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Amid Shakeup At Zynga, Founder Mark Pincus Steps Down As Chief Product OfficerMobile Now Makes Up 59% Of Facebook’s Advertising RevenueLego Doc “Beyond the Brick” Reveals The Company And Community Behind The World’s Favorite ToySee The Only Known Footage Of The 1939 Opening Of L.A.’s Union Station–Shot By A Disney LegendTo Counter The Glasshole Image, Google Shows A Worthwhile Glass Wearer In New SpotHow Long Would You Have To Work To Buy A Burger In NYC?Travel Back In Time With Historic Google Street View ImagesThe National Zoo Creates An Endangered Song For The Endangered Sumatran TigerUniversal Symbols For Verbs, From Headbanging To HallucinatingThis Video Answers The Uncomfortable Question: Would You Recognize Your Family If They Were Homeless On The Street?What These Teacups Reveal About The History Of British DesignThis Vine Cycles Through 100 Hilariously Demented Fake Emojis In 6 SecondsStudy: Where Books Are Out Of Reach, Mobile Phones Are Improving LiteracyMmmm. A Live Cooking Show That’s 100% Food PornInteractive Birthday Card Celebrates 25 Years Of Nintendo Game BoyAereo’s Tough First Day At The Supreme CourtCodecademy Redesigns Website To Focus On Project-Based LearningThe Stars Of Viral Cat Videos, AnimatedIn A Big Win For Cord Cutters, HBO Shows Now Available On AmazonAloha It’s Me: Todd Rundgren On How To Open An Authentic Hawaiian Tiki BarAgLocal Goes From Meat Marketplace To Meat Subscription ServiceThis Startup Wants To Turn Everyone Into An Urban PlannerHow To Make A Working Cell Phone Out Of CardboardThis Hospital Door Handle Sanitizes Your Hands As You Pull On ItSolar Power Is Now As Cheap As Grid Electricity In These European CountriesGoogle Glass Lost Its Number One FanListen To Voices From The Future Describe What Climate Change Will Feel LikeThe North Face Testing Watson-Powered Virtual Personal Shoppers20% Discount: O’Reilly Solid, Happening May 21-22 In San FranciscoBolivia’s Shiny, Horrifying Urban Aerial Cable Car System Is The Biggest In The WorldDreaming With Your Eyes Open: How Humans Are Hardwired For StoriesHow The Makers Of “Wolfenstein: The New Order” Reimagined The Music Of The ’60s–If The Nazis Won WWIIHow Duolingo Uses A/B Testing To Understand The Way You LearnThe Surprising Role Of Social Deviance In Viral NewsHere’s A Wind Farm You’ll Want To Live InsideThe Relentlessly Experimental Buildings Of Mies Van Der RoheA Map Of Distinguished Places To Get Drunk In NYCWith Google’s Help, NYC’s Floating River Pool Will Tell Us How Much Poop Is In The WaterUpworthy’s Headlines Are Insufferable. Here’s Why You Click AnywaySilly Rock Band Names Rendered In PicturesCheck Out This High-End, High-Tech Burger JointMeals Recreated From 9 Famous BooksThese Makeshift Detroit Bus Shelters Are Recycled From Abandoned HousesUpworthy’s Headlines Are Insufferable. Here’s Why You Click Anyway5 Bold Predictions For The Future Of Higher EducationWas Your Design Stolen? Follow These 6 StepsWas Your Design Stolen? Follow These 6 StepsWhat It Takes To Haul A T. Rex Cross CountryHow eBay Regained Its Edge By Predicting The FutureHeart Marketing: 4 Companies That Include Customers In Their AdvertisingHow Being Grateful Can Change Your LifeInfographic: Why Your Job Could Be Slowly Killing YouWhat Cultural Differences Can Reveal About The Way We WorkBeyond Ageist Stereotypes: 5 Ways To Build A Work Relationship With AnyoneThe