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A New Droplet-Forming Technique Could Help Fog HarvestingWhy StubHub Thinks It’s Uniquely Suited To Solve Local Music DiscoveryHyundai Predicts A Baby Boom And DVR Disasters In New World Cup adsNew Mutual Fund Backs Companies Led By WomeniOS 8 Will Surface Relevant Apps On The Lock Screen Based On LocationCelebrity Selfies Become Art With The “Phonies” Photo Series11 Brilliant Condom Concepts That Improve The “User Experience”A Mirror Framed With Surplus Birkin Bags And More Upcycled Hermes TreasuresThe Secret Service Is Seeking Sarcasm-Detecting Software For Social MediaWhy Apple’s New Swift Language Will Keep Developers Loyal (And Away From Android)The Best Small Houses Of The Year12 New Apple Features That Didn’t Make The KeynoteWhat If There Was A Bot That Could Detect Ugly Websites?Stüssy Partners With Hajime Sorayama On Racy Robot TeesLinkedIn Tweaks User Profile Designs, Now Looks More Like FacebookD-Day Then And Now: Historic WWII Locations, 70 Years LaterNo Instructions, No Right Answers: A 263-Piece Building Kit For Curious KidsHow NatureBox Uses Big Data To Stock Your Snack PantryVW Strapped Dozens Of GoPros To a New GTI For A Stunt-Tastic Choose-Your-Own-AdventureCountries Around The World, Seen Through Their Swimming PoolsA Very Special “Everything Wrong With” Featuring Neil DeGrasse Tyson And “Gravity”These Hangable Chairs Are Perfect For A Tiny ApartmentActivist Robot Draws The Bike Lanes A City Should HaveHow Crowdsourcing And Machine Learning Will Change The Way We Design CitiesPutting Robots To Work To Make New York City’s 311 A Better-Oiled MachineIt May Not Be The World’s Toughest, But Dad Still Has A Job In This New AdWhen “What The Hell Is That Thing?” Is The Right Question In User TestingThis Grocery Store In Berlin Will Have Zero PackagingWant To Know More About Your Neighborhood? Ask This AppInside The Forgotten Chinese Cities Destroyed By The Three Gorges DamTemple Run Series Hits 1 Billion Downloads17% Of New Yorkers Have Worked On The ToiletPosters Of No-Frills Design Advice, Made In Just 5 MinutesConvertibles Aren’t Cool AnymoreIf This Is What Spaceships Will Look Like In 100 Years, You’re Going To Want To Get In Line NowAlpha Apps: The Smartphone Future No One Is Talking AboutNetworking App SocialRadar Helps You Work Any RoomPatagonia’s Gorgeous Cinematic Example Of A Brand Message That Isn’t A “Brand Message”6 Lessons That Businesses Can Learn From BeesThe Strangely Beautiful Hidden World Inside Our Power PlantsWhy Having Too Many Choices Is Making You Unhappy6 Ways Marketers Can Weather Any Storm With Their Chief Financial OfficersHow To Create A Culture of Innovation9 Secrets To Becoming An Unsinkable CEOComing Soon To A Theater Near You: Ads That Don’t SuckWhy Our Brains Crave Storytelling In MarketingWhat Your Email Style Reveals About Your PersonalityWhy Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Wants You To Disagree With HimSolving The Hidden Challenges Women In Leadership FaceThe Hidden Wage Gap: Why Men Earn More When They Become DadsHow To Disagree With Your CEO And Not Get FiredThese Trick Shots By The World’s Greatest Bowler Are Cooler Than You’re Prepared To AdmitTo Celebrate Immigration, A Reminder About Who Built AmericaWhen “What The Hell Is That Thing?” Is The Right Question In User TestingYouTube’s “Proud To Play” Campaign Supports LGBT AthletesIf Media Companies Are Getting