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What To Expect From Apple’s Earnings Report TodayThis Visitor Center Is Designed To Make You Focus On Nature, Not Your PhotosWe’ve Taken Far More Fish Out Of The Ocean Than We ThoughtGoogle Is Offering A Free Online Class About Deep LearningDrink Beers, Then Scratch Them Off This Infographic Like A Lottery TicketThis Startup Wants To Replace Voting Machines With Something That Actually WorksKoch Brothers Accused Of Hiring Former NYPD Chief To Dig Up Dirt On JournalistThis Trashcan Will Clean The Ocean, One Filthy Harbor At A TimeFood: Reading About It Is What’s Instead Of DinnerSeth Meyers’s Parody Of Every Boston Movie Cliche Is a Wicked PisserThese Are The First Winners of Samsung’s VR Content Contest19 Glamorous Graphics From The Golden Age Of Cuban DesignHow Coca-Cola Plans To Unite Its Coke Line Into One Big Red BrandHow Well Do You Know The News? Take The Fast Company QuizHow Well Do You Know The News? Take The Fast Company QuizGE Used The World’s Hottest Pepper And Jet Engine Tech To Make A New Hot SauceDisturbing Yet Humanizing Portraits Of Gun Owners At HomeTwo Companies Are Racing To Build The First HyperloopThis Bullet-Stopping Military Armor Doubles As A BatteryThese 18 Universal Symbols Will Make It Way Easier To Travel In JapanApple Just Hired One Of The Country’s Leading Virtual Reality ResearchersGoogle Paid Apple $1 Billion In 2014 To Be iOS’s Default Search EngineProof You Really Will Golf Better With A “Nike” Branded ClubThis Startup Hires Refugee Chefs To Cook You A Traditional Meal6 Tips For Shaping How Users Perceive TimeA Bold Experiment In Building Homes The Middle Class Can AffordThis Time, Rumors Of A New 4-Inch iPhone Are Probably TrueA Dutch City Is Experimenting With Giving Away A Basic Income Of $1,000 A MonthHow All-Female Improv Group, The Katydids, Branded Their Way To a TV Show And BeyondIn The Coming Industrial Revolution, Highly Skilled Workers Could Be Out Of A JobSuicide Squad’s Own ’70s Song, Salvador Dali Goes VR: Top 5 Ads Of The WeekInspired by Edward Snowden and the “Boo” Factor, Chris Carter Re-Opens “The X-Files”Your Midlife Crisis Doesn’t Exist: We Actually Get Happier As We AgeAre Kids Of Working Moms Better Prepared For Their Future Careers?What Facebook Found Out By Studying The Parents On Its SiteThe Working Parent’s Snow Day Survival Guide9 Ways Your References Can Help You Land Your Next JobWhy Anonymous Feedback Does More Harm Than GoodFrom The Top Jobs To Interviewing At Apple: This Week’s Top Leadership StoriesWhen You Should Tell Your Boss That You’re Looking For A JobTake On Your Competition With These Lessons From Google MapsWhat I Learned When I Tried Being Authentic At WorkSchumer/Rogen ’16: Bud Light Is Bringing a New Party to the Super BowlAmazon Is Offering Refunds To Customers Who Purchased HoverboardsAirbnb To U.S. Mayors: Want $2 Billion?Putin Internet Advisor Tied To Torrent Piracy SiteWinter Road Conditions Are The Next Hurdle For Driverless CarsMiti Health Stops Dangerous Counterfeit Drugs From Damaging The Developing WorldThis 14-Minute Film About A Boy With A Camera For A Face Puts Modern Reality In FocusFastCo Studios Is Hiring A Social Media ManagerConsider The LobsterToday in CrabsGoogle Blocked Over 780 Million Bogus And Annoying Ads In The Past YearGeneral Motors Embraces The Future With Car-Sharing Service MavenGuns Have Human Guts In These Hyperreal SculpturesMIT’s New Algorithms Could Stop Catastrophic Drone CrashesThis Is How Jack In The Box Is Overhauling Its MenuFacebook Kicks Off Super Bowl Season With Dedicated Sports SectionThis Is What It Looks Like When Walmart Tries To Get Its Mojo BackDenmark Has A Ridiculous Amount Of Wind PowerThis Gates-Funded Toilet Converts Human Waste Into Clean Water And AshBlack Women VCs Are Challenging The Culture Of The Investment IndustryFacebook “Likes” Can Stop ISIS Recruiters, Says Sheryl SandbergThe Story Behind Architecture For Humanity’s Surprising RebirthWater-Repellent Umbrella Shakes Dry In SecondsBilly Eichner Takes Former NFL Star Terrell Owens To The Street For ButterfingerDeadpool’s Résumé Would Definitely Not