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How To Go From Working At The Apple Genius Bar To Writing Comedy For TVParallels Desktop 10 Gets Faster, More Efficient, and Ready for YosemitePlease Don’t Put Your Phone Away During The MovieUber’s Plans For Global Domination, Revealed Through Job ListingsTOMS Shoes: Now Brought To You By Bain CapitalGap, Elisabeth Moss, Michael K. Williams, And Zosia Mamet Urge You To “Dress Normal” In New CampaignYou Can Now Create Vines By Importing Existing VideosBy Planting Miniature Gardens On Abandoned Bikes, This Project Helped Clean Up TokyoWhat’s The Future For Impact Investing?Dream Job Alert: Chocolate ScientistA Look Inside The Cottage Industry Of GIFsWhy Capital One Labs Is Banking On ExperimentationTwitter Quietly Confirms That Faves Can Now Show Up Like RetweetsBill Murray, Marlon Brando, And Robin Williams Star In The 10 Best Improvised Movie Scenes EverHow Spotify’s Music-Obsessed Culture Keeps Employees HookedFor Its Slightly Crap New Campaign, Newcastle Wants Your Mediocre PhotosComing Soon To Snapchat: CommercialsThis Simulator Shows The Relative Chance of Ebola Arriving At The World’s AirportsTwitter To Suspend Accounts Posting Graphic Images Of James Foley’s ExecutionThis App Tells You Which Battery-Sucking Apps To Delete From Your PhoneThis Video Remix is Mark Ronson’s TED Talk About Sampling, SampledA 17-Year-Old Invented This Smart Device That Makes Clean Water And Power At The Same TimeKa-Pow: Watch These Fish Cannons Shoot Salmon Safely Over Dams5 Rules Of Tomorrow’s Bottom LineHow I Taught My 6-Year-Old To Use The Internet, And Not Let Google Take Her Allowance MoneyCan Susan Orlean Teach You To Write Like Susan Orlean?Grab Me A Fresh-Brewed Artisanal Coffee–From The Vending Machine?The Future Of Coffee Looks Bitter And Pricey, Courtesy Of Climate Change4 Reasons Good Leaders Are Hard To FindHow To Work For A Manager You Never SeeThanks To Instagram It’s Time To Up Your Visual Marketing GameAsk The Experts: How Can I Get People To Take Me Seriously?6 Ways To Trick People Into Thinking You’re Smarter Than You Actually Are6 Tech Leaders On What It Takes To Get Hired At Their CompaniesInstead Of Butting Heads, How Hiring Managers And Recruiters Can Work Together3 Reasons To Keep Working On A Doomed Startup5 Myths About Innovation That Are Limiting Your SuccessSee 43 Years Of Nike Sneaker Evolution In “The Genealogy Of Innovation” VideoKids Left In Hot Cars: Why Technology And (Your) Creativity Are Needed To Prevent The UnthinkablePeyton Manning And Cam Newton Prank Convenience Store Customers In Gatorade’s New Hidden Camera CampaignDolby Is Bringing Its Atmos Movie Sound Technology HomeThe Crowd Power Plant: Aggregating Home Energy Production For Better PricesAmsterdam Is Cleaning Up A Polluted Waterway With A Bunch Of Artists In HouseboatsFeeding Entrepreneurship: Hearty Advice From Joe Bastianich And Tim Love Of “Restaurant Startup”Defeat Your Job Hunt Forever By Learning These Big Data ToolsThe answer to all your questions about Pumpkin Spice Latte, in one post.Now You Can “See” Birdsong In This Trippy Digital AnimationThis Is Kuddle, The Instagram For KidsJason Reitman Continues Dramatic Streak, Takes On Social Media, Alienation in “Men, Women, And Children”To Simplify Mobile Shopping, PayPal Wants To Eliminate Filling Out Billing And Shipping InfoSpray-On Solar May Be Cheaper And More Eco-Friendly Than The Panels On Your RoofDiets, Baby Joggers, Antichrist: The Rich And Poor Have Distinct Search HabitsWatch It: See Every Stylized, Bloody Death From Every Quentin Tarantino MovieThis Smart Ceiling Fan Links With Nest To Make Your AC More Cool–While Using Less EnergyFind This Energy Company Its Newest Executive, Get A $100,000 RewardGoogle Maps’ Former Lead Data Scientist Is Now Building The World’s Largest Plant LibraryRabbit: A Free Video Chat That Makes It Easy To Watch Netflix With FriendsHow Chester Cheetah Got A Role, Or Two, In “Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare”4 Apps That Get You Lost, So You Can Have Actual ExperiencesHow Do You Feel About Being Turned Into Compost When You Die?This Cup Tells You How Many Calories You’re DrinkingWhy You Should Keep Going, Even In The Face Of RejectionReggie Watts And Greenpeace Want You, And Twitter, And