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Northwestern Mutual Buys Finance Startup LearnVest For $250 MillionFamous Fan Of “The Wire” President Obama Interviews Show Creator David Simon About Omar And The Drug WarPNC Bank Wants This Dad To Be Ready To Pay For His Daughter’s Fantasy WeddingSalesforce CEO Boycotts Indiana’s Anti-Gay Law, Urges Others To Follow SuitRed Eyes Crying In The Rain: Here Are The 5 Strains Of Pot We Hope Willie Nelson Will SellThe Big Way Apple’s Upcoming Streaming Music Service Will Differ From SpotifyThe Innovator’s New Crystal Ball: CrowdfundingAdidas Passed On Michael Jordan, But Maybe That Doesn’t MatterThese Are The Cases The X-Files Should Investigate FirstElectric Vehicles Are So Cool, They Could Make Big Cities Less HotHow To Make A Killing On AirbnbA Cop Clashes With An Unarmed Black Man In Run The Jewels’s Gripping New VideoInside the Campaign To Disrupt Tech’s Huge Diversity ProblemISIS Threatens A Piece Of “Star Wars” HistoryOlio’s Connected Watch Envisions A World Beyond AppsA New Frankenfont Combines Comic Sans And PapyrusYoung People Would Rather You Didn’t Frack, ThanksDollar Shave Club Went Viral With Razor Delivery. Now It Wants To Fix Men’s HairCarl’s Jr.’s Hottest Burger Was Created By Its Ad Agency10 Delightful Photos Of Famous Artists And Their CatsPeriscope Is Here To Let You Tap The Like Button As Much As You WantWhat Doomsday Preppers Will Eat After The ApocalypseHow Girls Would Be Different If Michael Bay Directed “Girls”The Fossil Fuel Divestment Movement’s Newest Strategy: Alternative EndowmentsAre Shrimp Shells The Future Of Solar Cells?You Can Now Buy Massimo Vignelli’s Original NY Transit Graphics ManualThis Clever Packaging Turns Waste Into Educational ToysWatch This Chinese Megacity Rise Around The Chinese Farmers Who Used To Live ThereHow To Balance Client Work With Passion ProjectsWatch The Evolution Of The Disney LogoThe Glorious Landscape Design Of Dan KileySagmeister & Walsh Rebrand One Of India’s Most Popular DrinksHow Sleep Became A Social Justice IssueMail Out Reminders About American Inequality With The “Postcards From Ferguson” ProjectHow Facebook Plans To Turn Shopping Into TextingEbola Drugs, Prison Inmates, Real, Live Rockets: Y Combinator’s New LaunchpadStanford’s Most Popular Class Isn’t Computer Science–It’s Something Much More ImportantInside The Ozzy Osbourne Graphic Novel That Annihilates Metal MythologyWhy I’m Getting 5% Of My Salary Paid In BitcoinHow To Engage The 4 Kinds Of Employees In Your OrganizationPower-Up: The Bleeping Amazing History Of Nintendo In 4 Minutes8 Ways To Establish An Innovation Culture In Your Business3 Ways To Project Warmth And Trustworthiness5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started My First JobThe Real Reason You’re Skimping On SleepHow To Decide Once And For All If You Really Need That MeetingThe Best Advice Career Experts Ever ReceivedCreepy Or Brilliant? This Dating App Is Like Tinder… For Strangers You See In Public“The X-Files” Is Back! Now, What Mysteries Should Mulder And Scully Solve?The Top 5 Picks To #ReplaceZaynWhat Today’s SCOTUS Ruling Means For Pregnant EmployeesFacebook Beefs Up Its Messenger AppThis Is How OK Go Made That Optical-Illusion-Filled Chinese Furniture CommercialHow Ayasdi Made $55 Million From Big DataHere Is A Building Made From 3-D-Printed Cement Blocks That Is Also BeautifulKnorr Finds The Greatest Taste On Earth In The ArcticKickstarter Gives Project Pages A Beautiful FaceliftWhy Can’t These Fairytale Buildings Just Exist In The Real World?Creating Access And Demand for Social GoodThis Interactive Site Lets You Create Personalized “Thank Yous” For The Heroes In Your Life“The Sun” Brightens Up Its U.K. Election Coverage With Big Fonts, Bacon Sandwich GamesFacebook Follows Netflix’s Lead With Post-Play VideosHonda Unveils A Motorcycle For People Who Don’t Ride MotorcyclesThis Year’s Serpentine Pavilion Looks Like Rainbow