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Because You’re Worth it, See The History Of L’Oreal In Under 3 MinutesThe American Way Of Ecommerce (And The British Way, The Brazilian Way…)Here’s a Field Guide To The Unbearable Personality Types In Every MeetingGoogle Maps Redesign Includes Easy Restaurant Reservation And Improved Uber OptionsNeed Inspiration? Don’t Think Too Far Outside The Box, Study SaysListen To A 33-Minute Sound Collage Made By A 21-Year-Old Kurt Cobain In 1988Today in Tabs: The Seventh Stage of Grief is TabsTinder Plans To Monetize Its Dating App By Offering An Undo ButtonMacau’s Meta-Mathematical Stamps Will Hurt Your Brain, In A Good WayMore Than 500,000 Minimum Wage Workers Will See Bigger Paycheck–Thanks To American VotersThis Supercut Of Fake Ads From Movies Is Better Than Some Of The Movies InvolvedIf You Ever Wanted To Get Into Alan Thicke’s Bed, This Habitat For Humanity Auction Is For YouPreliminary Orbital Sciences Investigation Points To Faulty Soviet-Era EngineThis Headset Dims Your Computer Screen When You Lose Focus at WorkSee “The Life Aquatic” As An 8-Bit Video GameThe Gun Safety Movement’s New Strategy Has Its First Success With VotersThis Simple Machine/Art Installation Turns Coke Into Clean Drinking WaterAwful Or Awesome?: Facial Recognition Is Now Available To Any App For FreeCheck Out Photos Of The Pantone Hotel. It Is ColorfulWhy Newscasters Wear Purple On Election DayThe Newest Alternative To Antibiotics Is Sticky, Gross, And Already Inside YouThe Best Visualizations Of Yesterday’s ElectionsApple Pay Might Be Saving Google WalletThese Brothers Built A New Berlin Wall Out Of 8,000 Balloons For The Fall’s 25th AnniversaryFacebook Data Requests From Law Enforcement Are IncreasingTarget Partners With Story For World’s Twee-est Holiday ShopThese Are The Rides From That Wes Anderson Theme Park That’s Definitely HappeningWay Too Many People Without Cars Still Drive To WorkThis Gadget Reveals Exactly Where Veins Are, So Nurses Don’t Stab You BlindlyThe Problem With Sentiment AnalysisOn L.A.’s New E-Highway, Trucks Will Hook Up For A Silent, Zero-Emission DriveTo Survive An Earthquake, This House Slides Instead Of ShakingWill The Next Great American Novel Be Generated By Code?From Bar Fights To Wars, Climate Change Will Make Us More ViolentWhy This Philanthropist Is Building Polar Bear CamsEntitlement Might Make You More Creative (But You Probably Knew That Already)These Marc Jacobs Headphones Can Be Thrown In The Wash Like A T-ShirtStefan Sagmeister Reveals Vienna’s Design Secrets5 Smart Home Security Ideas That Should Join Forces And Become VoltronThis Email Will Self-Destruct In Five SecondsThe New Pornographers: GoPro Gets SexyMeet The LGBTQI Community’s Biggest ChampionThe Break-Off EffectWhy CVS Needs Apple Pay (It’s The UI, Stupid)Why You Need A To-Do List For OthersJustine Bateman On Pulling Off A Major Midlife Career PivotSmartNews, The Minimalist News App That’s A Hit In Japan, Sets Its Sights On The U.S.A City Map Built From More Than 500 Video GamesFrom Goons To Geeks: Is The NHL Losing Its Tough-Guy Identity?The Geniuses Behind All Those San Francisco Startups? They’re Not Who You Think They Are10 People Share The Mistakes That Cost Them A Job OfferWho Really Brings Their Parents To Work?How To Implement Social Good In Your OrganizationSimple Acts That Build Your Leadership PresenceThis Is Why People Are Leaving Your Company7 Steps To Disarming A Miserable Monday3 Ways You Can Rise Above The Noise In A Crowded Market5 Strategies For Delivering Bad NewsAsk The Experts: Should I Disclose My Invisible Illness Before I Get Hired?Two New Jawbone Up Fitness Bands: One’s Cheaper, One’s Sleeker And SmarterThis Infographic Previews The Superhero Movies To Come In 2020-2025These Beautiful Art Works Were Made By Homeless Breaks Indiegogo Fundraising Record As It Reaches Halfway PointUnicode Is Finally Proposing More Diverse EmojiHugh Jackman, Die Antwoord, A Gentle Robot Star In The Trailer For “District 9” Director’s New Film, “Chappie”The Garden Of Emoji Delights: A Hellishly Modern Remix Of Bosch’s MasterpieceWhat Do Recent Disasters Mean For The Future Of Space Exploration?Oculus CEO Says