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The Horrors Of War, And A Chicken-Bucket Selfie Printer! The Top 5 Ads Of The WeekSuper Cheap Fast Food Would Still Be Super Cheap If Workers Made $15 An HourSoulCycle Files For IPOEx-Reddit Figure Victoria Taylor Joins WeWorkPinterest: We Want 30% Of Our Engineering Hires To Be FemaleToday in Tabs: So Long To All ThatWhat An Emaciated Mannequin Teaches Brands About Selling In The Real WorldThis Fancy Paper Backpack Is Neat, But Reusable Shopping Bags Are BetterObama Issues Executive Order To Build Fastest Supercomputer By 2025Facebook Ready To Test Drones That Can Deliver Internet At 10 Gigabits A SecondWatch A Supercut Of Every Deep Philosophical Musing From True Detective Season 21,000 Italians Want The Foo Fighters To Visit Their City So Badly They Pulled Off The Best Rock Stunt Of The YearNetflix’s “Sense8” Makes Beautiful Music Out Of The Brainwaves Of 8 StrangersThis E-Book App Won’t Keep You Awake At NightJon Stewart’s Post-“Daily Show” Career? Maybe Stand-Up!NBCUniversal Closing In On a $250 Million BuzzFeed DealPut Down The Chill Pills: Acupuncture De-Stresses You As Well As DrugsWatch A Supercut Of Every Deep Philosophical Musing From True Detective Season 2Uber To Lease Cars Directly To UberX DriversCalvin Klein Updates Its Sex-Sells Approach To Include Sexting, ThreesomesSome Hero Learned A Hard Lesson About Strapping His GoPro To StuffIBM And CVS Health Want Watson To Manage Your DiabetesThis Snap-On Prosthetic Leg Could Make Life Way More Comfortable For AmputeesMapping Smog, Block By Block, Using Google Street View CarsThis Low-Cost Refugee Camp Architecture Is Made From SandDoing Your Errands, For Free, Is Now Someone’s JobThis Guerrilla Mattress Turns Evil Anti-Homeless Spikes Into A Force For GoodWhat Really Happens To Your Brain And Body During A Digital DetoxTV Legend Norman Lear Tells A Story About How He Beat Writer’s BlockTV Legend Norman Lear Tells A Story About How He Busted Writer’s BlockHot On Hello Barbie’s Plastic Heels, ToyTalk Now Lets Kids Chat With Thomas The Tank EngineThe Case For Transparent Food Labeling–And Not Just For Genetically Modified FoodLife Imitating Art: How Don Winslow’s Fiction Eerily Predicted El Chapo’s EscapeMeet The World’s Youngest Rum MasterHow To Unplug And Take A Real Vacation From The Internet: Updated For 2015How Post-Collegiate Life In Scandinavia Compares To The U.S.The Scientific Case For Taking A Two-Hour Lunch BreakHow To Make Yourself IrreplaceableHow To Give Feedback People Actually Respond To5 Ways to Fix the Tech Industry’s Diversity Problem10 Words That Will Make You Sound Smarter At WorkFacebook Rakes In $4 Billion, Thanks To Our Smartphone AddictionYelp Chairman Resigns, Stock Plummets 28%Amazon’s Dash Buttons Are Here, And You Can Buy Them For $5Nat Geo Wild Responds To The Killing Of Cecil The LionHow To Foster A Collaborative Culture in the Social EraGoogle Translate Can Now Decipher Signs In 27 LanguagesYahoo Wants to Make Video Chats More Like TextingFor Windows, The Party Is OverWhy Netflix Is Spending $5 Billion To Win The Fight For Your Screens—And How It Plans To Do ItToday in Tabs: OMG Stop LionReddit CEO: We’re Developing Content Policy, Community QuarantinesThis Mobile Charging Station Runs On Scrapped Batteries And Comes Right To Your Electric CarHanging Underneath A Bridge Is A Great Place To Put Wind TurbinesGoogle’s Project Wing Swoops Into Drone Air Traffic Control ConversationBetaBrand Is Hiring And They Really, Really, Really Don’t Care What Developers Wear To The OfficeTradr Is Like Tinder–But For Selling Your Old JunkIs Your Fridge Stocked With Cilantro? You May Want To Throw It Out NowDrinking This Official “Walking Dead” Beer Won’t Turn You Into a Zombie, ProbablyExclusive: Women In Tech Challenge Event Organizers To Make The “50-50 Pledge”Now You Can Shred Twice As Hard With These Guitars Made From Recycled SkateboardsIntel Will Award Double Referral Bonuses For Diverse HiresNow New