Dumber, Who’s To Blame?Elon Musk Wanted Tesla Model Names To Spell The Word “SEX”Need An Entertaining Refresher On Net Neutrality? John Oliver Has You CoveredUber’s Valuation Could Soar To $17 BillionIf You Have Google Glass And An EV (Congratulations!) Get Hands-Free Directions To A ChargerHow Mobile Phone Carriers Are Helping Insure The 4 Billion People Who Live Without A Safety NetThis Smart Backpack Has Its Own Wi-Fi Network And Storage7-Eleven Is Selling Evernote Premium In IndonesiaWhy Does The World Need More Programming Languages?With New AR-Enhanced Packaging, McDonald’s Urges Diners To Play With Their Fries For World Cup GloryThese Are The Guns Used In The Last 30 Years Of Mass ShootingsLine Prepares For IPO, Could List Both In Tokyo And New YorkNews U.K. Recruits High-Profile Filmmakers And Writers For New “Unquiet” Content InitiativeSmell Matters: Why Abercrombie Should Change Its Stores’ Signature ScentWhy Apple’s New Font Won’t Work On Your DesktopInstagram 6.0 Hides Powerful Updates Behind A Refreshingly Simple InterfaceIs This Formula E Race Car Cool Enough To Help Sell Electric Vehicles?Movie Posters That Place The Focus Where It Belongs: On The CarsThis Summer Bud Light Is Going To Take Over An Entire TownA Six-Hour Workday? Sweden Will Start Experimenting With Shorter Hours This SummerNewcastle Brown Ale Will Pay You For A Twitter FollowHow To Redesign Bookstores For The Amazon EraFacetime With Your Plants? Welcome To The Future Of MicrofarmingThe Cheapest, Most Effective Way To Protect Coastal Cities From Storms? Natural ReefsWith NoiseTube, Citizens Can Now Map Noise Pollution In Their CitiesWhat Would Happen If The Rest Of The World Had A Diet Like The United States?Wil Wheaton On Why It’s The Best Time Ever To Be A GeekWhy Siri Is Apple’s Most Important FootnoteStanford Scientists Are Studying Altruism In The Free Pizza Subreddit6 Ways The Internet Of Things Will Develop By 2025This Keychain Dongle Can Analyze Almost Any Physical Object InstantlyHoneycomb Storage Units Are The Bee’s KneesWhat Famous Buildings Would Look Like AnimatedTop Car Designers Critique Google’s Self-Driving CarSteelcase And Susan Cain Design Offices For IntrovertsThe Stars of These Young Adult Books Swear, Struggle, And Generally Act Like Real TeensYoobi Launches Eye-Catching School Supplies With A Social MissionThe Next Giant Chinese City Will Float In The OceanThis Architect Is Wearing His Wi-Fi SignalThe Fire Hydrant Gets Its First Major Redesign In 100 YearsStrategies For Outsmarting Workplace Gender BiasWhy The Gamification Trend Fails At Most CompaniesWhy Your Employees Don’t Trust You (And How To Change It)6 Tips On How To Make It In Silicon Valley, From A Successful Expat TransplantUse These Visual Techniques To Be Better Prepared For PresentationsHow Polyvore Maintains Its Scrappy Startup Vibe On A Much Larger ScaleThe Best Hires Are Right Under Your Nose–Use This System To Never Miss Them AgainWhat People Don’t Understand About Hiring Someone With A Physical Disability5 Books That Can Help You Figure Out Your Next Career MoveHow To Get Promoted Without Working Long HoursHow To Keep A Bad Reference From Ruining Your CareerGoogle Glass, Now Available With Diane Von Furstenberg FramesA New App Uses Fart Power To Teach Kids About Nutrition3 Things Brands And Agencies Should Know From Apple’s WWDC 2014A Visual Breakdown Of Apple’s New iOS 8City Of Austin Cracks Down On LyftWhat’s New And Different