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New York City Gets A Brand New Heart In This Animated ShortWill Ferrell Says Goodbye to Derek Jeter, Red Sox StyleThe Makeup Of BuzzFeed’s Newsroom: 52% Women, 73% WhiteMom Spins Her 4-Year-Old’s Harshest Burns Into Hilarious Marketing GoldFiremen, Schmiremen, This Beefcake Calendar Has NYC Taxi DriversThe Protest Art Of Occupy Hong Kong’s “Umbrella Revolution”The New York Times Says Goodbye To Opinion App And 100 EmployeesWhy You Can’t Get A Gold IPad … YetThe First Practical Invisibility Cloak Is HereWhat Ever Happened To Delia*s?This New Site Helps You Discover The Best Lesser-Known NonprofitsIn Downtown Helsinki, A Giant Underground Reservoir Is Keeping The City Free From Air ConditionersThis Kit Will Help Anyone Solve Oil Spill Mysteries23andMe Expands Into CanadaThese Adorable Candles Have A Morbid Surprise InsideInfographic: A Timeline Of The Events In Every Disney MovieBMC Is Fixing Its Enterprise IT Software With User Experience DesignDoctor Cloud Is Ready To See You NowInstapaper Is Now Free, Offers A Premium Model That Goes After EvernoteHalf The Planet’s Wildlife Has Died Off In The Last 40 YearsThe Radical Evolution Of The New Yorker’s CoversThe Fight For HTTPSSuper-Sized Type Calendar Doubles As Wall ArtThe Humble T-Shirt Remixed Infinite WaysThis Is What It’s Like To Wear Smart Spandex During A WorkoutInside The World Of A Professional TV SpoilerThese Medical Infographics Are Empowering PatientsFrom The Designers Of Fitbit, A Digital Tattoo Implanted Under Your SkinThe Many, Many, Many Things You Should Say “No” To At WorkThe Monocle Guide To Good Business, An Antidote To Empty Startup CultureWhy You Should Pay Employees To Take A SabbaticalThe Toast’s Recipe For Bootstrapping A Profitable Media BusinessThis Elevator Video For A Women’s Shelter Has A Better Ending Than That Other Elevator VideoHow The Real Hacker Behind CBS’s “Scorpion” Made A Show To Grow His Own Company, And More HackersHow To Get Ahead in Advertising: Essential Career Advice from The Game’s Top NamesWith The Rise Of Wearables, Virtual Assistants Will Disrupt Marketing As UsualThe Case For On-Site Day CareYour LinkedIn Photo Might Be Why You Aren’t Getting HiredWhy You Should Encourage Your Employees To Shoot Down Your IdeasAn Inside Look At Why We Love Short-Term Habit ChangeWhy You Need To Add A Little More Stress In Your DayA Pioneering Woman In Venture Capital On Why You Shouldn’t Have A Career PlanAsk The Experts: I Was Doing Better As A Freelancer, What Should I Do?Will Wearables In The Office Make Work More Productive?Those Tasty Sprig Meals, Now With A Side Order Of Dynamic Delivery FeesThey Grow Up So Fast! Why Kids Are Learning To Think Like Tech CEOs Under Cyber AttackAt MIT, A Farm Grows That Is Built For A CityCould Future Cars Be Made Locally, From Local Materials?These Two Startup Veteran Moms Are Compiling Binders Full Of Experienced Female CodersHow I Wore A Brainwave-Reading Headset For A Week And Learned To Calm My MindBeautiful Aerial Photos Of Doomed Vacation Beaches, Captured Before They DisappearThe CDC Has Just Confirmed The First Ebola Case In The United StatesA Facebook User’s Challenge To Facebook: Here’s All My Data, Now Give Me Ads I LikeA Facebook User’s Challenge To Facebook: Here’s All My Data, Now Give Me Ads I LikeThe Wrist Of The Story: A Brief History Of Forgotten Proto-Smartwatches, 1975-2004With Windows 10, Microsoft Will Skip A Version Number And Go Back To BasicsPharrell Goes Anime, In a New Video Drawn By Artist Takashi MurakamiOnline Marketplace Gumroad Launches An iPhone