Consumer Virtual Reality Headset Only “Months” AwayBudweiser Is Releasing Olde Timey Shipping Crates And Vintage Labels For ChristmasRetailers’ Exclusivity Deal With CurrentC Set To Expire In MonthsSlake Your Undying “Game of Thrones” Thirst With HBO’s Newest Brew, Three-Eyed RavenA Time Machine For SmellsWhy Intel Just Dropped Cash On A $10 Million Bet On DronesNow That Everyone’s Living Longer, Scientists Are Studying How Seniors Get DrunkThe Most Apocalyptic Parts Of The UN’s Latest Big Climate Change ReportRomeo Beckham, Son Of David, Dances Into Burberry’s Holiday AdAmazon Prime Members Can Store Unlimited Photos In The CloudCelebrity-Designed Paddington Bears Stalk The Streets of LondonA Diverse Emoji Palette Could Be On The Way! Here’s How It Might Work3-D-Printed Lampshades Project Mesmerizing Patterns Using Ancient Cartography MethodsLetterpress Printers Are Running Out Of @ Symbols And HashtagsThis Interactive Map Shows The Best-Selling NFL Jerseys Among Female FansYou’ll Soon Be Able To Edit Microsoft Office Files In DropboxWhat’s More Dangerous In A Kroger Supermarket–A Poodle Or A Gun?Domino’s Lets Customers Design Its Pizza, So We DidLowe’s New Vines Offer Up Actually Helpful DIY Tips In Six SecondsCompanies That Care About Climate Change Make More MoneyApple Secretly Opened A Software Office In SeattleA Concept Bathroom Towel Cleaner That Kills Bacteria In SecondsHow Public Transportation In The U.S. Discriminates Against MinoritiesThe Democratic Party Has Become A Software PlatformPlease Deface This Park’s WallsIf More Millennials Vote Today, They Could Make A Real Difference On Climate IssuesWashington, D.C., Could Get Its Own Massive High Line-Like ParkThe Republican Party’s Tech Countdown To 201610 Cities Visualized By How Cleanly Their Streets Are Laid OutCheck Out This Drone’s-Eye View Of An Airport11 Architectural Fantasies That Will Make Your Brain HurtMillennials Will Become The Majority In The Workforce In 2015. Is Your Company Ready?How the Internet has Changed the Way We Eat5 Easy Yoga Techniques To Feel Better At WorkHow To Balance Youth And Experience When Building Your StaffFor Women, Mentorship Is Key To Getting Over The Mid-Career HumpSupermodel Coco Rocha Strikes 1,000 Poses In 360 Degrees In This Encyclopedia Of PosingThe Truth About Teenagers, The Internet, And Privacy7 Business Books You Can Read In The Time It Takes To Eat LunchHow To Spot Toxic Coworkers4 Ways To Set Your Corporate Accelerator Up For Success8 Of Your Bad Habits That Are Actually Good For Your Health And Productivity5 Things I Learned From Starting A Business And A Marriage At The Same Time10 Habits That Make Everyone Hate You On Social MediaWhy Music Majors Make Some Of The Best EntrepreneursWhy You Should Look To Your Junior Staff As MentorsHow The Internet Has Changed The Way We EatFirst Look: The George Lucas Museum Is A Pyramid From The FutureEarly Web Pioneer CNET Launches A Print MagazineChristian Bale Turns Down Steve Jobs RoleNot Good: New York’s 911 Dispatch System Was Down For Nearly Two HoursToday in Tabs: New Media in ChaosSoon, Your Clothes Could Be Made By AlgaeAMC To DirecTV Customers: Run, Don’t Walk, To Protest Possible “Walking Dead” BlackoutFurl: The EEG-Responsive, Soft Robotics Future Of ArchitectureLooking For The Cheapest Weed In The U.S.? Head To OregonA Meaty, Branded Experiment In How To Train Your AI Gaming RobotIn Two Years, Rooftop Solar Will Cost The Same As Grid Electricity“Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared” Returns To Remind Us Of The Inherent Horror Of Puppets, Butterflies, LoveThese Shooting Range Targets Show You Who’s Really On The Other End Of The BarrelGoogle Didn’t Actually Say It Was Ditching “Don’t Be Evil”Average Heel Heights Across The U.S.Gap Wants You To Make Some Sweet Sweater Music For The HolidaysFrank Lloyd Wright Architecture School Might Not Lose Accreditation After AllFinally, The GoPro Parody You’ve Been Waiting For Is HereTrouble, Trouble For Spotify: Taylor Swift Removes All Her AlbumsMake Your Own Cardboard RobotTarget Has A New, Completely Unofficial Mascot And His Name Is AlexVirgin Galactic’s Fatal Crash May Have Been Due To An Unauthorized Tail