Who Reviewed Theranos’s Blood Tests Believe The Company’s Tech Is FixableNow You Can Rent An Airbnb That Is Just An Underwater Glass Room Surrounded By SharksTheranos Pushes Back On Study Questioning Test AccuracyWhy Apple Won Its Six-Week-Long Skirmish With The FBIMeet Vine’s new general managerSigned, Marissa Mayer, Tim Cook, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, Sundar Pichai, Brian Chesky, …Data Changes EverythingAdd text to your images to make Twitter more accessible for blind usersTidal is still playing catch-upYellen To Investors: Proceed With CautionUNICEF Makes The Syrian Conflict Personal With New ‘Unfairy Tales’ Animated SeriesGoogle’s Fiber Phone could make landlines relevant againInstagram is changing—just not how you expectedThis Interactive Jeff Buckley Video Lets You Adjust Your Sadness LevelsMike Bloomberg and others donate $125 million for breakthrough cancer researchSnapchat really doesn’t want you to leave Snapchat“Oculus face” is now a thingThis ad has Volkswagen in trouble with the FTCFreelancers, Add Your Unpaid Bills To The World’s Longest InvoiceThe Greatest Coral Reef In The World Is In Mortal DangerThe History Of The Lens Flare: Hollywood’s Go-To Cinematic Trick Of LightWhy A Well-Designed Kitchen Is The Key To A Successful RestaurantWelcome to FastCoNews!Why the Uber model failsWith Scalia’s passing, the SCOTUS ruling on public sector unions takes a different turnWaze is passive-aggressively shaming speedersThese 3-D Printed Vases Give Plastic Bottles A Second LifeEvery Actor Who Has Played Every Superhero, In One Handy ChartHere’s How SoundCloud Plans To Take On Spotify And AppleXiaomi gets serious about smart homes with IoT rice cookerThe Moon’s Orbit Inspired This Gorgeous Table LampThis Exhibit Helps 8-Year-Olds (And Anyone) Learn The Basics Of Synthetic BiologyI’m so relieved to learn the quinoa fad has been good for the farmers, tooThis is what the debate over the $15 minimum wage in California boils down toMeet the brain-inspired supercomputer that will help the government keep track of nukesNew Doc Series Revs Up Ford’s Racing Return To Le MansThis Data-Viz Tool Is As Easy To Use As A Post-It NoteAmericans Are Scared Of Self-Driving Cars, But Lazy Enough To Buy Them AnywayThis Amazing Amsterdam Tunnel Keeps Bikes And Pedestrians Apart–And Cars OutA year late and 77% over budgetNASA’s Space Launch System Software Is Behind Schedule And Over Budget, Report FindsAutomated Investment Service Betterment Raises $100 MillionThe High-Maintenance Beauty Routines Of Westminster Show DogsSamsung Pay Launches In ChinaHere’s what you missed overnightiPhone SE Pre-Orders Off To A Good Start In ChinaInvitae Hopes To Become The “Amazon Of Medical Genetics”VR Is Still Broken–Here Are 10 Ways To Fix ItA Landscape Architect Redesigns The Medieval Medicinal GardenHow To Design HappinessDo You Meet The 4 Criteria That Mean You’re Healthy? (Probably Not)Look At The Millions Of Bags Of Radioactive Dirt That Japan Has No Plan ForWhy A New Generation Of On-Demand Businesses Rejected The Uber ModelVirtual Reality, Brand Immersion, And The Power Of Making MemoriesThese Protestors Are Going To Try To Shut Down Congress To Get Money Out Of PoliticsHow This Tinder-Like App Aims To Eliminate Unconscious Bias In RecruitingWhat Is An Appropriate Response Time To Email?The Freelancer’s Guide To Avoiding Nightmare ClientsHow To Change Someone’s Mind, According To ScienceThe Three Things Every Cover Letter Needs To Include In 2016Point-Counterpoint: Will Email Ever Disappear From The Workplace?4 