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Announcing The Winners Of The 2014 Innovation By Design AwardsHere’s What It Sounds Like When You Infect Dance Music With A Computer VirusLiberia Doesn’t Have Nearly Enough Body Bags, Masks, Or Gloves To Handle The Ebola EpidemicNew Battery That Charges Your Phone In Two Minutes Is Only Two Years AwaySee Mad Men-era Ads From The Pages Of The New York Times–And Help Archive ThemOops! Apple Accidentally Leaks The iPad Air 2 And iPad Mini 3How Two Designers Visualize Amazon’s Data DifferentlyThis App Translates The Meaning Of Classical Music“Breaking Bad” Gets Gonzo-fied With Ralph Steadman-Drawn Blu-Ray CoversEx-RISD President John Maeda: “Money Is Quite Useful, Actually”What Bruce Lee Can Teach You About DesignGoogle Unveils New Nexus Lineup, An Operating System Called Lollipop, And A Big Shot At AppleFly The Long, Boring, Annoying, Mundane Skies With BLAH AirlinesPlant Life Peeks Out Of This Sputnik-Inspired TableDoctors Report First Case Of Google Glass AddictionNest CEO Tony Fadell On Why Jetsons-esque Connected Homes “Just Don’t Work”A Kitten Is Born Every Time Taylor Swift Sips A Diet CokeLeave Social Media? You Still Might Have a “Shadow Profile”Hackers vs. Scorpion: Walter O’Brien Responds To Scrutiny Of Real-Life Claims Fueling TV’s “Scorpion”HBO Go Without Cable Is Finally, Actually, Really HappeningAnita Sarkeesian Cancels Talk After Anti-Feminism Crusader Threatens Mass ShootingCoca-Cola Launches New Program To Recruit Startup FoundersIs The Wild West Of Hack Schools About To Be Tamed?Learn The Do’s And Don’ts Of Breakfast Dress Code In Denny’s New Web SeriesThis Macabre Restaurant Is Decorated With 10,000 BonesDropbox: We Weren’t HackedCould A Food Scanner Change How We Understand Diet and Health?5 Apps That Will Change The Way You Think About PhotosCOWL For A Safer WebTouchy Feelings: Helping Blind People “See” Photos Using 3-D PrintingLondon’s Iconic Red Phone Booths Are Becoming Solar-Powered Charging StationsThe World’s First Community Powered By Crowdsourced Energy?How Parks Gentrify Neighborhoods, And How To Stop ItThis App Is Saving Veterans’ Lives“Ebola Deeply” Is The Only Place You Should Be Getting Ebola News8 Classic Books Revamped To Evoke Mid-Century DesignCan Facebook Ever Beat Reddit At Online Health Support Groups?These Fascinating Photos Show What Floats Down Rivers On Old-Fashioned BargesHow Woody Allen Inspired Saturday Night Live’s New IntroIn Praise Of Architectural ExtravaganceYou’re Boring Millennials Out Of Your CompanyWant To Train Your Brain To Feel More Compassion? Here’s HowIn A Fast-Growing City In Ghana, The Streets Finally Have NamesHow To Make A Hilarious Ad, From A Master Of Short-Form Comedy Directing4 Big-Picture Lessons In Innovation From Steven Johnson And “How We Got To Now”When You’re In Charge, Power (And Testosterone) Corrupt–No Matter How Honest You AreA New Beach House, Powered By The Ocean’s WavesYour Smartphone Is Getting So Smart, You May Never Need To Look Past The Home ScreenWhy Are Women Leaving Science, Engineering, And Tech Jobs?9 Ways To Take More Initiative At WorkBrands Are Betting Billions That This 25-Year-Old Power Influencer Can Make You Buy StuffLessons On Life And Harmony From Bruce Springsteen4 Habits Of Lucky PeopleEmployers’ Responsibility To Victims Of Domestic ViolenceThe Super Simple Phone Hack That Will Transform Your ProductivityAsk The Experts: How Do I Develop A Thicker Skin And Become More Resilient?How To