Defeat Human ResourcesThe Filmmaker Who Brought You “The Jinx” Has a New Storytelling App8 Classic Novels Reduced To Their PunctuationYouTube Oddity “Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared” Teaches Baby CPR In New PSATurns Out Our Solar System Might Have A 9th Planet After All“Exploding Kittens,” Kickstarter’s Most Funded Game Of All Time, Is Now An AppWeibo Beats Twitter To Raising Its 140-Character LimitTwitter Is Ripe For A TakeoverWhat Apple And Starbucks Taught Me About Building A BrandMicrosoft Beams Grandma Into Your Living Room For A Face-To-Face ChatA Glove That Helps Parkinson’s Patients Do More With Their HandsSmart People Are As Racist As Less-Smart People–But Smart Enough To Hide ItWitness Life In A Small Town At The Center Of The American Opiate EpidemicMeet Zum, An On-Demand Ride Service For KidsMeet The Breakout Star Of Zach Galifianakis’s New FX Comedy “Baskets”62 People Own As Much Wealth As Half The Global PopulationUnmasking the “Dark Net” With Vocativ’s Mati KochaviHow The U.S. Almost Had Universal Child Care (Twice)7 Ways To Get Over A Winter SlumpHow To Turn Daily Tasks Into Opportunities For Professional DevelopmentWhy You Should Read 50 Books This Year (And How To Do It)The Surprising Link Between Compassion And SuccessInside The Growing Social Media Skills GapHow To Speak Off The Cuff Like A Pro5 Simple Exercises To Fix The Damage Your Desk Job DoesThe Real Reason Your Company Wants You To Stay Plugged In All The TimeHow Garance Doré Keeps Her Writing AuthenticTeleportation, Inc.: Inside PeriscopeWhy This Homecare Startup Is Giving Equity To Its Caregivers, Not Just Its EngineersFacebook’s Free Basics Program Under Fire From Indian RegulatorsT-Mobile Trolls Verizon’s Earnings Call With New Drinking GameToday in Tabs: Planet Nine And The Bad MilkshakeHow Twitter Will Win Lawsuit Brought By Woman Widowed By ISISWhen It Rains, Rotterdam’s Bikers Get To Go Through Lights FasterPalin and Trump: Drill, Baby, DrillIdea: All Work Deserves PayHow You’ll Probably Die, VisualizedLearn The History Of Movie Swearing From This SupercutA Shimmering Sculpture Based On Data From The 2011 TsunamiThis Glove Lets Humans Use Their Hands To See Like A Dolphin UnderwaterHow To Fight Off A Large-Scale Cyberattack6 Classic Nintendo Gameworlds, Redrawn As Subway MapsHow Color Genomics Plans To Win Over Health Providers: A Decent WebsiteAd-Blocking Firm Unceremoniously Dumped From Ad Industry ConferenceThe Sarah Palin Trump Endorsement Remixes Are Lit On VineWeather Predictions Are Getting Better Thanks To New, Tiny SatellitesAirbnb Super Hosts Account For Almost 40% Of Company’s Revenue, Says New StudyBjörn Borg Launches “Space-inspired” Couture Collection With Bizarre Exercise FilmsConductive Paint Turns These T-Shirts Into Awesome Musical InstrumentsThe Worst Super Bowl Ads Of All TimeThese Mash-Up Band T-Shirts Prove Bernie Sanders Is More Punk Rock Than You2015 Sets The Record For Hottest YearGoogle Wants To Lock ISIS Out Of The Open WebFacebook And Nielsen Roll Out New Social Content RatingsThe Trailer For DC/Warner Bros “Suicide Squad” Is Funny, But This Time It’s On PurposeThis Brand Identity Spins Like A Slot Machine To Create Countless PermutationsIs Affordable, American-Made Design Finally Here?It Was A Bad Day For The Apple TVThe Future Of The EU Is Being Decided Inside This 3-D Printed BuildingLook Up In The Sky To See Five Planets AlignPeople In England Are Stealing Plastic Bags Instead Of Paying A Fee For ThemYou Can Listen To The Sounds Of Satellites Inside This NASA-Built PavilionWhy Designers Love The AmpersandJust Hooking People Up To The Internet Doesn’t Close The Digital DivideWhy Schools And Hospitals Should Be More Like Theme ParksMoney Will Make You Happy, Because Life Without Money Is Really HardThe “Most Environmental Restaurant In The World” Just OpenedWomen In Space Seek More Women In SpaceGo Inside The Work Of Salvador Dali With Surreal New Virtual Reality ExperienceIt’s Time To Put Warning Labels On Soda And Other Sugary DrinksThese Are The Top 25 Jobs In The U.S. This YearHow These Parents Work And Homeschool Too5 Surprising Ways You Can Evaluate