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This New Interactive Book By Best-Selling Author William Boyd Is Also A Land Rover AdWatch The WWI Christmas Truce Recreated For An Epic Tearjerker Of An AdSee The Most Beautiful Data Visualizations Of 2014The Art Bot That Bought 10 Pills of EcstasyRelive Today’s Comet Landing With This Awesome SimulationSpider-Man’s 1970’s Strategy Of Distracting His Enemies With Hostess Fruit Pies Is Not So Effective In 2014Rescuers Break Glass Of 1 WTC To Save Trapped Window WashersFacebook Wants You To Post A Facebook Ad On Your TimelineThe Massive Creative Collaboration Behind Ubisoft’s “Assassin’s Creed: Unity”The Psychedelic Lifeguard Stands Of South Beach Are Even Better At NightThis Video Was Made With 3,454 Oil Paintings And It Will Make You Fall In Love With New YorkSeeking The Secrets Of A Super-Long Life, Scientists Sequence The Genes Of The Oldest AmericansInternet Advertiser Nightmare: DoubleClick Outage Briefly Removed Ads From WebsitesIt’s Official: YouTube Is Spotify’s Newest CompetitorSquare Will Ship Secure Chip Card Readers In 2015Amazon Beefs Up R&D In The U.K.Samsung Might’ve Just Made The Best/Worst Rap In Corporate HR HistoryDramatic Increase In Drone Sightings Raises ConcernsThe Year’s Best Portrait PhotographyCongress Sure Loves Taking UberHow To Design A Game With A Social Message (That’s Also Fun)Introducing The Robo-Valet, So You Don’t Drive In Circles Looking For A SpotHow Youth Community Groups Change Kids’ Lives, VisualizedSee Spider Bond, Homerine, and More Pop Culture Mashups–Lego-izedFor Men With Messy “Downstairs Apartments,” Schick Has A Song And A SolutionVerizon Is Giving Away Free Wi-Fi, Movies, Magazines, And More On November 26This Band’s Instruments Are Made From Old ElectronicsYale Grad Student Argues iPhones Are Causing Kids’ InjuriesStarbucks Gave Its Design Team Carte Blanche To Reimagine The Green DotMicrosoft Gets Around To Patching “19-Year-Old” BugModern Gourd Baskets Elevate An Ancient ArtTidy Cats Gives Stressed Out People Some Serious Kitten TherapyWhy Rebecca Minkoff And eBay Are Betting On Smart Dressing RoomsFCC Chairman: Obama’s Approach To Net Neutrality Is Too SimplisticThe World’s First Solar Bike Path Keeps Bikers Safe, Powers Surrounding NeighborhoodsHow To Use Japanese Emoticons: A Play In 3 PartsLazy Americans Think Tweeting About A Cause Counts As AdvocacyMillennials Are Flocking To Miami, Where They Might All Drown SoonThis Company Wants To Build The World’s Largest Solar Installation–In The SaharaNew Video Proves That Even Princess Leia Gets Harassed When She Walks Down The Street In New York CityHundreds Of Previously Unpublished Photos From Picasso’s Personal Life ReleasedScience Confirms It: Your Crappy Boss Is Making You Unhappy9 GIFs That Explain Responsive Design BrilliantlyBrowser-Based Deep Learning Will Make Your Tabs Way SmarterRestart Game? Text Adventures Make A ComebackA Heated Pool, With 5-Foot-Tall Waves, Proposed For Melbourne’s HarborThis Nonprofit Is Helping Low-Income Students Forge A Path To CollegeLathered Up: What Internet-Fueled Shaving Startups Are Really SellingNas, The Investor: The Rap Mogul Talks About the Importance Of Supporting Diverse StartupsWhat Happens When A Photographer Secretly Takes Over A Town’s Surveillance CameraHere’s What Disney Princesses Would Look Like With Normal WaistlinesIn Defense Of Banner AdsThe One Question To Ask To Become A World-Class ListenerThese Chem-Lab Creations Are The Future Of FoodPeers Says Its New Focus Is Helping Sharing Economy WorkersLessons In Combining Art And Science (And Taking Amazing Photos) From Rockstar Astronaut Chris HadfieldA Jingle Truck Artist