Follow Your Dreams When You Haven’t Quite Figured Out What They Are7 Ways To Make And Keep ConnectionsA New Kickstarter Campaign To Create A Story-Driven Radio NetworkDon’t Wait For Karma! Fast Company’s Guide To Asking For A RaiseBehind The Snappening: Why Snapchat’s Growing Pains Will Likely ContinueAmazon Will Open Two Pop-up Stores In California Next WeekThis Whimsical Machine Sends Your Tweets Via Weather BalloonToday in Tabs: Southern BulleMark Zuckerberg And Priscilla Chan Donate $25 Million To Fight Ebola“Birdman” Goes Coast To Coast In Gorgeous Posters For Alejandro González Iñárritu’s Genre-Defying New FilmIn Wake Of Photo Leak, Snapchat Says It’s Developing A Public APIThink Standing Desks Are For Wimps? Check Out The Dynamic ChairDrones Can Do a Great Many Things, Including Dramatic SelfiesGoogle Challenges Amazon Prime With Same-Day Delivery For $95 A YearThis Modular Cargo Bike Will Travel Brussels Creating A Tiny Temporary ParkMade From Alfalfa And Pine Resin, This New Battery Could Make Electric Cars GreenerEx-Googler’s Robotic Butler Launches On KickstarterThis Breathalyzer Will Track Much More Than Your DrunkenessApple And Facebook Will Pay For Women Employees To Freeze Their EggsMickey Mouse Gets A Warped MakeoverOdin: A 3-D Printed Dog Toy Both Pets And Humans Will AdoreWe’ve Been Doing Umbrellas WrongStripped Down: See Great Movies Boiled Down To 5-Second PictogramsEric Schmidt: The Next Google Is Out There In A Garage SomewhereA First Look Deep Inside Amazon Game StudiosHow One Casting Director Made Television More DiverseThe History Of The Apple Brand In 3 MinutesWallow In Darkness With Scenes From England’s Largest-Ever Goth ExhibitThis Slick Dutch Shop Is Like A Pharmacy For Vitamin WaterWhen Right-Wing Extremists Co-Opted Finland’s National Symbol, This Ad Agency Decided To Design A New OneSideSwipe Lets You Control Your Phone With Gestures Instead Of TouchSeventh Generation Is Buying A Mini Empire Of Sustainable CompaniesThe Six Richest Waltons Have As Much Money As 1.8 Million American Families CombinedGlimpsing A Future Where Man And Machine Are Closer Than EverThe “Future Library” Is Planting Trees–And Ideas–For Books That Won’t Be Read Until 2114This Tuna Sushi Is Totally Tuna Free: It’s Made From TomatoesGorgeous Typographic Covers For 26 Classic BooksMIT Invents Tech That Could 3-D Print Self-Lacing McFlysMIT Data Scientists Are Making Chess An Online Spectator SportH.R. Giger’s Original Design To-Do List For “Alien” Was Awesomely WeirdThe World’s Largest See-Through Couch6 Inspiring Interiors, From A Rain Room To A Cardboard CathedralGun Control, War, Dick Jokes: #Newsfail Takes On Subjects The Media FumblesThe News According To NuzzelFashionably Funny: Betabrand’s Latest Clothing Campaign Features Female Comedians As ModelsA Career Reality Check For Women: Being Good Isn’t Good Enough–You Need To Grab The Mic“Putting My Pregnancy Photos Out There Was A Big Deal”: Julie Smolyansky“Embracing Digital Technology Just For The Sake Of It Is A Terrible Idea”: Rachel Haot“You Have To Walk The Talk”: Hiro Takeuchi“I Knew I Would Get Fired”: Sallie Krawcheck“You Have To Be Honest With Yourself”: Shauna Mei“I Like To Employ The Power Of No”: Jared Leto“I Didn’t Know What The Fast-Food Rules Were”: Steve Ells“We Need A New Field Manual For Business”: Casey Gerald“Business As A Movement”: Eileen Fisher“It’s Got To Be A Passion, It’s Gotta Be Your Calling”: Indra Nooyi“Inspiration Is The Common Thing”: Robert WongGeneration