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The Hottest Take: Superstar Eyewitness Courtney Barnes On This Week’s Big NewsToday in Tabs: The Brunch Heard ‘Round The WebDick Costolo Steps Down As Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey To ReplaceSprite Ethers The Competition By Putting Nas, Biggie, Rakim, and Drake Lyrics On Limited Edition CansOculus Rift Unveils Its Virtual Reality HeadsetDetour, The Walking Tour Audio App, Rolls Out Stories In 6 New CitiesThe First-Ever Sum Of All The DNA On The Planet Will Boggle Your MindFTC Investigates Failed Kickstarter Board-Game CampaignWhole Foods Targets Millennials With New Chain Called 365Here’s A Pre-Binge Appetizer: The Final Trailer For “Orange Is The New Black” Season ThreeLand Rover Creates An Interactive Instagram AdventureThis is What Your Kid Looks Like While Staring Slack-Jawed At The TVRupert Murdoch Stepping Down as 21st Century Fox CEOUNICEF And H&M Launch “Unicoin,” A Charitable Currency To Help Early Childhood EducationKahlua Seduces Your Virgin Iced Coffee In A Porny New CampaignEU Regulators Investigate Amazon’s E-Book PracticesPedestrian Symphonies Get People Together To Play Weird GPS-Controlled MusicAmazon Delivers A New Solar Farm To Coal-Heavy Virginia6 Ideas For Fighting The Rise Of Antibiotic ResistanceAs The Sharing Economy Goes Mainstream, Most Cities Want To See It GrowMake Your Outfits In Your Living Room, With This Clothing 3-D PrinterDanny Trinh’s New App Really Wants You To Get Out MoreFinlandia Showcases The Wisdom Of All Ages In Striking New CampaignThe Cities Where Minorities Are Thriving TodayThis Sleek Electric Tuk-Tuk Is Designed To Battle Traffic In Your CityA VC’s Formula For Picking Winners Like Birchbox, Warby Parker, And Other Brands You LoveWatch A Dog’s Last Goodbye To His Best Friend In The Heartbreaking “Denali”Meet 12 More “Rejected Princesses” Who Were Too Badass For Disney (But Not This Book)The Science Of Why We Talk Too Much (And How To Shut Up)How To Become The Smartest Person In The RoomHow We Created Intel’s Capital Diversity FundWhy Policy Makers Need To Pay Attention To The Freelance MovementWhat U.S. Companies Can Learn from ScandinaviaThe 4 Most Important Elements Of Your Voice8 Essential Lessons In Creative DisciplineShould I Call My Boss Out For His Bad Interview Behavior?Is the Death Star Energy Efficient? We’ll Know This FridayFacebook Modifies “Trending Topics”The Final “Straight Outta Compton” Poster Captures The Strength Of Street Knowledge In Black And WhiteToday in Tabs: The Apple That Ate EverythingIt Turns Out “Entourage” Was Even More Repetitive Than You RememberSpotify Raises $526 Million For Showdown With AppleThis Smart Control For Your AC Knows When It Needs To Cool Down The RoomGood For Luggage Manufacturers, Bad For Travelers: Carry-On Bag Size To Shrink By 21%Get The Most Magic Out Of Paris This Summer With A New Interactive Google AppVirgin Media Gives An Owl Mascot A Starring Role On “Orange Is The New Black”Spotify Shows Off Latest User Numbers In Response To Apple MusicCan Wearable Tech Combat Sexual Assault?How Copenhagen Became A Cycling Paradise By Considering The Full Cost Of CarsHeineken Gives Unsuspecting Tourists An Insider View Of ParisThe Untold Story Of Microsoft’s Surface HubThese Tweeting Potholes Annoy City Government Until They’re FixedIf Your Boss Is Male, Watch Out, Because More Men Are NarcissistsIn The Wake Of ISIS, 3-D Scans Are Saving Iraq’s Cultural HeritageFollow One Man’s 40-year Business Journey, From Inside An ElevatorIkea Pledged $1 Billion To Fight Climate Change–And That’s Just A Small Part Of Its Green AgendaIn A Backlash To The Gig Economy, Hiring Employees Is Cool Again In Silicon ValleyNot A Chore: The Zen Of LaundryNetflix, Now Available At A Marriott Near YouHow Peter Harness Adapted