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The 2015 Fast Company Yule LogFrom Apple to Pornhub, the top holiday ad makers on what it takes to ‘go viral’What To Watch On Netflix Around the WorldJoy Mangano Rolls Out Her Blueprint For Your Million-Dollar Idea6 Leadership Skills To Help You Navigate Family HolidaysIBM’s Watson Can Figure Out A Lot About You–Just By Looking At Your Social MediaThese 3 Entrepreneurs Started Companies To Help Their GrandparentsBasta! Hillary Clinton Is #NotMyAbuela, Twitter SaysYour Employees’ Sleep Problems Are Costing Your Business Time And MoneyElon Musk, Jeff Bezos Crash And Burn In This Hilarious Taiwanese Animators VideoA Vegas Taco Joint Turned Burglary Lemons Into Viral Advertising LemonadeBecause It’s Christmas, Here Are Two New “Deadpool” TeasersHow Design Could Make You Calmer, Thinner, And Better At Your JobToday in Tabs: Graduation DayHere Are The Bill Nye Reaction GIFs You Didn’t Know You NeededYou Can Now Explore 360-Degree Videos On Apple TV, No VR Headset RequiredAhoy! Whaling Is The New Phishing: Is Your Boss Really Your Boss?T-Mobile “Binge On” Video Streaming Program Accused Of Throttling Traffic To YouTubeMIT’s New Blockchain Project Enigma Wants To Let You Share Your Data On Your TermsThe Top Three Online Security Menaces You Should Worry About In 2016Are Boston Dynamics’ Robot Reindeer The Ghosts Of Christmas Future?Watch This Awesome Video Of SpaceX’s Incredible Falcon 9 Rocket LandingChipotle Overhauls Food Safety Protocols After OutbreaksResearchers Say The Juniper Hack Could Be The Work Of Government–But Which One?Facebook “Free Basics” Curtailed in India Over Net Neutrality DisputeGoogle Is Working On A New Chat App And AI Chat Companions: ReportAT&T Wants You To Give The Gift Of Putting Down Your Damn Phone This ChristmasThe Most Pivotal Social Media Moments Of 2015Are You A Good Brainstormer?Stormtroopers Are The iPhones Of Star WarsGoogle News Lab: 5 Insights From Visualizing The NewsThese Are Co.Create’s Top 10 Most Creative Ads Of 2015It’s Official: The Beatles Coming To Spotify, Apple Music, And MoreHere’s The Best Creative Advice We Received In 20154 Bold Scenarios For A Future ChicagoThe 10 Best Business Lessons Of 2015Fans Are Petitioning To Get Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace In ‘Star Wars Episode VIII’Uber’s Next Competitor Could Be Flywheel’s Operating System For TaxisToday in Tabs: That’s No MoonGoogle Is Gearing Up To Kill Your Email PasswordAll The Cameos You May Have Missed In “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”5 Leadership Lessons From Creative Directors Behind Award-Winning Ads9 Ideas Shaping The Future Of ArchitectureChristoph Waltz Tells James Corden An Epic “Clash Of Clans” Bedtime StoryCinemagraphs Hit TV With This New Pizza Hut CommercialThe NFL Betting On Technology To Reduce ConcussionsHow Social Media Is Bringing People And Brands TogetherWords Of Wisdom From 10 Design MastersEverything You’re Too Embarrassed To Ask Anyone (But Google) About Star Wars“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Mania Doesn’t Wow Wall StreetHow To Make A Star Wars SnowflakePrincess Reema And The Women Of Saudi Arabia Just Made History Twice In One DayHow To Shop Like A DaneOur 14 Best Design Longreads Of 2015Under the Radar 2015: 15 Movies, TV Shows, and Albums You Might Have MissedWhy Making Movies Is Not For The Faint Of HeartThe Company That Brings The Magic To New York City’s Holiday WindowsThe 2015 Silicon Valley Nice ListSee Who Made The 2015 Unicorn Naughty ListCo.Create’s Best of 2015 (And Most Anticipated of 2016)These