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AOL Enters The Live-Streaming Market With The Revamped Kanvas AppThis Ad For A Dallas Vintage Toy Shop Speaks To The Five-Year-Old In All Of UsSlack’s New User Groups Will Make Onboarding Even EasierMIT Grad Creates An Easy-Bake Oven For Microbiological “Apps”Tap Water (And Elbow Grease) Shaped This Metal BenchFacebook To Bring The Next Billion People Online (And Help Marketers Reach Them, Too)Nike Sends A Laundry List Of Superstars Out To Play In The SnowA Whiskey Glass That Combines The Best Aspects Of The Snifter And Tumbler In OneHow Changing Locations And Going For A Walk Can Inspire YouToday in Tabs: Oh, The InanityGoogle Keep Will Now Let You Doodle On Your NotesThis Chart Of Electronic Music Is Also A Blueprint For A SynthesizerSexual Consent Is Like A Cup Of Tea, According To This Awesome PSAOcean Too Rough? Send Out This Autonomous BoatRobot Buses Are Coming To America, To Pave The Way For Driverless CarsHomejoy Mysteriously Relaunches As Fly Maids, Customer Confusion EnsuesSee Which Horror Movie Villain Slashes Up The Rest To Be The Most Prolific KillerJames Franco Recounts His Youthful Indiscretions For Google PlayWhy Android Beats The iPhone At Breeding New SmartwatchesAppleTV’s Key To Changing Media Could Be Hidden In Photo RemoteDon’t Cross The Streams: The Tech Of Modern “Ghost Hunting”Were Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina Right About Women’s Wages In The GOP Debate?Infographic: 730 North American Birds In A Single ChartRestoring Global Soil Quality Is One Of The Best Things We Can Do For Climate ChangeGet Ready For Movember With Carlsberg’s ‘Stache And “Beer’d” Grooming ProductsA New Navigation Tool For Bikes Gently Nudges Cyclists Toward Their DestinationMemphis Style Meets The Jetsons In Gibson’s New Retrofuturistic MicrophonesAdi Shankar On His Three-Picture Deal, Violent Cartoons, And White Guys Named ChrisEverything In This PSA That Shows Real Men Hitting On A “Drunk” Woman Is DepressingTraffic Jam: “Hopscotch” Orchestrates Opera On Wheels In Los AngelesTeforia Is Much More Than A Keurig For TeaTictail’s In-App Messaging To Bring Real Customer Service To Online ShoppingNature Is The Ultimate 3-D Printer: Can We Make Our New Manufacturing As Clean?How To Take A Perfect Selfie (According To A Neural Network)Morocco’s $2 Billion Solar Plant Will Be The Largest In The WorldMargaret Atwood On How Tech Influences CreativityHow To Design The Perfect Horror CoverNetflix’s New BrandThis Building Doesn’t Need A/C: The Building Itself Is An Air ConditionerNo One Works When It’s Hot, So Climate Change Is Going To Ruin The EconomyHow Troy Carter Picks Projects And People Who SucceedThis Dutch Bridge Has A Secret: It’s A House For BatsHow is Facebook Doing? 6 Things We’re Keeping An Eye OnThis Is How Millennials Will Change ManagementThe State Of The Most Influential Startups On EarthHow One Company Made Millions From Employee ComplaintsThree Customer-Experience Lessons Most Startups OverlookHow To Get Your Company Better Media CoverageThese 4 Common Biases Are Screwing Up Your Performance ReviewHow To Tap Into The Neuroscience Of Winning4 Totally Counterintuitive Lessons About SuccessWhat Can I Do About My Boss Forcing Us To “Volunteer” For Company Events?“Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan On Identifying Real SuccessThe Secrets Of Uber’s Mysterious Surge Pricing Algorithm, RevealedIBM Is Acquiring The Weather CompanyMakerbase Invites Creators To Share Their InspirationsSXSW May Host A Day-Long Event On Online HarassmentAmazon Planning Private-Label Clothing LinesScotland’s Plastic Bag Ban Saved 650 Million Bags In Its First YearToday in Tabs: The Haunting of Tabs House8 Roman Rotundas That Every Graphic Designer Should Study“Hotline Bling’s” Director X On Making The World Safe For Those Of Us Who Can’t DanceSee The Evolution Of James Bond’s Gadgets–In