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Here Are 2014’s Biggest Hit Songs–All Mashed Up Into a Single 4-Minute EarwormComic Book Artist Phil Noto Drew A Stunning Poster For “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”Spike Lee’s Kickstarted Vampire Movie “Da Sweet Blood Of Jesus” Has A Trailer NowThe YWCA Uses “Family Guy” And Kanye To Hit Back At Violence Against WomenWatch Out, Seamless and GrubHub–Amazon Is Coming For YouRecord Label Tells James Blunt To Stop Tweeting Because He’s Too BluntNo Indictment In The Eric Garner Choke-Hold Death, Which Was Caught On VideoAmazon’s Secret Hotel StrategySony Set To Blame North Korea For Devastating HackScientists Create Invisible Ultrasound UIToday in Tabs: TMISpotify Releases Year In Review DataThe Phone For Disabled People Lets You Surf Facebook With Only Your FaceWhy Mobile Markets Aren’t Going To Solve The Problem Of Food DesertsThis Clever Device Turns Phones Into Sophisticated Eye Exam MachinesKevin Arnold’s “Wonder Years” Jacket Lands In The SmithsonianUpdating the James Bond Marketing PlaybookPayment Startup Stripe Raises Its Valuation To $3.5 Billion After New Funding RoundIs This The End Of CAPTCHA?This Video Counts Down–And Remixes–The 25 Best Films Of 2014BREAKING NEWS: MasterCard Launches Innovation Lab in Nairobi Unlocking the benefits of a cashless society with support from the Gates FoundationThis Memorial For Qatar’s World Cup Workers Grows As Tragedy MountsFruit Of The Loom Serves Up The Holiday Rules For Giving UnderwearSpicy Sriracha Beer: Now A ThingDesign Moves: Sullivan NYC Hires New Head Of Digital StrategySupreme Court To Hear Arguments In Pregnant-Worker CaseExpedia Sends Santa Around The World–In Coach!–To Benefit Sick KidsWatch Seth Rogen and James Franco Play a “Freaks And Geeks” Video Game And Then Play It YourselfIndulge Your 19th-Century Seafaring Dreams At This Stunning Swedish HotelWatch This Charity Expertly Spoof Southern Comfort With An Awesome Walk On The BeachJared Leto Is Your New JokerTom Brady Plays A Telemarketer In New Fantasy Sports SpotMeet Wire, A Communications App Backed By Skype Cofounder Janus FriisSee How Far We’ve Come: Witness The First-Ever Pizza Order Made Via Talking ComputerGap, Inc. Teams Up With $1 Billion Investment Fund To Transform Asian Garment Factory ConditionsIn The Wake Of GamerGate, Early Feminist Videogames Find New LifeWill The New Google Glass Look Like The Old Google Glass?Visualize All The Notes In Your Favorite Songs With PianogramHow to Track Your Employees’ Every Move Without Being So Creepy About ItThis Physicist Knows Which American Cities Are Going To Thrive–And Which Will FailWave To An Astronaut With This Stellar Visualization ToolA Pocket-Sized Drone That Flies On A Leash, So You Always Stay ConnectedCan 3-D Printed Homes Help Solve Homelessness?Biology Will Create The Next Wonders Of The WorldA Tour Of Europe’s Eerie Abandoned Border Crossings That The E.U. Made ObsoleteThis Alarm Clock App Donates To Charity Every Time You Hit SnoozeSpectacular Historic Infographics Now Available As PostersA Typographic Journey Through “Alien”How A Forgetful Mind Can Be A More Creative MindThis Is What Happens When Your Startup Is A Hit On Product HuntThese Wonderous Caverns Are Made From Packing TapeThe Countries Where It’s Best And Worst To Be A Woman7 Ways To Survive As A Night Owl In A World For Morning PeopleFrom Portable Printers To Cheap Standing Desks, The Best Office Products Of 2014Vertical Farms Will Be Big, But For Whom?A Legend (Sort Of) Demystified: 10 Insights From The New Doc “Remembering Kubrick”Rebranding NASA For A New Space AgeHow You Can Up Your Marketing Game In 2015Forget The Gift Cards, Try 12 Days Of Microphilanthropy InsteadAsk The Experts: Should I Tell My Boss I’m Going Through A Personal Crisis?How The Workforce Is Evolving