Terrible Secret Santa Gifts Will Make You Love Whatever You Got InsteadThe Oddball, Nostalgia-Inducing Christmas Tech Art Of The 1980s And 1990sHow To Deal With The 10 Most Uncomfortable Work Situations40% Of Jeff Bezos’ Tweets Are Digs At SpaceX; 20% Are Digs At Donald TrumpWatch SpaceX’s Many Misses–And Today’s Crucial SuccessSpaceX’s Falcon 9 Lands Successfully, Elon Musk Triumphant At LastWhen Are Scientists Going To Make Us Our Lightsabers?Tesla Cars Will Get Free Spotify Premium–But Not In The U.S.Bayer Partners With Gene-Editing Startup CRISPR To Develop New DrugsAP Report: U.S. Power Grid Subject To Repeated Foreign HacksNot So Kawaii! Researcher Reports More Than 3M Hello Kitty Fans Exposed In Data Breach15 Must-Read Design Books From 2015Today in Tabs: The Tabs Are Strong In My FamilyApple Music Said To Be Planning Hi-Res Audio Streaming Via iPhone’s Lightning PortThe Year’s Boldest Ideas In User Interface DesignFacebook Supports Apple’s Live PhotosA Billboard Art show That’s Truly for the massesIf You Ruin Your Christmas Turkey, This Insurance Brand Will Replace It For Free“The Man in the High Castle” Just Became Amazon’s Most Streamed ShowU.K. Prisons Have A Serious Drone ProblemThis Choir Surprised A Christmas Market With A Sing-A-Long Cover Of The Cure16 Brilliant Home Design IdeasNew 451 Error Code Aims To Fight Censorship On The WebStartup Unveils Multi-User VR Experience Without Specialized HardwareMeet Tor Myhren, The Newest Marketing Mind At Apple10 Issues That Will Shape The World In 2016How The Islands That Will Be Destroyed By Climate Change Won A Victory In ParisPresident Obama Joins Jerry Seinfeld In Season 7 Of “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee”The 2015 Gift Guide: What To Get Creatives (And Those Who Want To Be More Creative)A Heartwarming Look At How Americans Celebrate Christmas12 Great Apps From 2015The 22 Best Photo Essays Of 2015The Smartest Fashion Designs Of 2015The Real-Life Joy Mangano Coaches Us On EntrepreneurshipWhy Your Parents Are So Bad At TechThe 12 Hottest Offices Of 20159 Clever Ideas For Improving TravelThe Best And Worst Branding of 2015WeWork Added 25,000 Members In 2015Gift Ideas For The Grown-Up Stoner In Your Life5 Ways To Wrap A Present That Don’t Involve You7 Smart Ways To Give The Gift Of Experiences, Not ThingsInside PayPal’s Command Center6-Hour Work Days! Amazing Maternity Leave! 2015 In Scandinavia EnvyDon’t Kid Yourself, A Robot Could Do Your Job: 2015 In Automation7 Of The Most Interesting Maps Of 2015Kill Your Chair! The Standing Desk Explosion Of 2015Can We Finally Fix Work? The Workplace Innovations Of 2015You Might Actually Be Able To Afford A Sustainable House: 2015 In BuildingsWe Need To Get Ready To Feed 2 Billion More People: 2015 In FoodRedesigning Cities For Bikes, Not Cars: 2015 In BicyclesMore Customers, More Controversy: 2015 In Collaborative ConsumptionForget Everything You Know About The Classroom: 2015 In EducationCleaner, Greener, Safer–And More Exclusive: 2015 In CitiesRenewable Power Is As Mainstream As Possible: 2015 In EnergyWhat If We Just Gave People Enough Money To Live: 2015 In Basic IncomeBike Sharing, Driverless Cars, And Hyperloops: 2015 In TransportationThis Is A List Of The Best Lists We Listed In 2015Cheap Computers, High-Tech Showers, And Pancake Bot: The Craziest Projects You Crowdfunded In 2015The Doctor Will Monitor You Now: 2015 In HealthDesigning To Waste Less And Reuse More: 2015 In Environmental InnovationBill Gates Drinks Poop, Shrimp Eat A Pig: The Best Videos Of 2015Get Your Mind Blown By The Most Informative Infographics Of 2015We’re