AppA Social Network For City Buildings, So Neighbors Can OrganizeGoogle’s New Education Apps Give Students Unlimited StorageToday In Tabs: The Butter Slides InNow You Can Meet–And Talk To–Yourself 20 Years Into The FutureIt’s Time To Say Goodbye To Orkut, Google’s First Social NetworkHow Your Desk Has Evolved Over The Past 35 YearsPebble Update Allows Health Apps To Track Fitness And Sleep In The BackgroundSonos Made A Sonic, Motion-Controlled Map Of New York CityThe Sharing Economy Takes On Electricity, So You Can Buy Your Power From NeighborsThe Crazy Eyes Of Alfred Hitchcock [Supercut]Are Marketers (Finally) Realizing That Stereotyping Women Doesn’t Work?Watch This Guy Sculpt A Spider In Mid-Air Using An Oculus RiftMove Over, Ikea? New Hem Furniture Is Stylish And Convenient, If Not Quite AffordableWith A Nudge, This Cushion Tells You When You’ve Been Sitting Too LongGoPro Will Put You On The Ice With This New NHL DealNetflix Enters The Original Movie GameThis Fake Prank Video About Murder Isn’t Much Worse Than Most Real “Prank” VideosThis Music Video Is InfectedThis Shelf Automatically Waters Your PlantsInfinitely Looping Brutalism: Hypnotic Architecture GIFsGeneral Catalyst Invests $10 Million In Stripe’s EcosystemHere’s Your First Look at P.T. Anderson’s Insane Pynchon Adaptation, “Inherent Vice”“A Photograph Can Appear More Real Than The Building Itself”This App Rates The Ethics Of Your Groceries, So You Don’t Have To Agonize Over LabelsEbay Is Finally Spinning Off PayPal Into Its Own BusinessWhy This Michigan Manufacturing Company Wants To Hire More Ex-ConsPost-It’s New App Blurs The Line Between Real Notes And Virtual OnesWhy Startups Should Let Developers Leapfrog To New TechnologiesHow Ammunition Helped Polaroid Design An Action Cam For EveryoneLinkedIn’s Data Science Secret: Your Hidden Org ChartThese Neighborhoods Squeeze Onto Empty Rooftops And Parking Lots To Help Solve London’s Housing Crisis8 Ways Rail Travel Could Evolve By 2050What Bill Hader Learned From Lorne Michaels, Tina Fey, Bill Murray, and Other “SNL” LegendsAn Experiment In Common Courtesy In The Age Of Google Glass EverywhereFrom Land Mines To Eco Clothing: The Unlikely Story Of Amour VertThe Insane Future Of Fashion, From Laser-Shooting Dresses To Lace Grown From StrawberriesThis Origami-Inspired Office Design Expands, Contracts, And Changes Its ShapeThe Wisdom Of Woz4 Wearables That Give You SuperpowersFab Founder Jason Goldberg Launches Hem, A New Online Furniture ShopCan Your Side Gig Become Your Dream Job?The Truth Behind The Blockbuster Success Of Honest TrailersIn Praise Of The “Great Idea” Cooling Off PeriodMeditation Techniques For People Who Hate Meditation7 Ways To Disconnect And Still Stay Relevant In A 24/7 Work CultureWhy The Best Leaders View Decisions From Their Employees’ Perspective5 Reasons You Can Never Persuade Anyone#Slowgrams: What One Silicon Valley Engineer Learned When He Stopped Taking Photos And Started DrawingA Mathematical Argument For More Women In LeadershipWhat Companies Are Getting Wrong About Every GenerationWhy Being Engaged At Work Isn’t As Simple As “Being Happy”Is The Quantified Employee A Healthier Employee?This Is What You’ll Find In Any Starbucks In The World On Any Given DayIt’s People! This Transport Truck Is Made Out Of People!Volvo Immerses You In Feeling, The Ocean, In Gorgeous New AdPhotoshop Comes To ChromebooksType Stars Jonathan Hoefler And Tobias Frere-Jones Settle Their Bitter Lawsuit5 Ways Protesters Organized #OccupyCentral“Where Did I Park, Again?” Waze Can Tell YouToday In Tabs: Of Human GarbageIndian PM Narendra Modi