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Vine Launches New Music-Friendly FeaturesNobody Predicted The Next Macklemore Opus Would Be About Mopeds, Yet Here We AreThe U.S. Government Just Gave Contract Workers Way More Organizing PowerGoogle Strikes Back Against Europe’s Antitrust ChargesStare At The Blue Lightsaber In A New-Footage Clip “Star Wars” Posted On InstagramThis Beautiful Animated Short Film Just Happens To Be A Charles Schwab AdApple Announces Next iPhone Event: September 9An Uber Competitor Is Coming To New York’s Taxi FleetWatch The Swirling Islands Of Plastic Trash That Are Filling Up Our OceansThe Chemical Brothers’ New Music Video Is A Gorgeous Dystopian Sci-Fi Short FilmThe FCC Builds Open-Source Video Calling For The DeafBest Dad Ever Made His Son an Optimus Prime Cake That Actually TransformsAt Long Last, Instagram Ends The Tyranny Of The SquareThis Illustrator Has Created A Picture A Day For The Last Eight YearsVisualized: Global Trade As A Frenzy Of Color-Coded Pixels“Eavesdropper” Turns Your Overheard Conversation Into Hilarious ArtAmazon Dismisses “Dozens” Of Engineers Who Worked On Failed Fire PhoneKids Born On 9/11 Want You To Remember The Day With A Good DeedWatch The 17 Most Impressive Surprise Guests From Taylor Swift’s 1989 TourYes, Anti-Facial-Recognition Glasses Are ComingAirbnb Is The Latest Tech Company To Hire Big-Name Political TalentThis “Leather” Purse Didn’t Kill A Cow–It’s Made From FruitUnilever Makes Like A Tree, And Leaves The Forest For The StreetsInfographic: Here Are The Most Embarrassing Popular Google Searches In Each StateYamaha’s Player Piano Brings Auditions To The CloudThis Australian Startup Is Building A Solar Car That Runs IndefinitelyThe Big Bad Wolf Gets A RebrandingFrom The Creator Of “Spelltower,” A Version Of Solitaire That Actually Works On The iPhoneMTV Rolls Out The VMA Red Carpet In Your House With 360-Degree Virtual RealityThis Is What It’s Like To Film a Comedy Show On a Moving Bus3M’s Forthcoming Design Center Riffs On The Archetypal Minnesota CabinMarian Bantjes Makes A Poster Out Of Dirt From Her TravelsVirtual Reality’s Biggest Weakness Could Make It The Next Nintendo WiiZoom Wants Health Care to Be More Like Visiting An Apple StoreThis Mind-Numbing Machine Lets You Experience Making The Minimum WageHot Sauce, USAIn Africa, Chinese Developers Are Building A Mini-ChinaHow An Hour Of Meditation Transformed My WorkdayCould Working Dads Be Underserved, Too?How Can I Say “That’s Not My Job” Without Sounding Rude?Making The Case For Hiring Less And Growing Slowly5 Reasons Every Entrepreneur Should Start BloggingWhy You Should Focus On Your Second-Best Employees5 Quick And Easy Mindfulness Exercises You Can Do In The OfficeHow Ammunition And Apple’s Ex-CEO Plan To Disrupt The “Design Center” Of The Smartphone WorldWith Obi Smartphones, John Sculley Takes Old Lessons From Apple–And Pepsi–To New PlacesBlackRock Acquires FutureAdvisor, In A Bid To Win The Investor Tech Arms RaceWatch The New Star Trek Cast Pay Tribute To Leonard Nimoy In A Charity VideoHear How Improv Makes It Real From Director Joe Swanberg & Actor Jake JohnsonIs Snapchat One Step Closer To Being A Major Content Discovery Platform?Orangina Finds Its Inner Wes Anderson For A Surreal New AdJerrod Carmichael On One Of The Most Important Lessons He Ever LearnedAmazon Takes Its Machine Learning Platform To EuropeAsk the Expert: Felicia Day on Getting RecognizedHow Facebook M Will Hook Us On Shopping At FacebookWhy Rudeness At Work Is So ContagiousA Cheap Modular System Will Provide Better Shelter To Indians With Shoddy Metal RoofsTo Cut Industrial Carbon Emissions, Things Have To Get Super SlipperySure, Why Not? This Web Series Involves Porn Stars Reviewing Candy BarsShould Ashley Madison Members Lose Their Jobs?Have You Mastered Social Media?