And What Leaders Can Do To Keep Up7 Ways To Survive As A Night Owl In A World For Morning PeopleThe Science Of Personality In The Workplace5 Ways To Make New Employees Feel WelcomeHow To Navigate Friendships At WorkWhat To Say In That Awkward Goodbye Email When You Quit10 PlayStation OdditiesRobin Williams Talks Sex And Comedy In Newly Unearthed RecordingsAmazon’s Jeff Bezos Says He Isn’t Giving Up On The Fire PhoneThis Is What It Would Look Like If Apple Disrupted The Beatles’ Album CoversFCC Calls Out Netflix On Net Neutrality HypocrisyWatch A 13-Minute Nature Documentary Made Entirely By Exploring The Margins Of “Grand Theft Auto V”Haters Not Gonna Hate So Easily Anymore (At Least Not On Twitter)FBI Warns: U.S. Companies Vulnerable In The Wake Of Sony CyberattackThis German Traffic Light Lets You Play “Pong” While You Wait To Cross The StreetMuseums As Fortresses? Pshaw. This Museum Ushers The City Right InJapanese Mobile Company Docomo’s LTE Service Is Even Faster Than A Shrimp GunPrevent Bad Gifts With Harvey Nichols’s “Could I Be Any Clearer?” Christmas CardsYour Windowless Cubicle Is Doing Horrible Things For Your Sleep And Mental HealthThis LED Light Ushers The Sun IndoorsNYC Libraries Hope To Bridge The Digital Divide With Wi-Fi Rental ProgramYou Can’t Keep Up With The Non-Stop Movie References In This Animated Music VideoRopeless Elevator Can Move Up, Down, And SidewaysAre Selfies Fueling A Plastic Surgery Boom?Santa-tizer Is Here To Protect Your Kids From Jolly (And Filthy) Old Saint NickArcheologists Find The Largest Stone Block Ever Carved By Human HandsFacebook Science Has Another Problem: It’s Not Exactly ScienceFinally, Computer Scientists Come Up With A Way To Split Rent That Is Undeniably FairBanks Are Vying To Out-Nerd Each Other For Your AttentionNo More Excuses: Now You Can Donate To A Cause With A RetweetYou Can Find Margaret Cho Busking On San Francisco Street Corners, For The City’s HomelessEveryone Can’t Move To Florida: The 10 Best Cities To Live In As You Grow OldRIP, Clip ArtThe Open-Source Mission To Make End-to-End Encryption As Common As AirRobots Battle For The Title Of “Crappiest” In Japanese CompetitionStephen Hawking’s Communications Interface Gets Its First Overhaul In 20 YearsTake A Tour Of The World’s Best Hope To Survive After A Climate-Change ApocalypseWestjet Brings Its Christmas Miracle (And Santa) To A Dominican VillageA Holiday Remembrance Of Artist Andrew Bucci6 Imaginative Redesigns For The World’s Fastest-Growing And Most Unequal CitiesA Comic Sans For Hipsters3-D Printed Cookie Cutters Shaped Like Your Favorite TypefacesWhat Would Look Like With A Material Design RevampIn Defense Of The New “Star Wars” LightsaberUnder Antarctica, This Pioneering Drone Scans For Clues To A Climate MysteryWhat Every Young Designer Should Know, From Legendary Apple Designer Susan KareThe Softer–And More Wearable–Future Of WearablesYour Creative Calendar: 55 Things To Do, Watch, Hear, And Read This DecemberHow Your Daily Routine Is Ruining Your Creative ThinkingWhy Snapchat Is The Greatest New Storytelling ToolWhy Energy Management Matters More Than Time ManagementThe Woman Behind A Massively Influential Political MovementHow To Keep Innovating During UncertaintyCan Better Workplace Leadership Solve America’s Health Care Problems?What You Need To Create Stellar Teams Within Your CompanyWhich Works Better: Unlimited Vacation Or Mandatory Time Off?Two Vital Steps For Fixing Your Employee Engagement Problem10 Self-Sabotaging Behaviors That May Be Holding Your Career BackWhich Works Better: Unlimited Vacation Or Mandatory Time Off?Keeping Down With The Joneses: How You’re Being Manipulated To Save The EnvironmentWhy Determination Matters More Than Smarts In Getting Ahead20 Years Later: A Way To Generate Your Own “Magic Eye” ArtFormer Google+ designer: “What the