PoopNow You Can Take A Seat Next To Don Draper On A Bench Outside NYC’s Time-Life BuildingAfter Spurning Spotify, Taylor Swift Will Stream Albums On Jay Z’s TidalDiabetes Already Affects 382 Million People–And It’s Getting WorseSolar Power From Space Is Closer To Reality Than You Might Think (Still Very Far Away)Watch The Best Key & Peele “Substitute Teacher” Sketches, Now That They’re Going To Be A MovieThe Tragic Final Days Of My Neighborhood RadioShackStar Wars Goes ’80s Anime-Style In A Stunning Short Made By A Hyper-Dedicated FanSci-Fi Maps Show What Your City Would Look Like In TronNow You Can Download Pixar’s Rendering Software For FreeHere Are The Top 5 Ads Of Future NBA Hall-Of-Famer Steve NashRicky Gervais Says What Every Brand Endorser Is Thinking In New Aussie Netflix SpotWatch: A Breathtaking Tour Through China’s Densest CityGet Ready For Some High-Calorie Couture With McDonald’s Apparel And Bedding, Covered In Big MacsLeap Motion’s Hand-Tracking Technology Provides 3-D Input For 3-D Virtual WorldsLa La Anthony’s Power Playbook: Lessons On Success, From A Woman Who Wins At LifeThis Dew-Harvesting Greenhouse Waters Itself–And Then Makes Clean Drinking WaterBehance Cofounder Matias Corea On How He Built A Thriving Hub For CreativesRidiculous By Design: Where Design’s Craziest Inventor Gets His IdeasThe Bathroom Gets A Starchitect Makeover5 Lessons On Innovation From Modern-Day Explorers And AdventurersThis App Will Let You Wear The Apple Watch Right NowLexus Is Changing The Way It Sells Cars. Step One: Stop Ignoring WomenThe Health Profile Of Every County In America, MappedThis Zombie Video Game Actually Gets Lazy Desk Workers Off Their ButtsThe Lincolnaissance: What Matthew McConaughey Taught A Car Brand About Forging A New IdentityInside Google’s Insanely Popular Emotional-Intelligence CourseWhy Vocal Employees Are A Company’s Best PRWhy This Tech Company Is Training 1,000 Inner-City Women4 Ways To Tell If You’re Really Leading By ExampleHow Backsliding Might Actually Help You Keep Habit ChangesWhat’s Wrong With Management Training And How To Fix ItHow To Design A Workspace That’s Right For YouFast Company Is Hiring A News EditorThis Sweater Made Of Human Hair Is Totally GayNo GMOs Needed: Scientists Breed 30 Superbeans That Can Handle A Hotter World5 Surprising Insights About Steve Jobs’s Management StyleAmazon To The Feds: You Slowpokes Are Stifling InnovationOK Go Made A Typically Crazy Video For A Chinese Furniture CompanyThis Internet-Connected Weed Dispenser Gives You Just The Right Dose (So You Get Just High Enough)See How Disney’s Famous Logo Has Changed Through The YearsInside The Studio Of Legendary “New Yorker” Cartoonist Roz ChastObama’s Raid On Silicon Valley Tech Talent ContinuesThe World’s First Carbon-Negative Data Center Heats Up Swedish Homes In The WinterThis Tetris Game Teaches You Security Facts About New Euro NotesThe Other Shoe Drops: Facebook May Soon Host News Sites’ Content Inside FacebookWatch Your Back, Facebook: Twitter’s Testing Video Autoplay Too8 Album Covers Designed By Legendary Comedian Phil HartmanThe Latest Pollution-Busting Billboard Grows Chemical-Free Organic VegetablesFor Digital Art, Watermarks Aim To Bring More Aura—And A Hotter MarketWhat’s Next For Co.Labs?This Nanotech Bottle Instantly Purifies Dirty WaterThis UN Women Campaign Urges Middle Eastern Men to Give Mothers Their Names BackA Pop-Up Forest Is Coming To NYC’s Times SquareTaste Tests Are More Fun Stoned, As Demonstrated In This Dutch Coffee AdThis 17-Year-Old Has Discovered DNA Mutations That Could Combat HIV And MeningitisInstagram’s Latest App Makes Photo Collage BeautifulModest Mouse’s Weird New Web App Is Better Than Its Latest AlbumWhat Seamless Would Be Like If Only It Could Reduce Human Interaction Even FurtherTaco Bell Wants You To Defect From Behind The Iron Arches For BreakfastWhat Happens When Data-Viz Designers Become PenpalsThis Cute Little Robot Is Designed