Flux’s Secret WeaponThe Not So Complicated Process Of Getting Exactly What You Want Out Of LifeA Content Marketing Strategy That Goes Beyond Pushing Tons Of CopyThe Weird, Wonderful Social Network That Puts Your Creativity FirstThe Secrets To Dealing With Criticism7 Tricks To Make Time For Mentoring Even When You’re Too BusyThe Perfect Case Against Microsoft CEO’s Remark That Women Shouldn’t Ask For RaisesWhy You Should Ignore Some Time-Saving TipsHow To Get Employees To Care About Their Professional DevelopmentHow Steve Jobs’s Mastery Of Analogies Sent Apple SkyrocketingHow Leaders Deal With Moments Of Existential CrisisHow To Lead In A Boundary-Less World“Share a Meal” To Help Unilever and Feeding America Combat Child HungerLinkedIn Hit With Class-Action Lawsuit For Its Job Reference ToolHow This 550-Woman Conference Beat Super Bowl Ads At TwitterMcDonald’s Wants To Tell You What’s In Its FoodToday in Tabs: Standing Offer for TabsBing Launches Political Forecasting ToolReddit General Manager Erik Martin Steps DownBurger King Gets Fried For A Bad Billy Eichner ImpressionDropbox Bug Deletes User FilesSearching For Symptoms? Google Tests Free Video Chat With DoctorsA Disaster Preparedness Kit Designed To Display On A Bookshelf, So It’s Always In ReachHave Fun Riding That Tortured Elephant On Your Vacation!An Anesthesia Machine That Keeps You Under Even When The Power Goes Shuts Down Following Snapchat Photo BreachHere’s The Longest Ad In The World: You May Not Watch It All, But You’ll Get The MessageMarket SliceCan A Bike Be Designed For A Specific City? This One IsThis Smartwatch Projects Laser Buttons Onto Your SkinThis Home Makes All Its Own Energy. Will We All Soon Be Living In One?Flight Attendants Ask The FAA To Rethink Loosened Restrictions On GadgetsThe Ultimate Coffee Table For A Small ApartmentNFL Players Are Ignoring Rules, If You Can Believe It, And Wearing Whatever Headphones They Like (And Are Paid To Wear)Samsung Says It Has Developed Wi-Fi Tech That’s 10 Times FasterKLM’s New Social Strategy: Happy To Help–Any Traveler, Anywhere, Any AirlineHello Doctor Can Now Auto-Import Medical Records From Half Of U.S. HospitalsThis Graphic Shows 35 Years Of Shrinking Sea Ice At OnceWhen Your Ad Campaign Goes Big, Make Sure You Ask For Something Big In ReturnCounter Culture Coffee Branding Gets A Jolt Of Caffeinated ColorA Cancer Support Center Designed Like A TreehouseCan Canals Save Coastal Cities From Climate Change?How Comic Cons Protect And Serve The Most Rabid Fans On EarthCapturing The Sounds Of The City With A 3-D Printed, Four-Eared Mutant18 Aphorisms For The Product LeaderChase Fall’s Best Colors With This Peak Foliage MapL.A. Turns To Rogue Designer To Fix Its Confusing Parking SignsThe Votr App Is “Tinder For Politics”Silicon Valley’s Next Generation Of Employees Live In A Polluted Drainage DitchThis Vacuum May Be A Space Exploration Game ChangerTinder, But For Small TownsScientists Can Now Go To School To Learn How To Save The WorldBusiness Lessons From The Hells AngelsThe Secrets To Pulling Off A Real-People Marketing Campaign6 Buddhist Principles That Will Help You Be A Better Boss“If You’re Afraid, You Have No Chance”The Internet Is Not Harming You. Here’s What’s Harmful: Fearmongering About The InternetThis Is Not a JokeHow To Write a Crime Novel Like James EllroyWhy A Week Of Saying No Wasn’t That HardHow To (Almost) Achieve Inbox ZeroThe Social Entrepreneur Tackling Gun Violence By Turning AK-47s Into JewelryHow To Avoid