DeploymentJohn Oliver’s Fake Home Depot Ad Pits Nick Offerman Against Couple-FightsCan Waving Lower Tensions Between Drivers And Cyclists?The Evolution Of Violin Design: How Stradivarius Won The PR WarThe Private Yacht Of The Future Will Cost $500 MillionOrganic Nikes Made From Flowers And BarkHow To Predict Who Will Donate To Your Kickstarter3-D Printing The Museum StoreWhat Your Body Would Look Like Covered In DoodlesHow Flickr Is Learning To See What’s In Your PhotosThis App Will Raise Or Lower Your Insurance Deductible Based On Physical ActivityThis Bike Seat Transforms Into A Sturdy LockA Secret Urban Observatory Is Snapping 9,000 Images A Day Of New York CityAn App To Redesign How We VoteInside The Edible Insect Industrial ComplexWe Took Ikea’s New Automatic, Adjustable Standing Desk For A SpinCan Better Packaging Convince You To Eat Bugs?The Secret Meaning Behind GamerGate’s BrandingThis Company Is Changing How Women Go NudeAs A Founder, An Employee-Friendly Culture Starts With YouWhen Micromanaging Is A Good ThingHow El-P and Killer Mike Built The Creative Powerhouse That Is Run The JewelsYour Creative Calendar: 61 Things To Do, Watch, Hear, And Read This NovemberHow Much More Would You Get Done In A 25-Hour Day?How Exercise Changes Your Brain To Be Better At Basically EverythingQuote Of The Week: Facing The Edge Of PossibilityHow The News Business Can Survive FacebookIs An MBA Necessary?Proof That You Don’t Actually Need To Be Plugged In To Email All The TimeHow And Why You Should Bring Kids Into The WorkplaceInside What Your Brain Requires To Process New InformationAn Essential Guide Of Habits That Foster Productivity And FocusThe Random Events That Sparked 8 Of The World’s Biggest StartupsStarwood Turns Smartphones Into Door KeysGoogle’s Redesigned Calendar App Combines Brains And BeautyInfiniti Takes Formula One To The Streets By Racing Through Downtown Austin At Ridiculous SpeedsHow The Directors Of The Virtual Reality Horror Short “11:57” Shot A Film For Oculus RiftInbox, Paper, And Sway: Why Tech Giants Are Suddenly Reinventing Their Core AppsA Sad, Disgusting Pet Machine That You Can’t Tear Your Eyes FromThis Is What Your Favorite Horror Movies Would Be Like Starring Vince Vaughn And Owen WilsonVirgin Galactic Rocket Plane Crashes In Test FlightSee EDM Superstar David Guetta’s New Video, Released Via Google HangoutThe NYPD Is Concerned The Next Terrorist Attack Could Be Carried Out By Gun-Toting Consumer Drones3 Rules For Designers Who Want To Help NonprofitsWhen Advertising Isn’t Fast Enough, You Need ReactvertisingThese Tiny Satellites Could Bring Internet Access To The Entire PlanetHungry? You Might Make Better Decisions, Study FindsJetBlue Wants To Find Out If Free Flights Can Help HumanityYouTube Doubles Its Frame Rate (And Here’s Why You Should Care)Dizzee Rascal’s Halloween Music Video Is A Total BloodbathWant To Protect Your Phone From The Cops? You Might Want To Use A Passcode, Not A FingerprintSlack Is Now Worth More Than A Billion Dollars534 Apple Products On One Giant PosterHello Kitty Has Taken Over L.A.’s Hippest Hotel, And It Is InsaneFind Out What Doctors Are Going To Do To You With These Video-Game-Inspired GraphicsAndy Rubin Is Leaving GoogleWhat Happens When You Blend The Faces Of World LeadersChic Mourning Attire, The Original LBDStarbucks To Start Delivering In 2015A Gorgeous iPad Game Inspired By The Arts and Crafts MovementCan This Breathalyzer Help Save Dolphins?How Wearables Are Being Used For Social GoodThis Restaurant Let Customers Pay By Washing DishesThis Man Uses Twitter To Augment His Damaged MemoryWhat Futurists Think Of HP’s Bold And Weird New PCHere’s What Happens When A School Pays Its Teachers A Lot, Lot More MoneyStrangely Beautiful Photos Of Toxic Slime From A Disgustingly Polluted Brooklyn CanalHow To Design A Creative Halloween Costume At The Last MinuteApp Lets You Peek Inside 80,000 Foods At Your Grocery StoreWhy A Subway-Building Binge Could Transform L.A.’s Tech CultureThese Gun Control Ads Will Actually Be The Scariest Thing You See TodayWhere To Find Great DesignersIndie Comics: Easier To Build, Easier To Get On TV, And More Diverse Than EverThe 15 Most Creative Pumpkins On