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Android L, Smartwatches, And Material Design: The Best Of Google’s I/O KeynoteHow Machines Learned To Recognize Our Faces So Well–And What’s NextYour Friends Are Liars–This Video Shows The Reality Behind Facebook Status UpdatesGoogle’s New, Improved Android Will Deliver A Unified Design LanguageWatch A Supercut Of Tom Cruise’s Tom Cruisiest Moments Courtesy Of The Alamo DrafthouseThis App Wants To Fix Our Baseball Injury EpidemicObama Gets A 3-D Printed Bust, And It’s Kinda CreepyWith New Startup, Ex-YouTube Execs Bring Online Celebs And Fans Together Inside AppsDo Beer Pong And Drones Mix? These College Students Can Now Check Out Drones From The Campus LibrarySupreme Court Rules Police Will Need A Warrant To Search Your PhoneDid Armani Exchange Rip Off David Yurman’s Classic Bracelets?Art Folds Into Science In Robert Lang’s Extreme OrigamiSupreme Court Rules Aereo Violates Federal Copyright LawCheesy Wine-Bottle Lamps Get An Elegant MakeoverSports Illustrated’s “Game-Changer” Of A New Video Platform Is Mostly Dudes Sitting Around Talking SportsBefore You Swim, Check Out This Map Of The Cleanest And Dirtiest Beaches In The U.S.Filmmaker Spends Half His Life Designing A Video Game No One Will Ever PlayThis Fanny Pack Can Charge Your Smartphone While You WalkThe Power Of Poop: How To Give Yourself A Fecal TransplantWhat’s Holding Back Impact Investing?Warby Parker Has Now Sold–And Distributed–More Than 1 Million Pairs Of GlassesThese Maps Of Preventable Diseases Show You Where The Anti-Vaxxers AreThe Rise Of The Chief Resilience OfficerWatch It: Santigold Mixes Molotov Cocktails And Soccer In New World Cup VideoThese Pinecone-Shaped Drones Will Clean Your Personal Air Bubble“Nobody Wants To Go Into The Shit Room” And Other Lessons In Creativity From The Creators Of “Veep” And “Game Of Thrones”App Turns Your Smartphone Into A Panic ButtonDIY California Rolls: A Visual Guide To Making SushiThe World’s Happiest Places, VisualizedUnlock Your Phone With Faces, Not NumbersHow Railroad Tycoons Nearly Destroyed Grand CentralDear Kate Wants To Make It Okay For You To Go Commando At YogaThe Nest Thermostat Is Now Much More Than Just A ThermostatThe Internet Of Things Meets Hydroponics: How To Grow A Better VegetableBadass Female Action Figures That Have Strong Quads, Not Big BustsThese Forests Of Light Are Projected On Famous Buildings, And You’re In The PictureMeet HitchBot: The Robot That’s Going To Try Hitchhiking Across Canada This SummerThe Woman Behind The Funniest Shows On TVGoodbye Multitasking–Hello Supertasking5 Reasons We’re Still Reading “Have It All” StoriesWhy Sexual Harassment Is Still An Issue And Why So Many Get Away With ItHow The Dean Of Duke’s Medical School Is Breaking Down “Invisible” Gender BarriersAsk The Experts: I’m Shy. How Can I Get Noticed At Work Without Being Totally Uncomfortable?Why You Should Do More Than Just Talk About Workplace DiversityThe CEO Of Refinery29 On Nurturing Young Talent5 Books That Predict The Future Of Workplace LeadershipHow Flexible Hours Can Harm Employees As Much As It Helps ThemA New Doc Explores The Bright Life And Sudden Death Of Aaron SwartzOculus Acquires The Killer Team That Made The Xbox 360 ControllerHere Comes the Great Recruiting Equalizer…Can These Spiders Save The Bees?Give Back Box: Goodwill Donations For The Internet Shopping EraSorry, Amazon. FAA Reiterates Its Drone Policy: For Hobbyists OnlyA Smart Multimeter That Could Supercharge The Maker MovementIf Your Smartphone Was Just Hacked By The Government, This Could Be How It HappenedNewcastle Brown Ale Imagines America If July 4th Never HappenedA Company Is Selling Bottles Of Forgotten Old Whiskey. Here’s Why You Might Actually Want To Drink ItDespite Losing Its Cool, Facebook Is Still The Most Popular Social Network For TeensWith New API, Developers Can Build Apps For Nest’s Smart Home DevicesHave You Ever Considered That You’re Using The Bathroom Wrong?Your Antique Oven Just Got Internet AccessChicago Will Launch An Architectural Biennial Next YearGE Microkitchen Concept Suits (Ultra) Tiny HomesEver Wonder How Music Is