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Some Of The Best YouTube Moments From The Last 10 YearsInside A Quadruple Rainbow InvestigationFor A Perfect Work/Life Balance, Quiksilver Now Makes A Business Suit You Can Surf InChipotle Now Has DeliveryA Hong Kong Clean-up Campaign Identifies Litterbugs Through DNAApple’s Newest App Store Is Open For BusinessTwitter To Quitters: No No Wait, Check These Tweets OutYou Better Not Mention Another Smartwatch In Apple’s App StoreThe Real Reason Why Global Poverty Won’t Go AwayToday in Tabs: There Were Many Hilarious Things Under His HatThis Food Delivery Service Pays Low-Income Youth A Living Wage–And The Food’s Good, TooThe Operator App Wants To Make Online Shopping Less Like Online ShoppingHow The New York Times Magazine Made That Awesome “Walking New York” CoverProjection Mapping Turns These Wood Block Prints Into Modern MagicThis New Cadbury Bar Has 7 Different Fillings And Will Blow Your Chocolate-Loving MindThis Modern Stained Glass Window Doubles As A Solar PanelThe Perfect Luxury Furniture For Gym RatsWe Need To Move Our National Parks If We Want To Protect Our AnimalsHalf Of Americans Think The Poor and Middle Class Pay Too Much Income TaxWatch Grown-Ups Reenact Life In The Middle AgesWith A New Update, Curious’s Lifelong Learning Service Is Looking More Like TVBlindfolded Kids Try To Find Their Moms By Touch In This Sweet Mother’s Day AdThis Moveable Village Of Tiny Houses For The Homeless Was Designed By TeenagersThis 6-Week Workshop Helps Women Build Confidence And Negotiating Skills At WorkRevisit NYC’s Golden Era Of Hip Hop Radio In This New Red Bull DocMagical Fabric Could Let You Change Clothes InstantlyHate Needles? This 3-D Printed Device Makes Injections Pain-FreeMasterful Italian Design Now Available To The MassesMicrosoft Invents A Better Way To Sense Hand GesturesJust Say Yes To Watching The Far Out History Of America’s War On DrugsHow Apple Is Building An Ecosystem For Your BodyNew York City Makes Income Equality The Center Of Its Green GoalsGett’s Alternative To Uber-Style Surge PricingThe Case For Taking Kids On Work TripsThe Story Behind The Most Viral 3-D Tattoo EverShould Your Kids’ School Have Standing Desks? These CrossFitters Think SoHow To Put On a Show, From Comedian, Podcast King, and TV Host Paul F. TompkinsCan Intel Solve Tech’s Diversity Problem?“Most Likely To Succeed” Shows How Classrooms Modeled On Real Life Can Help Kids Succeed In Real Life5 Ways To Get Over Your PerfectionismThe Secrets To Getting More Done? Strategic Slacking OffHow to Deal With Selfish Coworkers10 Ways to Stay Motivated During Your First Job5 Strategies For Boosting Your Business’s Reputation Without BraggingWhy Second In Command Can Have More Influence Than The CEOHow To Love Your Job Every DayHow To Brand, Market, And Sell Marijuana Without Breaking The LawSee R2-D2 Reimagined As Oscar The Grouch, Wilson the Volleyball, And Many OthersAt 4 Billion Views A Day, Facebook Video Is Zuckerberg’s Next Cash CowVictims Of Gun Violence Are Brought Back To Life, And The Streets, In A Haunting PSA ExhibitWatch Gay Marriage Evolve Over Decades Of Pop Culture In This ACLU SupercutYouTube: Users Are More Likely To View Ads On MobileToyota’s Ad For Its New Hydrogen Car Is Fueled By BullshitNilofer Merchant On OnlynessThe U.S.’s Century-Old Snail Mail Surveillance Sparks A Modern Privacy DebateNilofer Merchant on Finding Solutions in Unexpected PlacesIt’s Not TV: Watch HBO’s Award-Hoarding History In 4 MinutesThis Iranian City’s River Dried Up, So Why Not Put A Park There Instead?Can Bitcoin Patronage Replace Annoying Banner Ads?Say “Hello” To The Facebook Phone (Again)Europe Unveils Strategy To (Finally) Compete With U.S. Tech TitansToday In Tabs: Can’t Win For Loss-LeadingFinally, A Real Floating LightbulbForget FitBit, Kmart Celebrates Lethargy With Joe Boxer Inactivity Band And A Really Lazy 60-Minute AdThe Chandelier Of The Future