One InfographicThese Brightly Patterned Textiles Create A Moiré Effect When LayeredWhy This Former Media Executive Created The World’s Scariest HayrideThis Low-Cost Device Recycles A Person’s Blood When They Can’t Get A TransfusionMicrosoft’s Outlook Mobile Apps Get More Polish–And Just A Dash Of SunriseThis Shape-Shifting Clothing Is Alive–And Powered By BacteriaA Better Hospital Chair For Moms To Nurture Premature BabiesInstead Of Standing, Why Not Lie Down While You Work? This Desk Lets You Do BothSlack Adds Group Direct Messages And Tweaks Its SidebarThe NBA’s VR “Experiment” Far More Compelling Than The Presidential DebateYep, You’ve Been Clicking On Google AdWords For 15 YearsWatch The Emotions From Pixar’s “Inside Out” React To That “Star Wars” TrailerHalloween, Inc.: The Spooky, $7 Billion Evolution Of America’s Sweetest HolidayThe Best Triangle House Since The PyramidsTry Taking These World Leaders Seriously When They Have Man-BunsA Clever Modular Toy That Teaches Kids Kinetic DesignA Simple Card Game Designed To Rewrite Gender And Racial StereotypesFinally, A Robot That Can Fold Laundry5 Cities That Go Beyond Health Care: They Have Health CultureNendo’s New Slippers Look Like They Were Stolen From Garden GnomesHow To Kill It On Halloween, The Heidi Klum WayThe Enduring Satire of Mad Magazine’s Spy vs. SpyThis Redesigned Gas Mask Is A Little Less Terrifying To Look AtHow Ikea Designs Its (In)famous Instruction ManualsAre You Good At Conducting Interviews?Can Fast-Food Work Ever Be A Decent Job? These Swedish McDonald’s Workers Say YesHow Smartphones Helped Shape A New Generation Of Globally Minded “Next-Pats”The Career-Reviving Power Of A SabbaticalThis Is What Rush Hour Looks Like In CopenhagenHow To Deal With Post-Creation DepressionYouTube Star Lilly Singh On How To Ask For A RaiseHow To Conquer Your Biggest Work-Related FearsMy New Boss Is Too Inexperienced, What Should I Do?5 Ways To Improve Your Speaking And Writing At The Same TimeHow Remote Work Policies Can BackfireHow To Give Every Employee A Personal Stake In Your Company4 Rules For Making A Flexible Schedule WorkWhat Happened When I Said Yes To Everything For A WeekWould You Sue Your Company For Better Paternity Leave? This Guy Did . . . And WonAnother Blow to Theranos: Blood Vial Deemed “Uncleared Medical Device” By FDATwitter CEO Jack Dorsey: “Moments Represents A Real Shift In Our Thinking”Apple Had Another Strong Quarter, But The iPad Didn’tGerman Government Investigating Google, FacebookHear What You Would Sound Like In The ‘Peanuts’ UniverseAIG Launches Drone Insurance PoliciesToday in Tabs: South By South WorstReach Out And Touch A Hologram Of Depeche Mode Singer Dave Gahan From Your Own Phone13 GIFs Of Cars Morphing From Concept To RealityWhy Did Drake’s “Hotline Bling” Fail To Top Billboard Charts? Blame Apple MusicThis Pasta Has As Much Protein As A 3-Ounce SteakHow Packaging Influences The Way We Taste FoodBuzzFeed Threatens To Withdraw From SXSW Over Canceled GamerGate PanelsIs Lego Wrong For Refusing To Sell To Ai Weiwei?Theranos Caves To Critics, Agrees To Release Data On Its Blood TestsWith Affirm, PayPal Cofounder Has A New Way For You To Buy Things Without Credit CardsHow Microsoft And ThyssenKrupp’s Elevator Tech Saves Office Workers Years Of WaitingTo Get Better Wi-Fi On Google’s New Router, Just WaveThis Fake Trailer For Kristen Wiig’s “Crying In a Sweater” Is Entirely Too PlausibleREI Opts Outside With Anti-Black-Friday CampaignHow Many “Star Wars” Costumes Can You Expect At Your Halloween Party?Blake Griffin Welcomes You To The Zone In This Aspirational New Kia CommercialThis Installation Maps 5 Billion Years Of Earth’s History Onto The Side Of A MountainBacon Can Give You Cancer, And The Meat Industry Is Not Happy About ItVolcom Snowboarding Takes Two All-Time Greats To Alaska In Stylish New Short FilmWhy Snapchat Is Becoming “Comcast For Kids”Munchery Launches