Matched To Your Mood?Tutus, Sparkly Nail Polish, And Half-Pipes: These 6-Year-Olds Will Make You Want To Raise Skateboarding GirlsStrangers Kissing Is So Yesterday But Strangers Slapping Each Other Is The FutureHow Target Lost Its EdgeWhy Upworthy Wants To Kill The PageviewA Parking Lot That Doubles As A CemeteryCannes Rolls Out The Red Carpet For New York TrashTyler, The Creator’s Bizarre Fake Syrup Ad Is a Real Ad For His Apparel BrandHelp Support Research On How Fracking Puts Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals In Our WaterCharacter Study: Twitter Is Testing “Retweet With Comment”A Behind-The-Scenes Look At The Creation Of An Electronic Music TrackThese New Samsung Ads Aim Right For the Heart By Helping Kids In NeedThe Controversy Over Whether Monsanto’s GM Corn Gives Rats Cancer ContinuesThis Plaid Shirt Has A Secretly Bike-Friendly Design23andMe Scores Win, As FDA Accepts First Health Report Submission Since NovemberBye-Bye Clip Art: Pentagram Gives Venture Capital Firm First Round An Elegant New LogoWorld’s Largest Underground Trampoline Is Completely BonkersDo iOS 8’s Hollow Icons Really Break People’s Brains?Coming Soon: An For Social ServicesStep Inside The Invisible World That Runs The InternetPackback Wants To Make Bulky College Textbooks A Thing of The PastHow To Nail An Interview, In 6 Simple Charts7 Reasons For Social Innovation OptimismHelp This Art Director Solve The Mysteries In His Grandfather’s PhotosBoost Your Ears To Superhuman Levels With These Cyborg EarsThe New Electric Harley Has A Roar Even A Hell’s Angel Could LoveThe Harvard Law Review Gets Updated For The Age Of #LongreadsCome On, England! This PSA Points To Link Between Soccer And Domestic ViolenceSend In The Drones: How UAV Photography Is Changing FilmmakingDeath To Corporate Selfies! Why Clueless Companies Can’t Resist Internet Memes7 Ways To Deal With The Office JerkThe Unusual Habits Of 8 Famous Creative MindsHow To Build The 3 Necessary Types Of Trust For The WorkplaceHow “Monk Days” Can Lead You To Better Brain SpaceIn Defense Of Being AverageLessons For the Next Generation of Leaders From Girl Scouts CEOThe Missing Pieces Of The Gender Wage Gap PuzzleHow To Break Up With Your MentorHow To Get More Done By Having Less To DoSecrets To Succeeding At A New JobStarbucking: Why Your Next Neighborhood Coffee Shop Could Come From KoreaCan A Fitness Tracker Disguised As A Swiss Watch Solve The Problem Of Wearables?When You Move Your Hand, This Room Changes ShapeWhat Businesses Could Learn From The Fall Of Juicy CoutureGoogle Explores Offering Glass Outside The U.S.This Startup Crunches Data To Give You The Fastest Commute PossibleChicago’s Futuristic Lamp Posts Will Track Pedestrians, Air Quality, Sound LevelsThis Northern Ireland Driving Safety Ad Wants You To Be Ashamed Of YourselfAndy Murray Returns To Wimbledon With Adidas And Some Tennis PoetryCute Pixelated Gadget Could Be The Perfect Connected Alarm ClockThe Infographics Of Terror: ISIS’s Illustrated Propaganda WarThe United States’ Crushing World Cup Match, Visualized By Twitter And GoogleThis Photographer’s Instagram Depiction of People Falling Down Is a Beautiful DisasterThe Productivity Snag That Keeps Data Scientists Up At NightThese Shelves Are Like A Backpack For Your BooksGiant White Halo Floats Magically In Mid-AirPrinting With Electricity Reveals Your Toaster’s Beautiful Inner WorldFrank Gehry-Designed Louis Vuitton Art Museum To Open In OctoberYes, You Can Use iBeacons To Track Your InternsThese Haptic Gloves Can Teach Your Brain Skills Even When You’re Not Paying AttentionThe Winners Of The Knight News Challenge Will Keep The Internet Safe And SecureYo, Hacked on Friday, Just Hired One Of Its Hackers And Topped 1 Million UsersHow Soviet Hipsters Saved Rock ‘N’ Roll With X-Ray RecordsTiny Wireless Earbuds Could Be Damn Near Invisible When In UseMegaFaces Pavilion Lands Russia Its First-Ever Grand Prix At CannesA Quick Cure If You’re Feeling Dangerously Impulsive: Look At Some NatureThis Teacher Designed The Sleeve, A Device To Lock Out School ShootersCould Drones Help Make Clouds Give Us Rain?Honda Tops Titanium, Harvey