“Angry Birds” Creator Rovio To Lay Off One-Third Of EmployeesPuppymoji: Let This Dog Emoji Keyboard Diversify Your Texts With Specific BreedsA Metronome-Inspired Interface For Streaming Music Makes Finding New Tunes A BreezeThese Stylish Geometric Clutches Are Made From Folded PaperAdd 5 Million Photo Filters, Just By SwipingA Condom Package That You’ll *Just Know* Is The Right Size For YouWatch Live: NASA Crashing An Airplane For ScienceAsk The Expert: Felicia Day On Finding A MentorMcDonald’s Rebuffs Burger King’s International Day of Peace “McWhopper” ProposalMythbusters Proves The “Breaking Bad” Finale Was More Realistic Than You ThoughtWaste Your Day Away With This Gold Mine Of Games Made Specifically For DesignersSee Patagonia’s Paddle Protest For Oil Drilling Safety On California CoastThere Is A Vast, Untapped Solar Potential In New York City’s RoofsTouchjet WAVE Will Turn Your TV Into A TouchscreenPhilips Just Made It Stupid Simple To Install Smarthome LightingSilence Your Inner Heckler With This Korean Nike Ad Pep TalkA Guide To The Achilles Heel Of Every Superhero and VillainDeepFlight’s Dragon Submarine: Hovering In The Twilight ZoneDon’t Skip Lunch, These Bars Give You A Whole Meal’s Worth Of FoodHow Arguments Shaped Jerrod Carmichael’s TV Show, And His Comedy Brain“What If?” Is A Note-Perfect Parody Of Every NPR Show That Asks The Big QuestionsThese Elegant Sculptures Measure Atmospheric ConditionsThis Disaster-Relief Structure Packs Flat And Assembles In An HourAre These Gorgeous Opening Images The Key To “Mr. Robot”? Creator Sam Esmail ExplainsThis Startup Is Reimagining Shower Design, So People Actually Want To Save WaterHow A 26-Year-Old Painter’s Work Inspired Valentino’s 2015 Winter CollectionSqueeze This Stress Ball Tourism Map To Zoom InModern Glasses Purpose-Designed For Beer DrinkingHave You Mastered Social Media?Stephen Hawking’s Voice Is Now Open Source And Free To DownloadThese Emoji Movie Posters Are PerfectWhat Is The Best Way To Keep The On-Demand Economy Safe?The Truth About Uber’s Background ChecksThe Bumpy Truth Of Startup GrowthHow To Change Careers When You Don’t Know What You Want To Do Next8 Ways To Improve Your Focus11 Offbeat And Revealing Interview QuestionsHow To Stop Managing And Start Actually Leading10 Ways To Become A Better ListenerThe Introvert’s Guide To The Workplace Of The FutureThe Highest Earners Didn’t Go To Fancy CollegesWhen It Comes To Being Rude On Our Phones, We’re All HypocritesKhoi Vinh Heads To Adobe To Build Creative ToolsMozilla CEO Vows To Fire Anonymous Employee For Hate Speech On RedditUber Partners With The University Of Arizona On Self-Driving CarsPlaying Live-Action “Mario Kart” On a Skateboard Looks More Scary Than FunIs Hampton Creek’s Eggless “Just Mayo” Misleading Customers? FDA Says Yes [Updated]See This Photographer’s Beautiful Series Celebrating Her Kids’ Tech-Free SummerDoes This Oddly Shaped House Count As Pornography?Silicon Valley And Burners Finally Square Off In “Burning Man: The Musical”The Nebia: Savior Of Hydration, Or Poster Child Of Big Name Tech Hype?Slack Just Made It Easier To Unify Your Online Work LifeThis Real-Life Pixar Lamp Will Steal Your Heart–And Recognize Your FaceBanksy’s Dismaland Wouldn’t Be Complete Without A Commercial Of Its Very Own“Star Wars” Nerds Unite: Target Is Crowdsourcing Galaxies Of Your Movie MemoriesStarbucks Killed The Salon, And CEO Howard Schultz Can’t Bring It BackWhat Makes Vintage Video Game Art GreatI’m Every Touchpad: Sensel Morph Does Anything You Want Done, BabySend Your Old Clothes Back In The Box Your New Clothes Came InThis New Technology Sucks Up Carbon Pollution And Turns It Into Carbon NanotubesThe Tate Sensorium Invites You To Experience Paintings Through Sight, Sound, Taste, And TouchThe Wondrous Algorithms Of Nature Animated As 3-D Printed ZoetropesThese Totemic Sculptures Are The Ultimate Bookends For Your Lustig LibraryAmy Schumer Goes American Gothic In Her Photo Response To a Fan’s Awkward TweetThis Is What a Superhero Movie Would Look Like From The Perspective Of a Superhero’s MomSee The Shock And Awe Of Heart Disease In This Traumatic New PSA CampaignYou Must See Swiftalogues–Taylor Swift Lyrics Turned Into Dramatic MonologuesEurope’s Carbon Emissions Are Falling, And Clean Energy Is Largely To