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Take A Look Into The Future Of Today’s Top Ad Creatives (It’s Not Pretty)“Mad Men” Welcomes You Back To The ’70s With a Typically Cryptic TeaserCan Ello Finally Explain Its Existence?This Smart Bike Pedal Alerts You If Your Bike Is Being Stolen, And Then Tracks Down The ThiefToday in Tabs: Hand-Drawn Tabs, More Modern, More Graciously SpacedScience Confirms That Being Unemployed Actually Changes Your PersonalityThe Worst Thing About Lenovo’s Adware Isn’t The AdwareAdorable Little Kids Portray Maya Angelou, Muhammad Ali, And More In Black History Month CampaignJon Stewart’s Post-Daily Show Career is Clear: Pro WrestlerApple’s Race To Hire Car-Industry Talent Hits A Speed BumpA MS Patient Builds A Yelp For People With DisabilitiesThis Site Quantifies Associations Between Words And ColorsGovernment Is “More Data-Driven Than Most Companies,” Says America’s First Chief Data Scientist“Canadian Sniper” Offers A Complex Moral Exploration Of The Question Of What To Do When Moose Invade A Tim HortonsThis Is How Apple Beats SpotifyDeception Has Been A Part Of Architecture Since Long Before Photoshop10 Things To Know About Hollywood’s Worst ArchitectBravo: Mark Zuckerberg’s Book Club Goes To Bat For VaccinationHonda Challenges The Limits Of Your Reading Speed In New CampaignThese Posters For 2015’s Oscar Nominees Are Made Entirely From Stock ImagesMansueto Ventures Is Looking For A Digital Revenue (Ad) ManagerPhotoshop Celebrates Its 25th Birthday By Showing Off Its Contribution To The Creative WorldNext Out Of Pandora’s Box: Letting The Artists Speak To You, LiterallyMcDonald’s Social Media Team Will Answer Literally Any Question Except OneHow Better Design Could Help People Avoid CyberattacksThe Quest For Social Justice Goes MobileThe Huge Web Security Loophole That Most People Don’t Know About, And How It’s Being FixedIFTTT’S New “Do” Apps Turn Your Smartphone Into A Do-Anything Remote ControlHow Slack Uses SlackThe Oscars’ Race Problem, VisualizedA Rare Peek Inside The Architecture Of Antarctic ExplorationA Simple Web App That Makes Designing Your Own Font A CinchHow Designers Recreated Alan Turing’s Top-Secret, Code-Cracking World In “The Imitation Game”How, and Why, Y Combinator Got Serious About DiversitySee Bold Alternate Helmet Designs For All 32 NFL TeamsInherent Vice Costume Designer Mark Bridges On Bringing Pynchon, And 1970 L.A. To LifeWhat Does A Union Look Like In The Gig Economy?Can This Startup Help Lead The Booming Coconut Water Industry To Sustainability?American Giant Guns For Gap By Doubling Down On The USAThese Beautiful Photos Show The Last Residents Of A Sinking IslandHow Japan’s Line App Became A Culture-Changing, Revenue-Generating Phenomenon51 Breakthrough Technologies To Defeat PovertyHow To Communicate Visually With Your TeamHow A Young Entrepreneur Balances High School, His Company, And A Social LifeNetflix, HBO, Others Reveal How Hollywood Can Innovate Its Way To A Happy EndingWTF? Welcome To The Wild, Weird World Of Trademarking The AlphabetThe Ultimate Oscars Drinking GameWhen Merging Businesses, How To Keep Your Best People From LeavingWhy You Bought Those Reese’s Pieces: A History of Product Placement In MoviesThe Woman Who Is Trying To Fix Tech’s Diversity Problem4 Ways Businesses Can Do More With Less Resources7 Surprising Ways To Boost Your MemoryIs It A Rut, Burnout, Or Worse? Decoding Work StressThe New York Times Magazine Redesigns With Web Readers In MindArt, Imagination, And Award Show History Dominate The Oscars Ad CampaignCadillac Embraces Daring, Failure In Cadillac-Free New AdThe Honest Company Weighs In On The Infant Formula Debate–By Making Its OwnToday in Tabs: Please Make It StopYour Workplace Bully Is Much More Harmful Than You Thought“Disturbing” Waste In Afghanistan: How The U.S. Trashed Troops’ Health And Squandered MillionsIf Something Stinks About Your Grouper, This Handheld Device Will Sniff It OutAirport Runways Turned Into Beautiful Abstract PrintsMore Trouble For Google: Antitrust Complaints Spread To RussiaPussy Riot Get Buried Alive In “I Can’t Breathe,” Dedicated To Eric GarnerThe Forgotten Artifacts Of Communist