Case Against “Busy” And The Art Of Sitting StillHow To Design Your Workspace To Encourage Positive Emotions At Work5 Ways To Improvise Your Way To SuccessDetailed Pics Of Apollo Landing Sites: NASA 1, Conspiracy Theorists 0How Brands Can Win At The Sharing EconomyGadi Amit, Founder of NewDealDesign, on LustNew York City’s Version Of The Cat Cafe: Strays On The Bowery, “Cat’achinos”Introducing Brilliant MindsAT&T And Chernin Group Will Invest $500 Million In Online Video Streaming VentureHow To Get Paid To Play With Lego All DayInfographic: These Are The Funniest (And Least Funny) Cities In AmericaThis Electric Car Is Also An Electric Boat, So You Can Drive Out Of A FloodUber’s Misguided Weekend Promotion Tapped The Boston Marathon BombingsA Simple Patch That Monitors Health And Dispenses DrugsThis Interactive Site Gives You A Taste Of What It’s Like To DrownProgramming In Time For DinnerThis “Real Beauty” Parody Featuring Gorillas Shows How Condescending Dove Is To WomenNorman Foster On Designing Apple’s $5 Billion “Spaceship” CampusNorman Foster On Designing Apple’s $5 Billion “Spaceship” CampusThese Beautiful Bowls And Clocks Were Once Volcanic LavaSee Fireworks From a GoPro-Packing Drone’s Explosive Point of ViewA Dartboard To Test Your Odds Of Being MurderedA Dartboard To Test Your Odds Of Being MurderedBitcoin Needs A Better LogoHow Facebook Uses UX Research To Personalize The Way We See Each OtherDARPA Is Developing The Ultimate Autopilot SystemThis Collage Of NYPD’s Photos Of Muslim Businesses Exposes The Banality Of SurveillanceThe Secret To Engineers And Non-Engineers Getting Along Is Simpler Than You ThinkA Retail Shop For Social Good Pops-Up In ManhattanBeyond The Quantified Self: The World’s Largest Quantified CommunityTo Bring Climate Change Home, A Chef Cooks Eggs and Bacon Directly On Hot PavementThere Is A Gay Jean: Betabrand’s Denim Reveals A Rainbow With Repeat WearingIdeo Imagines 19 Concepts To Ease The Aging ProcessThe Top 10 Most Innovative Sustainable Buildings Of 2014Getting Planes To Their Destinations Faster, Through The Power Of DataCrowdrise Now Lets You Pay For Your Friends’ Medical Bills By Running The Boston MarathonWith “Touchable Video,” Brands See What Consumers Want To BuyHow We Think About Parking Spaces Is Ruining Our CitiesThis Reinvented Bike Is An Exercise Machine For Your Urban CommuteIs Your Company “Asleep” When It Comes To Gender Balance?High School Students Fix Problem Of Gross, Watery KetchupLytro’s Second Act: 3-D Photography For Creative ProsGoogle Ventures On 12 Shortcuts Designers Should Never TakeFunhouse Chic: Inside The “Funny Or Die” OfficesEat Your Lunch, Then Eat This Edible Lunchbox, TooEverything You Need To Know About Naming Your CompanyThe Best Examples, Questions, And Guides To Find Your Social Media Marketing VoiceHow The Most Successful Brands Dominate Instagram, And You Can TooHow A Brewery Founder Went From Cleaning Kegs To Calling The ShotsBreaking Up With Facebook? You Better Think TwiceWhy You Should Build Change Into The Fabric Of Your BusinessHow Do I Avoid Being A Micromanager?How Intrapreneurship Encouraged Shutterstock’s Creative Success8 Surprising Places To Get Work DoneTiger Moms, Take Note: How Science Can Make You A Better ParentLuxury Meets Grocery: See What Tiffany Yogurt And Milk Cartons Designed By Apple Look LikeUsers Actually Seem To Like Facebook’s Auto-Play VideosA Physicist-Turned-Director Reveals