Pinterest, To Create A Cleaner InternetFighting The Endless Spread Of Ebola Misinformation On Social MediaCan Blossom’s MIT-Enhanced Brew Win Over Skeptical Baristas?How To Keep It Together At Work When Your Personal Life Is A Mess7 Non-Sketchy Ways To Stay In Touch With Your ContactsThe Company That Uses Coffee To Fuel Entrepreneurial SuccessThis Guy Wants Girls To Skip College And Go Straight Into Tech JobsThe Email Hack That Could Turn Dissatisfied Users Into Loyal CustomersWatch A Latte Artist Make Famous Internet Animals (And A Poo-Moji) Out Of FoamHow To Reconcile Your Artistic Pursuits With A Day JobDeep Down, Do We Crave The Corporate Ladder?4 Lessons In Entrepreneurship I Learned From Working So-Called Dead-End Jobs5 Quick Tricks To Boost Your WillpowerGender Inequality’s Latest Victim: Flex-Time RequestsFor Upcoming TVs, Roku Nixes The Input Button And Slims Down The Remote To 20 KeysWho Says Power Plants Have To Be Ugly? This Sculpture Reinvents Wind Power As ArtCoffee Week Front pageNorton Goes Beyond The Box With An All-In-One Security ServiceA Twitter App Marc Andreessen Would LoveNike’s LED-Outfitted Basketball Court Teaches Real-Time NBA Training DrillsFinancing A Coding School Education With Peer-to-Peer LoansTim Hortons Goes Dark In An Attempt To Shock Customers With Delicious New CoffeeTesla Extends Drive Train Warranty to “Infinite Miles”Add Fart Noises To All Of Your Favorite YouTube Videos–For A Good CauseThis “Collapsabottle” Squishes Down To Fit In A Pocket, So You’ll Stop Buying Bottled WaterInfographic: See Which States Torrent Your Favorite Shows, Games, and Movies The MostThe Uber-Lyft Cancellation Wars, Visualized In Two (Pretty) ChartsJust a Fairly Accurate Portrayal of How Michael Bay Might Have Directed “Up”For Its Latest Experiment, Twitter Is Showing Faves As RetweetsA New App Tracks Where Cyclists Actually Ride, To Help Plan Better PathsHow Google’s PageRank Quantifies Things (Like History’s Best Tennis Player) Beyond The WebApple’s “Misunderstood” Ad Gets Some Recognition From The Emmy AwardsArt & Soul: Elevating the Coffee ExperienceThe 10 Best Pieces Of Advice For Making A Fresh StartWhy I Stopped Apologizing For Being A Working MotherDavid Rees Wants You To Be Psyched About Everything, And His TV Show Teaches You HowThese Ad Whizzes Will Rewrite Your Boring Craigslist Post–For FreeThe Miss Possible Line Of Dolls Inspires Girls To Be Engineers, Pilots, And ProgrammersThe Secret to Tory Burch’s Success: StorytellingHow Did Tory Burch Build a $1 Billion Brand So Quickly? Patience.Announcing the Winner of the Coffee Week Bracket10 Third-Wave Coffee Innovators Worth Buzzing AboutHow Tory Burch Measures Up Against Her CompetitorsTory Burch’s Personal TouchThe Multimillion Dollar Quest To Brew The Perfect Cup Of CoffeeYour Coffee Is Getting Fancier, But Is It Getting Better For The World?These Creepy, Abandoned Italian Chapels Are Being RemadeThe Most Common Phrases That Are Red Flags At WorkQuote Of The Week: Coffee Solves EverythingWhat I Wish I Knew When I Started My Company5 Perks Your Employees Really WantWhy Wearing The Same Thing Every Day Didn’t Help My Creative ThinkingWhy Work-Life Balance Is A Load Of Crap6 Ways Your Brain Tries To Kill Your Ideas And How To Fight ThemCoffee Alternatives That Are Better For ProductivityHow To Get The Really Good Ideas FlowingFollow The History Of Smoking In Advertising–From Aspirational To ShamefulWho Actually Cares About Spoilers? Spoiler: About 70% Of UsA Fork In The Road: Mario Batali Shares His Career Turning Points“Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” and Growing Power of Protest MemesThe Case Against SmartphonesWhy Intel And The Michael J. Fox Foundation Are Teaming Up To Create Wearable Tech For Parkinson’sA Smart Motorcycle Helmet Smashes Through Its Indiegogo GoalThe Cities That Spend The Most On Bike Lanes Later Reap The Most RewardDoes Workplace Competition Kill Women’s Creativity?How Julep Turned Women’s Self-Blame Into A Hit New ProductApple Shows Off A More Diverse Leadership TeamWith Waze Partnership, Easy Taxi Passengers Can Share Their ETAs With Friends3 Apps That Improve Access To The Justice SystemWatch These Horrifying Robots Swarm Together In Funny Shapes (Before They Kill Us)Take This Interactive 3-D Hike Up Mount Everest If