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Jack Dorsey: “I Believe That The Square Wallet Experience Was The Peak”Hillary Clinton: Silicon Valley Should Help Fight ISISSpotify Jumps On The Paid Parental Leave Bandwagon, Offers Up To Six Months OffHow to Close Up Hollywood’s Gender Pay GapFacebook Wants To Help You Avoid Updates About Your Ex Post-BreakupThis AOL-Owned Product Can Track The Ads You Watch On TV–And Target Your PhoneToday in Tabs: Bubble, Bubble, Tabs And TroubleThis GIF Keyboard Gets Right What The Others Do Oh-So-WrongWatch Robert De Niro In A Short Film About Ellis Island Directed By Street Artist JRSee Teasers For a John Malkovich Movie Nobody Will See For 100 YearsYouTube To Pay Legal Fees For Some Video MakersTracy Morgan Is Back For Foot Locker’s Week Of GreatnessThis Super-Loud Bike Horn Tricks Drivers Into Thinking You’re A CarThe Spare Tire Is DisappearingEurope Is Cracking Down On Bitcoin To Impede Terrorist FinancingCop Pulls Over Google Car, Finds Nobody To Ticket, Proves The Law Needs To Catch UpSee Into Other Universes Through The Eyes Of This Industrial RobotSearch Engine Relcy Aims To Be The Master SlackbotHow A Robotic Salamander Could Help Treat ParaplegicsColor-Changing Rain Shelters Add Cheer To Dreary DaysHow Two Hilarious Talking Testicles Became The Face Of Bonds AustraliaWatch Harrison Ford Surprise “Star Wars” Fans Who Donated to a Good CauseSee Provocative New Images Of Wounded Veterans From The Book That Shreds StigmaMIT Finds A Way To Desalinate Water By Shocking The Salt Right Out Of ItThis Weed-Destroying Farm Robot Is Going To Replace Farm WorkersRoyal Caribbean Livestreams Dream Vacation Periscope Feed To NYC BillboardsA Smarter Pet Food Bowl By A Mind Behind Disney MagicbandsArtist’s Guerilla Installations Are Like Land Art For TargetA Lethal Weapon Designed By A ComputerHow A Police Sketch Artist WorksWhere Ideas Actually Come FromWelcome To Brain Science’s Next Frontier: Virtual RealityWhat To Do With Old Newspaper Boxes? Make Them Streetside Compost BinsWhy You Should Put Your Camera AwayTech’s Big Gender Diversity Push, One Year InThis Toilet Works By Using Poop-Eating Worms (Happy World Toilet Day!)How Facebook Turned Messenger From A Feature Into A StartupNew Balance Pushes Ahead In Design Race To Bring 3-D Printed Shoes To ConsumersCould “Nanodegrees” Be The Solution To The Student Debt Crisis?Why The Smartest People Choose Meaning Over MoneyThe New Etiquette Of Firing In The Digital AgeHere’s How Parents Who Work 100 Hours A Week Get Everything DoneHow The Most Successful People Learn Under Pressure3 Quick Tips For Keeping Culture Intact On Remote TeamsHow I Conquered Self-Doubt As A First-Time Startup FounderFour Tips For Recent Grads To Land A Startup JobMy Resigning Employee Is Badmouthing Me During Her Last Week In The OfficeThe World Could Run Entirely On Wind, Solar, And Hydro Power By 2050Google Can Now Stream Select Apps–And Search Their ContentHow Rainn Wilson Uses Twitter To Build CommunityToday in Tabs: The New New New GawkerFacebook Deploys Safety Check After Nigeria BombingDanny McBride’s Southern Comfort Club Jam Will Burn A Hole In Your BrainPhilips’ “Breathless Choir” Helps People With Lung Problems Sing AgainBloomingdales Taps Top Brands For High-Fashion ‘Star Wars’ DesignsClimate Change Is Much, Much Worse If You’re PoorThis Company Takes The Hassle Out Of Buying And Selling Second-Hand FurnitureThe World’s Lightest Folding BikeVolvo Creates The Most Realistic Concept For A Self-Driving Car Yet20,000 Foam Tubes Turn This Gallery Into A 3-D Coloring BookAsk The Art Director: The George Lois Word Association TestThis Artist Drew Her Cat In The Style of Garfield, Dr. Seuss, Tim Burton, And MoreAre You Ready To Go Freelance?Of Course Idris Elba Remains Totally Calm In This Explosive New Rainbow Six