Ways You’re Unknowingly Stressing Out Your CoworkersThese Are The 10 Weirdest Interview Questions Employers Are AskingJustice Department Withdraws Court Order, Ending Six-Week Encryption Fight With AppleCan You Really Design Happiness? Yes, If There Are Puppies Involved.What Does Pandora’s CEO Shakeup Tell Us About Its Future?Choose Your Romantic Future With Jeff Buckley’s Interactive “Just Like A Woman” VideoReview roundup: What people think of Oculus RiftWSJ: Theranos test results could skew doctors’ medical decisionsDon’t all these brilliant geeks want to make money?Y Combinator “Sad” At Lack Of VR/AR Applicants, Calls For MoreFor those of you who still use Periscope…That giant sucking sound you hear…Why Every Successful Chef Now Is Really An EntrepreneurNo, your Instagram feed isn’t changing this weekSure, Why Not? Netflix Pre-Roll Campaign Helps Make “Friends” Big (Again) In FranceThe truth about Oculus Rift reviewsBrain drain drama at Alphabet’s VerilySoon you may be able to make in-store purchases with Facebook MessengerThat time Google CEO Sundar Pichai winged a product launchThese Maps Display All The Beautiful And Horrible Sounds Of 12 CitiesThis Japanese Novel Authored By A Computer Is Scarily Well-WrittenTumblr replies are backFlo Rida And That Big Flying Dog From “The NeverEnding Story” Star In New Spotify AdsGoPro Focuses On Olympic Heroes With Two New Original Video SeriesMicrosoft’s Wildest Experiment Yet Lets You Teleport With HologramsHappy Oculus Rift DayHere’s how much cheaper it is to own a car than to use Uber or LyftThe Dark Knight Rises Up In This Mashup of Batman and “Hamilton”If this doesn’t make you smile…Former JC Penny CEO Ron Johnson’s Enjoy store expandsWhy Cash Is Worth Fighting ForThe DIY Origins Of Script TypefacesThis Girl Designed Her Own Superhero Prosthetic Arm, And It Shoots SparklesNow you can binge-watch with your long-distance friendsA Luxury Furniture Designer’s Latest Project: Reviving His Rural Hometown“For Oculus To Succeed, VR Needs To Succeed”A Bridge With A Void In The Middle? It’s Not As Scary As It LooksYou Can Eat This Algae-Based Water Bottle When You’re Done With Your DrinkMaterial Design has finally come for Google AdWordsInside Europe’s Awe-Inspiring Recycling Centers, Where Machines Eat Your JunkThis was our most read story over the weekend“I’ll be damned if some random delivery guy is going to get the satisfaction of delivering the first Rift.”Dell Is Selling Its IT Consulting Unit To Japan’s NTT Data For $3 BillionHere’s what you missed over the weekend:Uber Is Using An In-App Game To Recruit EngineersFacebook Apologizes For “Explosion” Safety Check GlitchThe Perfect VR Headset Is Actually Just A HoodieGoogle Is Finally Redesigning Its Biggest Cash Cow: AdWordsAutodesk Built A Super-Fast 3-D Printer For Huge ObjectsInside 6 Crazy Airbnb Offices Created By Local DesignersTruth, Lies, And The Amazing RandiThis AI Engine Takes Common Biases Out Of The Venture Capital ProcessToilet Paper Explains How Expensive It Is To Be Poor5 Visions Of The Future Of Sex, From 3-D-Printed Genitals To TeledildonicsWhy A Negative Work Culture Is Better Than No Culture At AllThree Counterproductive Myths About Corporate CultureHow Most Startups Totally Ruin Their First Interactions With CustomersHow To Push Forward When Your Skills Have PlateauedThree Lessons On Innovation I Learned During My 12 Years At AppleSeven Ways To Recover After Getting SidetrackedFive Steps To Getting Rehired By A Former Employer7 Lessons In Persuasion From People Who Get Kids To Eat Veggies