To Help You Form Any HabitThis Smart Walk Sign Knows If You Need Extra Time To Cross The StreetYour 2-Minute New Music Roundup, Featuring Sufjan Stevens, Death Cab For Cutie, And MoreThe Cost Of Bad Urban Design: $1 Trillion A YearThis Impossible Rocking Chair Wouldn’t Exist If Not For 3-D PrintingA Rare Interview With Graphic Design Legend Massimo VignelliMeet M.Gemi, The Shoe Startup For Carrie Bradshaws On A BudgetThe New Purse-Friendly Cosmetics Startup That’s Gunning For Big MakeupAn Implant Could One Day Fix Spinal Cords And Let People Walk Again (Rats Already Are)This New Feminist Beer Is Waging A Battle Against Sexism In Advertising“iZombie” Creator Rob Thomas On His New Twist On The Undead, And Crime-Solving BlondesMom, Chief Brand Officer, TV Villain: WWE’s Unbreakable Stephanie McMahonA Study In Building A Purpose-Driven BusinessCan You Teach Character?The Science Of Why We Fidget While We Work5 Ways Executives Can Make Work-Life Balance Better For Their EmployeesHiring Managers Share Their Biggest MistakesHow We Can See Past The Allure Of Charismatic LeadersEvery Day Is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off: The Enduring Magic Of John HughesWhat To Do When You’re Passed Over For A PromotionWill AI Destroy Or Delight Us?How Changing One Word In Job Descriptions Can Lead To More Diverse CandidatesFormer Hulu CEO Jason Kilar Unveils Vessel, Plans To Swipe Some Of YouTube’s Views“A Biscuit in the form of a Taco”: Taco Bell Messes With Breakfast . . . AgainThe Y Combinator ChroniclesSwiss Artist And Designer Hans Erni Dies At 106Work From Anywhere But Home: Startups Emerge To Turn You Into A Globetrotting Digital NomadCan Twitter Help Power Foursquare’s Future?These Mesmerizing Animations Tell The Story Of 30 Endangered SpeciesSquare Goes After Branded Payments With $CashtagsFTC Opens Tech Office To Protect Consumers In This Strange New Connected WorldIt’s Time for Google To Clean Up Chrome’s Web StoreFacebook’s Quest To Overtake Your Phone Aims Right For The DialerTo Really Benefit From The Sharing Economy, Cities Need More Help From Airbnb and UberA Breathtaking Close-Up Of The Most Active Volcano On EarthGo Behind The Scenes At The Cliché Academy, Where They Teach The Bad Guys Their Bad AimAn Explosive Teaser And New Podcast Offer Ominous Clues Ahead Of “Halo 5: Guardians”Instagram Introduces Layout, A Super-Simple Stand-Alone App For Photo CollagesIdeo Tried To Redesign Dying (And Instead Ended Up With Death Yurts)The Atavist Redesign Turns The Long-Form Portal Into A Magic Word ProcessorThis Fake Energy Drink Is Made With Radioactive WaterAdorable Puppies! Now That We Have Your Attention: Happy National Puppy Day!The Second Death Of Chinua Achebe: Why Facebook, Twitter, And Susan Rice Are In Re-MourningThese Glass Boots Let You Walk On Ice Without SlippingHelp Miracle-Gro Celebrate The Start Of Spring By Planting An Emoji GardenWhy Colorado Lawmakers Are Wearing IUD-Shaped Earrings9 Gorgeous Gas Stations Throughout HistoryThese Faux Shows Made Of Stock Footage Could Be Real ShowsTouch The People You Work With (Not In A Creepy Way)How Covering Reservoirs With A One-Molecule-Thick Film Could Alleviate DroughtsStarbucks’s Race Together: Why The Naysayers Have It All WrongWould You Want Your Bank To Mine Your Data And Offer You Deals?25 Ideas Shaping The Future Of DesignOwning A Racehorse Is Not Just An Expensive Hobby (Although, It’s Also That)Butchbaby Is “Alternity” Wear For Those Who Prefer Androgynous Pregnancy ClothesHow To Turn A Hit YouTube Series Into A Book The AsapSCIENCE WayInside Gap’s Plan To Get Back into Your DrawersWhen It Comes to Retail, the Pants Always Wear the Pants10 Things You Should Know About Gap’s New CEOThe Science Of Reading Your Coworkers’ PersonalitiesWelcome To Privacy Hell, Also Known As The Internet Of ThingsYour Definitive Guide To Beating The 7 Causes Of Sleep ProcrastinationHow To Override The Assumptions Your Colleagues