The Magical World Of “Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell” For TVHow To Keep “Work Housekeeping” From Taking Over Your Life7 Methods To Overcome Your Fear of FailureCould Sharing Your Job Be The Solution To Burnout?The 50 Most Well-Liked CEOs In The U.S.What Fifth-Graders Can Teach Us About Problem-Solving6 Ways To Tell If Your Interviewee Is A Good Cultural FiteBay’s New Apple Watch App Offers “A 10-Second Experience”The Founder of Pebble On Growth in the Smartwatch CategoryThe New Peer Pressure: Let Your Facebook Friends Shame You Into Quitting CigarettesWatch Stanford’s Laptop Orchestra Play A Giant VR Music EngineWith New $135 Million Series D, Blue Apron Takes The Lead In Funding For Meal-Kit StartupsBedtime Reading: Why An E-Commerce Brand Is Expanding Into ContentKatniss Adds More Fire To The Rebellion In The Trailer For “Mockingjay Part 2”Can Apple Music Kill Spotify? Breaking Down The Best Of WWDCToday in Tabs: Yesterday’s Tabs TomorrowSubscription Tablets For Kids? This $10/Month Device Has Unlimited Disney & More18 Amazing Images “That Changed Everything” From Top Professional PhotographersSee What Famous Female Animated Characters Look Like With More Realistic FacesWatch Simba And Scar’s Epic Brawl From “The Lion King” As Interpreted By KittensIntel Launches Investment Fund For Startups Led By Women And MinoritiesAn Organic Food Retailer Is Calling Its New Campaign The Most Eco-Friendly EverPizza Hut’s New Pizza Box Is Also A Smartphone-Operated Movie ProjectorThis Map Shows Where You’re Most Likely To Be MurderedYour Body Has A Circadian Reset Switch, And One Day We Might Know How To Flick ItDo Huge Fines Actually Reduce Cigarette Butt Litter?Can Wildlife-Friendly Beef Help Ranchers And Conservationists Get Along?Watch The Rise And Fall Of Manhattan’s Crowds Over Two CenturiesAmerican Women Kick Off Soccer World Cup With Intense Nike SpotThe Creative Genesis Of WNYC’s “Death, Sex & Money”As MakerBot Struggles, Desktop Milling Machines Are On The RiseWhy The Funniest Site On The Internet Keeps A Serious ScheduleHow Successful Working Parents Keep Their Careers On TrackThe Industry That’s Managed To Close The Gender Wage GapHow Do I Politely Tell My Coworkers To Leave Me Alone?What You Should Never Talk About At WorkLove And Death: Your Guide To Binge-Watching Netflix’s Morality-Drenched “Sense8”5 Steps To Improve Your Leadership StyleHow Even Introverts Can Be Confident Public Speakers5 Business Questions That You Need To Ask About Your Personal LifeTo End Soccer Riots, This Brazilian Club Forces Fans To Sit Next To RivalsAnd One More Thing, Watch The First Ads For Apple’s New Music ServiceHellmann’s, The Mayo Brand, Takes On The Issue Of Food Accessibility In New CampaignApple Is Officially Spotify’s Newest, Biggest CompetitorPeople’s Uber, Baidu, And Driver Bonuses: Uber’s Quest To Crack The Chinese MarketThe Apple Watch Just Got A Lot More UsefulGiving Dad A Johnsonville “Bratfast In Bed” This Father’s Day May Cause HallucinationsEl Capitan Will Make Your Mac Feel More Like An iPadApple Introduces “News”: An Old Idea With Big PotentialReport: Facebook Probably Will Not Launch Internet Satellites After AllThe New Siri: Smarter, More “Proactive”Watch Bill Hader’s Birdman-Inspired Intro Video From Apple’s WWDC EventAmazon Entering PC Gaming Fray, Hiring Game Developers“Grand Theft Auto” In Real Life: GTA Comes Alive With GoPros, iPhones In This Intense VideoWith This Self-Cooling Roof, You Might Not Need AC5 Startups Taking On The Big, Unsexy Problems Of City Government“The Martian” Viral Promo Shows Matt Damon Goofin’ With His Crew, No Mars StuffThe Burger King Picks Another Winner, This Time It’s American Pharoah At BelmontHow To Meet Ladies: Decoding “Silicon Valley” Player Erlich Bachman’s Zen-Bro LookThis Creepy Dude