Siege AdIn Wake Of The Paris Attacks, The FCC Chairman Wants To Expand WiretappingThis Photo Series Proves That Darth Vader Is Just Like UsMake Someone’s Day With These (Astonishingly Specific) Compliment CardsThis “Emergency Floor” Turns Old Shipping Pallets Into Better Refugee SheltersThis App Lets You Control Your Smartphone By DrawingDon’t Write a Eugoogly For Zoolander–The First Trailer For “Zoolander 2” Is HilariousSex Tech Startup Wants Men To Do Their KegelsFacebook Is Making It Super Easy For You To Give Money To CharityA Fine Modern Pen You Open With A Dial, Not A ClickCrowd-Mapping Jakarta’s Flood Problem Via Twitter (Because Jakartans Love To Tweet)Overbook Yourself: 7 Productivity Tips From Writer/Producer/Hustler Jensen KarpHow To Go Back To Full-Time Work After Being Self-Employed10 Rare And Never-Before-Seen Comics By “Peanuts” Genius Charles SchulzYour Standing Desk Makes You Feel So Healthy, So You Go Straight Home And Sit DownBobble’s Fake Water Brand Brilliantly Spoofs Millennial Advertising ClichesWhy Canon Went Skijoring For Its Epic New Winter AdMIT’s 2,000-Pound Megalith Can Be Moved With A FingertipEucopia: A Birchbox For European DesignYour Toolbox Is Hopelessly Inadequate Without Fiskars’s Reengineered Hammer and MacheteCopenhagen’s New Bike Bridge Will Be The Craziest Bike Lane Ever BuiltDesign Leadership: What’s Next?Viber’s Plan To Win Over America: Attract College StudentsWe Had A Script, A Director, And $200,000 In The Bank. What Could Go Wrong?This House Runs On Poop And Food Waste3 Tips From Hint Water On Growing A Brand With IntegrityAfter Joining Google Life Sciences, Liftware Hopes To Help More Tremor SufferersMark Bittman’s “Fast Company” Column Starts TodayThis Is Gonna Be Harder Than I ThoughtSilicon Valley Goes Gray: Inside The Booming Age Tech IndustryMalala Strikes Back: Behind The Scenes Of Her Fearless, Fast-Growing OrganizationMy Boss Has A Near-Psychotic Obsession With People Being On TimeThe Control Freak’s Guide To DelegatingWhere Google, Apple, And Amazon Employees Want To Work NextHow To Launch A Startup In An Unfamiliar IndustryWhy It Doesn’t Take A Nonprofit Career To Make A Difference At Work3 Surprising Fixes For A Broken Work Culture7 Lies Startup Founders Unknowingly Tell ThemselvesHow To Write Emails That Get A ResponseWhat It Was Like To Build A World Wide Web Site In 1995Lyft Cofounder: We’re On Track For $1 Billion In Gross Annual RevenueTumblr Finally Added A GIF Maker To Its iPhone AppThis Tiny, Lonely Pony Tugs The Heartstrings In Amazon Prime’s New AdToday in Tabs: The Take PitThread CEO Ian Rosenberger’s 5 Keys to Strategic PartnershipsHow To Start Fixing Tech’s Diversity ProblemHow The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Would Go If Billy Eichner Ran The ShowMost Sleepwalkers Feel No Pain, Even If They Break A LegThis Popular Emoji Was Named Oxford Dictionaries’ Word Of The YearThe RePhone Is A Modular Phone, So You Can Build Exactly The Device You WantGorgeous Wooden Toys Unleash Kids’ Inner AstronautMixpanel Launches Predict, An Analytical ‘Magic 8-Ball’ For User EngagementSwiss Smartwatches Are Off To A Bad StartTaxes On Pollution Are Falling, Even As The World Gets Hotter And HotterThis Mind-Boggling Staircase Feels Like It’s Alive38 Great Moments From Fast Company’s First-Ever Innovation FestivalBlackout Takes You Inside The Minds Of NYC Subway CommutersTwitter May Enhance “Likes” With Emoji Reactions, A La FacebookWatch Adele Perform Her New Single “When We Were Young” Live In The StudioThis Gadget Reads Sign Language And Then Translates It Into Speech To Give The Deaf A VoiceAsus Chromebit Review: The Cheap Browser On A Stick Needs More Time In The OvenLet This Seamless Blend of Coach Speeches From Sports Movies Be Your Pep Talk TodayWatch This Autonomous Drone Hurtle Between Forest Trees At 