You Must, But Please Be CarefulJack Dorsey And Other Square Insiders Respond To All The HatersEA Marks “Madden Season” With A Bonkers Music Video Featuring Kevin Hart And Dave FrancoThe FAA Says You Can’t Share Your AirplaneWaking Up Early, Challenging Colbert’s Gravitas, And Re-Thinking Productivity: The Most Popular Leadership Stories This WeekInfographic: Here Are The Average Ages Of Every “Saturday Night Live” Cast EverStarbucks Jumps On The Cold Brew TrainThese Hyper-Efficient Lightbulbs Have A Built-In Dimmer, For Even More SavingsWhat Is Sapphire, The Super-Tough Display Material That Might Come To The iPhone?Why The Internet Of Things Won’t Look The Way You ThinkThe World’s First Climate Refugees (Sort Of)This Smartphone-Connected Device Will One Day Quickly Detect Your STDsThis Smart Sleep Tracker Tells You Why You’re Not Getting Enough SleepThis Portable, Floating House Is Light Enough To Tow By BicycleThe Recommender: Reyhan Harmanci, Who Hallucinated At DollywoodNo More Hovering: Now Women Can Pee Like Men With This Pretty Paper FunnelWhat It’s Like To Be The Mayor Of Lego Fusion TownYouTube’s CEO Is About To Take The Highest-Profile Maternity Leave Since Marissa Mayer3 Things You Should Do At The End Of Your Summer InternshipA Field Guide To All The Jerks You Work WithThe Hudson Valley Learning Center That’s Training Women Who Want To Change The World5 Ways To Hone Your Problem-Solving Abilities And Become An Expert In Your FieldThe Introvert’s Guide To NetworkingThe New Habit Challenge: Drink Your Coffee When Science Tells You ToThe People Have Spoken: It’s Time To Start Trusting Your Employees MoreWhat’s More Important In Hiring Than A Good Cover Letter? A LotFrom the Jaws of Victory: The Battle Over The World’s Largest Tyrannosaurus RexA Coffee Brand Saves Kids From Gangs, Robots Invade The Museum: The Top 5 Ads Of The WeekHere’s Why, How, And What You Should Doodle To Boost Your Memory And CreativitySpike Lee and Beats Music Fight The Power, Celebrate The 25th Anniversary Of “Do The Right Thing” With A New DocAutomatically Reserve Your Favorite Username With EarlyclaimInevitable Robot Uprising More Inevitable Than Ever, Already HappeningLil Wayne Blesses Forthcoming Album Cover With Tattoo-Faced Toddler Wayne (Again)This Kenyan School Harvests All The Water That Students Need To DrinkEstée Lauder and Momofuku Team For A Surprisingly Delicious-Sounding Perfume CookieA Cheap Sensor To See If Clean Water Projects Are Actually Working As PlannedA Coffee Company Wants To Save Central American Kids From Gang CultureThis New Satellite Will Make Google Maps Much BetterAnonymous And St. Louis Police Spar On Twitter Over Identity Of Michael Brown’s Killer (Updated)The Best “Fifty Shades Of Grey” Trailer MashupsCamoji Brings Your Texts To Life By Making It Easy To Send Moving GIFsVisualize Your Favorite Music… On Your ShirtThis Anti-Drug PSA Is Mandatory Viewing For Electric Zoo AttendeesApple Bans Two Toxic Chemicals Used To Build IPhonesAn App That Lets Diabetics Share Supplies And AdviceIggy Azalea Swings A Hattori Hanzo Sword In “Kill Bill” Video HomageThe Long-Term Response To The Ebola Crisis Needs To Go Back To BasicsDo People Actually Care More When A Celebrity Supports A Charity?Spring, The App That Promises To Make Mobile Shopping FunThe Newest Wearable Tech Keeps Track Of How Happy You AreYour Car-Centric City Is Why You’re FatThis Bike Grows Up With Your Kids, So You Don’t Have To Keep Buying New OnesThese Reinvented Running Blades Could Let More Paralympians Into The OlympicsColdplay’s Chris Martin Will Make You Nostalgic For Your BlackberryFighting Rape Culture With A Giant, Touring “Monument” QuiltHow To Get Useful Product Feedback On The FlyWill Half Of People Be Working Remotely By 2020?8 Companies That Have Figured Out Unique And Meaningful Ways To Express GratitudeReady To Launch A Startup? Try This Unpopular Piece Of Advice First5 People Who Took A Huge Pay Cut For Their Unique Dream JobsHow Zippo Has Reignited Its Fan Base With Personal Branding And On Social Media5 Women In Tech Share The Best And Worst Advice They’ve Ever ReceivedIs It Possible For Freelancers To Ever Retire?Why It’s Time To Manage Progress And Not PeopleHow A World-Class Heart Surgeon Found The One Leadership Trait Many Businesses Are Missing