Brings Vision Of “Toilets Before Temples” To A U.S. AudienceThe “Batman Evolution” Music Video Captures Caped Crusader History On Piano And StringsBizarre New Campaign Wants Americans To Know That Some Republicans Use Macs, Are HumanThis Lamp Only Works If You Hand Over Your SmartphoneChartbeat Aims To Move Publishers’ Attention Away From Page ViewsA Fungus Could Create Corn Crops Strong Enough That We Won’t Need GMOsInside A Sphere, Your iPhone Becomes A 3-D Interface You Can TouchFast Company Is Looking For A Web Development InternLiterary Titans Side With Hachette Over AmazonChloé Founder Gaby Aghion DiesEllo’s 5 Biggest Design CrimesOkay, You Can Wear Your Silly Smartwatch If It Turns Into A DroneThe Best Drones For Aerial Photography, Videography, And Generally Having FunData-Driven Debt Collection Startup TrueAccord Has Some Advice To Help Get You Paid“Quotes On Shit” Turns Junk Into Shiny New ObjectsWatch This Video, And You’ll Wish You Had A Lot More Marbled Paper In Your LifeThe Top 10 Best Places To Work RemotelyYou Really Are Seeing Breasts In These Facebook, Instagram, And Twitter LogosEvery Time You Save Calories, This App Donates Them To A Food BankOur Sense Of Fairness Is As Old As Our Monkey AncestorsWhy One Of Tesla’s Cofounders Now Works On Garbage Trucks Instead Of CarsThis Is The Apple Store Of Libraries6 Ways Oculus – And VR – Could Fail Yet AgainThese Marvel Characters As Retro SuperCereals Will Save You From Boring BreakfastWhy Is Goldman Sachs Advocating For Sustainability?This Ride-Sharing Service Is Like Uber For The ElderlyYou’ve Got Everything Now, Including The Chance To Buy Merchandise From Morrissey’s Online ShopAs Protests Rage, These Dizzying Photos Show Life In One Of The World’s Densest CitiesDude! This Monster Energy Truckstravaganza With Dan Bilzerian Is Crazy, BroHow Trying The New GoPro Cameras Made Me A BelieverIs The Cadillac ELR More Than Just A Fancy Volt?How To Master CopywritingAussie Tower Is Like A Subdivision In The SkyThe Yachts Of The Super-Rich Do Battle In These Violent Photo MontagesAl Gore’s Climate Change Optimism Will Make You Feel A Little Better About The FutureIt’s Time To Look Beyond The SmartwatchThe Tallest Tower In The U.S. Is Being Built By A WomanTim & Eric’s Awesome New GE Ad Stars Jeff Goldblum, Great Job!Lessons In Looking Good From The Over-60 Stars Of “Advanced Style”Watch Gehry, Boiler, Behar, And Others Talk About The Importance Of The Creative Brief In “Briefly”Behind DC Entertainment’s Primetime PushThe Difference Between Internal And External Focus, And Why It MattersDrunk People, Therapy, And Extreme Honesty: How This Restaurant Found Meaty SuccessHow Taking A Sabbatical Isn’t As Impossible As It SoundsHow To Write A Networking Email That Isn’t Annoying4 Ways To Build And Sustain A Better Team CultureWhy Taking A Bunch Of Breaks Wasn’t As Great As We Expected5 Steps To Turning Around A Faltering BusinessHow Your “Always Busy” Pace Is Ruining Your Decision-MakingWhat Industries Are The First To Introduce Wearables At Work?The Most Logical Yet Underrated Employee Engagement StrategyQuote Of The Week: The Poetry Of The Moment Is Often In The RestraintThe End Of Passwords? This Bracelet Unlocks Computers And Doors With Your HeartbeatMove Over, Bake Sales: The New School Fundraising Model Sells Local, Organic GroceriesYahoo is Killing Its Web Directory, And With It A Little Bit of the Internet’s SoulForget Pumpkin Spice: Homemade Costumes of “Up” Characters Is What Halloween Is All AboutThe Recommender: Sandra Pasquariello, Who Was The Williams Sisters’ Ball Girl For A Day (Kind