30 MPHClimate Change Will Protect You From Sharks (Twist: This Is Really Bad)General Electric And Wattpad Combine Modern Science With Old School Sci-Fi ComicsFlexible, Shapeshifting Camera Offers A Radical Alternative To The Smartphone CamWith “Hello Hipmunk,” Hipmunk Does Travel Planning Inside Your Email And CalendarAirbnb Goes Pro For Toronto Sports Fans With A Leafs And Raptors SleepoverThe Depressing Effects Of Texas’s Anti-Abortion Law, VisualizedHow A Simple Software Update Could Make Your iPhone Screen SmarterThe Future Of Shopping Is . . . Second Life On Acid?Beyond The iPhone: What Apple TV Reveals About Designing For Tomorrow’s DevicesThese 3 New Devices Can Suck Water From The Air To Solve Our DroughtsThe Corridor Bike Will Never Get In Your Way, Even In The Tiniest ApartmentHow Songkick 2.0 Is Merging The Needs Of Fans And ArtistsHow A Snowboarding Obsession Fuels The Work Of This Yahoo EngineerWhy The Promise Of Unlimited Cloud Storage Keeps Getting BrokenThe Buy-One-Give-One Model Might Make You Feel Good, But It Doesn’t Make The World BetterAs Their Hardware Rivals Laptops, Mobile Operating Systems Must Grow UpElon Musk Powers Up: Inside Tesla’s $5 Billion GigafactoryMark Zuckerberg, Facebook, And “Fast Company”: Six Cover Stories (So Far)The One Thing Managers Aren’t Doing That Could Cost Them EmployeesWe Aren’t Busier. So Why Do We Think We Are?7 Habits of People With Great Reputations7 Interview Questions That Can Help You Land Your Dream JobHow To Manage Employees Who Need Extra Hand-HoldingThree Ways To Tell If Your Company Supports Women Of ColorMy Month Without The InternetWhat To Do When Someone Steals Your IdeaPandora Acquires Rdio Tech And Talent (Look Out, Spotify)A New Report Shows How Amazon Is Different Around The WorldNew Law Would Benefit SpaceX, Virgin GalacticHow Chewbacca, BB-8, And JJ Abrams Helped Make This New Star Wars Verizon AdToday In Tabs: Fog Dot WarWatch Justin Bieber’s New 13-Track Video Playlist “Purpose: The Movement”This Cute, Baby-Temperature-Sensing Toy Is An Example Of Wearable Tech Done RightTate Britain Swaps Iconic Paintings For Powerful Words In New Ad CampaignA Former Gawker Staffer Calls Out How Women Are Treated At The CompanyApple’s Massive Solar Push In SingaporeUNESCO Lights Up Its Paris Headquarters With A Message Of PeaceInfographic: Take a Literary Look At All The Fictional Books Depicted In FictionWhy “The Muppet Show” Is Now Called “The Giant Crumpet Show”Uber’s New Feature Makes Commuting Home A Little Sweeter For DriversHug This Machine To Get Hugged Right BackThis Plastic Becomes As Moldable As Play-Doh When Dipped In Hot WaterA $330 Hoodie Designed For Maximum RelaxationApple And Amazon May Face Antitrust Charges In Germany Over Audiobooks DealWatch a Fake ESPN “30 For 30” That Treats “Rocky IV” As Historical FactHow Does Mark Zuckerberg Generate Innovation?How To Make A Campari Cocktail Upside-Down (And Drink It)A Q&A With Elizabeth Suda, Cofounder of Article 22Explore The Sprawl Of “Breaking Bad” In A Supercut Of The Show’s Wide ShotsAmerican Design Student Killed In The Paris AttacksHow Komoot Built The Best Bike-Route Mapping AppThe “You Can” Van Drives Around New York City Stopping EvictionsWhere ISIS AttacksSketch Life-Sized Objects With Sticky Tape Tubes Using This 3-D Printing GunSponsored: Hyatt – Elevator PitchesBuy A Luxury Condo, Give A Slum Dweller A New HomeA Simple Guide To The Paris Climate TalksThis Political Image Machine Is Your Meme Generator For The Next YearVirgin America Takes Google Street View Flying With “Seat View”Track Your Baby’s Temperature With A Cool Stick-On TattooThe Creator Of The Ultra-Dark “Flying Man” Superhero Short On His New Deal With SonyFrog Reveals Its Secret To Working With Your Competition (And Succeeding)Why The Golden Gate Bridge Is OrangeThis New Personal Poop