Nichols Snags Integrated Grand Prix At CannesTranquil Scenes Of Life Off-The-GridNew York’s Newest Beach Lets You Lay On The Sand While Floating On The HudsonWhy Are Prescription Painkillers Killing More People Than Heroin and Cocaine Combined?Be Happy, Do This: Hand-Written Tips From Malcolm Gladwell, Roman Mars, And MoreHarvey Nichols And Volvo Trucks Win Film Grand Prix at CannesThe Surprisingly Short History Of The Plus SignPlenty Of Gold Lions, But No Branded Content Grand Prix Winner At CannesNew “Mockingjay” Campaign Salutes The Heroes Of Panem’s Districts With Propaganda Posters50 Ways To Get A Job You Care About3 UX Mistakes That Make Sites More HackableThe Two-Step Process For Getting Your To-Do List Down To ZeroThis Puffy Cape Will Keep Your Metadata From LeakingTrike Share: Paris Introduces World’s First Bike Share For KidsCalderwood’s Clairvoyance5 Tips For Not Letting Criticism At Work Get The Best Of YouHow To Spot Your Own Strengths And Weaknesses (Before Your Boss Does)6 Ways To Avoid Losing Your New Hires6 Tactics To Becoming A Better NegotiatorWhat The CEO Of 2040 Will Look LikeHow A Top Female Exec At Google Brings Poise From Ballet To BusinessHow 7 Successful Entrepreneurs Find FocusAsk The Experts: I’m The Youngest One Here–How Do I Get People To Take Me Seriously?30 Career Moves You Should Make By The Time You Are 30Why Gender-Conscious Discussions Are Imperative For The Future Of LeadershipSyFy’s Head Of Programming On Carving Out An Identity In A World Gone GenreThe Creators Of “Orphan Black” On How To Follow Up On A Surprise HitThe Recommender: Scott Mebus Needs You To Know That Vertical Video Is Not OkayThe Design Legacy Of Ousted American Apparel CEO Dov CharneyNational Park Service Bans Drones (For Now, At Least)Waste Your Afternoon With Google’s Soccer-Themed MinigamesMore Apple Rumors: The iWatch Could Come In Multiple Screen SizesHimmelb(l)au’s Jammer Coat Is A Digital Invisibility CloakInside the U.K.’s Plan To Make Robots Part of Everyday LifeFollowing Apple’s Lead, Google And Microsoft Will Add Smartphone Kill SwitchCitizen Sensors Make India’s Complicated Water System A Little Easier To NavigateWhy The Insurance Industry Is Taking Aim At Uber and LyftThis Anti-Gravity 3-D Printer Can Make Objects Anywhere–Even SpaceFast Company Is Hiring A Production AssociateWhat If You Worked For A Boss Like Former American Apparel CEO Dov Charney?You Can Get Paid For Reducing How Much Energy You UseAmnesty International Says Iggy Pop Is A Massive Justin Bieber Fan, And Here’s WhyThe Top 5 Leadership Stories, June 16-20Stop-Motion Street Art Is Called “GIF-iti” And The World’s Biggest Example Yet Is AwesomeWith New Joint Venture, Scooter Braun And BBH Look To Give Brands Their Own BeliebersWhy Don’t Big Tech Companies Release More Diversity Data?Path Talk: Not Only Can You Text Friends, You Can Text Any Business In The U.S.Turn Old Bottles Into iPhone Cases With This 3-D Printer From And Coca-ColaCan A Sensor-Laden Mouthguard Detect Dangerous Football Impacts?Susan Sarandon And Geena Davis Reprise Famous “Thelma And Louise” Selfie On TwitterViral App Yo Has Already Been Hacked20-Foot-Long Mat Lets You Sit However You PleaseThe Latest In Pedestrian Safety? Wave A Flag At Cars And Maybe They Won’t Hit YouIs The Yo App A Sign Of Startup Apocalypse, Or A Genius, Hyper-Simple Messaging Tool?The Doctor Is Into This Medical Photo Sharing AppSee Portraits of World Cup All-Stars Made Using Only The Artist’s Feet And a Soccer BallThis Pop-Up Solar Power Station Can Be Installed Instantly Anywhere In The WorldThis Vest Isn’t For Style, It’s To Restart Your HeartThis App Tells You How Far You Can Walk In Five MinutesIn A New World Atlas, The Biggest Change Is The Shrinking Arctic Sea IceParis Launches P’tit Vélib’, A Bike Share For KidsDavid Rockwell Is Taking Prefab To The Luxury MarketA Brilliant New Way To Ship Fragile GoodsEscape The Zombie Screen-Gaze: Stare At An Animated Sunset Instead6 Of The Best Designed Homes For Cats And DogsAn Ode To Turkish TeaIs Amazon’s New Fire The Ultimate Mom Phone?See Warhol, Dali, And Jackson Pollock As Graphic-Novel-Style HeroesThe Upside