f**k is it for, anyway?”Today in Tabs: Space MadnessResearchers Develop A Breathalyzer For PotUNESCO Recognizes The Awesome Design Of 5 New CitiesBest Ever Marketing Mea Culpa? Arby’s Apologizes To Pepsi With An Ad All About PepsiPresident Obama Wants To Put Body Cameras On 50,000 Police OfficersShould Cities Create Affordable Park Programs?Take Two Apps And Call Me In The MorningYour Food Is Going To Be Grown By Robots, As They Take Over The FarmDon’t Worry If You Can’t Decide, This New Pizza Hut Menu Can Read Your MindA New Milk Can For The Developing World, Funded By Bill GatesWhy The Supreme Court Is Ruling On FacebookThe Trailer For “Star Wars VII” Gets The George Lucas “Special Edition” Treatment And It’s SpecialThings Get Magically Awkward In David Bowie’s and Bing Crosby’s Musicless Music VideoAll The Wonder Of Space And Human Exploration, Packed Into A Gorgeous 4-Minute Film“Our Lives Are Our Biggest Projects”: Creating Your Own Original LifeThis Adorable Footage of People Saving Ducklings Is Really A Hard-Nosed Political AdDeer Invade An English Town In This New Canon Ad Directed By Jonathan GlazerWatch Airbnb’s Delightfully Handmade, One-Shot AdAfter Last Week’s Hack, Unreleased Sony PIctures Films Leak To Torrent SitesMake Crappy Old Books Look Like Works Of Art With These Rotating ShelvesA Drone’s-Eye View Of Ghostly Ruins In Chernobyl“Our Lives Are Our Biggest Projects”: Creating Your Own Original LifeRecession-proof Fashion? Look for the “Made in Alabama” Label.Every Music Video Should Be Made With 10 Quarts Of Gasoline And 400 Burning PhotographsHow A Small Bar Created The Most Perfect, Parisian, Street Marketing CampaignThis Tool Tells You When Governments Have Infected Your ComputerThe Bay Area’s Insane Rents, MappedThe Cost of Christmas Creeps Up To $27,673.21, As the Popularity Of “The 12 Days Of Christmas” PlummetsWhat It’s Like To Live With HIV In Brazil, The World’s Greatest HIV/AIDS Success StoryTMI Is The Future Of BrandingIn Melbourne, A New Floating Pool Will Let Workers Go Surfing On Their Lunch BreaksInteractive Periodic Table Reveals How Much Of Each Element Exists In Your BodyThe Racial Profile Of Every Neighborhood In America, MappedTake A Tour Of The World’s Tiniest, Self-Proclaimed CountriesNow You Can Buy Your Thin Mints Online, As The Girl Scouts Undertake A Tech OverhaulCrazy Project Will Let You Hijack A Human And See The World Through His EyesThe Best Kitchen Gear Of 20145 Open Source Home Automation Projects We LoveHow Emoji Is Changing Text As We Know ItAndroid Drone Apps Race Against The FAAHoliday Greetings Etiquette, DecodedExtreme Shooting: Capturing The Harsh, Hallucinatory Beauty Of AntarcticaA Solution To Millennials’ High Turnover RateWhy We Need To Stop “Disrupting”3 Ways To Get Along With That Irritating CoworkerThe Connection Between Fear And Career RegretWhy Job Hopping Is Losing Its Negative Stigma3 Simple Ways To Help Employees Advocate For Your CompanyCan Social X Do For Brands What Facebook Can’t?10 Reasons Bosses Should Attend The Company Holiday Party8 Surprising Tips On Getting More Retweets Backed By ScienceAd Legend John Hegarty Launches Tech IncubatorThe Millennium Falcon Flies Again In The First Trailer For “Star Wars VII”Lost in Translation: What Surprises International Startups About Silicon ValleyThe Queen of The Awkward Pause: Q&A With Anna SaleThe Co.Design Guide To Black Friday 2014Productivity Secrets, Origin Stories, And Science-Backed Burnout Remedies: The Top Leadership Stories For November7 Of The World’s Most Difficult Conversations In Recent HistoryInternet Dads: On Having “The Talk” In The Digital AgeI Hated Keeping A Gratitude Journal–Here’s What Worked InsteadA Huge Store With Nothing For Sale, A “Girls Only” Mall, And The Future Of Physical RetailingThe Most Difficult Conversations You Have Ever Had At Work