Brings The Mobile Art Of Pakistan To AmericaHow To Make A Difference With Your Work7-Stage Guide To Successfully Pooping At WorkHow To Make Different Kinds Of Creativity Work For YouA Different Way To Work Less17 Tools For Remote Workers3 Steps For Harnessing Failure The Right Way5 Tips To Charm Your Way To The TopHow To Thrive Under PressureWhat Happens To Your Brain When You’re Having A Brilliant IdeaToday in Tabs: I Love the Smell of These TabsApple Facing Lawsuit Over Android iMessage SnafuName That Tune: 300+ Girl Talk Samples Visualized In Real TimeIncreased Shares: Lyft’s Rides And Revenue Grew Five-Fold In 2014This Coffeemaker Is Super SmartThese “Parasitic” Robots Are Designed To Suck Pollution From City AirHelp Aid Groups Map The Places That Mapmakers Left BehindJennifer Lawrence, “Scorned” By Internet, Swears Off Social Media ForeverGitHub Reaches For The CloudSee PETA’s “Banned” Crotch-Scratching Ad, Feel Bad About Wearing WoolReport: Munchery Illegally Stored Food In Refrigerated Trucks (Updated)Looking To Go Beyond Greek Yogurt, Chobani Announces A Food IncubatorPatagonia Invests In Yerdle Through Its Internal Venture FundThis iPhone Game Is The Angry Birds Of Interstellar SuicideIngenious Giftwrap Transforms Into A Tote BagEminem’s Tongue-Twisty, Furious Freestyle Sounds Like Bill Cosby When Slowed DownTaylor Swift Teams With Amex To Turn “Blank Space” Into A Mobile Game“Bitcoin Billionaire” Reveals How Addictive A Single Click Can BeSpotify’s CEO Said Taylor Swift Would Have Made $6 Million Had She Not Pulled Her MusicThis Robot Can Make You Feel A Ghost-Like PresenceA Haunting Visualization Of L.A.’s Unclaimed DeadAre You the Most Bored Person on the Planet? Play This Totally Boring Game By Delta and Find OutPinterest Says Number Of Male Users Has Doubled In Past YearNissan’s Project Titan Sends War Vets And A Crowdsourced Super Truck To AlaskaOne Way Apple Pay Could Become The Biggest Mobile Wallet In The World? AlibabaThe World’s Biggest Companies Are Worried About Running Out Of WaterBecome Part Of A Giant Sensing Network With This Handheld Air-Quality MonitorThis Bizarre Fruit-Covered Massive Farmers’ Market Is Nothing Like Where You Buy ProduceA Soccer Ball That Can Provide Power To Underdeveloped VillagesA Powerful Look At Veterans’ Tattoos–And The Stories Behind ThemThe Medieval Bible Gets A Satirical 21st-Century UpdateA Toothbrush Designed To Last A LifetimeTwo Fashion Brands Join Forces To Tell A Dual-Sided Love StoryA soccer ball that can provide power to underdeveloped villages.5 Ways The Amazon Echo Could Become An Essential Part Of Your Life10 Ways The World Will Get Worse In 2015The Epic Tale Of An Anonymous Browser That Gamed Google AdsYou’re Passionate About Your Job. Should Your Kids Be, Too?Lessons From “High Maintenance” On How To Build A Cult Following5 Hack-Spawned Products–And New Research–Show What Millennials Want From BankingEvolution Meets Photoshop In These 19 Terrifyingly Adorable New Animal Species“Just Being Who We Are Is Extremely Risky”: An Honest Discussion On Race In Silicon ValleyTristan Walker: The Visible ManHow Collaboration Helps Women-Owned Businesses SucceedWhy Confidence Matters More Than Reputation For BusinessesWhat You Should Write Instead Of Another Cover Letter4 Lean Strategies You Can Use To Innovate Your Life7 Tips For Job Seekers That Hiring Managers Secretly Want You To KnowShould New Employees Choose Their Managers?Why You Don’t Need To Know How To Code To Start A Tech CompanyWhy Working Part-Time Isn’t The Best Answer For ParentsAsk The Experts: Should I Accept My Coworker’s Facebook Friend Request?How Twitter, Facebook, Google, And Other Silicon Valley Giants