ThankThis Fuel-Efficient Military Shelter Is Inspired By OrigamiDoes A Huge Pay Gap Between CEO And Staff Affect Employee Satisfaction?A New Book Documents San Francisco’s Disappearing Neon SignsHere’s What The Earth’s Mammal Population Might Look Like If Humans Never ExistedA Design To Stop Louisiana From Drowning By Adding Faucets To The MississippiThe Future Of Fast Food Is . . . Quinoa?Uber Is The New BusYou’ll Know Exactly When It’s Time To Redecorate, According To HouzzHow Netflix Is Using Original Programming To Win Over Your KidsPainting On a Bigger Canvas: How Edward Burns Made His First TV Series, “Public Morals”MIT’s New 3-D Printer Uses Molten Glass As A MediumEnter The Matrix! This iPad App Lets You “See” Wi-Fi Signals3 Good Ideas In The Long Overdue Redesign Of SalesforceThis App For Kids Makes iPhone App Programming As Easy As Lego20 Reasons You Can’t Miss The Fast Company Innovation FestivalCoursera Pivots To Focus On Job Training“Everyone Is Creative”: Business Lessons From A CEO’s Nigerian ChildhoodHow LittleBits Went From Educational Tool To High-End RetailGo Inside Jim Henson’s New Digital Puppetry StudioHow Sama’s New Initiatives Aim To Help Workers In The U.S. And Africa Find Meaningful WorkWhat Kind Of House Does $300,000 Get You Around The World?An ’80s Dream Come True: How Jim Henson’s Digital Puppeteers Are Boosting Their Creative OutputHow To Rescue Your Team’s MoraleShould You Earn Your College Degree Overseas?3 Reasons You’re Not Getting A PromotionHow Being Less Realistic Made Me A Better Entrepreneur8 New Rules Of Public SpeakingI Think I’m Being Bullied At Work, What Should I Do?Standing Work Stations Are Older Than You Think And Here To StayDid Apple Cross Legal Lines By Revealing Its Continued Growth In China?Celebrate Windows 95 With These Delightfully Terrible Retro VideosCan Uber Win India Without A Native Mobile Wallet?This Website Introduces You To Ugandan Villagers As Human Beings–Not Just VictimsTwitter Tries To Help Politicians Delete Tweets Forever, But It Won’t WorkHalf-Naked Humans Are Home Decor In This Beautiful And Absurd Photo SeriesEverything You Ever Wanted To Know About Breaking The Fourth Wall In MoviesA Mirrored Step Pyramid That Connects The Earth To The SkyGoogle OnHub’s Biggest Challenge: Making The Wireless Router LoveableA Swirling Skyscraper Built From Cargo ContainersViridi, A Game About SucculentsBrands, Listen Up: Beyoncé Can Make Any Jingle Sound Like A Chart-TopperThere’s Now A $380,000 Bounty On The Heads Of Ashley Madison HackersThe Bonkers Trailer For Black Comedy “Kill Your Friends” Looks Like “American Psycho” Meets ’90s BritpopSure, Why Not? “Star Wars” Gets In The Soup Game With Campbell’s CansHow Scientists Built The Perfect Puking MachineWhen It Comes To Sexiness, The Way You Move Is As Important As How You LookWhat Martin Scorsese Is Doing About Gun ViolenceThere’s A New Coffee Maker In Town For The Design NerdsHow To Plate Food Like A 3-Star Michelin ChefThis Couple’s Puppy Pictures Expertly Mock Every New Baby Photo In Your Facebook FeedHow To Age Gracefully: CBC’s WireTap Ends With Some Awesome Advice For All AgesUse Google’s New Mapping Tool To See How Much Solar Panels Would Benefit Your HomeWatch This Video Essay That Convincingly Argues Daniel Is The Villain Of “Karate Kid”Armies Of Stephen Curry And Misty Copeland Clones Train In New Under Armour CampaignShuddle Launches A New Carpooling Feature For Kids, Developed By Mom Engineers“Neo-Futuristic” Sounds Will Make Japanese Electric Cars Sound Like Space ShipsCan A Meal’s Presentation Change Your Perception Of Its Overall Quality?The Storytellers: How Dave Erickson And Robert Kirkman Went Off-Script With “Fear The Walking Dead”You Can Now Take Any Image And Make It Into Latte ArtThis Ingenious $20 Lamp Gets All Its Energy From GravityHow Peter Bogdanovich Reconceived His New Film After The Death Of Its StarWhy Companies Need To Think Deeply About The Labor Implications Of A Second Machine AgeThe Rise Of Orange WineWhy You Can’t Get Rich Inventing The Banana SplitThese