Social Media RegretHow To Give Praise That Doesn’t Sound FakeWhat We Can Learn From Columbus’s Enterprise Of The IndiesWhy You Need To Actually Talk To Your Coworkers Face To FaceWhat It Takes To Actually Get Marketing To Women RightHow To Make $500,000 A Year On TwitterMeet The Revved-Up Brothers Designing The World’s Best Cars For Jaguar And FordQuote Of The Week: Don’t Be Afraid To Be You7 Steps To Take After Your Company FailsThe Meaning of BusinessLaura Jane Grace On Her Transition From Basement Punk Shows To Hosting AOL’s “True Trans” ShowSWAT: An App To Keep Dirty Cops HonestCheck Out 50 Behind-The-Scenes Photos From Star WarsNielsen Admits Technical Error Produced Inaccurate TV Ratings Dating Back To MarchZaha Hadid’s Latest Work Is A Beautiful Research Center In CambodiaToday in Tabs: Hawk vs. DroneUSAA To FAA: Our Insurance Adjusters Want DronesTelling The Truth About A Dark Creative Force In “Harmontown”Reddit Moderators Propose Letting Users Pay To Submit Self-Promotional ContentCuteness Alert: Google And London Zoo Live Stream Meerkats To Test Wi-Fi TechnologyIdeo’s Fred Dust On L.A.’s Quintessential Design DestinationsThe Hawking Dead: Century 21 Is Selling a Zombie Protection Kit On eBaySnapchat Says It Is Not Responsible For Any Allegedly Hacked PhotosReport: Apple Is Pulling Bose Audio Products From Its StoresSpy Tricks, Tough Talks, And Micro-Aggressions: This Week’s Most Popular Leadership StoriesThis Future Archaeological Site Is Filled With Obsidian Nintendo ControllersA Low-Cost Way To Harness Energy From A Rushing RiverComing Soon: An App For Sharing Your Heart Rate Inside Instagram PhotosAn Interactive Map Of Manhattan’s Mega Urban ExpansionGood News! Even Decaf Coffee May Help Fight Off Liver DiseaseThis App Turns You Into The Silver Surfer Of Subatomic SpaceThis Supercut Of Action Dudes Saying “Let Her Go!” To Villains Is A Reminder Of How Action Movies View WomenCan Windows 10 Unite Microsoft’s Two Worlds?This Is Not A Startup StoryRecycle Your iPhone Into A Home Security SystemThe Trouble With Design ThinkingFacebook Ads Will Now Target You By Where You LiveHow To Fix The Ailing Electric GridAn “Internet Murder” Could Happen By The End of This YearIs This The World’s Best Bike-Share Bike?Perrier Returns to Advertising’s Hand-Painted Roots, with Its “Inspired By Street Art” CampaignThese Images Take Us On A World Tour Of Extreme Weather ArchitectureMicrosoft Research Invents A Stylus That Can Read Your MindThis Elegant Contraption Is Three Lamps In OneOpen Explorer Is A National Geographic For Remotely Operated VehiclesA Standing Desk That Folds Up, So You Can Take It Anywhere And Even Work OutsidePhoto Essay: The Forgotten Houses Of Finland’s DiasporaSubway Maps For Cities Without Subways, Dreamed Up By An 8th Grader8 Of The World’s Most Gorgeous Rural CabinsMeet The CEO Who’s Never Fired AnyoneHarrison Ford Gets Mad, Sarah Silverman Gets A Penis, And A 12-Year-Old Norwegian Gets Married: The Top 5 Ads Of The WeekKilling It: Lessons In After-Hours Creativity From Pop Culture Writer Turned “Gone Girl” Author Gillian Flynn10 Words And Phrases That Are Killing Your Cover Letter10 Inspiring Personalities Who You Should Follow On TwitterHow To Find The Right Group Of Mentors (That’s Right, Group)The New Habit Challenge: Will Working From Home For A Week Make Us More Productive?You’ll Never Be Ready–Why You Should Start AnywayInspiration From Video Games To Get Into A Flow State At WorkProductivity Hack Of The Week: Manage Online DistractionsTesla Unveils The D: Ramped-Up Model S With All-Wheel DriveA New Way To Pay For Solar Panels Could Expand The MarketToday in Tabs: TabolaAmazon Is Opening A Store In New York CityIkea Now Sells InsuranceInside The Design Of Norway’s Beautiful New BanknotesInfographic: See Where In Canada Your Favorite Pop Culture Exports Come FromDisappearing Ads Are Coming To Snapchat “Soon”Are Humans A Bottleneck To Progress? How AI Will Soon Quicken The Pace Of DiscoveryWhy You Should Be Outsourcing Your Laundry By BikeNissan Invites People To “Chase The Thrill” With Treadmill-Enhanced Virtual Reality Experience20 Chic Homes That Are Actually Made Of MudThis Sculpture Looks Like A Pepto-Bismol ExplosionMapping The Human Consequences Of Anonymous CompaniesGoogle X’s Astro Teller Says Wearables Are “Tough”A Squeezable Light Bulb That Slurps Up ColorFast Company Is Hiring A Data Engineer–Is It You?Fast Company Is Hiring An Interface EngineerWhat The Frack? Brands, Please Learn From The Komen Foundation’s Latest PR MessQuip’s Cool, Collaborative Word Processor Is Now A Spreadsheet, TooWill The Future Of Sports Reporting Include Sports Reporters?How Star Wars’ Original Designer Is Still Influencing The New StuffHow Did We Ever Take Care of Babies Without Robotics? (And Mechatronics!)Greenpeace Campaign Forces Lego To End Partnership With ShellSuper-Investor Carl Icahn Is Really High On The Apple WatchWhat The Statue Of Liberty Would Look Like As A $300M CondoIf You’d Like To Interact With The Future Of Audio Ads, Please Say “Proceed”How The Director Of “Annabelle” Borrowed From Hitchcock To Make A Surprise HitGold On The GoA Peek At London’s New $4 Billion TrainFloodwatch Helps Track The Advertisers Tracking YouContratados: A Yelp To Help Migrant Workers Fight FraudDesigning User Interfaces Is Now As Easy As Putting Stickers On A Trapper KeeperHow To Make A Death-Defying Viral Hit With Danny MacAskillA Way To Share That Scary Rash With Your Doctor When It Appears At 3 A.M.The EU Is Building An Internet Of Sewers To Detect BombsCurbing Climate Change Could Save 3,500 Lives A YearThis Suit Creates A Bubble Of Clean Air For Your Lungs As You Walk Down The StreetWhy It’s So Hard To Detect Emotion In Emails And TextsOffice Role-Play? Meet The People Who Pretend To Work At An Office TogetherFried Chicken, Donuts, And A Big Idea For Attacking PovertyThis Floating Bike Path In The Thames Would Give London Cyclists A Car-Free CommuteThis Brazilian School Will Teach You How To Be More CreativeThis Micro Apartment Transforms When You Push A Button To Give You More SpaceFreedom Tower Architect Daniel Libeskind: “Ground Zero Is Very, Very Close To My Original Idea”The Best Designs of 2014History of Apple in Under 3 MinutesHow To Manage Your Office’s Biggest Egos To Get The Best WorkShould You Trust Your Gut Feelings At Work?9 Serious Lessons In Being Funny From Bob OdenkirkBuyer’s Guide: The Best Digital Kitchen Scale6 Steps To Improving Your Current Employees’ Soft SkillsBeyond Blogging: Why Content Creators Are Making Mugs, Sweaters, And Moisturizer3 First Steps For Collaborating On Creative ProjectsWhy A Transparent Culture Is Good For Business3 Time-Wasting Social Media Habits You Need To Stop ImmediatelyThe Real Reason Employees Are Lazy5 Tips For Freelancers On How To Build The Ultimate Client MixOne Of Norway’s Top Female Execs On Not Taking No For An AnswerWhat Your Energy Level Means For Your ProductivityAre Employee Non-Competes Obsolete?