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A Cheap Solar-Powered Oven That Bakes Bread Without PollutionThis Is What Happens When You Order From The Warby Parker Of MattressesSee “T.G.I. Fart,” “Jamba Jews”, And Other Corporate Parody Art From Nathan Fielder’s “Dumb Starbucks” Show23andMe Receives $1.4M From National Institutes Of HealthWatch This “Cute” Toddler Moment Trigger An Internet-Wide Existential CrisisWatch It: This Gorgeous, Styrofoam-Modeled Stop-Motion Animation Brings Creative Doubt To LifePinterest Acquires, And Shuts Down, Visual Organization Site IcebergsIs Snapchat The Next $10 Billion Startup?CUNY To Open A Center For Visualizing Big DataAmazon’s New 3-D Printing Store Is Only Selling A BuzzwordActivia (With the Help of Shakira’s Hips) Displaces Volkswagen With Most Shared Ad of All TimeQuentin Tarantino’s Resurrected “Hateful Eight” Project Already Has An AdSquare’s New Device Will Read Microchip Credit CardsWith BIG’s New Zoo, The People Are Caged While The Animals Roam FreeHow OS X Became Apple’s Sexiest ProductWatch Jude Law Win A Bet For A Luxury Boat, With A DanceWhy Did Instagram Release Bolt, Another Snapchat Clone?Can A Modern Bike Inspire More People To Ride?The App That Lets You Split The Bill… For Your KidThis Wireframe Furniture Is Like Software You Can Sit OnHow To Make City Life Easier For Senior CitizensSignal: An App That Brings Free, Encrypted Phone Calls To Your iPhoneThe Graphic History Of Sex On ScreenThe Cutest Pinhole Camera We’ve Seen3 Ways To Grow More Food Without Stressing The EnvironmentAre You Living In A Place That Makes Your Life Better?HealthTap Wants To Be Your New On-Call DoctorManila Is Building Out A 100,000-Strong Network Of Electric Trikes14 Portraits Of College Grads Living At HomeYou Not Knowing That You’re Fat Is Why You’re FatVirgin Mobile Will Let You Build Precisely The Wireless Plan You WantDuracell Shows An NFL Action From Both Teams’ Perspectives In New AdsThe Sacred, The Profane, & Mickey: Disney Characters Become Historical Art In “Profanity Pop”Archi-Mashups Splice And Dice Famous HousesThe Best And Worst Paying Jobs In DesignBeing A Migrant Worker In Qatar Is Even Worse Than You ThoughtThis Ear-Shattering Bike Whistle Makes Drivers Pay AttentionA Futuristic Office Design To Combat Your Constant DistractionYves Béhar, Star Venture Designer, Plots His Next MoveThe Best States For New Parents Still Fall Very ShortHow to Land Your Dream Job–Even When The Company Isn’t HiringHiring A Babysitter Is Now As Easy As Making Dinner ReservationsWant To Be Successful? You Should Talk To Yourself MoreWhat’s The Current State Of The American Dream? (Infographic)Why You Should Hire Failed Startup Founders5 Job-Hunting Survival Tips For Recent GradsThe Consistently Overlooked Component To Going ViralHow To Balance Your New Hires’s Expectations With RealityDan Harmon On Embracing Your LazinessThe Morning Routines Of The Most Successful People5 Common Employee Pay Mistakes–And How To Fix ThemWindows Phone 8.1 Is Already Getting An UpgradeThe Keys To Kim Kardashian’s Krazy Gaming SuccessTwitter Grows User Base to 271 Million, But Says Total Audience Size Is Much LargerHow Can Recruiters Grab Engineers’ Attention? With More Money (Duh)Hoping To Rebound, Malaysia Airlines Weighs Name ChangeAmazon Is Experimenting With A New Homepage DesignRed Lobster Aims For An Elusive Catch: The Upscale Diner12 Awesomely Isometric Illustrations Of Classic ’70s CarsDunkin’ Donuts Wants To See You To Take A Bite Out Of Its Shark Week DonutWatch The Trailer For “Batkid Begins”: See How A City Made A 5-Year-Old Boy With Cancer A SuperheroMicrosoft Offices In China Raided In Antitrust InvestigationAndroid Security Flaw Allows Hackers To Create “Fake IDs”Uber Partners With Concur To Streamline Business ExpensesSmart Presents A Big (Really Big) Vision For The Future Of Urban TransportationImagine Pot Was Legal. How Would You Brand It?Lyft Taps Virgin America’s Jesse McMillin For Its First Creative DirectorNeed To Pee? Quick! Check Your Phone And Find A Free Toilet17th-Century French Hotel Gets A Modern Dutch MakeoverPhysicians Develop An App To Help Prosecute Rapists In The CongoHugo Chávez’s Handwriting Turned Into “Anti-Imperialist” FontThe Internet’s Most Famous Cats Band Together To Save Tigers From ExtinctionFacebook Will Start Forcing Users Over To Messenger In The Next Few DaysVersailles To Get First New Permanent Sculpture In 300 YearsWhy You Can’t Learn To Code Without Open Source“I Lied To You A Few Days Ago”: The Leak Messaging App And Anonymous HonestyHow To Hack A New Brain For Your Old Game Boy With Raspberry Pi12 Ways To Eat Your WeedHow To Make Your Own iOS 8 KeyboardIf A Bike Can Make It Here, It Can Make It AnywhereWhy You Should Be Watching Your Company’s Cloud StatsHow One Artist’s Work Tackled Big Data (40 Years Before It Existed)Report: Microsoft To Release Two New Windows PhonesPeeking Under The Hood Of NPR’s New Mobile AppThis “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” Poster Accidentally Directly Evokes 9/11Swell Shuts Down Following Apple AcquisitionA Startup That Promises To Deliver What Women Really Want: Sexy Men As ServantsGE’s New Internal Startup Wants To Make Cheaper, More Efficient Fuel CellsExperts In Charge Of Imaginary $200 Billion VC Climate Fund Say Kill Coal, Spend On NuclearFly Through A City Owned By DronesTwitter Censors An Account For The Russian GovernmentA Coach Flight That Doesn’t Suck? Just Wait Until 2018MOOCs Are No Longer A Cultural Export Of The WestThese Floating Vertical Farms Are Designed To Bring Local Food To The Densest Urban AreasRemembering Priya Haji: “The Best Social Entrepreneur Of Our Generation”The New Clark Art Institute Reinvents The Museum Fountain For A Sustainable AgeNew York’s New $20 Billion Neighborhood Of Skyscrapers Is Designed With Millennials In MindLinkedIn Redesigns User Profiles To Foster Relationship Building4 Things You Didn’t Know About Chuck Jones, Brilliant Creator Of Road Runner And Wile E. CoyoteIdeo Rebrands Disaster PreparednessInside NYC’s $20 Billion Quest To Build A Neighborhood From ScratchRocki, The Device That Retrofits Old Speakers, Partners With RhapsodyBrainstorming Doesn’t Work; Try This Technique InsteadStarwood’s App-Driven Vision For The Hotel Of The FutureThe Chicago Nonprofit That’s Helping A Million Low-Income Students Graduate7 Ways To Keep Your Team From Feeling OverworkedWhy Your Business Needs An EnemyWhy The Education Economy Is The Next Big Thing For The American WorkforceThe Five Best Places In The World To Start A Company (Infographic)Would You Hire These Famous People Based On Their Former Job Applications?Forget Silicon Valley–New York’s Tech Companies Have The Biggest Gender GapHow To Start A Networking Group That Will Actually WorkHow To Build A Feminist WorkplaceDon’t Fail When Your Business Fails: Tips For Bouncing Back5 Lessons In Self-Improvement We Can Learn From The MarinesFast Company Is Looking For An Editorial InternHow To Jump The Shark (Onto A New York Subway) From The Director Of “Sharknado” And “Sharknado 2”Behind The Mind-Melting “Mouth Silence” Mashup That’s Delighting And Upsetting The InternetSnoop, Slash, Linkin Park, And Hans Zimmer Have A Message About The Quality Of Your AudioHilton Rooms Will Soon Unlock Via iPhonesHow Google Searches Can Predict The Next Stock Market CrashHow A Billionaire Crook Bought Art-World CredWhy Modern Computing Devices Drive Us To Distraction“Star Wars” Creator George Lucas Names Architect For New Chicago MuseumAirbnb Takes On Business Travel With Concur PartnershipOkCupid’s Human Experiments Are Way Creepier Than Facebook’sAmid Meat Scandal, McDonald’s Pulls Big Mac From Menus In ChinaYou Haven’t Been Dizzy Until You’ve Watched A GoPro Strapped To A Car TireWhy Nobody Likes To Chew Gum AnymoreIf You Live Near A Bike Lane, You’re Probably HealthierHate Assembling Furniture? These Ingenious Tables Snap TogetherBarbie Sales Are Down For The Eighth Consecutive Quarter, Because MonstersIn Boston, The Internet of Things Is Already In Front Of Your FaceYour Brain On 6 Hours Of Sleep A NightThis Stunning Trailer For “Mad Max: Fury Road” Was A Comic-Con HighlightLuxury Counterfeits In China Get SophisticatedCaptivating 3-D Scenes Drawn In Just 10 MinutesThis Guy Popping An Epic Wheelie Wins Our Hearts At The Tour de FranceThis Ridiculous Contest Summarizes Everything About The Startup Economy“Cheese