On-Demand Meal Kits To Compete With Plated And Blue ApronThis Land Rights Group Just Won The World’s Biggest Humanitarian Prize6 Startup Lessons The Mets And Royals Had To Learn To Make It To The World SeriesHow UI/UX Design Will Map The Future Of Self-Driving CarsThese Anti-Microbial Fake Teeth Will Wage War On Tooth Decay“Room” Scribe Emma Donoghue On Writing A Cinematic Novel And A Literary MovieThis Wearable Measures Your Carbon Footprint In Real TimeChicken Is America’s Favorite Meat, But It Can Be A Nightmare For The Workers Who Make It For UsCute Cat Alert! Check Out These Adorably Weird Photos Of Shaking FelinesWhy Aren’t There More Women Leading Design at Tech Companies?This Installation Made From Pool Noodles Brings Out The Kid In All Of UsDon’t Like Water? This Cup Tricks Your Brain Into Tasting A Sugary DrinkWhy Bike Commuting Is Taking Off In The Nation’s Car CapitalHow is Apple Doing? Three Things To Watch For As The Company Checks InA Day In Harlem With TV Personality And People Connector Bevy SmithHow Parsons Paris Reinvented ItselfNBA Champion Golden State Warriors Kick Off Their Title Defense In VRWhat To Say At Networking Events To Eliminate Awkward MomentsSix Ways To Stay Motivated When You Really Want To QuitHow To Grow Your Small Business After A SetbackWhat It’s Really Like To Pivot A Startup4 Steps For Cooling Down When You’re About To Burn Out7 Tips For Managing High-Impact TeamsThe Surprising Ways Your Parents’ Jobs Can Impact Your Work Ethic15 Apps That Make Freelancer Life EasierTwitter Targets Brands With Its New Analytics HubThese Ferrofluid Desk Toys Might Be The Perfect Christmas Gift For Your BossMicrosoft, Taser Enter Police Body Camera PartnershipYou Can Now Search For Artwork By ColorTeague Consolidates To Seattle, Goes All-In With The Travel IndustryThe Search For The Missing Ghost BoatThis Responsive Clock Is Like A Sundial For Night OwlsToday in Tabs: The Ballad of Tokyo SexwaleDefeat Writer’s Block In This Video Game And You’ll Do It In Reality TooWhat Do You Get When You Mash Up Alfred Hitchcock And Stanley Kubrick?This Video Essay Traces Iconic Movie Posters Back To The Scene Each Came FromNexus 6P And 5X Review: Five Years Later, Google’s Phones Finally Make SenseBehold: The Floating Vacation Retreat Of Your Maritime DreamsYou Have One Day To Get Behind-The-Scenes “Spectre” Footage On SnapchatGoogle Reveals Its New “RankBrain” Artificial Intelligence SystemDressed To Kill: Every Bond Girl Outfit Collected In One InfographicEuropean Antitrust Head Says Examining Google’s Practices Is “High Priority”Shark Tank S7, Ep 5: Five Jerks And A DroneThis Lenin Statue Has Been Transformed Into Darth Vader, Merging Empires5G Wireless Is Coming….But What Is It, Anyway?Why Carl’s Jr. And Hardee’s Made A Meal For “Call Of Duty: Black Ops III”The Only Thing That’s Changed In New Apple Ads Is A Lot More Jamie FoxxThese Are The Best Places In The U.S. For Women-Owned BusinessesUn-Fit Bits Will Help You Cheat Your Fitness Tracker And Keep Your PrivacyHow Big Data Could Open The Financial System For Millions Of PeopleMeasuring The Millennium Development Goals: Creating A Global Partnership For DevelopmentThe Theory That Human Fists Evolved For Punching Is Put To A Macabre TestThis Astonishing Puzzle Table Has More Secrets Than Surfaces100 Years After Breaking Ground, Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia Enters Final StageFind Your Inspiration With The Swiss Style Color Picker750 Years Of Parisian History, As Told Through Architectural IllustrationsThis Mini, Portable Wind Turbine Could Charge Your Phone Or Power Your HouseWill Sweden Be The First Country To Get Rid Of Cash?When Lobbyists Write Legislation, This Data Mining Tool Traces The Paper TrailHow Our Tech Addiction–And Constant Distraction–Is A Solvable Design ProblemInfographic: See How Your Work-Life Balance Compares To Other AmericansLife With My