Engineers Just Built Their Own “Pied Piper” Compression AlgorithmWhere Are The Women In Tech? Coding BootcampsThese Stunning Photos Show Life On The Densest City Block On Earth5 Major Ways Freelancers Will Change The Economy By 2040Your Four-Step, Digital-Clutter Detox Plan7 Traits Of Great MentorsFive Ways To Read Someone’s MindAmazon’s No Outlier: The Science Behind Broken Work CulturesWhat To Ask In An Informational Interview7 Signs It’s Time To Look For A New JobI Joined Google At 19. Here’s What I LearnedStaff Recommender: Tyler Adams, Who Can Identify Every Country From Its Amorphous BlobWatch a Supercut of Every Local News Anchor Forced To Say “Deez Nuts” This WeekSpotify’s Privacy Gaffe Was Poor Messaging, Not Bad PolicyA Fascinating Satellite View Of One Square MileUber Plans IPO, Could Go Public Within 18 MonthsHow An App And Some Coupons Can Tame Urban CongestionSimulate The Fatal Fallibility Of Drone Strikes…With A Fun Card Game!A Timeline Of The New “Star Wars” Canon Reveals All That’s Officially HappenedWatch A Fun-Loving Family Of Bears Crash A New Jersey Family’s Backyard PoolThe New Chip-Equipped Credit Cards: Safer, And (For Now) More ConfusingThis Infographic Reveals America’s Most Adulterous States, Based On The Ashley Madison LeakHalf Ive, Half Rorschach, Behold The Ferromagnetic Lava Lamp!Graava Is A Smart Action Cam For Adrenaline Junkies Who Don’t Want to Edit FootageWhen Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade And Fuel A New Toyota With ItThis Fiery Ladder Climbs Half A Kilometer Into The Night SkyTesla Is Offering Electric Car Charging Stations To Airbnb Hosts In CaliforniaGoogle X’s Life Sciences Team Will Become Its Own Company Under AlphabetA Pig Heart Survives In Baboon For 2.5 Years, Pig-To-Human Lungs May Be NextTo Design For Social Good Campaigns, Get In The Shoes Of The People You’re Trying To HelpSurrender Your Eyeballs And Embrace The Madness Of EA Sports’ “Madden: The Movie”Cut Down On Electricity Costs With Some Help From The Egyptian Sun GodAuthor Joshua Chaplinsky Puts An H.P. Lovecraft Spin On Yeezy Season With “Kanye West–Reanimator”Supermarkets In The U.K. May Soon Have To Label Food Telling You What Country Its FromRobots Are Coming to Take Your McJobsSorry, People, We’ve Already Used Up Our Entire Ecological Budget For The YearThe Adorable Tiny Dancer In This Insurance Ad Will Absolutely Make Your DayThis Short Film Is For Every New Yorker Who’s Almost Fallen In Love On The SubwayTake The Fast Company News QuizAnother Mad World For “Gears Of War,” VW Loves Punctuation: The Top 5 Ads Of The WeekWhy Tig Notaro’s HBO Special Is Unlike Any Comedy Special You’ve Ever SeenTurn Your iPhone Camera Into A Lousy VHS CamcorderFloating Above London, This Invisible Pool Lets You Swim Laps In The SkyLike A Living Cabinet Of Curiosities, This Enchanting Installation Brings Insects To LifeAn Innovative Solution To Menstrual Hygiene In Developing CountriesWould You Buy This Stackable Furniture Kit For Tiny Apartments?Why Regal’s Bag Checks Are Just Security TheaterArt Or Design?: Welcome To The Improvisational Carpentry Of Nicolás Aracena MüllerHow A Philosophy Of “Informed Creativity” Drives Design At MapTen Years After Katrina, A New Startup Sector Takes Hold In New OrleansComedy Central’s “Review” Is The Ultimate Exploration Of Work/Life Balance Extremes5 Fantastic Free Apps For Fighting ForgetfulnessMeet Moringa, The African Superfood That’s Healthier Than KaleSamurai Thor? Not on Alpert’s Watch…“Walking Dead” Creator Robert Kirkman’s Quest To Create The Anti-MarvelFive Interview Myths: DebunkedThe Walking Dead: An Animated Look At Its EvolutionWhy Great CEOs Do Yoga With Their EmployeesFrom Business Rivalries To Bad Posture: The Most Popular Leadership Stories This WeekWhy We’re So Obsessed With Amazon’s Work CultureHow To Be Influential Without Being ManipulativeHow To Get Over Feeling Shy In MeetingsWhat It’s Like To Work In An Office With A “No Complaining” RuleHow To Stop Overscheduling YourselfUnraveling The Enigma Of Nintendo’s Virtual Boy, 20 Years Later