InstagramRadical Authenticity: A Gay, Black, Female CEO On Why It Pays To Be An Open BookSnoop Dogg, InvestorTaco Bell Goes Dark And Mobile, Cumberbatch Does Shakespeare: The Top 5 Ads Of The WeekKhrushchev Visits IBM: A Strange Tale of Silicon Valley HistoryWhy Your Business Should Put Values Before GreedThe Desk De-Cluttering Guide For People Who Hate This Kind Of ThingThe New Habit Challenge: Can Listing Our Accomplishments Cure Our Stress Addiction?Employers Want “Critical Thinkers,” But Do They Know What It Means?Dream Jobs, Good Luck, And Bad Profile Photos: The Most Popular Leadership Stories Of October6 Ways To Avoid Making Everyone In Your Office SickHow To Encourage Your Employees To Say Good Things About You On Social Media6 Reasons Your Lawyer-Less Startup Is Doomed From The Get-GoGraffiti Artists Bring Their Inner Demons To The Street To Promote A New Opera About BullyingFlip Between Everyday Dad And Criminal Getaway Driver In This Interactive Honda AdNeclumi: The Necklace That Responds To Movement And SoundAfraid of Creepy Craigslist Sellers? Police Create “Safe Zone” To Complete Online PurchasesToday in Tabs: Coming OutCancer-Detecting Nanoparticles Are Safe For Humans, Study FindsThe New Call Of Duty Trailer Stars Taylor Kitsch As Your Mentor In Advanced WarfareThe Best Projector ScreenLike It Or Not, Instagram Video Ads Are HereWatch James Franco Fall Hard And Act Quickly In New Motorola Droid Turbo AdJust Watch It: The History Of Nike In 3 MinutesThese Laser-Guided Buses Don’t Have Any Drivers In ThemMicrosoft Unveils Fitness Smart Band That Understands Voice CommandsIf Your Neighbor Gets A Solar Panel, You’re Going To Want One, TooNetflix Characters React To Weather, News In Outdoor GIFsThe New Normal: Sofia Coppola Makes Gap Cool For The HolidaysPsychedelic Ant Farms Designed To Raise Money For CharityStudy Confirms: Stop Scratching, You’re Only Making It WorseCool, Weird Halloween Costumes You Can Pull Out Of A PrinterSee 10 Hours Of a Man Receiving Verbal Street Privilege While Walking In NYCThis Computerized Harness Might Be The Dog Translator We’ve Been Waiting For“Dredd” Producer Adi Shankar On Why He’d Rather Make “Bootleg” Versions Of Comic Book Properties Than Pitch MarvelDesign Porn For Air Traffic ControllersWhat The Great Pyramid Looked Like More Than 4,000 Years AgoIt’s Melting! A Life-Sized House Made Of WaxGoats Are Shrinking Because Of Climate ChangeThese Drones Will Fly Directly Into Tornadoes To Predict Future Storms4 Ways Developers Say Apple Can Improve The Mac App StoreThis Website Tells Millennials Who To Vote For (If They Want Clean Power)Turn Your Kitchen Into A Garden With This Mini-Fridge-Sized Electric FarmTim Cook: “I Consider Being Gay Among The Greatest Gifts God Has Given Me”No Need To Bring Water On Your Bike Ride, This Bike Sucks It Up From The AirThis Ad Shows Just How Romantic The Internet Of Things Can BeMesmerizing Photos Of Bees, From An Instagramming BeekeeperAn Urban Farm Designed To Make One Thing: A Grilled Ham And Cheese SandwichMIT Visualizes What Robots Are ThinkingA Portrait Of London’s Diversity, Drawn From Languages Spoken Near Tube StopsHow An Ex-Inmate’s Startup Is Improving Prisoners’ LivesThe Recipe For Building A Startup Scene In Any CityWhy Are Victorian Houses So Creepy?Read About How Hotels Get You To Reuse Towels. Everyone’s Doing ItNevada’s Mission To Build The Detroit Of DronesHow “Scorpion’s” Writers Made A Bunch Of Computer Dorks LikableTroy Carter’s Hard-Won Tips For Handling Career Road BumpsGoing Beyond Coconut In The Great Water WarsHow Two Game Fans Became Developers On LittleBigPlanet 3How To Raise Girls To Be Better At Negotiating10 Productivity Tips For The Overwhelmed Entrepreneur4 Ways To Earn A Leadership PositionHow To Design A Truly Terrifying Haunted HouseJust Watch It: The History Of Nike In 3 MinutesThe Hidden Trait Every Leader Needs And How To Get ItHow To Find What Job Applicants Try To Cover UpWhat Angel Investors Are Actually Buying From Your StartupHow To Solve The Anti-Photoshopping Movement’s Big ProblemHow To Create An Infographic Resume That Doesn’t Repel Hiring ManagersFinding Stuff To Read In Flipboard Just Got A Whole Lot Easier