Can Fix Their Diversity ProblemThis Drunk-Driving PSA Is The Least Danceable Use Of Kool & The Gang EverGoogle Will Lease And Restore NASA’s Moffett FieldNew Cyber Bug Attacks iOS, Leaves iPhone And iPad Users VulnerableToday in Tabs: Too Many TabsHint Water Signs Deal To Bring It To Schools And HospitalsInstagram Update Will Let You Edit Those Embarrassing TyposMulberry Turns Christmas Morning Into A Cutthroat CompetitionSuper Convenient Laundry Detergent Pods Are Super Easy For Toddlers To EatChinese Hackers Reportedly Compromised Up To 800,000 USPS Workers’ DataMapQuest Wants To Help Stranded Drivers With On-Demand Towing Service500 Million People Now Use Facebook’s Messenger App Each MonthWatch Rockstar Games’ New Trailer For Grand Theft Auto VGM Ordered Replacement Ignition Switches Two Months Before RecallA Tiny Robot Will Float In Your Blood To Bring You Drugs3-D Printed Plastic Could Replace Not-Very-Good Corrugated Iron Roofs In The Developing WorldThe $11 Million Plan To Autocomplete Your CodeGoogle’s New Campaign To Battle Ebola Will Match Donations 2 to 1How The Close Button Was BornTaylor Swift Trades Heartache For Bloody Revenge In The video For “Blank Space”Can A New Web App Help Solve The “What Movie Should We Watch” Conundrum?Super Mario 64: Chaos Edition Is Your Brain On Digital DrugsUnilever is Suing Silicon Valley’s Favorite Eggless Mayo Over Whether It Can Call Itself MayoThe “Broad City” Season 2 Trailer Promises Profanity, Pixelated Nudity, and White Power SuitsCan Newtown Design A Safer Sandy Hook School That Doesn’t Feel Like A Fortress?EFF Asks Supreme Court To Rule On API CopyrightsPresident Obama: The FCC Should Classify The Internet As A UtilityHere’s What Your Brain Looks Like On Magic MushroomsThe Latest XPrize Winner Can Run Hundreds Of Lab Tests With A Single Drop Of BloodInfographic: This Spoiler-Filled Timeline Explains Exactly What Happened In “Interstellar”Electronic Ballet Shoes Paint Dance Like A Calligraphy BrushTech Executives In Asia Were Snooped On Via Hotel Wi-FiIkea’s Quest To Design The Perfect All-Purpose ChairNow You Can Donate Your Leftover Subway Fare To Charity, With A Simple SwipeMapping New York’s Vacant Lots, To Use Them To Create A More Vibrant CityApple Just Made It Way Easier To Switch From iPhone To Android10 Movie Posters Imagine The Sequels Hollywood Never MadeYves Béhar Gives Genome Testing A MakeoverProduct Bootcamp Week Six: Worth It?Satya Nadella’s Microsoft Wants To Make Productivity Sexy, Inspiring, And FuturisticFor Pumping And Nursing Mothers, A Room Of Their OwnThis Punching Bag Computer Requires A Full-Body Workout If You Want To Type A WordWhy Facebook Is Making It Easier To Log On With Tor–And Other Companies Should, TooMoving Shelves Enable “Infinite Homes” Within A Tiny StudioTumblr Captures Human Errors In Digitized Google BooksThe Internet Archive As Massive Art ProjectCan This Conference Teach Brands How To Be Funny?Quixey’s Deep Mobile Search Will Change The Way You Use Your PhoneStunning Photos Of The Earth From Space, From The Internet’s Favorite AstronautTake Note, Facebook: How Colleges Are Training Designers To Treat Users Like More Than Lab RatsWhat An In-House Career Coach Can Do For Your CompanyA Serial Ad Kills: Behind The Strange Podcast Phenomenon Of MailkimpCapturing The Wit And Wisdom Of Stephen Hawking In “The Theory Of Everything”How Lisa Kudrow And Michael Patrick King Made Reality Even More Real With “The Comeback”The Positive Results Of Being NegativeAre You Making These Networking Mistakes On Twitter?The Secrets To Hiring The Best People Hidden In Sports AnalyticsHow A Former Diet Coke Addict Made A Big Splash Selling Healthy Water10 