Curls of Instagram” Reveals The Amazing World In A Bag Of Orange Snack TreatsApple Just Acquired Two Streaming Media Startups. Here’s WhyWhile Bottling Water In The Middle Of A Drought, Nestle Says: Let’s Have A Water Party!These New Songs Are Scientifically Designed To Cure Your Road RageWhy Did We Care About the Facebook Contagion Study? Or Did We Even Care At All?Virgin America Files For IPOInside The Data Science That’s Shining New Light On Syria’s Civil WarFind Out Who’s Your Parents’ Favorite Child, With FacebookWatch: How Adobe Illustrator Changed Graphic DesignHow Holiday Inn Helped A Double Amputee Walk AgainAt Last, A Scientific Solution For Delivering Hot Grilled Cheese SandwichesHow To Keep Our Buildings From Making Us FatThe Coming Human Body On A Chip That Will Change How We Make DrugsCould This One App Take The Headache Out Of International Air Travel?A Visual Guide To The Perfect Boiled EggCleaning Up Polluting Mines With Plants–Plants That Then Turn Into Precious MetalsWhat The Wright Brothers Could Teach Today’s Innovators About Solving ProblemsWhat The Future Looks Like To North Koreans Who Have Never LeftWhy TED Has Given All Of Its Employees A Mandatory Two-Week Summer VacationFinding A Lucrative Niche-Within-A-Niche In The Internet EconomyOne Family, Two Generations Of Stay-At-Home DadsIt’s Time To Welcome The Chief Analytics Officer To The C-suite8 Women Entrepreneurs Share How They Conquered Their Biggest RoadblocksWhy Women Entrepreneurs Are Happier Than Male EntrepreneursWhy The Most Abused Sentence In Your Company Is Bad For BusinessWhen And How You Should Delegate Email To Your Assistant8 Reasons Why Creatives Will Rule The WorldHow 60 Seconds And One Word A Day Can Reduce Your StressQuote Of The Week: Be A Quitter7 Signs Your Internship Is Going WellHow Top Executives Turn Problems Into Opportunities, And You Can, TooDear Creative Professionals: There’s A Much Bigger Brief You Should Be Working On Right NowIntroducing The Blackline, A Bike To Navigate The Windy CityThe Recommender: Sydney Brownstone, Who Is Starting A Fast Company House Band. Maybe?Why Automakers Want 4G Inside CarsPadBot, The Robotic Avatar For EveryoneLyft’s Ride-Sharing Service Gets A New York City Greenlight, Will Hit The Streets At 7 O’Clock TonightThese Rooftop Solar Panels Double As Extra Housing For Crowded CitiesThis Sainsbury’s Supermarket Is Powered Completely By Food Waste–Which It Has A Lot OfMcLiterary McCups? McDonald’s Is Rebranding To Take On ChipotleAre Roller Coasters Getting Too Xtreme?This Cruel Pavlok Bracelet Shocks You To ExerciseDronies Are The New SelfiesHP’s Post-Electronic Solution To Tomorrow’s Huge DataFiremen, Zombies, Naked Ladies: Playboy Presents His And Hers Fantasy Parties12 Hand-Written Love Letters From Famous People, From Henry VIII To Michael JordanChina’s Baidu Is Developing A Self-Driving CarThe Top 5 Leadership Stories, July 21-25Wikipedia Bans Congress From Editing Pages For 10 DaysAlco-graphic: Guzzle This Roundup Of Your Favorite Characters’ Go-To DrinksForget Bitcoin, This Nike Vending Machine Makes Hard-Earned Sweat The Newest Currency10 Awesome Photos Of People Shooting Out Of WaterslidesWatch The Only-Marginally-Less-Exciting Trailer For 50 Shades Of GreyNo Glasses Needed: Prototype Smartphone Display Accounts For Your Bad VisionThis Timeless Living Document Is Helping Scientists Discover More About BearsA Smartphone Remote For Nerds, With All The Power Of IFTTTHere’s What Happens When David Lynch Directs An Ad For $50 Christian Louboutin Nail PolishGoogle X Moonshot Wants To Map A Perfectly Healthy Human Body“RxMen” Are Medications For Common Superhero Ailments“What Size Am I?”: Clothes Horse Takes On Fashion’s Most Awkward QuestionThe Body Language Of Creative ThinkersSketchy Guys Demanding Your Number? Give Them This Fake One And They’ll Learn SomethingShould We Charge More For Coveted Parking Spaces?The Bike Fits In A Backpack, So It’s Super Easy To Bring On Trips (Some Assembly Required)Dying By Design: The Plants In This Garden Show If You’re Breathing Dirty AirI Got Drunk And Tried Muji’s New Relaxation App. I Would Not Recommend ItStylish Airport Hotel Celebrates The Golden Age Of Flying10 