About Apple’s New Swift Programming Language?With iOS 8, Apple Hopes To Limit Google’s Presence On Your iPhoneThe Key Design Features Of Apple’s New OS XIs Anybody HomeKit? Apple Wants To Make Your House SmarterThe Best Of Apple’s WWDC 2014Watch 22,000 Dominoes Set Themselves Up In ReverseDo More People Die in Female-Named Hurricanes Because They Think They’re Less Scary?Found Footage Finds Bigfoot In The Trailer For Bobcat Goldthwait’s “Willow Creek”Six Things We Learned From Our iBeacon PrototypeApple Introduces Health App, A Centralized Hub For Biometric DataMicrosoft and Mayo Clinic Unveil Free Site for Storing Medical RecordsWalk Inside A Giant Wooden MazeA Kickstarter Attempts To Raise $6 Million To Buy–And Destroy–The Only Copy Of Wu-Tang’s New Album5 Proposals For Brooklyn’s Atlantic Yards MegaprojectApple Changes OS X’s Main Font For The First Time EverOne Of Life’s Mysteries Revealed With This GoPro-In-A-Dishwasher VideoMIT Students Create Solar Panels That Still Work In The ShadeHow To Turn Your Consulting Company Into A Hardware ShopMIT Bakes Robots Like Chocolate Chip CookiesApp Store Outlaws: 10 Developers Who Fought Apple And LostSee The Flags Of Every Country Turned Into The “World’s First Multi-National Typeface”See The Best-Known Banksy Pieces Recreated With Lego In The “Bricksy” SeriesSmash, The Tennis Swing-Tracker Third Party Developers Will LoveAn Artist’s Minimalist Lego Recreations Of Famous Paintings Become Lego AdsA Web App Where Emojis Fly At Your FaceThree Workarounds For The Venture Capital Good Old Boys’ ClubWhy Health Research Is Still Failing The Needs Of Black MenA Massive 3-D Printed Cityscape Reveals The Gentrifying Future Of San FranciscoThe Next Phase Of Google’s Project Loon Might Be A Billion-Dollar Army Of SatellitesMore Than 2 Billion People Are Now Either Obese Or OverweightThe United Arab Emirates’ “Drones For Good” Website Is TerribleThese People Trapped In Water-Filled Boxes Visualize Climate Change On A Gut LevelAbstract Photographs Explore The History Of Light TherapyData And Your Doctor Are Coming Together To Revolutionize Health CareSee Sydney Bathed In Candy-Colored Lights Via 3-D Projection Mapping“2001: A Space Odyssey” Reduced To Its Color PaletteNASA Moon Imaging Channels Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”The Cartography Of Geopolitical ChaosTrendViz Turns News Relevant To You Into Sleek Data VisualizationsThe Makings Of A Great LogoWhat Bruce Lee Can Teach You About DesignCan These Virtual Walls Transform A Tiny Windowless Apartment Into A Livable Space?10 Jobs That You Could Have In 2030The New Subtle Sexism Toward Women in the WorkplaceThe Subtle Ways Companies Inadvertently Undermine Their Employees’ TrustThe Odd And Surprising Alternative Career Paths Of 6 Successful EntrepreneursThe 5 Questions Successful People Routinely Ask ThemselvesDo These 3 Things Before Bed To Hack Your Creativity While You SleepWhy Being Hated Isn’t The Worst Thing For Your BrandTapping The Potential Of Your Company’s Hidden SuperstarsWhy Feeling Terrible Might Be Good For YouA Reformed Workaholic On How to Work Smarter5 Ways To Make Fewer DecisionsThese Be-Wigged Animals Are Ready To Judge YouEating With The Chefs: A Stomach-Stirring Look At The Staff Meals Served At The World’s Top Restaurants5 Ways You Can Use Accidents To Solve Your ProblemsWhy We Must Teach Ethics Along With Programming“The Book Of Life” Offers A Different Sort