Zealanders Can Run Their Cars On BeerBike Sonar Is Helping Police Catch Drivers Who Squeeze CyclistsWhy Metaphors Beat The Snot Out Of Facts When It Comes To Motivating ActionWhat If The Milk Container Told You When The Milk Was Bad?Basic Income Is Happening: The Growing Support And Early Experiments Of A Radical PolicyCan You Rekindle Your Career Passion?Can You Rekindle Your Career Passion?Jason Kilar’s Audacious Plan: One-Upping YouTube With His Mobile Video Platform, VesselFrom Sculptor To Product Designer: The Case For Unusual Career PathsClean Your Way To “Aha” MomentsDirector Paul Hunter On The Making Of Pharrell’s “Freedom” VideoOur Cities Will Be Beautiful In The Driverless Future–But First We Have To Get There6 Mistakes To Avoid When Starting A New JobThe One Interview Question That Will Help You Make The Best HireThe Best Ways To Deal With CriticismWhat Should I Do About An Employee Who Keeps Asking If She’ll Be Fired?3 Traits Of Great Bosses (And How To Pick One)How to Know When To Leave Your JobThe Situations Where Company Perks Outweigh A Low Salary4 Ways For Millennial Women To Prepare For Leadership RolesGoogle Will Now Tell You When A Restaurant Is Too BusyTwitter’s Jack Dorsey: We Continue To Question The Reverse Chronological TimelineNASA Has A Plan To Keep Our Skies Free Of Drone CongestionOne Month In, Apple Music Reportedly Scores 10 Million UsersToday in Tabs: Canceling the TabpocalypseAmazon Imagines Exclusive Lane In Skies For DronesGE Doubles Down On Virtual Reality To Deliver Immersive Looks At Science–And BrainsYour Dead Batteries Aren’t Quite Dead Yet: They Can Run This DIY FlashlightThe Sentry Will Expose Who’s Illegally Profiting From Africa’s Deadly WarsLook Inside Istanbul’s “Breaking Bad”-Themed Coffee Shop, Walter’s CoffeeThe Horror: These Are The Movies With The Highest Return On InvestmentWatch 50 of Your Favorite Movie Car Chases Edited Into 6 Minutes of Seamless CarnageThe New Moto Smartphones Are Here And Ready For SelfiesPandora Wants You To Get Intimate With Brands In Exchange For Ad-Free StreamingNo Fridge Necessary: These Containers Keep Produce Fresh Without ElectricityHere’s Your First Look At Broadly, Vice’s Very Vice-Like Women’s ChannelLondon’s Dirty Air Kills Almost 10,000 People Every YearThis Personal Seismic Gadget Will Warn You Before The Big One HitsThis Startup Turns Almost-Expired Fruit Into Tasty Nutritional Powder To Fight HungerD&D Meets VR: Inside One Startup’s Quest to Create the Ultimate QuestAnonymous Interviews Let This Company Hire The Best Candidates–Not The Ones With “Cultural Fit”These Powerful (And Hot) Photos Of Amputee Veterans Show Strength, Not TragedyHow Smosh Evolved From Pokemon Videos To A Multi-Media BrandRobots Might Take Your Job, But Here’s Why You Shouldn’t WorryHow Do I Move On From A Big Mistake When Everyone Keeps Bringing It Up?Vine’s Quiet, Stealthy PivotHow “Disgusting Sex” Helped Web Series “Broken People” Land On Comedy CentralHow To Quit Facebook For GoodHow 12 Companies Make Meetings Memorable, Effective, And ShortA First-Time Manager’s Guide To Giving Effective Feedback5 Ways To Make Working Remotely Actually WorkHow To Turn Anger Into Creative EnergyHow To Use Props To Make Your Presentation More PowerfulA Smarter OnePlus Unveils Its Second Smartphone, The OnePlus 2Infographic: One Of These Fictional Weapons Is The Most Badass Fictional Weapon EverEbay Shutters Same-Day Courier ServiceWould You Go Live On Kepler-452b?Minions, Now Reimagined As Fashion Industry StarsDelta’s Fancy New Upgrade Could Put You On A Private JetIBM: Data Centers Could Cool Themselves With Their Own Waste HeatToo-Good-To-Be-True Small Town CrimeStoppers Video Sparks “Is This A Viral Coke Ad” TheoriesToday in Tabs: Denton Folly and the Infinite Tabness95% Of Android Phones Could Be Hacked With Just One TextGoogle Rethinking User Profiles, LoginsCopied Someone’s Joke On Twitter? Your Tweet May Be DeletedThis South Korean Bike Highway Has A 20-Mile Solar RoofThis