Tips For Bootstrapping Your StartupThe Definitive Case For Being A More Compassionate BossA Not-So-Modest Plan To Save Bookstores From The Grim Reaper That Is AmazonHow To Create A Workspace Employees LoveWhat Happened When We Created Daily Lists Of Our SuccessesHow Google Harnesses The Entire Company To Stay InnovativeQuote Of The Week: What Would You Do If Today Were Your Last Day?4 Habits Of Good ListenersSee Posters For “Blade Runner 2054” And Other Movie Sequels That Never WereGoogle Scrapped Mystery Barges Because Of Fire-Safety ConcernsGifts on the GoFacebook Hands Over More Control Of The News Feed To UsersDisney Boss: No Plans for A La Carte Cable ChannelsToday in Tabs: I Can’t Make You Tab MeForget That Other Amazon Echo Video. Watch This One InsteadThe Economist Trades In Henry Kissinger For Google’s Eric SchmidtJordan’s Ancient Wonders Look Even Better Tiny [Video]Let The “Girls” Season 4 Trailer Wash Away The Latest Lena Dunham ControversyInside The Strange And Disturbing Listings On Alibaba.comThis Wearable Gadget Turns Your Footsteps Into Battery Life For Your PhoneTechnicolor Type Calendar Turns Every Month Into A KaleidoscopeNew Initiative Aims To Help Novice Coders Find JobsThe FBI Defends Its Practice Of Impersonating ReportersApple Stops Selling Fitbits In Stores And OnlineThis Solar-Powered Electric Bike May Be Even Greener Than A Regular BicycleThis Is How An Insane 11-Minute Sitcom Credits Sequence Came To Air At 4 a.m., Unexplained, Like a MiracleTaylor Swift Finally Says Why She Pulled Her Music From SpotifyJerry Seinfeld Says He May Be On The Autism SpectrumA Plan To End The Cycle Of Native American Poverty With A New Kind Of CommunityMarvel Subpoenas Google To Find “Avengers 2” LeakerWhat Does Your Voice Look Like As A Signature?Totino’s Gave Tim & Eric Creative Control To Make This Ad And It ShowsData Viz Shows Just How Few Congress Reps Are Like YouFacebook Videos Are Killing YouTube In One Key MetricMake TV And Movie Characters Say Anything You Want With This Video AppThink It’s Hard to Remember Your Passwords? At Least You Know Your ABCsPhotos Bring Creepy Renaissance Paintings To LifeThe Most Polite App EverSpring Wants To Reinvent The Shopping Mall For Your PhoneYou Can Always Find The End Of This Ingeniously Designed Tape RollA Device That Could End Your Fear Of NeedlesNot Having Enough Data Is Why You’re FatThese Jeans Come In 400 SizesWhy Dwell Magazine Is Jumping Into The Real Estate BusinessAn Algae Farm Designed To Suck Up Highway PollutionThis New Plane Has Panoramic Views–But No WindowsThese Beautiful Recipes All Have One Common Ingredient: PotThe Neuroscience Of “Harry Potter”Can Data Make You Better At Text Messaging?4 Whimsical Designs That Make City Life Just A Little Bit More BearableThe Thought-Provoking Science Behind “Interstellar”John Lewis’s Touching Penguin Tale, And Lowe’s DIY Vines: The Top 5 Ads Of The WeekCreate Like Nobody’s Watching: How An Obscure Marvel Comic Became Disney’s Next Big Hero (6)Why Falling Down Stairs In Your Underwear Is Solid Prep For Being A Female DirectorThe Monster Supercomputing Achievement That Lights Up Disney’s “Big Hero 6”Electronic Arts’ CEO On Transforming The “Worst Company In The U.S.”4 Steps That Will Take You From Apathetic To Favorite BossThe 10 Most Innovative Mustaches In Business and TechHow Being A Parent Made Me More Productive (A Decade Later)What You Should And Shouldn’t Be Measuring To Determine Success10 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Coworking SpaceAnnoying Social Media Habits, Brain Science, And Surprising Productivity Advice: This Week’s Most Popular Stories In LeadershipA Road-Tested Six-Step Plan For