Robot SecretaryA Long Walk Through Brooklyn With Collaborative Fund Founder Craig ShapiroHow To Quit Your Job While On Maternity LeaveHow Failed JC Penney CEO Ron Johnson Is Redeeming Himself With Enjoy6 Habits Of People Who Accomplish Everything On Their To-Do ListsHow Making A Movie Is Like Launching A StartupThe Invisible Skills That Are Crucial To SuccessThe Secrets To Acting Confidently In The Face Of UncertaintyHow I Overcame My Fears And Became An Entrepreneur3 Habits Of Humble Yet Effective LeadersHow To Raise Startup Funds From Your Friends And FamilyHow To Accurately Judge Someone’s Intelligence7 Creative Options For Getting Face Time With A Mentor15 Halloween GIFs, Featuring All Your Favorite Creepy CharactersBuzzFeed Cracks 5 Billion Content Views A MonthTwitter Is Already Pumping Ads Into MomentsAdele’s New Video “Hello”: A Very GIF-y DeconstructionBackyard Playhouses Inspired By Ito, Le Corbusier, Van der Rohe, And MoreAn Easy, Intuitive Tool For Making Sense Of Your DataIs Nuzzle The iPod Of Pet Insurance? Ammunition Thinks So.ESPN Pulls Videos From YouTube Due To Terms Of Upcoming Paid TierAmerican Egg Board CEO Steps Down Amid Vegan Mayo ControversyPhotographer Alan Powdrill Captures The Whimsical World Of Soapbox RacingThomas Middleditch And T.J. Miller Took A Very Long Road Trip For SmirnoffTailored For Apartment Dwellers, These Magic Carpets Morph Into ChairsWelsh Craftsmanship And Space Travel Collide In This Artisanal Space SuitAdele Returns In The Cinematic Video For “Hello,” Her First New Single In Three YearsThe Trailer For Netflix’s “Jessica Jones” Is Darker Than Anything Marvel Has Done YetAll The Deaths Of WWII, Vizualized As Cascading Bullet ShellsWhat Happens Inside An Exceptionally Creative Brain?Domino’s Achieves Peak Domino’s With A Custom-Built Pizza Delivery CarHow Well Do You Know The News? Take The Fast Company QuizThese Garments Made From Human Hair Are Statements Against Racism“Suffragette” Director Sarah Gavron On Fixing The Gender Imbalance In FilmmakingWhy Absolut Created A Think Tank To Plan For The Next 30 Years Of NightlifeHere’s The Perfect Bicycle For Small Urban ApartmentsSecurity Company’s Cryptography Play Aims At Tech Firms, FinanceStarTalk’s Neil deGrasse Tyson On The Creative Ways Of Teaching ScienceThis Insane Gun Of The Future Is Powered By Electromagnets–And You Can 3-D Print ItThese Incredible Solar-Powered Cars Are Racing Across The Australian BushThis Designer Turned A Year’s Worth Of Emotions Into Colorful SpectrumsIn New York, A Day’s Work Will Buy An iPhone. In Kiev, It Takes 13 WeeksThe Force Awakens Again, IBM Goes Running Blind: The Top 5 Ads Of The WeekBatteries Are Key To A Clean Power Grid, But They’re Not Necessarily Clean ThemselvesThe Gates Foundation Backs A “Lucky” Cure For Anemia6 Fixes To Break Corporate Surveillance Of The InternetMIT’s New Microwave Camera Can See Through WallsHow Ikea Is Defining The State Of Play (With A Little Help From DreamWorks)This Algorithm Is Better At Predicting Human Behavior Than Humans AreThese Vertical Farms Turn Unused City Wall Space Into Gardens That Grow Your LunchLupe Fiasco And A Waze Exec Make A Million-Dollar Bet On Inner-City Innovators“The New Yorker” Editor David Remnick Has A New Gig: Radio HostThe Blurring of Art, Machines, And Vodka At Industry City DistilleryFrom Punk Rock Anarchist To CEO5 Great Free Apps To Help You Sell AnythingHow Big Data Might Change The Way You Find A JobHow To Cure The Sunday-Night BluesFrom Resume Mistakes To The Science Of Solitude: This Week’s Top Leadership Stories4 Ways for Entrepreneurs To Recharge Without Losing FocusThree Strategies For Introverts To Speak Up In MeetingsThese Are The Most Important Questions You Should Ask About Your BenefitsJay Z’s Right-Hand Man On The Changing Role Of Fathers In Hip-Hop6 Mistakes Even The Smartest New Managers MakeHow To Make Gender Equality At Work Matter To Everyone