East GermanyHow You Really Sound When You Ask For A RaiseThe New Yorker’s 90-Year-Old Mascot Updated 9 Different WaysNew Dr. Seuss Book “What Pet Should I Get?” Sounds Like A BuzzFeed QuizThe Ugly Side Of Paris Emerges In Latest “10 Hours of Walking” VideoThis App Makes Sure You Don’t Accidentally End The Gender Pay GapThank God, Amazon’s New One-Hour Delivery In Manhattan Involves Zero DronesCan Art Help You Escape From Seasonal Affective Disorder?How Apple Became A Car CompanyNewcastle Fails Miserably, Comically, At Product Placement On History Channel’s “Vikings”Why Do Female Social Entrepreneurs Pay Themselves Less?HelloFlo Is Making A Musical For New MomsThis Is How You Sell Books In The Digital AgeYou Know That Treadmill Desk You Just Installed? That Might Have Been A Mistake6 Auto Design Visionaries Who Could Make Apple’s Titan Car A RealityWhat Ikea Furniture Would Look Like If It Were CardboardWhat If Tech Companies Owned Your City?How To Save A Hacked Power Grid? Machine LearningLondon Is Planning Some Stunning “Superhighways” For CyclistsLiving Near Walmart Is Why You’re FatMapping The Most Stressful Places In Life To Figure Out How Stress Is Killing UsHow Impulsiveness Can Boost Your CreativityWhy Building Something Useful For Others Is The Best Marketing There IsLearning To Pitch Yourself, Post-Prison“Florida Man” Looks Into The Burned-Out, Booze-Soaked Soul Of FloridaShooting The Oscars’ Most Centered Movie: The Precision Filmmaking Behind “Grand Budapest Hotel”How Drug Company Gilead Outpaces Its Competitors—And Common DiseasesSee The Weird Stuff The American Museum Of Natural History Doesn’t Put On DisplayAsk The Experts: Should I Disclose My Mental Illness In An Interview?The 3 Telling Personality Traits Startups Look For In EmployeesHow A Viral Video About Periods Launched This Startup’s Overnight SuccessThe 22-Hour Interview: Best Hiring Decision Ever Or Total Waste Of Time?How To Create A Leadership Development Program That Actually WorksWhat The Hottest Word Of The Year Means For Your BusinessThe Mind Game You Need To Lose To Defeat Negative ThinkingDoritos Pits Canadians Against Each Other In A Fight Over Ketchup ChipsSee 10 Years Of YouTube Compressed Into One Super-Viral VideoFinally, A Behind-The-Scenes Look At Jesus’s Stuntvertising SuccessCan Sony’s Face Computer Thrive Where Google Glass Failed?Microsoft Just Opened Up All Of Office To All Of The CloudYou’ll Pay $288 For Coffee–And You’ll Like ItToday in Tabs: Comma ChameleonJeb Bush, Your Personal Data, And The End Of PrivacyWatch The Mesmerizing, Meandering Flight Path Of Seagulls22 Things You Need To Know About Apple’s Jonathan IveIt’ll Be A Lot Harder To Cut Class With This Classroom Facial-Recognition AppListen To A Beck/Kanye Mashup From Arcade Fire’s Win ButlerWhy Facebook’s New Cybersecurity Site Is Trouble For ObamaYou Can Blame The New “Star Wars” Lightsaber On Jonathan IveBecome A Cartoon Character With These Optical Illusion BagsEvery Weird Thing Happening In This Music Video Was Shot Over The Course Of 5 SecondsThis Is How Much Plastic We Put Into The Ocean Every Year (It’s A Lot)Here’s Who Would Win At This Year’s Oscars If Twitter, Not The Academy, VotedGiving Your Kid This Chocolate Pen Is Probably A Terrible IdeaOh My Glob! Snag These Awesome Adventure Time-Inspired Doc MartensAi Weiwei Creates Phone Cases Printed With Lego Portraits Of Political PrisonersInfographic: Rihanna Is A Human SteroidThis Cheap Flat-Pack Modular Home Won’t Fall Over In A HurricaneStockholm’s Newest Parking Garage Is Only For BikesThe Quest To Build A Better Pig That’s Easier To Raise HumanelyZlatan Ibrahimovic Tattoos Names Of 50 Hungry People On His TorsoDelightful Posters Celebrate Cities Through Their Famous FacadesThese Amazing 3-D Printed Houses Are Made For Hermit CrabsHow Coca-Cola Used Clever Bottle Design To Outsell CompetitorsCould Graphic Design Help People Better Relate To Each Other?A Nation’s Storied Design Heritage, Reduced To A Single FontThe Flight Patterns Of Birds, VisualizedYour Employer’s Plans To Make You Healthier Don’t Work–Because Your Job Is Killing YouWhy Samsung Design StinksProcrastinating With The Creators Of “Broad