Screwed, But At Least We Admit It Now: 2015 In Climate ChangeThe 1% Are Winning: 2015 In Income Inequality14 Stunning Photo Essays That Show Our Changing World In The Last YearWe Will Remember 2015 As The Year The Robot Revolution BeganLooking Back At The World Changing Ideas Of 2015We Need More Money, Less Work, And Fewer Cars: The 15 Most Popular Stories Of 2015The 10 Best Business And Productivity Books Of 2015How You’ll Search For A Job In 2016Avoid These 5 Mistakes When Transitioning To A New JobWhy Your Company’s Huge, Sweeping Overhaul Might Fail5 Conversation Habits Of Charismatic People6 Workplace Realities Women Will Face In 2040Five Business Trends To Watch In 2016–No Matter How Or Where You WorkSamsung Used 112 Galaxy Tab S2 Tablets To Build A Giant Touchscreen PianoWatching Taylor Swift’s Apple Concert? There’s a Drinking Game for That: #SwiftDrinksThis Sex Ed Startup’s Touchable Video Teaches You About Women’s PleasurePeter Shankman On Knowing Your AudienceInstagram Hack Reveals The Risks Of Bug Bounty ProgramsGillette Is Suing Dollar Shave Club For Patent InfringementThe NFL Is Funding Research Into Injury-Preventing MaterialsTarget Reportedly Plans To Match Walmart Pay With Its Own Mobile WalletInstagram Security Flaws Lead To War Of Words Between Facebook And HackerFive Moments Leading Up To Arrest of Pharma’s “Bad Boy”Today in Science Tabs: Today in BatsSee the Winners of the Inaugural Comedy Wildlife Awards. Which Is a Real Thing.The Films That Inspired the Star Wars FranchiseThis Gadget Lets You Brew Your Own Drugs In Your KitchenMike Davidson, Twitter’s Head Of Design, Is Stepping DownHow “View From A Blue Moon” Became The Top Selling Surf Movie Of All-TimeThis Hilarious Video Teaches You How To Ride A Bike In AmsterdamThis Adult Coloring Book App Will Help You Stay Relaxed And FocusedKnight Foundation Sinks $1.2 Million Into PowerMoves For Miami Diversity PushWhat Happens When The Fed Raises Interest Rates? A Rube Goldberg Machine ExplainsThis “Simpsons” Couch Gag From a Claymation Master Is Way Gorier Than You ExpectThis Californian Urban Farm Is A Glimpse Into The Future Of AgricultureThe Spectrum Of Earth-Like Planets, Visualized“Don Verdean” and “Napoleon Dynamite” Creator Jared Hess On Character-Based MoviesInside :DRYVRS, The Digital Series That Brought Macaulay Culkin Back to “Home Alone”How A Skincare Company Is Creating Jobs In Africa And Ending The “Thatchwork Ceiling”To Really Beat Box-Office Records, “Star Wars” Will Need To Top These NumbersRestoration Of A Frank Lloyd Wright Masterpiece Is An Exercise In Detective WorkWhat Makes An Image Memorable? This MIT AI Might Hold The KeyDesigners: Stop Asking Copywriters To “Punch Up” Your WorkHomer Simpson’s YouTube Ad, Abby Wambach’s Gatorade Goodbye: Top 5 Ads Of The WeekHow Do You Design A UX For Infinity?Take The Fast Company News QuizThe Sheltersuit Is A Wearable Homeless Shelter Made From Sleeping BagsWhy It’s Better To Give Experiences, Not Things5 Great Free Apps For When You Need To Be In Two Places At OncePay Your Parking Tickets By Donating FoodHow The Founder of Hollaback! Made a Career Out of Fighting Street Harassment8 Top Office Design Trends For 20164 Counterintuitive Tricks That Can Make Anyone More CreativeHow To Schedule Like A Googler And Get Promoted: This Week’s Top Leadership StoriesThree Survival Strategies For Women In Hostile Work CulturesThe Secret To Performing Well With Fewer ResourcesFormer Googler Lets Us In On The Surprising Secret To Being A Good Boss27 Questions To Ask Instead Of “What Do You Do?”Should I Quit My Job To Pursue A Grad Program Abroad?