Is Made From 1,100 Moving LEDsYou’ll Never Look At An Apple Watch The Same Way After This “Pulp Fiction” ParodyEat From This Catering Service That A Dumpster Diver Would LoveTourism Ireland Is Scattering Dragon Eggs, Winterfell Signs, And Other Game Of Thrones Props Across The CountrysideAmy Schumer’s Must-Watch “Friday Night Lights” Spoof Has A Lot More On Its Mind Than FootballWhat If Ford Sold Sailboats And Foosball Tables?Most Valuable Followers: How SocialRank Wants Your Brand To Get Closer To Its AudienceThis Fun Interactive Music Video Is Actually An Ad For Laundry DetergentWatch A Chronological Supercut of Every Marvel Movie and Show That Has Ever Existed And Ever WillGoogle Reveals A Pay-Per-GB Wireless ServiceThe Post-Sony World: Why A Defense Contractor Bought A Cybersecurity Firm For $1.9 BillionWhy The Car Industry Still Builds Life-Size Clay ModelsThese Interior Sets Full Of Street Junk Are Nicer Than Most Living RoomsBudweiser Celebrates Earth Day With The National Park Foundation And A New Bottle DesignIkea And Ideo Tease A Kitchen For The End Of The WorldNow There’s An Instagram Zitcom About An Acne CreamStep Inside The 10 Best Green Buildings of 2015People Are Commuting Longer And Longer, Because The Jobs All Moved Far AwayKids Grow Up Fast; These Shape-Shifting Shoes Grow Up With ThemNote to Designers: Forget Wearables, Tackle SenseablesHow Legendary Illustrator Maira Kalman Stays CreativeEverything Science Knows Right Now About Standing DesksHow Design That Makes Us Uncomfortable Can Actually Make Life BetterHow An 80-Year-Old Park Avenue Institution Went Digital In Just 80 DaysThis Is What A Salad Bar Would Look Like Without Bees (Hint: Not Much Salad)How Two Former Nike Executives Built A Tomboy Fashion BrandHow A Writing Ritual Can Lead To SuccessHow Your Grandparents’ Lives Affect Your Resilience To StressThe Hidden Gender Bias In Google Image SearchWhy Already Busy People Are More Likely To Get More Things DoneThe Case For Co-Mentoring4 Steps For Building Open Communication With Your TeamThe Airbnb Of Weed Is Totally A ThingThree Famous Career PivotsA Doomsday Cult Meeting Ends Ingloriously In This Hilarious Short FilmLa Musique Perdue: This Map Offers An Interactive History Of Record Stores In ParisThat Quadruple Rainbow You’ve Been Freaking Out About Is Not Really A Quadruple RainbowChatting In Old-School Internet Forums Is Good For You, Says StudyNYC Uncovered : Gregory Lowe’s PicksThe Antidote To “Always-On” Work ModeFacebook Just Made Life A Little Harder For BrandsAmazon’s Consumerist Obsession Has Found A Home, And It’s A Smart OneAccording To Our Emojis, Americans Are A Tolerant, Tech-Savvy, Meat-Loving BunchIn This “Explicit Remake” Of “The Aviator,” Howard Hughes Is Obsessed With Denim, Not PlanesAirbnb’s Biggest Ad Campaign Yet Emphasizes That Feel-At-Home FeelingBankrupt Aereo Will Pay $950,000 To BroadcastersThis Work ID Collects Employee Data, Aims To Be “The Moneyball For Business”Today in Tabs: Lemon AidZaha Hadid Mills Beautifully Detailed Objects From Solid MarbleThe USDA Has Made An App That Notifies You When Your Food Is About To Go BadWhat’s The Apple Watch For? You Figure It OutThe 10 Tricks That Will Make You Appear Smarter In MeetingsWant To See A Sliver Of What Google Knows About You?Now You Can Hunt For The Loch Ness Monster On Google MapsAdobe Gives Lightroom New Facial Recognition and HDR Features, An Android Update, And MoreDisney’s Incredible iPhone Accessories Can Hear How You Touch ThemTo Understand True Impact Of Government, We Need New Types Of Public AccountingThe Cannabis EditorBookmark All Your Favorite Websites With Just A SmileTry Guessing All Of These Iconic Movie Posters Without Titles And StarsThis Might Be The Most Insane Ad Ever For Cloud-Based Consumer Engagement SoftwareA Collection Of Gadgets, Carved Out Of Carrara MarbleA Kids Classic Comes To Life In The New Trailer For “The Little Prince”The Fight For $15 Was