the Mysteries Of The Universe–And FilmmakingSee At Least 18 Different, Pop-Culture-Inspired Ways To Be BaldSee The Hypnotic Winners Of The Saatchi Gallery’s Big GIF ContestPrivacy Concerns Force InBloom, A Data Repository For Schools, To Shut DownNetflix: We’re Raising Prices For New MembersFab CEO Sent This Terrifying Memo In A Bizarre Attempt To Rally His StaffEight Strategies For Tackling Legacy Code You Didn’t WriteNASA’s Space Station Robot Gets LegsBoston Bruins Invoke Rudyard Kipling’s “Law Of The Jungle” For The NHL PlayoffsScientists Discover A Way To Create Graphene Using Common Kitchen ToolsThat Awkward Time You Watched “Game Of Thrones” With Your ParentsThis Pizza Chain Is Serious About Making Things Like A Pizza Cake And Gas-Powered Pizza CutterWatch: How Two Artists Etch A Castle Onto A Single Grain Of SandThis 3-D Printed Lampshade Pops Up And Packs FlatRobert Moses Vs. Jane Jacobs, The Central Drama Of Urban Planning, Will Be An OperaSparkling Sidewalks That Reduce The Need For Street LightingDiagnosing Parkinson’s From Voice Recordings And Smartphone MovementsThe U.S. Is Still 47% Frontier (Sort Of)Fast Company Is Hiring An Assistant News EditorSquare Recorded $100 Million In Losses In 2013, According To ReportsAn App That Lets You Map All The World’s Wasted EnergyWhy Nike Is (Probably) Killing Off The FuelBandWhy Nike Is (Probably) Killing Off The FuelBandA Look Inside Rio De Janeiro’s Oldest Favela, Threatened By Gentrification And The 2016 Olympics5 Things We’ll Grow From Cells In The FutureCan You Seduce A Spike Jonze Movie Robot?Can You Seduce A Spike Jonze Movie Robot?Barbell Denim: Jeans Built To Fit Big, Muscly LegsYou Can Watch Joss Whedon’s Surprise Feature Film Online RIght Now (For Five Bucks)This Is Your Brain On Code, According To Functional MRI ImagingCould Robot Bottle Caps Be The Future Of Home Mixology?How A Supervolcano Would Disrupt International FlightIf Nike Kills The FuelBand, Is An iWatch Partnership With Apple Imminent?The Surprising Accuracy Of Crowdsourced Predictions About The FutureIf Nuclear Power Is Too Dangerous For Land, Why Not Float A Plant In The Ocean?Americans Want To Give Back With Their Purchases–Not With CharityMost Americans Do Not Want Google-ish Glasses, Drones, Or Lab-Grown MeatGreat Moments In Branding: A Church Says “Hell, Yes”Great Moments In Branding: A Church Says “Hell, Yes”Why The Internet Fetishizes Old PhotosThe Secret Weapon Of “Mad Men”? Herman MillerThe Quest To Document The World’s Oldest Living Things In Striking PhotosEerie Photos Of Abandoned Shopping Malls Show The Changing Face Of SuburbiaGreat Branding Is InvisibleGreat Branding Is InvisibleHow A 13-Year-Old Got Her Fashion Line In NordstromWhy You Need to Stop Bragging About How Busy You AreThe 6 Best Tools For Creative Work, According To ScienceWhy Emotional Intelligence Is More Important To Hiring Than You ThinkWhen Entrepreneurship Feeds Income Inequality And How It Can ChangeThe Art Of The Pivot: 6 Ways To Make A Big Change3 Ways To Think Differently About College12 Ways To Build The Best Relationship With Your Boss5 Tips For Fast And Focused Meetings50 Shades of Jay Z: Your Favorite Musicians Help You Choose The Color Of Your PaintAds On Acid: See The Warped Beauty Of Posters Disfigured By ChemicalsSee Your Favorite Urban Legend Brought To Life In This Art Show Of NightmaresMazda Uses Instagram Grid View To Create One Long Road Trip“Under The Skin” Writer