Of Animated Halloween MovieSurreal Photographs Mix Wes Anderson And Salvador DaliFacebook CEO Pledges $120 Million To Support Bay Area Public SchoolsThis Kit Hides A Secret Electric Motor In Your Own BikeTo Build or Buy A Piece Of Software? Here’s How To DecideWatch Kara Walker (And Team) Construct The Massive “Sugar Baby” SculptureGoogle And The Big Problem With “The Right To Be Forgotten”MIT’s Old-Age-Imitating Suit Shows You Why You Should Put Down That Cheeseburger, YoungsterSleeping Drunks In Japan Get Transformed Into Billboards For Responsible DrinkingWatch 74 English Footballers Use Their Heads To Perform A World Cup AnthemHot News: Uber Helps Quirky Deliver Smart Air Conditioners On Demand In An Ice Cream TruckApple’s WWDC 2014: What To Expect On MondayHow a Giant Plus-Shaped Pool Could Make New York’s East River Safe For SwimmersDid Facebook And Samsung Team Up In The Virtual Reality War For Your Face?Infographic: How 50 Cent’s Awful First Pitch Stacks Up Against Other Celebrity PitchesWhat It’s Like To Be An American Architect In The Former USSRThe Top 10 Stories In Leadership For May 2014The Truth About Building With GlassNASA Designs The Next Phase Of Mars ExplorationCan Governments Get Economic Data From People On The Street?TwoDots Will Probably Ruin Your LifeWould A Campus Carbon Tax Work Better Than Divestment?How Extreme Weather Is Already Draining The Biggest U.S. Companies, By The NumbersThis Delightfully Evil Robot Dismembers Mosquitoes To Find A Malaria VaccineThe Quantified Smoker: This E-Cigarette Tracks Your PuffsThis Professor Is Learning To Identify Bugs By Their Buzz. Can It Help Eradicate Malaria?This Development Is Making L.A. A Denser City–But Keeping It A SecretCan Advertising Save The World?Check Out SpaceX’s Slick New Space Taxi, The Dragon V2Monster Alphabet Makes Learning To Read Creepy-FunVisualizing Google’s Workforce Diversity With . . . A Google Doodle3 Futuristic Devices To Help City-Dwellers Avoid The Hassles Of City LivingHow Museum Gift Shops Sell TragedyA Brilliantly Simple Design Transforms Old Boxes Into School Desks And BagsMapped: U.S. Cities With The Best Quality Of LifeHow To Make Your Online Calendar Reflect How Much Time Things Really TakeHow The Government Is Working To Take Some Of The Misery Out Of FlyingThe Future Of America’s Roads: Smart Streets, Cars That CommunicateWhy You Should Encourage Whistleblowing At Your CompanyWhat Happened When Nautilus’s CEO Ditched His Fancy Office And Joined The Company Kickball TeamThe Simple Psychological Principle That Will Transform Your Terrible Networking Skills4 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Branding Your StartupTokyo’s Nikkei index rises over 57%, the highest in 40 yearsThe 117-Year Old Institute Helping Struggling Women Brag About ThemselvesHere’s Why No One Gets Your Sarcastic Emails5 Free Apps For Doing Less PaperworkWhy Two CEOs Are Better Than OneChilean Miners Star In Powerful World Cup Ad9 (Short) Storytelling Tips From A Master Of Movie TrailersThese Are The 46 Companies Creative Freelancers Would Kill To Work ForThis Video Clearly Outlines Why Edgar Wright Is The Best Comedy Director Working TodayInfographic: All the Songs Of The Summer From the Last 100 Years, VisualizedLeVar Burton Raises $2 Million On Kickstarter, Hosts Heartwarming Reddit AMA To Support “Reading Rainbow”“Shave The Stache”: Lyft And Uber Turn To Mobile Billboards To Recruit DriversGet Off The