Of Hating Your JobCan IMAX’s New Camera Make Big Movies Worth Big Money?How A Product Design Oversight In Your Face Wash Became An Environmental DisasterThis Is An Air Conditioner Igloo, Because Running Our AC Means Destroying IgloosTake A Trip To This Horrifying Mine, One Of The Largest Man-Made Holes In The World8 Tips For Making Virtual Reality ViableA Cooking Machine That Lets You Make Dinner In Your Kitchen–From AnywhereFor Facebook, As India Goes, So Goes the World?This UV Monitor Tells You When To Apply Sunscreen (Except When It Doesn’t)5 Ways To Be The Master Of Your InboxWall Street Brokers Are Meditating–Here’s Why You Should TooCan “Entrepreneur Barbie” Change Girls’ Career Ambitions?How Companies Can Profit From Doing GoodHow Women Can Get Paid As Much As Men5 Free Apps For Making The Most Of Your New ContactsHow A Canadian Sports Network Became Your Must-Check World Cup News App3 Ideas For Navigating Change In The Office Without Freaking Everyone Out5 Things You Can Do Tomorrow To Get On The Career Fast TrackThe Hidden Business Lessons In Poker And Using Winnings As Startup Funding Isn’t As Crazy As It SoundsThe Bitcoin Bowl Is A Real NCAA Football Game Coming This December And It Has A Real LogoTo Get More Done At Work, Just Say No To TabsResearchers Figured Out A Way To Embed Sensors In Smartphone ScreensFacebook’s Slingshot App Gets Trumped By A YoThis New International Trailer For “Guardians Of The Galaxy” Favors Space Opera Over SarcasmHow Noah Kerner Gets Inside The Minds Of MillennialsSupercut: Robert Bresson Sure Liked Filming HandsTwitter Acquires Live Clipping Service SnappyTVFakes Flowers From 99-Cent Stores Turned Into Dazzling Psychedelic ImagesNetflix Nabs Chelsea Handler, Begins “Reimagining” Late Night Talk ShowsWatch It: This Is Definitely How Quentin Tarantino Would Direct “Ghostbusters 3”So Meta: 3-D Print This Chart About 3-D PrintingFast Company Is Hiring An Ambitious Associate Events EditorAre “Remote-Controlled Humans” The TaskRabbits Of Our Science-Fiction Future?Inside The New Generation Of Coworking Spaces For Hardware HackersIkea Rethinks Its Legal War On Fan SiteHow Yelp Brought A Sprawling Campus Feel To Downtown SFThis Global Air-Quality Map Will Show Your Neighborhood’s PollutionThis Japanese Robot Restaurant Looks Bonkers, AmazingMapping San Francisco’s Stolen Bike Hotspots Reveals Where Not To Park Your BikeBuild Your Own Full-Scale Rooftop Farming Operation, With This Easy KitIs Los Angeles The Next Great Walkable City?A GMO Soybean, Engineered To Improve Your HealthAdobe’s Big Plan To Infiltrate Your Creative AppsThe Curious History Of The World Cup Soccer Ball3 Trends That Are Changing The Way We Work TodayThe States Most And Least Affected By Obama’s New Carbon RulesThe (Ad) Kids Are Alright: Future Lions Winners Named At CannesWatch The 18 Films from Saatchi’s New Directors Showcase At CannesAsk This Small Question To Make Big ChangesHow Bad Is California’s Drought? Migrating Salmon Are Being Trucked To The OceanThe Best Summer-Themed Vines For Taking A Mini Vacation At Your DeskHow Pinterest Tapped World Cup EnthusiasmGeolocated News Is Going To Change The News BusinessA Pop-Up Fast Food Joint Segregates Rich And Poor CustomersThis Band Of Small Robots Could Build Entire Skyscrapers Without Human HelpAnatomy of a Cannes Contender: Newcastle Brown Ale “If We Made It”Anatomy of A Cannes Contender: A “Drinkable Book” Delivers Clean Water In A New FormHow “Rectify” Got Saved From Television OblivionHow To Adopt A Startup Mentality, Even If You’re A Multibillion-Dollar CorporationWhy You’re More Likely To Lie, Cheat, And Steal In The AfternoonIs It Ever Okay To Cry At Work? (And What To Do When You Do)Sorry, Not Sorry–Why Women Need To Stop Apologizing For EverythingUnderwear For Hope: How A Lawyer Turned Lingerie Designer Is On A Mission To Help Impoverished Women3 Steps For Building An Adjacent BusinessHow Women Can Build Healthy Relationships With Their MenteesThe Weekly Meeting: Necessary–Or Evil?The Man Who First Hired Steve Jobs On Finding Unusual And Creative TalentT-Mobile Launches “Unradio” Music Streaming Service with Rhapsody