Banking Service Lets You Save Your Microbiome For A Rainy DayEllo AgainThis Bike Path Paved With Solar Panels Shows That All Streets Could Double As Power Sources20 Moments From The Past 20 Years That Moved The Whole World ForwardSeven Years Of Self-Improvement For Mark Zuckerberg And FacebookInside Mark Zuckerberg’s Bold Plan For The Future Of FacebookThe Future Is Now: A Photo PortfolioHow To Get People To Agree With YouHow AMC And Next Games’s “The Walking Dead” Is Killing The Licensed Gaming Competition7 Habits Of Self-Made MillionairesHow Google And Others Help Employees Burn Off Stress In Unique WaysHow To Build A Culture Of ListeningCareer Advice From One Of The First-Ever Female Sportscasters9 Reasons To Think Twice Before Starting Your Own CompanyWhat I Wish I Knew During My First JobThe Three New Rules Of Growth HackingThe Making Of An Icon: How The “Peace For Paris” Sign Spread Around The WorldThe Gary Vaynerchuk Test To Determine If You Are Meant To Be An EntrepreneurSnapchat Unveils Paid Lenses To Pimp Out PhotosWho Even Knows What Is Going On With The Trailer For David Bowie’s New AlbumHuawei’s New Batteries Charge To 48% In Five MinutesHow “Selma” Director Ava DuVernay Reaches Her Creative PeakAn Alternative to Fast Fashion: Laser-Cut Clothing You Download And Assemble YourselfThe Future of Sesame Street Is Kinder and Gentler, With Fewer PuppetsA Smart Bike Debuts With A Bold Thief-Proof GuaranteeFacebook Is Upgrading Search Functionality Within User ProfilesA Helmet That Turns Your Brainwaves Into Electronic Music10 Years Of Daylight and Darkness, VisualizedSee What The World Of Art Looks Like, Gluten-FreeTwo Days In, Tumblr Users Have Sent 9 Million Instant MessagesSainsbury’s Revives Children’s Book Feline “Mog” In Its Bid To Own ChristmasThese Gorgeous Textiles Change With The Environment, Like High-End HypercolorThis Is How Far Companies Have Moved Toward Sustainable Business (Not Far Enough)Beats Music Is Shutting Down On November 30This Pop-Up Marketplace Helps Entrepreneurs Launch New Businesses For Social GoodStep Inside This Plane Fuselage To Take The Intergalactic Space Flight Of The FutureToday in Tabs: 7 Things Highly Effective People Do Before 7 a.m.“Trumbo” Shows How One Tenacious Talent Beat Hollywood’s BlacklistIs This Proposed Floating Bike Path In London A Brilliant Idea Or A Bad-For-Bikes Boondoggle?Here’s Every Easter Egg And Bond Film Reference In “Spectre”Kyrie Irving Is Back In The Old-Man Makeup For Pepsi’s “Uncle Drew” SeriesKind’s Clever Campaign To Thank Everyday People For Being NiceAnna Kendrick’s Jedi Mind Trick, The Oatmeal Goes Running: Top 5 Ads Of The WeekInfographic: The Color Wheel Of Book And Movie TitlesHow A Driverless Car Sees The World (Not Always Clearly!)How The New Republic’s Redesign Is Chasing MillennialsPentagram Brands Snoop Dogg’s New Line Of WeedThis Beautiful, Locally Made Hairdryer Shows That Everyday Products Don’t Have To Be Made In ChinaTeens Love The Modern World, While Thirtysomethings Are Getting More And More Sad About ItThis CEO’s Calendar Strategy Will Help You Reclaim Your LifeThis Is What David Remnick Is Up To On The WeekendThink You’re Important At Work? A Robot Could Probably Do Your Job TodayGig Economy Companies Pledge To Improve Jobs5 Great Free Apps To Use The Moment You Wake UpInside The Surprising DIY Empire Of Colt CabanaAre Linguistics The New Forefront Of Diversity Initiatives?Mr. Show Must Go On: How Bob Odenkirk And David Cross’s New Netflix Series Finds Funny5 Inevitable Career Setbacks That Will Help You Succeed Later In LifeThe Untold Secret Of Great LeadersHow I Used A Crisis To Turn My Business Around6 Ways The Most Successful People Conquer Boredom At Work3 Fundraising Mistakes First-Time Startup Founders MakeEntrepreneurs and Celebrities Tell Us The Biggest Lessons They’ve Learned