Returning To Work After Having A Baby From A Startup’s CEOWill 20 Minutes Of Exercise Make Us Happier And More Productive?How I Stayed Friends With My Cofounders, And You Can, TooWith Android Lollipop, Mobile Multitasking Takes A Great Leap ForwardAereo Will Shut Down Its Boston Office Next WeekCBS Launches Streaming News NetworkThe Trailer For “The Gambler” Is A Full House Of Good Actors Doing Bad ThingsFeds Charge Man For Creating Silk Road CopycatToday in Tabs Episode VII: The Tab AwakensWhat #AlexFromTarget Can Teach Everyone About The InternetWant To Get Elected? Hit The Gym, Study SaysFacebook Looks To Users To Help Fight EbolaLook Closely At These Oh-So-Subtle Animated Posters For “Into The Woods”Swipe Right For Sex Trafficking Awareness In This Tinder CampaignWhat Vimeo’s First Step Into Original Content Looks LikeIn Just 26 Seconds, “South Park” Nails The Hypocrisy Of Alcohol AdvertisingApple Shows Off A Flatter Mac StoreLet’s All Take In The Title Of The New “Star Wars” Together!Zynga Founder Mark Pincus Launches A Startup FactoryAmazon’s Weird New Robot Speaker, DadsplainedStudy: Shift Work Might Be Making You DumbThe Smart Technology Hidden Inside’s Hilariously Dumb New SmartwatchHere’s The Pee Font You Never Knew You WantedA New Way To Report Gender-Based Harassment On TwitterAn App Trying To Save Your Office From Dying Of BoredomWWII Bomber Vets Tell Their Stories To Raise Money For A MemorialNo, Silicon Valley Did Not Just Recreate The Star Trek CommunicatorAn Air Conditioner That Saves Energy By Separating Out The HumidityFacebook Is Tracking Africa’s Users To Warn Them Of EbolaWrap Yourself In L.A. Landmarks With These Handmade QuiltsCheap, Inflatable Baby Incubator Wins James Dyson AwardA New Malware Bug Infects IPhones Through A USB ConnectionHow Impact Investing Can Fund Environmental ProtectionInside The Fabulous Lives Of The Internet’s EliteTrying To Organize Your Polyamorous Lifestyle? There’s An App For ThatKeeping Birds Away From Runways, Oil Rigs, And Agriculture With Laser BeamsScribd Takes On Amazon’s Audible With All-You-Can-Listen AudiobooksThis “Tree” Is Actually A Solar Sculpture That Will Charge Your PhoneWith New Freemium Versions for iPhone and Android, Microsoft Office Really Is EverywhereSpying Software Spots Phone Theft In 2 Minutes, No Password NeededWhat The Guardian Gained By Redesigning Its Website In The OpenThese Powerful LED Bike Lights Make Cyclists As Bright As CarsThe Complexity Of Famous Writers’ Prose, VisualizedHow You Shop Online Changes The Prices You SeeLytro Looks At A Future Beyond PhotographyIt Begins: The Tearjerking John Lewis Christmas Ad Is Here And It’s Got PengwingsThis Is An Adorable Robot Disguised As A Baby PenguinSee Brooklyn In A New Light With These Photos Of All Of Its Dead End StreetsEx-Googler Builds A Github For DesignersOne Way To Get More Millennials To Vote? Free BeerThe Perfect Apartment For Breaking Up4 Things You Need to Accelerate America’s Organic Food SupplyHow The Cartoon Network Grew UpSee Concept Art For “Aging Bull,” “Obocop,” And Other Remove-A-Letter Movies From RedditSee The Secret Sidekicks Behind History’s Biggest Ideas–IllustratedBecause You’re Worth It: See The History Of L’Oréal In Under 3 Minutes3 Ways To Be Happier At WorkHow Showing Vulnerability Makes You A Better LeaderHow To Get A Meeting With Anyone7 Time Management Lessons From People Who Write A Novel In A Month3 Ways To Improve Your Personal JudgementHow To Prepare Your Business For GrowthHow To Get Employees To Plug In To Your Meeting And Not Their Devices5 Common Mistakes I Wish I Knew About Before I Became An EntrepreneurFollow The 80/20 Rule To Not Be An Annoying Networker