City”Why Airbnb’s Innovation Guru Is Building An Expedia For Festivals10 Companies Every Entrepreneur Should KnowThe Gig Economy Won’t Last Because It’s Being Sued To DeathWarby Parker Sees the Future of RetailHow To Handle Emotions At Work In A Healthy, Productive WayHow To Trick Yourself Into Meeting Deadlines6 Ways Your Office Design Is Bumming Everyone Out6 Ways To Get Women Into Leadership Positions And Keep Them ThereThe Many Mistakes That Led To KIND Snacks’ SuccessHow The Larry Pages Of The World Get Their Big IdeasThe Freelancer’s Guide To The Complicated Mess Of Tax DeductionsOakley Goes Beyond The Pro Spotlight To Highlight Sports Obsession In New CampaignSometimes When You’re In Love, You’re NotLet Johnny Cash’s Love Letter To June Carter–Voted The Greatest Of All Time–Inspire You On Valentine’s DayHow The Apple Watch Will Work, As Explained By The People Making The AppsHere’s How Meditation Boosts Your Health Beyond The BrainThe Sophisticated Style Evolution of Converse’s Jack PurcellWant To Know What Love Is? 1980s Heroes And Villains Mashed-Up With Pop Music StarsGoogle, Facebook, and Yahoo Shun Obama Cybersecurity SummitGuillermo Del Toro Gets Gothic And Ghostly Again In The Star-Packed Preview Of “Crimson Peak”Join Our Month-Long Networking Challenge!Don’t You Forget About How Deep “The Breakfast Club” Really IsGoogle’s New Virtual Reality Toy Is Just A Gimmick, For NowThese Tables Can Be Assembled With Magnets, No Tools NeededThis Hypnotic App Lets You Explore A Half-Real, Half-Imagined ForestWill Companies Solve Climate Change Before Countries?From Drake To Hanson, Spotify’s New Tool Connects Incompatible Musical TastesToday in Tabs: You Have To Make StuffThe Recommender: Nikita Richardson, Who Went To Coachella By HerselfWatch A Heartwarming Story Of Fatherhood (and Insurance) That’s A Sadvertising MasterpieceMoody Drake, Animated Aliens: The 5 Best Music Videos Of The WeekHere’s David Carr Brilliantly Decoding The Future of MediaWhat I’ll Remember About David CarrExplore L.A. With These Charmingly Crude Hand-Drawn Maps“Dr. Phil” With All Of The Dialogue Edited Out Is A Million Times Better Than Regular “Dr. Phil”Kanye West’s Fashion Line Looks Like The Bleakest Parts Of The MatrixTaylor Swift Contains Multitudes In The Video For “Style”Infographic: See Marvel Superheroes’ Plotted Displays of AffectionUsing ToyTalk Technology, New Hello Barbie Will Have Real Conversations With KidsThese Little Balls Are A Cheaper, Safer Way To Suck Carbon From Power PlantsThe Sordid Sexual Secrets of Superheroes, MappedOne Day, We Could Treat Diabetes With Just A Probiotic PillSome Lonely Genius Created A Dating Site Just For Women Who Might Like To Go Out With HimPhoto Essay: How Prima Ballerinas Balance Dance And MotherhoodA New Wearable Zaps Your Brain To Help You Focus–Or RelaxHow About Let’s Not Re-Engineer The Planet, Or Maybe Let’s?Why All Typefaces Are Optical Illusions7 Romantic Hideaways For Valentine’s DayA Museum Where You Can Go To Drink BeerA Card Game Designed To Get Kids Off Their ButtsMIT Invents A Social Network You Can Wear5 Lessons In Creating Comedy For TV, From Writer-Director Jason WolinerWhy The Quiet Death Of Target’s Dud Streaming Service Is Bigger News Than You ThinkTake The Fast Company News QuizTarget Goes Live With Imagine Dragons, Left Shark’s Day Job Exposed: The Top 5 Ads Of The WeekFree App Friday: 5 Indispensable Tools for Your Small BusinessThese Passive-Aggressive Stickers Shame Drivers Who Park In Bike LanesBehind The Collaborative, Competitive Process Of Being A Head Writer For “Saturday Night Live”This Remote-Controllable, Rearrangeable House Uses Almost No EnergyThe Networking Challenge: From Introvert To Superconnector In A MonthWhy Putting On A Brave Face Is Killing Your ProductivityHow One Simple Change Can Make You A Better ListenerWhy Honesty Really Is The Best Policy, Even In BusinessPower Tweeters And Yogi Truckers: The Most Popular Stories In Leadership This WeekThe Fight Against Bias On College CampusesThe Attitude Shift That Guarantees Your Success3 Steps To Recognize A Poisonous Office EnvironmentDrake Just Dropped The Most Aptly Named Surprise Album In Music History