Following Teens Online Is Actually A Clever Web Privacy PSADallas Cowboys To Use VR To Train QBs5 Ways To Conserve A Forest By Making Money From ItVR Porn Is Coming, With Or Without Silicon ValleySouth Korean Team Takes $2 Million Top Prize At DARPA Robotics ChallengeThe U.S. Cities That Waste The Least And The Most EnergySteve Carell Joins The Campaign To Conserve L.A.’s Water In New “Save The Drop” SpotsPilots Could Fly DJI’s New M100 Drone For Developers Using Oculus VR Goggles7 Ideas For A More Playable City, From Sociable Benches To Musical IntersectionsThis Homelessness Organization Says You Should Stop Donating To The HomelessIs The Open-Office Trend Reversing Itself?The $5 Billion Battle For The American Dinner Plate5 Keys To Writing a Book, From YouTuber Turned Author Mamrie HartThe Two Words That Make You More CredibleWhy This Company Is Paying An Intern To Live With The Amish And Wrestle An AlligatorThe Dark Side Of Corporate Wellness ProgramsThe Right Way To Say Thanks After An InterviewHow to Negotiate For What You Want And Still Make FriendsThe Three People Who Matter Most in Your NetworkHow The Most Successful Creatives Create Their Own LuckReverse-Gender Catcalling Fails To Produce The Intended Response In This Funny, Sad ExperimentLondon Commuters Get A Jurassic Surprise At The Train StationYou Will Have a Better Weekend Than This Comedian Watching Every Single “Entourage” Episode For Funny Or DieAt The DARPA Robotics Challenge, Running Man (Almost) Had The Right StuffWhat To Expect From Apple On MondayHighlights From Our Live Q&A With Gen. Stanley McChrystal, David Silverman, And Chris FussellTumblr To Launch New Q&A PlatformToday in Tabs Quiz: Fusion or For Prestige Spielberg With The First Trailer For “Bridge of Spies,” Starring Tom HanksYahoo Will Shut Down Its Maps, Other Sites This MonthWhip, Whisk, Or Spanking Paddle? Harvey Nichols’ Recruitment Ads Weed Out The WeaklingsMicrosoft’s Follow-Up To Viral Age-Guessing Tool: A Twin DetectorThese 450 Synchronized Penguins Will Soothe, Entrance, And Creep You OutFood-Obsessed Stop Motion Wizard PES Returns With Mussels From Muscle BeachThe Recommender: Eric Alt, Who’s Seen Angelina Jolie’s Babysitting Skills In ActionAt The DARPA Challenge, May The Best Robot WinWatch This Suspension Bridge Get Played Like A Musical InstrumentGoogle Surprisingly Contrite In New Interview About Europe Anti-Trust CaseMeet The Last “Class” Of Thiel Fellows, The Genius Kids Who Skip College And Build StartupsWatch The First Music Video For Awreeoh From “Dope,” Written And Produced By PharrellMapping Where Foreign Aid Comes From And Where It GoesExclusive: New York City To Name New Chief Digital OfficerTake The Fast Company News QuizLawsuits In The Public Interest Now Have Their Own Crowdfunding Site3-D Printing’s Napster MomentCraftsman Tools And U.S. Veterans Group Celebrate Father’s Day With Film SeriesWhy The Architect Behind NYC’s Enormous Flood-Proofing Plan Is Inspired By Martian Sci-FiInflatable Buttocks And Transgender Portraits: 9 Designs That Deconstruct Gender IdentityYou’re Not A Micromanager, Are You?Can Wearable Tech Measure Our Stress And Calm Us Down?Analog Confessions Of YouTube Star iJustineTweeting Potholes, Superheroes Of Sleep: The Top 5 Ads Of The WeekHow Paul Feig Busted Genres And Activated Melissa McCarthy In “Spy”5 Endlessly Addictive, Free, Boredom-Busting AppsYour Creative Calendar: 91 Things To Do, See, And Hear This JuneThe Way To Get Around Persistent VC Bias To Get FundingInside The Successes And Failures Of A Growing Doggy EmpireHow Should I Address My (Obvious) Pregnancy In An Interview?Six Steps To Gracefully Say No And Not Feel GuiltyFrom The Habits of Good Bosses To The Reason You’re Overworked: This Week’s Most Popular Leadership Stories4 Ways To Bring The Best Out Of Your Employees