Walter Campbell On Epic Ads And Scarlett Johansson As An AlienAirbnb Reportedly Closes New Round Of Funding Valuing It At $10 BillionCriminals Are Using Drones To Find And Rob Marijuana FarmsFacebook Adds Birthdays And Events To Its News Reader App PaperNew Laser Communication System Could Speed Up Communication Between Astronauts And Earthlings, Thanks To SpaceX and NASANest Expects To Make More From Its Partnerships Than Selling ThermostatsWho’s Afraid Of A Robotic Newspaper Editor?Food Delivery App Eat24 Sponsors Its Own Strains Of WeedKids Clothing Startup The Fableists Wants Little Punks to Dress WellHere’s What Pharrell’s “Happy” Sounds Like Without MusicKinect-Equipped Digital Mirror Shows Your InnardsPot Looks Psychedelic Under The Microscope, DudeThe Top 5 Leadership Stories, April 14-18Kinect-Equipped Digital Mirror Shows Your InnardsWhen Hermès Met Dunkin: See What Happens When Brands Freaky-Friday Their LogosA Solar Farm That Doubles As A Tequila Plant OperationA Worker Cooperative That Proves Alternative Economic Systems Aren’t Only For The PrivilegedHeartwarming Photos Of A Farmer And His Beloved PigsThe Mayo Clinic’s New Doctor-In-An-iPhoneThis Is How Much It Costs To Legally Watch A New Game of Thrones EpisodeWatch This Artist Transform Herself 1,064 Times, Using Body PaintWatch This Artist Transform Herself 1,064 Times, Using Body PaintThese Interview Fake-Outs Reveal What Your Employer Really Wants To KnowMaze-Like Sauna Is A Steamy Winter RetreatHow Big Ag Companies Are Squeezing Brazil’s Family FarmersIt Takes A City To Map Blight In DetroitPlay This Fun Trivia Game To Help Support Sesame StreetDon’t Be Surprised When You See A “Safe Rides Fee” On Your Next UberX ReceiptMIT Creates A New Map A Day To Inspire Social ChangeSamsung’s Design Statement Proves It Is A Company Of Robots Bent On Enslaving ManAdmit It, GIFs Suck. So Why Won’t They Die?Samsung’s Design Statement Proves It Is A Company Of Robots Bent On Enslaving ManWatch America’s Weird Weather Get Hotter Over 50 Years“Muppet Christ Superstar”–The Inevitable Mashup Of The Muppets And Jesus Christ SuperstarMIT Is Drawing 10,000 Maps To Save The WorldAdorable Photos Of Kids Around The World Posing With Their Favorite ToysThese Old Bridges Will Become Inverted High-Rise Communities, Complete With Gorgeous ViewA Prettier Wikipedia Design That Could Never WorkThe Worst Infographic Of 2014 (So Far)Can A Cup Of Coffee Make Workers Less Likely To Lie?A Prettier Wikipedia Design That Could Never WorkThis Barn Looks Like It’s Wearing An Invisibility CloakHow Cutting Down On Clutter Can Increase Your ProductivityFabergé’s Big Egg HuntEggs, Butts, Beyonce: The Weirdest Things People Have Turned Into TypeWhimsical Illustrations Of Famous Buildings, From Fallingwater To The Farnsworth HouseThe Bike-Powered Coffee Cart That Could Take On Starbucks5 Ways Women Entrepreneurs Can Hack The “Boy’s Club” Of InvestorsWhy The World’s Largest Provider Of Online Courses Thinks It’s The Answer To Getting Ahead In The New EconomySecrets To Hiring Great InternsWhat You Can Learn About Adaptability From Sylvan Learning10 Assumptions You Make That Kill Your ResumeWhy Gmail Is Pinning Its Future On Images5 Free Apps For Keeping Great NotesHow DuPont Stayed Resilient By Looking BackwardThese Fantastical Frescoes Mix Space Invaders And Renaissance ArtWinter Is Always Coming: How HBO Wins The Game Of Social MediaThis Tequila Ad Delivers