The Largest Low-Wage Protest EverThe Most Beautiful Book About Weed You’ve Ever SeenUrban Blight Isn’t Just Bad To Look At, It’s Bad For Your HealthHow To Make A Travel Mag As Visually Appealing As The DestinationsYour New Music Roundup, Featuring Blur, Alabama Shakes, And Neil YoungThese Autonomous Drones May Soon Deliver Your Lunch (And Your Medicine)At This Boutique Hotel, Tourists Stay Next To RefugeesThe Best B Corps Might Just Be The Best Companies For The WorldNew Poster Makes Understanding Type As Easy As Learning The ABCsAmazing Software Turns Paper Into ComputersMIT’s Self-Assembling Table Could Change The Way You Build Ikea FurnitureEx-Googlers’ New Breast Cancer Gene Test Cuts The Cost To WomenInside Broken Lizard’s Journey To “Super Troopers 2” And What To Expect From The Movie You FinancedThe Best Active Designs That Help People Live Healthier Lives8 Habits of Curious PeopleHow To Give Regular Feedback And Still Get Work DoneThe Science Behind The Secret Productive Powers Of The Color BlueHow Personality Type Influences Leadership StyleThe Secrets To Building A Team Of Decision MakersHow To Rekindle Your Purpose And Passion For WorkDo You Have The Personality To Work For Yourself?Here’s A Pungent Tour Inside San Francisco’s Top Marijuana DispensariesMeet The First Potrepreneurs At This Startup Boot Camp For The Billion-Dollar Weed BizInstagram Becomes A Choose-Your-Own Adventure For The Toronto Silent Film FestivalIcelandic Yogurt Powers This Story About A Brave Young MessengerAlternative Medicine Or Death Wish? The FDA Wants Its SayHow To Turn A Boring Office Job Into A Dance PartySome Hero Strapped A GoPro To Himself And Turned A Boring Work Day Into An Extreme AdventureBuzzRead: A New Media Startup Takes Marijuana News MainstreamA New Nokia Phone Is Coming In 2016Today in Tabs: 4/20 Is Just A NumberThese Sheriffs Are Packing Their Patrol Cars With Boxes Of Free, Healthy FoodFinally, A Benefit To Being Fat: Less Dementia In Old AgeWhy Norway Is Ditching FM RadioThis App Lets You Make Professional-Looking Fan Videos With Your SmartphoneGoogle Almost Bought A Near-Bankrupt Tesla In 2013See Dino Hybrid Indominus Rex (And Just About Everything Else) In The New Jurassic World TrailerThe Classic Novella “Flatland” Gets The Design Makeover It DeservesThe Countries With The Most Endangered MammalsGoogle Equates “Design” With Endless Testing. They’re WrongThis Smart Button Helps You Remember Daily TasksHow Dog Poo Could Power Your FridgeJohn Oliver’s Alternative To The CNN Doomsday Video Captures Humanity At Its Monster-Trucking BestIf The Trailer Didn’t Excite You Enough, The Official “Batman V Superman” Posters Might Do The TrickOne Of The World’s Driest Cities Is Reviving Its 1,000-Year-Old Water InfrastructureWhy Apple Bought 36,000 Acres Of ForestWatch People Get Chased By An Empty Wheelchair In This <strike>Horror Trailer</strike> Medical PSAWhy Epicurious’s Apple Watch App Doesn’t Include RecipesHow An Activist Made A Cause Go Viral In A Repressive–And Mostly Offline–NationThis Heartwrenching Real-life Emergency Call Will Make You Cry–And Teach Your Own Kids How To Save Your LifeFrom MIT: This Shiny Nail Art Is Actually A Tiny Bluetooth Trackpad5 Great Ideas For The Future Of Flying (And One Really Terrible One)4 Ideas For Redesigning The Pot LogoIBM’s Watson Designed The Worst Burrito I’ve Ever HadCan’t Focus In Your Open Office? Wrap Yourself In This New Cocoon To Tune Out DistractionJust Your Typical New Mexico Image Recognition Startup Spun Off From A Government LabOutweirding the Weird: A Look At Weird Al Yankovic’s MAD Guest-Editing StintFour Rule-Breaking Lessons From The First Woman To Run The Boston Marathon3 Counterintuitive Things You Should Do After You Get A PromotionCan A $70,000 Minimum Wage Work?How To Make Networking Fun7 Ways To Identify Leaders Among Your EmployeesFive Habits Of Creative People4 Productivity Books That Can Help You Get More DoneWhy