Map: Analysis ParalysisA No-Nonsense Explanation Of IEX, The Exchange Fighting High-Frequency TradingInder Singh, CEO of Kinsa HealthJakki Mohr, professor of marketing at the University of MontanaDavid Smith, chief community officer at Revolution AnalyticsThe Bulky Colander Gets a Foldable Space-Saving RedesignFollowing Discovery Of Heartbleed Bug, OpenSSL Will Undergo Security AuditIs This The End Of TrueCrypt?Shower David Lynch-Style With Twin Peaks CurtainsSearching For The Hidden Health Heroes Whose DNA Prevents DiseaseThese Beach Pods Bring Back Ocean Views To A Coastline Overrun With CondosA French Mobile Brand Sent Skateboarders, BMXers, And Snowboarders To California To Make A Film“Watch Dogs” Prank Goes Wrong (Or Does It…?), Ends In Bomb Squad VisitChicago’s Willis Tower Skydeck Has CrackedFurniture Made Of Coffee Grounds And SaltThe Cottage Industry Of High-Energy Food That Keeps Silicon Valley BuzzingIBM’s Smarter Cities Continues With A Crowdsourced Pop-Up Park in DublinHow Many People Are Banking With Simple? A Leaked Email Reveals Active User FiguresExpress Rail Comes To Florida And Miraculously The Stations Don’t Look Like CrapJapan’s Uncanny Quest to Humanize RobotsLet This Lamp Automatically Tell Your Coworkers Where You AreWith “The Minority Report,” Comedy Central Showcases New Perspectives, And New TalentDiversity? Google’s Workforce Is 70% Male, 60% WhiteGiant Ear Binoculars Hear A City In The DistanceNon-Techie Ways To Prevent Your Company From Suffering The Next Heartbleed BugBeats, Which Apple Just Bought For $3 Billion, Only Has 250,000 SubscribersDetecting Cervical Cancer From A Cell Phone, And Other Brilliant Wireless InventionsSpaceX To Unveil Dragon V2 Space Taxi TonightPhoenix Is Pulling Off An Urban Miracle: Transforming Into A Walkable CityWhat Creativity Can Do To Improve Health CareIn Defense Of Culture: Why Creatives Should Mimic The Sustainable Food MovementWhat Life Is Like Inside A 129-Square-Foot ApartmentNew Orkin Ads Pay Tribute To Bugs While Selling A Service To Kill ThemThe 10 Most Amazing Optical Illusions Of 201410 Imaginative Ideas From Genius Kids To Solve Our Global Waste ProblemCadbury Is Giving Away Bike Generators To Help Kids In Ghana Read After DarkLet Stephen Hawking Explain England’s World Cup Chances, Using Theoretical PhysicsWatchup Makes Mobile News As Fun As Channel SurfingDesigners Tackle The 7 Great Miseries Of FlyingLyft Defies City Rules To Launch In AustinReverb Helps You Find The Most Interesting Rabbit Holes On The InternetHow “The Love Boat” Helped Launch Video-Sharing App BloopitWant Money Out Of Politics? Put Some Money Into Politics With Lawrence Lessig’s Super PACThese Robot Transformers Can Morph Into Furniture And Bring Your Coffee To YouThese Rings Are Made From Smog Sucked Out Of Beijing SkiesHow To Knock Out The Goliaths In Your IndustryFrom Arrogance And Failure To Helping Create The Tribeca Film FestivalForget About Pleasing Everybody: Why You Don’t Want A Mega-BrandWhy Creative People Are Viewed As More TrustworthyHow To Save Face After A Major Screw-UpWhy The Traditional Cover Letter And Resume Need To Die (And What Should Take Its Place)Why You Can’t Seem To Get Any Work Done In The Summer (Infographic)6 Tools For Making Frustrating Tasks Fun AgainCrowdsourcing Your Way To What Customers Really Want–Courtesy Of Teen Romance Novelists“Undateable” Co-Creator Bill Lawrence On How To Write And Sell Your Own Sitcom