Isn’t Academic: Millions Of People Will Die If We Don’t Stop Destroying The PlanetThese Virtually Indestructible Leaping Robots Are Powered By ExplosionsAfter Controversial Frat-Themed Party, Twitter Says It Will Make Diversity A PriorityElon Musk, Stephen Hawking Warn Of Potentially Devastating “AI Arms Race”New York Magazine Cover Puts Faces To The Names Of Bill Cosby’s AccusersDrake Responds To Ghostwriting Accusations The Only Way He Knows How—With a Fire Diss TrackWeathernews Wants To Make Everyone Into A MeteorologistThese New Nike Shoes Make It Easy For Disabled Kids To Lace Up And PlayThis Smart E-Bike Maps The Fastest–And Safest–Route For Your CommuteHow a Sex Toy vs. Patent Troll War Could Affect Your Kickstarter“Duty Of Care” Game-Style Ad Shows The Trauma Of War Through A Child’s EyesVirtual Reality Isn’t (Just) Playing GamesHow “Ready Player One” And “Armada” Author Ernest Cline Turns Nostalgia Into NirvanaThis Wooden Computer Chip Could Make Recycling Electronics A Lot EasierNeed Room To House People In Expensive Cities? Attach These Pods To Building WallsWithout Will Save Your Long-Distance Relationship (Or Try To, At Least)5 Gorgeous Hospitals That Show How Good Design Can Improve Patients’ LivesDream Job Of The Week: Culinary DiplomatHow Fitbit Is Using Content To Keep The Brand Buff, Post-IPOHere’s How 20,000 Reddit Volunteers Fight Trolls, Spammers, And Played-Out MemesHow Changing Your Reading Habits Can Transform Your Health7 Things You Should Never Do Online3 Lessons IBM’s Watson Can Teach Us About Our Brains’ BiasesAre Freelancers To Blame For Our Slow Economic Recovery?4 Ways To Prepare For The Workplace Of The Future10 Career Lessons You Should Learn By Your 30s10 Daily Routines For Honing Your CreativityWhy An Open-Minded Work Culture MattersFast Company’s FC/LAThe Recommender: Meg Miller Wants To Show You A Chameleon Popping Bubbles!Here’s Lara Croft And Other Video Game Heroines With More Realistic BodiesA Look Inside Google and Carnegie-Mellon’s IoT CampusWhat Would You Call A Kinder, Gentler Gawker?Square Reportedly Files For IPOBulletproof Raises $9 Million To Sell Butter-Infused CoffeeThis Industrial Exoskeleton Helps Workers Carry Their Loads1.4 Million Chrysler Cars Recalled Due To Security FlawPro Video Gamers Will Now Be Subject To Drug TestsThe 4 Ways CEOs Accidentally Mess Up Company CultureIn An Airstream Trailer, A Vertical Farm Will Travel The Country Delivering Kale And EducationReport: 30% Of Etsy Sellers Earn Money Solely From Creative WorkArtists Bring 9 Holes Of Darkly High-Concept Mini Golf To The Venice BiennaleMore Drivers Than Not Are Fiddling With Their Smartphones“All Work All Play” Doc Tracks The Exploding eSports PhenomenonHelp Sir Patrick Stewart Study Whale Snot With DronesTake The Fast Company News QuizFrom Face of a Brand to Head of a CompanyThis Prosthetic Arm Doubles As A Lego Set, So Kids Can Express Their Creative SideThis Chinese Artist Put Up His Own Propaganda Posters To Twist The Government’s MessageWatch Out Bricklayers, This Robot Is Coming For Your JobThese Breathalyzers Can Sniff Out If You’re Carrying A DiseaseThe Case Against Bike Helmets–And For Better Bike InfrastructureTaylor Swift, Instagram, And A Social Media Car Crash: The Top 5 Ads Of The WeekThe Companies With The Top Global Reputations Make Drugs And Gadgets5 Great Free Apps That Pair Well With FriendsBehind The Projectile Tongues, Wattles, And Other VFX Horrors In Scary-Gross Vampire Drama, The StrainHow “Ant-Man” Director Peyton Reed Went From Bringing It On To Marvel’s Weird SuperheroThe Company That’s Figured Out How To Help Call Center Employees Not Hate Their JobsThe Scientifically Proven Way To Have The Best Vacation EverFrom The Psychology of Ambition To The Upside Of Being Boring: The Most Popular Leadership Stories This WeekHow To Know If You Should Accept A Speaking Invitation5 People You Should Have Lunch With Before Your Internship EndsAvoid These 3 Mistakes When Scaling Your Business