Make About YouThe Real Reasons More People Are Working In RetirementThe Denim Empire: See The History Of Gap In 4 MinutesWhy Your Feeling Of Not Having Enough Time Is A LieInside The Challenges Of Transforming An eBay Side Hustle Into A Million-Dollar BusinessIf You Want To Live A Long Life, Get Some FriendsMeet S. Korea’s Awe-Inspiring Female Free Divers, Who Are Preserving A Centuries-Old TraditionThe U.S. Cities With The Biggest Gaps Between Rich And PoorThese 9 Pro Tips On Immaculate Composition Will Help You Win At InstagramWatch Monica Lewinsky’s Brave TED Talk In Full, As She Speaks Against A Culture Of Humiliation“Angry Birds” Maker Rovio’s Bold Plan To Slingshot Its Way To Future GrowthApple And USB: A History Of Adoption, Acceptance, AcquiescenceA Simple Way To Raise Your Cultural Awareness At WorkThis Was Steve Jobs’s Favorite iTunes FeatureOld People Saw White And Gold, And More Insights From A 23andMe Study Of #TheDressUN Women Says It Has No Plans To Collaborate With Uber On Job Creation (Updated)And The Winner of Office Throwdown Is….Apple TV Is Getting Its First Refresh In Three YearsA Sustainable ConceptDrafthouse Films Releases Its Newest Feature On BitTorrentWho Needs A Jungle Gym When You Have A Parent To Climb On?Tinder Gets Matched With A New CEOA Sweet Two-Sided Story From HomeAway Shows Why Your Dog Should Always Be Included In Family VacationsHappy Birthday, Mr. Rogers! Won’t You Join Us In Remembering Everyone’s Favorite Neighbor?Animated Aliens, Infrared Earl: The Week’s Best Music VideosHTC Gets A New CEO As It Shifts Focus To Connected DevicesThis Vending Machine Will Make You A Fresh Pizza From ScratchThis Is What Happened When Neil Young Tried To Make Peace With Steve JobsDisney CEO Bob Iger Knew Steve Jobs’s Cancer Was Back Before Pixar DealDalmatians Front The Most Adorable Skin-Cancer Prevention Ad EverMeet The Nike Air Max Zero, A Shoe 29 Years In The MakingYahoo Fills Your Empty Browser Tabs With Flickr’s Most Beautiful PhotographsWhy Steve Jobs’s Legendary Stanford Commencement Ceremony Almost Never HappenedWhen Steve Jobs Returned To Apple, Jony Ive Thought His Job Was ToastThe Future Of Video Games Is The Future Of AnimationThese USB Cables Link Together Without A Hub To Share One PortCan’t Afford A Car? Buy One With Your NeighborsFacebook Sued For Gender DiscriminationMoju Wants To Be A Smarter InstagramChess Board Prodigy (Wait, Maybe Not) And “Broad City” Fan Michelle MarkowitzSo, This Exists: CNN’s “Too Many Cooks” Election Promo Will Spoil Your DayWhy Designer Daniel Arsham Won’t Work For Anyone But HimselfPharrell Williams Launches 50 Shades Of Adidas Sneakers18 Amazing Images From NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope20 Rejected Designs By Zaha Hadid, Toyo Ito, And MoreTake The Fast Company News QuizRem Koolhaas: “There’s Been Very Little Rethinking Of What Cities Can Be”Free App Friday: Five Cool Android Live WallpapersDiscover The Hottest Bands From SXSW MusicMC5 Guitar Legend Wayne Kramer On How To Make Your Work MatterDelphi’s Autonomous Car Is Remarkably…UnremarkableBoxing Cats, Color For The Colorblind, And An NYC Gun Store: The Top 5 Ads Of The WeekHow James Corden Went From Show Tunes With Eddie Redmayne To A New, Snark-Free “Late Late Show”5 Job-Boosting Skills You Can Learn In A WeekendHow To Boost Employee Happiness Without Spending Any MoneyThe Inspiring Success Story Of A Group That’s Challenging Stereotypes Of Girls In Leadership13 Things You Think Your Startup Needs But It Really Doesn’t3 Things All Engaged Leaders Have In CommonHabit Hacks And Productivity Lies: The Most Popular Stories In Leadership This WeekHow To Fall In Love With MondaysCan We Give Up Procrastination In One Month?Oscar The Grouch Was Orange?! The History Of “Sesame Street” In 3 MinutesWhy You Bought Those Reese’s Pieces: A History of Product Placement in MoviesWatch Adman And Artist Graham Fink Draw Beautiful Sketches Using Only His Eyes