Of)Cartier’s Anti-Counterfeit Push Runs Afoul Of Free Speech AdvocatesSorry Brands, People Still Care More About Tweets From People They KnowStudy: Google Glass Doesn’t Make It Safe To Text And DriveIdeo Helps Develop New Designed-Minded Journalism DegreeToday in Tabs: Ello Darkness, My Old FriendFlights! Camera! Action! FAA Gives Hollywood Permission To Fly Drones“Thug Kitchen Cookbook” Will Stop You From Being a Lazy F*@k About FoodHow Levi’s Turned A Design Evil Into A Design SignatureThom Yorke Hearts BitTorrent, Releases Spooky New AlbumThe Case Of China’s Missing Tesla CarsThis Interactive Mirror Shows Women Positive Things About Themselves They Don’t SeeCan You Recognize Your Favorite Websites By Looking Only At Their Skeletons?BlackBerry Passport Pre-Orders Sold Out After Two DaysUntil The Real Thing Arrives: 2 Visions Of True Detective Season 2Payments Company Stripe To Power Facebook’s Buy ButtonTalkTalk and “The X Factor” Re-invent The Video SelfieThis Hidden Cam Stunt Shows How Often A Woman’s Boobs Get Checked Out DailyBaggu CEO Emily Sugihara On Why All Designers Should Visit TokyoThis Mexican Wildflower Could Help Clean Up The Perfume IndustryThis Drain Cover Captures Debris So Drains Don’t Clog During StormsLearn to Product Week Three: Think Small, Ask Why Five TimesApple Execs Unloaded $143 Million In Stock In SeptemberLove Post-It Notes? You’ll Love This New Productivity App That Digitizes ThemWhy This Patagonia Designer Still Loves His Job After 17 YearsFacial Prosthetics Get A Makeover Thanks To 3-D PrintingCuddle Up To Brutalist Architecture With These Pillows And BlanketsThe Vysk iPhone Case Ensures Your Camera And Photos Never Get HackedThe Tiny Wireless Earbuds Of The Future Are Made Possible By SoftwareWe Could Save $100 Trillion If We Ditched Private Car Ownership By 2050As Edible Insects Become More Popular, Thailand’s Insect Farming Community Is GrowingSpecialized Gear For Transit Commuters Protects You From Other People’s GermsCEOs Get Paid A Lot More Than People Think–And No One Is Happy About ItDebbie Millman On The Courage To Fail At Doing What You LoveHave You Ever Designed Something You Were Too Ashamed To Put Your Name On?The Stunning Paper Sculptures Of George Nelson’s Right-Hand ManCould This Toy Persuade Military Men To Do Yoga?New “A Clockwork Orange” Illustrations Are Super CreepyKnowing When And How to Blend Your Work And Personal LivesThis App Is Your 360-Degree Passport To The WorldThe (Surprisingly Profitable) Rise Of Podcast NetworksWith Response To Touch, ToyTalk’s Conversational Characters Get More RealisticThe U.S. Cities With The Most Bike Commuters (It’s Still Not A Lot)Standing Desks Are Coming To Schools, To Cure Obesity And Increase Attention SpansOnly A Radical Design Shift Can Fix Apple’s Bendy iPhone ProblemNetflix Spoils Everything, Budweiser Makes Us Cry With A Puppy: The Top 5 Ads Of The WeekAmerica’s Digital Divide: Startups Fly, Storefronts StruggleFinding The Untold Story Of Rock Legend Jimi Hendrix In “All Is By My Side”Getting Over Impostor Syndrome, Procrastination & Monday-Hate: This Week’s Most Popular Leadership StoriesShould You Include A Video With Your Resume?3 Lessons In Growing Pains From GrubHub’s VP Of Corporate AccountsHow Your Spouse’s Personality Affects Your Success At WorkDefining The Future Of Public Relations5 Ways Magic Helped Me Carve Out A Path In BusinessProductivity Hack Of The Week: Use Aromatherapy To Improve Your WorkI Have Four Jobs. . . Is This The “New Economy”?Yes, Gender Equality Is A Men’s IssueThe New Habit Challenge: Single Task By Using Only One Browser