Rare Color Photographs From World War IForget Cubicles: This Office Replaces Desks With A Giant Rock To Climb7 Questions For Logo Design Legend Ivan ChermayeffHow Becoming A Parent Made Me A Better ManagerHow A Balanced Workplace Culture Can Support Your MissionRandi Zuckerberg’s Deep-Dive Creative MonthMeet UAV’s Little Brother: The Unmanned Military Convoy4 Employee Engagement Secrets From Millennials5 Free Apps For Making Good Habits And Breaking Bad OnesMost Americans Think The U.S. Would Be Better Governed If More Women Were In Charge5 Unexpected Cues Small Business Can Take From The Military6 Ways to Manage A Team Of Superstars5 Ways To Protect Your Startup From CopycatsThe New Habit Challenge: Use An Email Autoresponder Every Day9 Women Respond Brilliantly To A Sexist QuestionWhy LinkedIn’s Founder Wrote A Book About Leading Entrepreneurial EmployeesDads Smarten Up, Apple Gets Sticky: The 5 Best Ads Of The WeekWith Square Integration On IFTTT, Merchants Can See Transaction Data On Google GlassComic-Con Bans Google Glass During ScreeningsIs Instagram Prepping Its Own Snapchat Rival?The Surprisingly Emotional Story Of The Man Who Invented The High FiveExpedia Offers To Actually Throw People Back In Time With Instagram Contest“Better Call Saul” Gets A Billboard In AlbuquerqueVenezuela Begins Evicting Residents From Torre David, The World’s Tallest SquatPlease Do F*cking Look At Me! David Lynch Is Designing Women’s Workout WearCold Beer, Wherever You Want It: You Can Take This Collapsible Solar-Powered Fridge AnywhereThis App Tells Google Glass Users Where To Dock A Citi BikeWhy The Jordan Brand’s Lead Designer Left NikeThe Evolution of Product Design As Told By Citizen WatchesA Simulator That Lets You Fight The Giant Monsters From Pacific Rim? Yes, PleaseTencent Invests $3.2 Million In App-Connected Laundry ServiceChromecast Counts More Than 400 Million Casts In First YearFour Lessons The UPS Store Learned After A Year Of 3-D Printing20 New Yorker Design Stories To Read NowWill Malaysia Airlines Go Out Of Business?New Yelp Data Tool Might Help Us Find The Next Big Food CrazeThe Anatomy Of Women’s Tech Roles At ShopifyMadefire’s Digital Comics Come to AndroidMost Adults Are Members Of The Almost Clean Plate Club, So We Need Smaller PlatesBeyoncé’s Sultry Vocals Underscore The Too-Hot-For-TV “Fifty Shades of Grey” TrailerWhy Google Killed Your Favorite FeatureA Map Of Every Batman Villain EvereBay Visualizes The Global Outpouring Of Typhoon Haiyan Charity, Dollar By DollariPod-Connected Seniors Recharge Their Memories In “Alive Inside” DocA Rocket Scientist Designed A Saucepan That Boils Water So Fast, You Can Watch ItWhich State Has The Cheapest Legal Pot? Leafly Tells YouNew Sewing, No Problem: This Fabric Pen Could Magically Repair Torn ClothingForget Passwords: This Startup Wants To Authenticate Your MindMissing The World Cup? There’s Still RoboCup, The World Cup for RobotsThe Surprising U.S. Cities That Are On Their Way To Becoming WalkableWhat Corporate Logos Would Look Like If You Shrank ThemHow Tire Company Bridgestone Is Solving A Tricky Natural-Resource IssuePhoto Essay Celebrates America’s Disappearing Family BusinessesEverything You Wanted To Know About The 2014 World Cup, In One PosterAn App To Stop Workers Fighting Over Office ThermostatsYou Won’t Recognize Your Dinner In 50 Years (But Don’t Worry, It’s Still Food)How To Be The Next Great Designer-Founder5 Dream Jobs You Probably Didn’t Know ExistHow To Succeed In Online PR? Get To Know the Wikipedia CommunityWhat Happens After You Get Shot Down By Mark Zuckerberg?How Google Docs Is Running Your Business Into The GroundHow The U.S. Can Finally Make Things Better For Working ParentsDo Corporate Wellness Programs Really Boost Productivity?New York Times Chief Data Scientist Chris Wiggins On The Way We Create And Consume Content NowThe Only Good Option In A Burnout Spiral5 Ways To Stay Focused In A World Full Of DistractionsThe Hidden Downsides To Salary TransparencyInside The Complicated Mess Of Discrimination And Diversity In HiringFive Ways Watson Will Change ComputingLearning In The Flesh: Why Disney Sends Its Animators To Life Drawing ClassesThese New Billboards Talk To Your Smartphone