A Delightful Slap To Bro-vertisingHow Chelsea Is Changing The Clinton FoundationThe Quest To Predict Flu Outbreaks Moves From Google To WikipediaScientists Clone Stem Cells From Adults For The First TimeMVRDV’s Furniture Playfully Undermines Urban SprawlNot So Nice Now: Toronto Raptors Show Some Northern Pride In (Relatively) Gritty New AdArtist Olafur Eliasson Illuminates Coachella for Absolut With The Little Sun Art BarFacebook’s “Nearby Friends” Feature Notifies You When Friends Are AroundWhy Your Office Needs A Maker DayEvernote And Moleskine Team Up To Create Smart Business NotebookWhat Gardening Can Teach You About Being an Effective LeaderA Shipping Container Hotel You Can Play Jenga WithWatch Seth Rogen and Zac Efron Audition to Be “Workaholics” Bros’ Cubicle NeighborsWhy The WebView Is The Future Of Mac OS X AppsHow Nike Turned An Italian Suit Label Into The Air Jordan XX9sHow To Be A Part-Time Zen MasterTwitter Just Borrowed One Of Facebook’s Smartest FeaturesThis Stunning, Ultra-Realistic Portrait Is The Work Of A 16-Year-OldCan Robot Musicians Play Songs That Entrance Human Ears?A Work of DesignGeneral Assembly Creates Scholarship Fund For Women, Minorities, And VeteransWhat’s The Real Value Of Learning More Than One Programming Language?Fast Company Is Looking For An Associate Coordinator Of Digital Advertising OperationsThe AeroPress Inventor’s Secret To A Perfect Cup Of CoffeeThe Dropping Cost Of “Grid Defection” Means You Could Soon Ditch Your Electric CompanySee Which Sitcom Characters Would Be Able To Afford Their Apartments–According To Actual Real Estate DataEvery Single Highway In The United States In One Simplified MapFeast Your Eyes On These Infinitely Looping FlipbooksEvery Single Highway In The United States In One Simplified MapFeast Your Eyes On These Infinitely Looping FlipbooksSave The Planet By Boozing With These Paper Wine BottlesFor $50 A Month, These Health Advisors Will Answer All Your Paranoid Medical QuestionsA Glowing Cycling Jacket Inspired By TronYahoo Reportedly Wants To Replace Google As The Default Search Engine On IPad And IPhoneHow Are You Feeling Today? Soon Your App Could KnowIf You Live Near A Park, You’re More Likely To Be HappyThe Quiet Death Of The Tech Company MascotYour Minuscule In-Flight Entertainment Screen Costs $10,000Meet The Amazing, Hopping Bionic KangarooNow You Can File For Divorce Online With Wevorce, The H&R Block Of Nasty BreakupsAmerica Needs A Tahrir SquareSmiling Can Make You Feel RottenAmerica Needs A Tahrir SquareMetal-Heads And Their CatsSmiling Can Make You Feel RottenInside An Old Chicago Packing Plant, Inspiring Proof That Urban Indoor Farming Can Succeed30 Simple Tools For Data VisualizationThe Countries Where Youth Are Doing The Best And The WorstTencent<br />The Secretive, Chinese Tech Giant That Can Rival Facebook and AmazonHow to Craft A Concise Pitch Investors Will Care AboutHow To Make Peace With Your Enemies At Work And BeyondHow Gender Affects Your Stress DreamsWhy Renowned Chefs Used Kickstarter To Fund Their Restaurant And What They LearnedThe 4 Essential Skills To Hire For A Data-Driven BusinessIn Defense Of An Unlimited Vacation Policy (Infographic)How Literature Creates A More Moral Future CEOPixar President Ed Catmull On How To Run A Creative BusinessBatman Turns 75: Insiders Share Sensational Stories From The Bat CaveSee The Business Cards Of Darwin, Shakespeare, And Other Famous Historical Figures