Tab At A TimeGet Ready For This Epic Glow-In-The-Dark Ski Movie From PhilipsApple: The iPhone 6 Bending Problem Is Not A ProblemToday in Tabs: No Its BeckyHow Bill Hader Went From Production Assistant To “SNL” Hero To Leading Man“We’re Not Trying To Be Something For Everybody”: The Promise And Perils Of ElloSecretive Amazon Lab To Develop Wearables and Household Devices4 Oculus Rift Developers Who Are Going To Blow Your MindAutodeskSee The Big Bang Of The Next InternetThis Five-Story House Is Attached To The Side Of A CliffBringing Solar Power To Remote Hospitals Is Saving LivesSan Francisco And Los Angeles Try To Put The Brakes On Sidecar’s CarpoolThis Unofficial Ad Shows How Google Glass Can Actually Do GoodAsk FCancer’s Yael Cohen Braun And Her Husband Anything!In Photos: Ai Weiwei Goes To AlcatrazYacht-Designing Billionaire Wants To Build A Yacht-Shaped HospitalApple Fixes iOS 8 Cellular Bug, Might Replace Bent iPhonesMap: Which Countries Are Most Responsible For Climate Change?Your New Favorite Instagram Account Is Eavesdropping On Your ConversationsFAA Issues Drone Permits To Six Production CompaniesA Dummy’s Guide To The “Bash Bug,” Your New (And Scarier) HeartbleedSmart Homes Make For Angry RoommatesRivers Can Tweet At You To Tell You When They FloodA Public Phone Charging Station That Harnesses Power From Pedestrians’ FootstepsHow To Pick The Best Wireless Carrier For YouA Better Use For All The Fruit Going To Waste: Fruit Jerky9 Rare Photos Of The First Crossing Of AntarcticaThis Film Is Made From 3,000 Animated GIFsMyontec’s Smart Shorts Will Measure Your Athletic Performance From Below The BeltHow Pandora Helps Musicians Plan ToursRadical Re-Use: Finding Unexpected New Life For Weird Industrial StuffIn China, The Modern Shopping Mall Is Topped With An Urban Farm, Not With CarsSee 128 years Of Coca-Cola’s History In 2 MinutesThis Is What Your Grocery Store Will Look Like In 2065What Needs To Happen For Impact Investing To Be The World-Changing Force It Could BeTilt Brush Is Like Microsoft Paint For The Year 2020The Insanity Of CEO Paychecks, VisualizedWhy Wendy’s Wants To Conquer The Fast Food World With BBQA Typeface For The BauhausInside The Company That Got Rid Of EmailThis Adaptable House Reshapes Itself For Your Growing Family, Or For Your DivorceHow Issa Rae Went From Awkward Black Girl To Indie TV Producer5 Design Lessons From Anna Sui, Fashion’s Enduring Boho QueenFinding The Overlap Between Your Creative Passions And Your CareerWatch This Oculus Rift Skateboarding Trip Through Las VegasThe Directors Of Nick Cave Doc “20,000 Days On Earth” On Making A Film As Unconventional As Its SubjectCobain, Tupac, Winehouse: Street Artist D*Face Portrays Artists Who Burned Bright and Died YoungCrazy Entrepreneurial Advice That Actually Isn’t5 Strategies For Big-Picture ThinkingWhat It’s Really Like For Women In Tech3 Considerations You Should Take When Managing From AfarJungle Bird Is Racing To Save The World, One Madcap Video Bombing At A TimeThe 7-Step Formula For A Performance Review That Actually WorksHow To Negotiate Your Way To Loving Your Job (Without Ever Mentioning Money)4 Things CEOs Who Stay Off Social Media Don’t Have To Worry AboutWhy Venture Capital Wasn’t Right For Me And 15 Alternative Funding SourcesDeleted That U2 Album From Your iPhone Yet? Here’s Why You Must. Right. Now.Deleted That U2 Album From Your iPhone Yet? Here’s Why You Must. Right. Now.The Best (And Worst) Times To Post On Social Media (Infographic)How Neil Gaiman Stays Creative In An Age Of Constant DistractionWatch 128 years Of Coca-Cola’s History In 2 Minutes