Weed Is Growing WildlyRebranding Pot: How Squares Are Sparking The Next Massive IndustryThe Rise Of The Alpha StonersUnexpected Art Makes City Dwellers Reassess Familiar Urban SpacesPot Is Getting Personal: Soon You’ll Get Marijuana Based On Your Brain ActivityThe Recommender: Rick Tetzeli, Ex-Burger SlingerStarwood Launches A New Hotel Brand To Be The Anti-ChainAs 3-D Printing Grows Up, MakerBot Slashes Its WorkforceCan You Sue Your Airbnb Host? The FTC Tackles The Gig Economy’s Looming QuestionsNASA Chief Says Mars One Does Not Stand A Chance Without NASAThis Is What Would Happen If Classic Novels Were Subject To Client FeedbackVerizon Has A New Slimmed-Down TV Package, But At $55 A Month, Who Will Subscribe?The Open Publishing Revolution, Now Behind A Billion-Dollar PaywallWhy Good Design Is Finally A Bottom Line Investment2014 Innovation by Design Awards Experience Winner: MyMagic+, by Walt Disney Parks and Resorts2014 Innovation by Design Awards Products Winner: Magista, by Nike2014 Innovation by Design Awards Health Winner: Reebok Checklight, by Reebok and MC102014 Innovation by Design Awards Data Visualization Winner: Mapdwell Solar System, by Mapdwell2014 Innovation by Design Awards Experimental Winner: Inform, by Sean Follmer, Hiroshi Ishii, Daniel Leithinger (MIT Tangible Media Group)2014 Innovation by Design Awards Social Good Winner: BioLite Homestove, by BioLite2014 Innovation by Design Awards Graphic Winner: Everytown for Gun Safety, by Purpose and Everytown for Gun Safety2014 Innovation by Design Awards Spaces Winner: Memory Wound—July 22 Memorial Site, by Jonas Dahlberg StudioMatthew McConaughey’s “Interstellar” Character Shares Your Feelings About That “Star Wars” TrailerGIF Of The Day: This MRI Shows What It Really Looks Like When You Crack Your Knuckles2014 Innovation by Design Awards Students Winner: Rapid Packing Container, by Chris Curro and Henry WangThis Store Offers All Women A 24% Discount, Because It’s Only FairBen & Jerry’s Creates Its Own Stoner Version Of Apple’s 1984 For 4/20This Robotic Hand Is Inspired By A Chameleon’s TongueHow One Enormous Corporation Is Working To Slash Its Environmental ImpactHow Ben Burtt Designed The Sounds Of Star WarsThis Cage House Locks Out Digital SpiesIn Berlin, Electric Buses That Charge When They StopNo More Expiration Dates: MIT Is Developing Sensors To Detect When Food Is Going BadThese Soccer Moms Spewing Party Real Talk For Hefty Cups Are CrayVincent Laforet’s Aerial Shots Of Trains Look Like Abstract ArtTake The Fast Company News QuizThe Last Oil Filter You’ll Ever Have To Buy3 Ways Embracing Curiosity Can Change Your LifeThe Future Of Museums Is Reaching Way Beyond Their WallsThe New York Times Invents A Conference Table That Takes Notes For YouHyundai Sends A Message To Space, Reebok Runs Across Instagram: The Top 5 Ads Of The WeekAre You The Toxic Coworker?The “Greenest Schools On Earth” Do More Than Put Solar Panels On The RoofMeet The Guy Who’s Planting Phony Signs And Products In Public—And Making Our Everyday Lives FunnierFree App Friday: Get Work Done When You’re Not At WorkThis Eerily Accurate Service Analyzes Just About Anyone’s Personality And Work StyleEgg Whites, Rhino Horns, And Stem Cells: IndieBio’s Plan To Bioengineer A Better WorldMovie Producer Brian Grazer Explains How Asking The Right Questions Will Make You A Better BossA Dark, Twisted Cinderella Story: Artist Camille Rose Garcia Holds A Black Mirror Up To Children’s ClassicsMaking The Business Case For Women’s Career Development10 Techniques From Professional Artists For Breaking Through Creative BlocksThe Key To Creating Socially Conscious BusinessesHow To Make Friday The Most Productive Day Of The WeekFrom Equal Pay Day To Networking For Introverts: The Most Popular Stories In Leadership This WeekWhat Running A Company And Racing Cars Have In CommonThe Other F Word: How To Make The Most Of Failure4 Strategies For Introducing New Ideas At Work