A Potential Employer On Social MediaWhy Leading By Example Isn’t Always EnoughHow I Learned To Manage Work And Parenting When The Usual Advice FailedFour Ways Women Can Strategically Tout Their AccomplishmentsWhat Freelancers Should Know Before Filing Their Taxes This YearHow To Save For College And Retirement At The Same TimeThe Productive Way To Manage Your Emotions At WorkThese Sportscasters Will Teach Us How To NetworkCareer-Crushing Tips From The Rock, Dwayne JohnsonLeonardo DiCaprio Is Giving Away $15 Million To Environmental CausesThe 25 Most Popular Passwords Of 2015, Or, Humans SuckNetflix Inches Toward 80 Million Subscribers, Thanks To Aggressive Global ExpansionThe Zappos Exodus Wasn’t About Holacracy, Says Tony HsiehDoes Verizon’s FreeBee Sponsored Data Program Trash Net Neutrality?Stephen Hawking Foretells The End Of The World (Again)You Can’t Use A Drone To Film Yourself Skiing But These Ex-Googlers Will Do It For YouThis Fun Literature Project Replaces Google Ads With Short StoriesTim & Eric Show Off The Downside Of Airbnb And Hotel Vacations For HomeAwayThis Smart Kids Car Seat Solves All Your Annoying Car Seat ProblemsElection 2016: Heartburn Was The Case That It Gave MeThe Left Hand of SnarknessThe Carbon Footprint Of Every Part Of The Bay Area, Mapped“Neighbors 2” Is Feminist And Timely, In Its Own Gloriously Dumb WayEx-Twitter CEO Dick Costolo To Build Fitness StartupIssey Miyake’s New Technique For Perfect Pleats? Bake Them In The OvenSecurity Firm Sued Over Alleged Failure To End Casino CyberattackThe Man Who Fell To EarthTactical Gear Company AR500 Made Body Armor That Looks Suspiciously Like Boba Fett’sIn Photos: The Bizarro Love Affair Between Disco And Radical ArchitectureThese Groovy Carpets Are Made By Piping Foam Out Of Huge SyringesYour Next Starbucks Visit Will Sound Different, Thanks To SpotifyAdam Lambert Sings For Oreo In New Global Ad CampaignGreenland Is Melting Because It’s Too Damn Cloudy All The TimeThese Alaskan Vertical Farms Grow Fresh Produce–Even In JanuaryThis David Bowie Constellation Means A Starman Is Now Officially Waiting In The SkyUber Plans To Be In 100 Cities In China By The End Of The YearHard Work Is OverratedCosmic Couture Is Here With Virgin Galactic Spacesuits By Adidas Y-3Apple, Samsung, And Other Tech Giants Accused Of Using Batteries Made With Child LaborDonald Trump Says He’d Get Apple To Make Its Products In AmericaHow To Avoid Making Products No One WantsMeet The Booming Design Practice That’s Transforming Mexico CityThis Swanky Coworking Space Comes With A Perk: Architectural PedigreeSee The Entire Observable Universe Beautifully Rendered On Your Computer ScreenIce Cube On “Ride Along 2” And The Art Of Playing It StraightExperts Agree: Climate Change Is The Most Serious Of All The Threats Facing The PlanetHow To Stop Worrying About What Others Think Of YouWhat The Interview Process Is Like At Google, Apple, Amazon, And Other Tech CompaniesWhat Personality Tests Really Reveal7 Habits Of Parents Who Leave The Office At 5 P.M. Guilt-FreeThree Steps For Millennial Women To Build Trust At WorkHow To Plan Your Career For When Your Kids Become Teens5 Often Overlooked Benefits That You Should Negotiate With A New Job OfferHow Job Descriptions Undermine The Hiring Process23andMe CEO Anne Wojcicki On How To “Manage Up”Why GIFs Are The Future Of CommunicationWatch The COO Of Giphy Play An Impromptu Game Of Guess That GIFMedical Space Race: Inside The Two Moonshots To Cure CancerLastPass Users Could Be Vulnerable To A Phishing Attack, Warns A Security ExpertWhat’s Life Like Today On The Streets Named After Martin Luther King?Why Taco Bell Created A $1 Million Scholarship For Dreamers, Innovators, And OutsidersKids Are Scared Of A Future Where Robots Take All Their JobsIs Today The Most Depressing Day Of The Year? 7 Ways To Beat The Winter BluesSanders Takes Aim At Clinton’s Wall Street Ties: “I Don’t Take Money From Big Banks”Meet The YouTube Stars Who Asked Questions In Sunday’s Democratic DebateHow Much Would Bernie Sanders’s Plan To Make College Free Actually Cost?SpaceX Rocket Makes Rough Landing On Drone Ship, First Stage Leg Breaks